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Eleni Dec 5
I know nothing-
And if thou'st had knowledge,
It would be trapped in the nebula of Madness.

I could write words
that have meanings in seldom realms-
And would still be shipped to the landfills.

The accumulation of words
Hath led me to this wasteland
of sorrow and murky sunrises.

Facts hath turned my life inside-out:
Exposing the shortcomings and promises
And the aching eyes, losses.

If I could ******* this inky cloud-
it would be of no use.
The war inside will prevail, no truce.

So I sit and wonder;
My constructed knowledge-
a mere fragment of haulage.
wisteria Nov 27
i google it at 3am because
lightless blue shadowed rooms can cover secrets
and lies.
and the glance up, look away quickly and blink blink blink

like it never happened, can hide behind my eyelids for now. because
tainted thoughts don’t qualify for pity
and wake up headache stare into space isn’t a question of how are you, it’s why are you this way?

i don’t know, i say.
i’m sorry, i say.

that my brain clutter is too much of not the right stuff and my eyes don’t look dreamy like you imagined
they would be. dripping caramel swirls and covered with a golden starry sky.
that all i have are unsteady hands and undecided eyes and uncertain everythings.

and because yes, i live
in oblivion but that doesn’t mean i enjoy it.
or that i like staring at the shine bright white between us
or the dot dot dot of our thoughts . . . willing the what ifs and if onlys to come true because

the clouds move faster than i do. hot glue face to window
until you say my name           soft on the edge of your lips

because what would happen if i hung by anything more than a thread

i google it at 3am because how else am i supposed to know.
my blood is floating with question marked uncertainties and

blurry,, blurry vision.
Bella R Nov 23
Intriguing sparkles
As I peer in,
Earnest to learn more
About you.

I yearn
To admire you
Through a kaleidoscope,
Watch the crystals crash perfectly
The beautiful imperfections blend
Into unique shapes
Of you.

I so desire
To fit us both
Into a kaleidoscope,
Watch us collide like fate
And fuse
Into breathtaking art
Reflecting each other
As the kaleidoscope of life
Endlessly turns.

It is,
But one day perhaps
I pray
It'll freeze,
Where our feelings meet.
Wasn't sure if adding the last stanza would make the poem less nice, but I reaally wanted to convey the feeling of uncertainty instead of the "person" being sure of this love. I want to show the immense love she has, but that she is actually unsure whether he likes her too.
Marianne Cruz Oct 20
Tell me
Where do I go from here
where there's a vast amount of why's and how's

Tell me
How do I get away from here
when I can't even remember how I got stuck in here

Tell me,
Old self
Do you want where I am going?
Everyone wears a mask in this world
This mask we develop from young to old
Emotions we lock that clouds our judgement
Mind over heart, this marks our testament

A smile may hide an excruciating pain
Or a tear may hold deceit and sin
In this world not everything is certain
So doubt a little, the truth you may gain

How peculiar some people of the human race
They have masks that perfectly match their face
They are either good people with mind so pure
Or despicable humans who show their true nature

For faith and love some people are blinded
For these, wise people become dumb
Wrong becomes right, in lies we succumb
What use is the senses if the heart is one sided

I’m telling you nothing is wrong with trust
Nor it is wrong to believe
But we as humans we deceive
So to check for facts is a must
midnight Sep 5
I don't know
what I'm feeling right now
but if loving you
meant riding the same roller coaster
way back then,

I'd gladly join you over and over again.
Freddie Ruiz Sep 2
Why do all problems have to be solved with a war?
Whatever the reason we’re bleeding for, is it worth fighting for?
Why do we always have to take a side,
just to realize we were blind the moment we truly open our eyes.
If everything is so uncertain, then why do we create this fuss?
We’re oblivious to the truth, living like ignorants in this world.

As everything becomes scarier in this mundane nightmare,
the *** of this world is lining us up for the slaughter.
Being so egoistic, our death may come sooner than expect it.
We can’t look out for the eternal answer if we can’t find it within ourselves.
What we think is permanent is truly transient.
Is it worth fighting for something transient?

The minutes tick away
and I hope for a better day,
yet so filled with pain,
wishing I wouldn’t see a day like this ever again.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor,
or from a different skin color,
what matters is what you’re praying for,
‘cause our time here for now is only borrowed.
It all comes down to loving like there’s no tomorrow.
It all comes down to finding out what life’s really all about,
‘cause there’s one love that can save us all tomorrow,
but for now, our time here is only borrowed.
Written on November 17, 2001
Composition number: 115
fatima Jul 31
tell me
as i know nothing
clueless as it is
everything is just unknown

as i want to know things
to understand, not to be mad
i want to be open
in everything i want to know

so tell me
as i am clueless
like a child full of woes
am curious enough?
just tell me if i'm bothering you.
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