Where is the sky,
when you're scared to raise your eyes?
What lurks above,
in the absent space,
when irrationality tells you tales of aliens?
I shudder at my thoughts,
live in constant worry over the higher place,
avert skyward attention through my fear of the unknown.
I count the days till I drop and float up there,
till I have to face that which waits.

Oh you creatures /
You gods and dead /
You satellite haunts /
How long till I am one of you?
How long till I become another dying star in the dark,
misinterpreted by those who believe something better awaits?
How long till I orbit a planet I will never miss?
When the dead look up
We are their constellations
Until we burn out
Pyrrha Jul 28
On days like these it seems like writing keeps the punishing thoughts away
All of the dark and depressing fears are kept at bay
So long as though my fingertips they go on display

Yes I am terrified of death
Because I know it is inevitable
There is no life after death
When I think about it I feel a sharp pang of nothing
There is no envisionment of an afterlife
Of a paradise
Because there is none, not for me

Even if I believe in reincarnation
It doesn't stop the fear
Because all of my memories in this life
Will disappear
And if I stop writing now
These thoughts will invade and my conscience will cave

My dream is to master a language
Yet everyday I teach my self
I can't help but lose sight of the point
If one day I will fade away
Then my words too will dissipate
Even in another tongue
They will no longer carry weight

My passions are overwhelmed by my fears
Only on days like these
Luckily they are just scattered days on my calander
If I can make it through this one
I will make it through the next
I've been teaching myself korean for the past five months and Im already fluent enough to hold decent conversations. I want to be a translator or english teacher, anything to get me off this continent. I found languages are easy for me to learn, quicker than others, so it's become my passion.
CGW Jul 22
Close your eyes.
Let your body relax.
Let every tissue, muscle and fiber dilate into the clouds.
Collapse into dust, into the other world, break out from this planet.
Reach out.
Way out there in the middle of nowhere, where nothing even exists, where you will soak in a cosmic bath of star waves.
Where you can drift on cosmic waves of energy then slowly dilate into a more vivid world.
We dream, don't we?
Of a place that we can belong?

A place of love, peace and grace.
A place of white clouds upon blue sky,
Lush fields,
And endless sunshine.

If Heaven is a place of purity and love,
why must we die to live a dream?
Philip V Jul 12
Don't go in there
Said he
Not yet

And so the man waited
By the door
Where the voice was

Why did you not believe in me?
Asked the voice, as a formality
And the man looked at his own dirty, sinful hands

How could I believe?
Said the man
And the voice looked up from the newspaper

You took Max away
You took both of them away
And you took me away,
Would you believe?
If I took your son?

But you already did
Said he, as a reminder
And the angels chuckled in a choir

And now
Spoke the man
You ask me to believe, when I still cannot see you?

And the voice wanted to show itself
But there was no faith
There remained only a tired and restless soul
That didn’t want answers
It never required answers
It only wanted
CGW Jul 9
Feathery wind blows my hair.
Golden dust collecting at my feet.
Sunlight breaking through at the brink of dawn.
An awesome collusion of colors in the sky.
Ashes free falling all over me.                  
Explosive hearing damage.
I hold my breath and close my eyes.
Fading out into the stars.
Warm water filling up my lungs.
I'm waking up on a beach with you.
There is no time.
Our mortal bodys rest trapped in a car buried in the ocean.
We are infinity.
We are bound to nobody or nothing.
Day after day.
The endless sunrise.
RBWhite Jul 8
The goddesses wants the warrior,
A monster for the rich,
An angel with black wings and a bloody sword for poor,
He only sees despair and hunger in his life,
But in his dreams a siren calls out his name in agony,
Siren that sings of a pure warrior sheding his light everywhere he goes with an original strength,
The one The Goddess knows its only capable of Greatness,
And she loves him like a soulmate,
Like a lover,
Like the love of her Beginnings and Ends,
But she knows too, that many of The Holy Sisters wants him too,
With eyes of an infinite Oasis she seduces her way to his soul,
And she gives herself to him in her siren form,
Breathless, the warrior awakes, still hearing his siren ghost crying of heartache,
The Goddess can only wait and pray for her beloved warrior,
To not be killed in battle,
Give her one more dream,
Give her all to him in one kiss,
She breaths again when his embrace lifts her to her senses,
This time he whispers sensual curses between her ear and neck,
And she too can understand why he does not believe in gods,
But she wishes he could see her as more than a siren ghost,
A fantasy that breaks avoc in his mind when his nightmares are not taking over everything,
She wants to be his,
She wants to be his Goddess,
And she falls to the ground of her divinity,
In his actions, blood and meat taint his good deeds,
Is not enough to tear the world apart,
People will only crave more,
He tries everytime, to kill different each time,
Heads rolling,children fatherless,
To give his own mother another reason to hate him in heaven,
He rests between the siren ghost's heart and lungs in a heated embrace,
Filled with sadness and passion,
The warrior can feel his own death creeping behind the field of white flowers,
Behind the curtain of the siren's bed,
The Goddess can't see him anymore,
Now she prays with The Holy Sisters,
Knowing her Warrior will die soon,
He did everything in his life to give his soul to eternity,
In The Gates she waits patiently,
Feeling his powerful presence nearby,
Reaching the white sands into her vast Empire,
Will he recognize her kiss?
Will he drive her mad with sadness when he chases after peace again?
No matter the time he spends in her lands,
She knows he is here to stay,
To fix his wrongs with justified violence,
But this is the only way to his love,
The Way of The Warrior.
A little tale for a change ;)
Rosie Jul 1
I don’t believe in God
I don’t believe there’s a life after this one
I don’t believe there’s a white tunnel that leads our souls from our bodies to Heaven

And yet
in my darkest moments
when I feel the most alone
I reach out
I pray

To whom?
I’m not sure
maybe my Nana
or my best friend
or maybe even God

A part of me just hopes you can hear me
A part of me thinks that you can’t
A part of me can’t fathom you being gone
A part of me knows that you are

But I don’t believe in an afterlife
at least not for me

And isn’t that fucked up?
That I hope you’re in Heaven
when I don’t believe it exists

Or maybe
I just don’t think
I deserve to go there.
sometimes i feel so sure
sometimes i feel so confused
i don’t know what to think
Aa Harvey Jun 21
Death is just the beginning.

A mother’s natural instinct, a sixth sense and premonitions.
Surely this can’t all just be a coincidence?
Surely this proves, there’s more than meets the eye?
Surely this proves, we had a past life?
Maybe nobody actually dies and floats away into the sky.

Maybe we’re all reincarnated, again and again;
Just as Buddha, would have us believe.
So if we did become, enlightened like him,
Surely then, that would mean,
We are cheating death, by knowing of reincarnation
And surely we shouldn’t fear our final destination.

For when we die, we shall come back alive;
But no-one is willing to believe this, in case it is a lie.
But we should have no fear of the afterlife;
For if it is final, then that shall just be the end of the line.

If Buddha was right and he did walk into the light,
Then death should not be feared, maybe it should be embraced.
For when we die, it’s only the end of this life.
Another chance, to try to become enlightened
And when we have learned, what we are meant to know;
Maybe then, we shall reach our Heaven.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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