My shinning Princess; with sparkles in your eyes.
You inspire me,
To write words of love every day,

I love the way you hold me, kiss and love me,
Spending hours in my mind during the day,
and dreaming of you, through the night,

Always dreaming about you and me,
Walking along the ocean's shore,
Seeing shadows of life reflected in sandy dreams,

You are more cheerful than hearing dolphins sing,
Generous and calm as a light sea breeze,
That cools our Souls,

Your kind-hearted spirit brings,
Warmth and beauty to the world,
Like red and white roses blazing in May,

I make this promise to you,
I will always love you, in life and in Heaven,
Our Souls will, never part,

I'll love you, forever...

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
SoundCloud poetry recitation
a little girl ran across a field of sunflowers.
when she reached the end of it,
she was met with a much older pure being.

“what lies beyond, God?”
“what lies beyond sunflowers,
are moon poppies my dear.
moon poppies are eternal, ever blooming.
they don’t belong on Earth,
only here, at the end of the line.
moon poppies are prettier than the moon!
might even compete with your eyes,
and the song you were singing yesterday.
would you like to see one?”

“must i die to see a moon poppy, Eternal one?”
come, i’ll show you around.”
just for now
i'll see you
not in the way
that you hoped
but in
the end.
Written sometime last year as a footer to a note meant to be left behind.

facing heaven
facing the music

angel choirs are nothing like the devil
down in Georgia
far above the level of
into a stratospheric stratification of
and seven levels of adrenaline beyond

dopamine dreams drip
soothing control
like a lighted window in the
glimmering like gold
but so far gone
the meaning is

and I wander
through my own house
wondering why this isn't home
wishing to the stars to go
away into the unknown

but I'm snatched back

and I switch back to passing
myself in the mirror
and screaming Bloody Mary
because I'm home
but gentle hands

how to love while being played like a fiddle
how to sweetly play it off as
close enough to god to

yet I am home
and the stars align so I do find
refuge in the music
and make a home in
dreams made doped
coaxed by my own
two hands

too late to come down
Shoot up for the stars, land in oblivion.
Fading away

Mourn me when I am gone;
Remember me as someone who lived his life, the only way he knew how.
Think of me when you sing a song;
Remember me, when I am gone with the clouds.

The sun is setting on another lifetime;
It’s time to die, it is my dying time.
Time is fading away and I welcome death;
For in my final breath I will discover what comes next.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Staring at the sun

Such a peaceful death I find myself inside;
Staring at the sun, looking for the answer to why I died.
I look up into the air and see the birds flying high,
I see myself floating towards them, towards the sky.

The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky;
‘tis beautiful to behold, this beautiful light,
That shines upon everything not hidden in the shade.
So lay me down in peace in my own personal grave.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Forever is a long time.
Longer then we expect.
The young and dumb promise forever to every person they get involved with.
Forever is death do you part and even in the afterlife.

Know the definition before you make the promise.

                           With love,
Can death die?
Or life live?
Surely life can die,
But death nothing to give
As a sacrifice.
Another night has come,
Standing here beneath heaven's stars,
Drunk, loving a green bottle of Soju,

Missing you, looking at sister moon,
Losing you my, only love,

That day,
You were taken away from me,
Tears filled my eyes with pain,

Calling out to God,
Did you take her from me?

I still think of you,
Every day,
Such a long time missing you; spending  days in pain,

I can't think of anyone else but you; My love,

My Angel in Heaven,
I miss you.

It hurts so much,
I have not found anyone else,
To love me like you,

Thinking of ways to,
Turn back time,
To change that day, you were taken from me.

Remembering you every day,
Praying to God to hold your Soul in Heaven one day.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Soundcloud text to speech poetry recitation
Mae Andrea Jun 7
Death must be lonely
The souls I surround myself with
Are all so very familiar
To lose them forever in the afterlife
I doubt the connections will remain
Or be destined to find each other again
However I like to think so
But in preparation to go
I can't allow myself to be so optimistic
I have to bite the bullet that's about to impale me
Or I won't be ready
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