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Jo Sep 19
wouldn't life be easier if things were just a bit clearer?

he's sweet, this man
he's tender, the way he runs his finger down my face
there's something about the way he speaks, so intelligently

but could it also be that i'm just infatuated with the thought of having somebody to hold
someone to be intimate with
someone to potentially fall in love with

sweet little tender life of mine
can you tell me if this man is meant to be mine?
Heyaless Aug 15
Suicide ? Was never a option for me .
I am fighting. , I will fight .
There's no end but only death .
Death is promised but it is uncertain .

Life is not promised so why we worry about life and future .
Just my thoughts
Jammit Janet Jul 15
Who am I?
What am I?
Why am I here?
To grace this earth,

My existence feels useless,
Hang my head in the noose,

I am everything and nothing,
All at once yet not at all,
I teeter on the brink of madness,
Waiting to witness my fall,

I am a waterfall of sorrow,
Endlessly flowing,
Through my blood,
and *****,

Recycling emotions,
In this vessel,
Hollow with feeling,

Feeling alone,
Yet alone I am not,

Universe embrace me,
Place me in your thoughts.
Grace Haak Jul 21
do you love me at all
or are you just lonely
am i just a convenient catch
a willing girl who happened to be nearby
do you miss me at all
when pink skies melt to black
when goodbyes end and garages close
do you ever wish i would run back
do i live in your mind at all
or do i sometimes just stop by
am i just an afterthought
nothing more than a simple sigh
when people ask you what we are
do you say i'm just a friend
or do you smile and slyly shrug
because you hope it won't ever end
so do you love me
and if i ask
what are we
will you tell me
something special?
Jammit Janet Jul 18
Desperate for affection,
Wanting your connection,
Oh how strong I feel for thee,

Feeling gooey,
My insides defrost from the cold,
Wicked world,
That hurt it so,

Serotonin release,
A pulse,
A care,
Drowning in warmth,
Gasping for air,

Waves of emotion,
Pull me under,
A sea of love,
Life, commotion,

An entity of its own,
Above me,
I surrender to it's power,
Give into the unknown,
Watch the future flower.
Samara Reddy Jul 16
wanting to be seen,
wanting to be heard.

   all I've ever wondered,
   all I've ever learned.

      is that it's too much to ask for,
      that it's too much to give.

why then do you take from me
in every hour of your need?
Ainsley Jul 15
Uncertainty smirked with pride
Life bowed with reluctance
At times uncertain things do happen but blaming life isn't the solution as life isn't the complete reason :)
Just smile ❤
angelique Jun 13
smile sigh walk away
still roaming all the hotels and cabarets
wallowing in sophistry and idle banter
as love and retribution fade

hearing feverish words from a parallel universe
where attention is hell and ignorance is bliss
and all the emerald cities and vast molten plains
disappear into the nothingness
of your jaded gaze
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