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The Unknown Valley of Afterlife
-Subhojit Ghimire

Deep down a dark valley
Unknown to any mankind
The home of devils, it is called
With the picture of **** in mind...

It's a loathing place, no doubt
But nobody questions why
Before heaven everyone must go there
As soon as they die...

All the sorrows are washed down there
Giving the sinful soul a fresh new life
The bones are rearranged, the flesh is remade
And he whole new body ripe...

That place is not the end, but a mere beginning
And yet every being fears it
The energy to remake, and the soul so far dead
It's where the life and death meet...
I feel renewed,
as though someone heard my pleas.
I feel at ease,
as though this body is unused.
My thoughts are clear,
all I’ve done has been told.
To the touch my skin is cold,
but with this warmth, I’ve shed a tear.
Her touch feels as it did before,
and the pain I previously felt I can finally ignore.
I admire death,
Although he but a vessel to the nether;
He is the great divide
That humbles the egocentric
And gives peace to the fraught.
Yet he cannot grasp anything but ash
And still brings mortals to their knees
In plee for a life that he cannot grant
RBWhite Jan 2
Down,down she goes,
To a cold **** she always wanted to know,
And she flies,with horns disrupting the Red Sky,
Passing through human skinned mountains,
Listening closely to the sirens of the desert,
They're pleading for peace,
For their only God to appear,
And destroy the one with Eagle wings,
Horns made of the Saint's bones,
Eyes made from mistery and intensity,
To finally rise over her rage's claws
So then,The Giant Rose will bloom,
When the moon lurks dressing her sword,
No longer her World it is anymore,
But a dream she awoke when the kiss of death began.
This poem is the 3rd poem of the woman's journey to **** it belongs to my poem series BLACKXPOETRY,Enjoy!
RBWhite Jan 2
Woven in the dark,
She finds herself Incapable of shouting back at such a might,
Countless strives lead her down to His Kingdom of Lies,
She'll die an Eternal Night,
For what it has transpired back to her when her only Angel died,
Devils will reign and lovers remain,
After life and death,
Only her will pray in vain.
This poem is the 2nd of my Series of Poem BLACK X POETRY and it tells the story of a woman in her way to **** and her subsequent rise to the hellish Kingdom. Enjoy ;)
Petri Kiukkonen Dec 2018
Blinded by a
tissue of lies
we meet our fate
with dewy eyes

Growing smaller
waning unbound
void of colour
and void of sound

Eidolons swarm
a host of hollows
shapes without form
nothing follows.
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
I'm a caterpillar
through; when I leave
this cocoon, I'll be a
Irina BBota Dec 2018
When I shall pass the threshold of non-life
I shall be swept away by a soothing confusion.
I shall be a tamer of souls, a fearless wife
who shall sleep in the shade of a blooming illusion.

When I shall close my eyes for the last time,
don't get sick with black sadness, if you please.
Think that there was a girl not committing a crime
by speaking tenderly to your heart, on her knees.

When I shall sleep my dreamless dream
I shall stop from everything, invaded by a chill.
You shall find broken lines of mine in a song-theme
about our hearts beating in unison, as a thrill.

Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the pain
and the chaos that might install into your heart.
Sip eagerly the air that covers the silence in your reign,
for I know, one day we will give our lives a restart.

We shall continue then together our afterlife,
we shall be able to look through the truth.
The time of rinsing dreams will be sung by a fife,
for renewing our vows and regain our youth.

There shall then appear colourful stripes on the sky,
the world shall think they are shadows of the past.
Overwhelmed by delusions they shall say goodbye,
for we shall be reborn, this time our love shall last.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Awful day dull raining sat having my usual bacon bap and coffee In my local cafe looking out and  thinking
what Is the purpose of living In this world, why was It created
what the reason I don't
understand perhaps would
have been better If It had never materialised
but If It
was created has religion says, again I ask why at the
end of life what can we say we've achieved nothing but ask the question, what has been destroyed answer plenty
almost too much, so If there Is afterlife, like to believe there Is, but can't see who would qualify to be In It
who's  really has done enough In their live's to justify a place In Heaven
Probably talking *******
If so do apologise just going threw thoughts strange they may
Probably a load ******* I've written here mumbo jumbo just felt I had to write something try answer sure **** I can't come up with one
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I cannot really get to
grips what life Is really
all about, If like some religion say this life we
live Is just a test to
If we qualify for an afterlife, then I think we've already failed the qualifying rounds, we won't playing In the final
Tying to make sense of the meaning of life and what's It's all about because I don't know ain't got a clue
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