Gray Jun 14
What do i like to eat for dinner?
Well, I certainly don’t eat concrete,
Or a old moldy beet,
Or a comfortable seat,
I would never eat any of those, which would make me thinner.

What do i like to eat for supper?
Well, you would never see me consuming cuddly teddy bears,
Or long wooden stairs,
Or that strange green carpet i once found upstairs,
Eating any of those would surely cause me to suffer.

Oh? You’re actually curious of things i would eat?
Maybe i’d eat a big plate of cooked meat,
Or even a big bowl of something made from wheat,
Perhaps something that’s extremely sweet,
Eating any of those would undeniably make any meal complete.
My relationship with you
Is on hold.
Is on hold.
Is on hold.
Learning new ways of thinking
Is on hold.
Is on hold.
Psychological Support
Is not perceived as necessary
Money is all that counts,
And the money keeps flowing
From the shedding of blood
I eat my mango sweet and juicy mango....
From The Profits of War.
Amanda May 28
We built a wall of
Lies and desperation laid
With uncertain bricks
A very thick wall
Sometimes I feel like I was just a
government creation. Built in a lab made to store data or stop a war.
Other times I feel like my whole existence is a joke that I was only brought here to waste space. It all depends on the day.

I am a creation but my existence is unknown at the moment. And I fear that it will always be uncertain.

                                 With love,
Hillary B May 1
the word mother
fills me with uncertainty and obligation

i’m weighed with the pressure to
love the woman who birthed me to life  
despite her many conditions for loving me 

she requires silly things
wants me to
prove my love

asks that i call her

i don’t
because of that
she thinks i hate her

i don’t
most days
i wish i could
if the ink kept flowing still,
even when i'm gone,
the parchment would've worn and will
keep bleeding until dawn
a meek and mild fawn,
our hands intertwined, i see
love, but can it be?

and the ink was like a void,
endless, it drew me in
strong, yet slim and coy
it didn't end or begin;
the places it has seen?
everywhere, it seems
from stars to broken dreams
it never lets go of me

if it had stopped again,
it'd surely be a mistake
but i'm lying now, my friend
and these feelings no longer wake
our hearts, why must it ache?
yet, not for love, you see
to be adored and be set free

my lamp was like the sun
the paper, but a moon
they both depend on each other,
or so, they thought, but soon
sadly, tender moon
knew about the lies
the moon was never needed,
not even in the sky

and things like tumbleweeds,
tangled balls of string,
express my thoughts in me
but don't even begin
to tell what i think within
it's so messy, yet so clean
my thoughts of shattered dreams

and upon a slender flower,
a tender little stem,
we have undying power
to speak feelings within
a pen glazed in glittered gold
easily has told,
by trickling some ink,
and using fragile strokes,
you can say just what you think,
even the untold.
sara Apr 3
I want to watch it not mean anything
for, in a way, that's all it can ever mean
Same old doubts, the same old streets
same old conker on a new shoestring

I want to watch it not mean anything
if it means that I'll never have to think again.
In painful vain I attempt to ascertain;
I do wonder every now and then.

I want to watch it not mean anything
because in a way that is everything-all it can ever be
for all that the eye can see:
are ice caps that we don't even notice are melting
is everything basically the same as nothing?
fatima Apr 1
the whisper of cold air
goosebumps are flare
the uncanny balance
it's not a hindrance

everything intensifies
and suddenly it ties
turning into one phase
everything becomes haze.
04:40 emotions
ZzyiP Mar 27
sometimes sadness swells
and I'm not sure how to feel about it
other than I feel the way it forces me to
a mixture of sadness and confusion as I interrogate myself
through all the possible causes of my sadness
until i stumble upon it
where then it strikes a deep minor chord that resonates through my body
i wonder why this makes me sad
and whether i should be sad
and whether i deserve to be sad
everyone needs to feel sad once in a while
but it hurts
and that doesn't feel good
when a loved one dies,
or a friend leaves you,
or your hearts broken,
or you're failing class,
or you lose a game,
or you disappoint someone,
or you disappoint yourself,
when you just feel sad

but it will be okay
the swelling sadness settles down
you'll be fine.
Genesee Mar 19
That word alone scares me
Because I've had to deal with people
Abandoning me , leaving me
Having me pick up my broken pieces on my own
So thought of someone staying
Confuses me because they say '' I'll stay ''
But every single time like clockwork
Suddenly it turns into silently leaving me and
Abandoning me out of no where
So yes the word and actual commitment
scares me to the point where I am the one
to leave first to spare myself the hurt
And of course from what I've seen
everyone says they will stay but in reality
once one is vulnerable and shows someone all the reasons
not to stay along with the brokenness
that is their past
Of course they all leave
That's what I deserve / All I'm used to  
So why should I expect you to stay
Back it up with your actions
- excerpt from a book I'll never write
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