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You cannot fear the uncertain
If you want to be certain.
Life never seeks
Permission to change
You arrange
If you could arrange
What it seeks
In part exchange
Jammit Janet Aug 3
I get quiet when I’m scared
Nervous, when I feel unprepared
I get anxious when I’m alone
Lonely, when I lose sight of myself;
Far from home....
Little boy
Plays with a toy
Giggles in joy
Sitting naked
On road berm
He is a product
Of egg and *****
Of coitus
Under open sky
Witnessed by
Millions of
Heavenly bodies
Unlike mating
Closed doors
Where only
Of father
Mother knows
Little boy
Plays with a toy
Giggles in joy
He has a brother
He has a sister
Contributing to
Nation's population
Sitting close by
To the little boy
Burning their bodies
Under Sun bright
No body knows
Their destination
Criminals or criminalistics
Nothing is deterministic
Jobs for cops
Or cop's job
Future terrorist
Or Prime Minister
Little boy
Plays with a toy
Giggles in joy
Let him enjoy
There're immense
No one's responsibility!
Brumous Jun 20
Too early

It was, is it not?
"No, you're wrong,"
I keep saying this to people;

Do I even stand correct?
Surely not.

not yet.

Don't say it,
It doesn't feel so rewarding;
I'm not on a road
I am lost

Uncertain, and probably
that's me

I'm standing still
it scares me that I can't move

Am I growing
or was I not?

Maybe, I thought I was.

What's with the words I speak?
I desperately think yet,
it cannot be written in ink

words are at the brink
of emptiness
so deep

What is wrong with me?
Brumous Jun 18
I'll wait for a few years,
to go out in the world
People are preparing me,
I know they need to

The world is confusing 'n such;
Many can be bad and harsh
But, now I prefer to stay in a big square box
fractions of solitude experienced in the dark
but uncertainty seeps through the heart
of an immature child that is yet to start
Time so fast, and time so slow.
This grain of sand, where to go?
Brumous Jun 12
He wasn't sure,
and this is what irritated him.
This sense of helplessness is what he despised.

"You're not fond of this, but all you talk about is yourself, right?"


How egotistical.
Lunar Jun 8
When the pressure rises and the questioning blares
When the assumptions fly and the fear of being ostracised glares
When the fear of loneliness comes into play
Or the possibility of failure that comes to stay
The risk of not being able to blame anyone but you
The guilt and ‘told you so’ that will ensue
Will it overweigh your desire to be free
And overwhelm your desire to be a wolf among sheep
Will it crush your dreams of being unique
I wonder which path will you seek
eltra Apr 25
Hope makes you feel as light as a feather,
But it also binds you, neck wrapped in a tether-
A thin cord made out of leather.

I read the letters,
Filled with promises of forever.
And when I ask myself- if you’ll still love me through any kind of weather,
I’m afraid your answer will be “never”.
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