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Shona Sep 30
Where do we go after we past?
Is it just a black hole that we see.
Is Heaven and Hell real
because lately it feels like God isnt on my side.
I feel as if the whole world is against me.

Among the constellations
sail upside-down
the vessels of old men who
have risen from their
earth bound material

keeping with them the footwear
they had on in that final moment
when each saw their remains
through The Divine Mirror:

two are embracing the masts
for unrenewable security

one grips the railing, convinced
he may fall back

still another holds tightly to the
chains of his anchor

But one lies face up on the deck,
content that his reflections will
never haunt him

he holds his hand out, extending
fingers into a celestial calm,
causing wakes

a destiny uncertain,
he flings his shoes

back into the sky...

"finding grace above the seas"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved

Could it be, letting go is that
final act in this play
called "life" ?

Talk to me, when I am gone, my loves.
You will question if it is indeed me.
It is.
Who, other than myself, possesses a more accurate simulation of my voice?
My closest loved ones.
You will hear my voice.
You will feel my love.
My physical self is but a fraction of who I am.
For a part of me exists in the lives I’ve touched, the words and the love, in your minds and hearts.
So smile at our happy moments and know that I smile with you.
Laugh at the funny moments and know I laugh with you.
And cry for the sad moments and know that I cry for you.
Death is not the end because we continue to exist within our loved ones, in their minds and hearts.
So talk to those sorely missed, those gone but not forgotten, and be comforted in your certainty, that the voice which replies, is not your own.
I hope this makes you think of someone you’ve lost, fondly.
Rhys Hebbs Sep 27
As I gazed upon the face of my enemy
I saw warped reflections of all that I used to be.
As I pondered upon my fate within the Great Yonder
I felt absurd to declare;
Whether the ****** or the Buddha emerged
after I fought with the demons submerged

Feeling estranged from my shame and all burdens of pain
I finished my shave, declared myself sane
and went downstairs to get breakfast.
Musing on the strangest 15 seconds of my life
MerlieJ Sep 14
As I stare
(at a great distance)
the vast ends on each side
of the mountain's peak,
appear to me like water
         so familiar
I have a deep sense
To swim there
I might be complete
Home.     Returned
to somewhere I've belonged,
somewhere I've never been
Not in this form.
Before I came to this now
Alicia Moore Aug 31
to know time,
is to know
the value of life.

to understand time,
is to understand
the meaning of 42
without a visit to the afterlife.
to create time,
is to create
complexity in existing chaos—
not the organisation one hoped for
while watching the sun at peace.
You’re in our blood and marrow
guiding us each beat,
but more

through oral histories
smoothed by years and the telling
around later dinner tables
with warm wine smiles
sharp edges and harsh, too-sharp clarity
burnished and buffed away,

as our minds turn over each recollection
we feel the warm glow of worn gold
to hold us, linger-hugged,
or ride the swelling tide from a fabled talisman
as we channel your strength
to stand up to them

or we might laugh recalling pompous brass buttons
‘til stitch given tears pour
at the tenderness of your
remembered buffoonery
where wisdom dressed up daft
and sang stupid songs to love us
Roro Aug 27
Is it as simple as that?
I’m trying the best I can
But maybe that’s not the right stance
Let me be selfless and pay my dues
But if I don’t pray, would it all be a ruse?
I’m trying the best I can
Or maybe I say that more than I actually am
We speak every day- so you know my path
Not even a decade old- I felt your wrath
To love and fear you
Help me balance the two
I promise I will continue trying to do
The best I can
Every moment I'm with you
I feel faithful and true
Grateful and forgiven
But the devil's work on me
Keeps me up at night so livid

Like crinkled paper
Shoved into my eyelids
Asleep and awake
Dysphoric demonic dreaming
My bones unhinging
As my muscles stretch
With sounds of ropes ripping
If I were to tie a noose for my neck
Is that the sound I'd hear when stepping
Gracefully off the deck
Plummeting into a sea of galaxies and hells
Would I watch over the world I once knew?
Until the time comes for me to settle into
Both or one or the other
The burning roots or the flowing leaves
My flesh impaled or allowed to breathe
To drink golden stench or spit fruit seeds
To wish for solitude or company
Be Agonized repeatedly or live ecstatically
In a pit of ebony flames
Or in a bath of light rays
To be punished in hell
or sent to heaven for praise?
👿 Based on the ideas of death, hell, and heaven in my own religion 😇
The world turn grey
As a turmoil of whirlwind
Builds within me

My soul quite frail
Must exit the building

Is it a dream?
Or was it reality?
There I lay
While I stood looking at me.
At your observations
It took me quite a while to get the picture.
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