I'm in a foul mood this morn
like a wailing and crying newborn

The world's not alright
we're losing the fight

Love and kindness, forsworn

I know not, what make's it right
everyone and everywhere, tight

Nothing to do
I'm looking at you

The future not looking, too bright
Slipping a little dark this morn :|
WordsOnly Jan 31
how much can you Miss someone
how much can you Reject someone
how much can you Hurt someone
how much can you Love someone
how much can you Search for someone
how Blind can you be
how long can you just say "Someone"
how long can you miss someone
without recognizing it
without Recognizing him
how long can you just Miss yourself
what if someone IS yourself
what if someone misses you too
what if someone loves you too
what if someone tells you
i love you
what if you give the wrong answer
what if someone forgives you
what if you finally
Just some thoughts I had several years ago when I was uncertain about being in love
Domina Gamboa Jan 28
Lilingon sa kanan, lilingon sa kaliwa.
Lilingon sa itaas, lilingon sa ibaba.
Kahit saan ipako ang aking mga mata,
Alaala mo ang tangi kong nakikita.

Sa kanan- naroon ang munting librong bigay mo para sa aking kaarawan.
Sa kaliwa- may tsokolateng madalas mong ilagay sa sisidlan.
Sa itaas- nakasabit ang asul na bag, iniabot mo noong kapaskuhan.
Sa ibaba- naroon pa at nakatago mga mensaheng iyong iniwan.

Ano ba? Bakit ba? Paano ba? Ano na?
Ang daming tanong na wala namang kasagutan.
Mananatili na lang ba itong palaisipan?
O maglalakas loob akong tanungin ka?

Ano nga bang mayroon tayo para sa isa’t-isa?
Kasi ako? Nahuhulog na nga yata.
Damdamin mo’y hindi ko mawari,
Tugon mo sana ay iyo nang masabi.

Ang hirap kasing manghula.
Nagmumukha akong tanga.
Kung sabihin mo na kaya?
Ako’t ikaw ba’y may pag-asa?

Hindi ka ba napapagod sa pagtakbo sa isip ko?
Ang tagal mo na ring nakatambay dito sa aking puso.
Ilang taon na ba tayo? Isa? Dalawa? O tatlo?
Wala nga palang tayo, ang meron lang ay…ikaw at ako. ☹

Hindi ko alam kung paano tatapusin ang tula.
Kasi ang kwento natin ay 'di pa nagsisimula.
Palaisipan pa rin ito sa kabilang banda.
Bukas-makalawa, ako pa rin ay makata.
#litonglito #malabo
Krysha Jan 15
Its feeling the undying urge in your system
And be unable to do anything
Know nothing about taming
Ignoring the awakening
Disregarding the thrills and the tingling
How do you cling to springtime dreams
If it now feels like delusional thinking

It's the sense of being lost
In the cabins of the found
the scent of uncertainty
in the lodges of the doubters
the aroma of confusion
In the quarters of the sure
How do we grow to like something
And grow later in life to hate it
Amoni Fuller Jan 9
I am a perpetually uncertain individual.

Or the opposite.
I might be the most indecisive person I know, maybe.
If I have children they won't have names.
Iska Dec 2017
They say that death is quiet. That it comes so fast and sudden that it is a surprise to the world. Because the world keeps going, as if it never happened.

I disagree. I have never known a silent death in my life. For me, death is so loud, that it deafens me. Until all I hear is ringing and muffled sounds. Like a bomb just went off, and in a way, I guess it had. The world moves to a slow motion until it is measured by nothing but a heart beat, and even that will stop eventually. Until your breath gives out and your knees crumple before you. "Its beautiful" they say, "the way that life and death entwines in an eternal dance." Yes. This is beautiful, me lying here beside you as you struggle for life, fighting to keep your heart beating. I watch as fear consumes you, you don't want to die, that much is plain to see, because you think your too young. Well let me inform you of something. You will ALWAYS be too young. It will never be enough because you don't know what happens next. For some it is a relief, they hope that this is it, the end of the line. That they cease to exist. Those are the ones who live life they way the want to. Or their are those of you who dread and fear it. Believing that God is waiting on the other side. Those are the ones who live their lives doing good, trying to make it to heaven. And then their are those of you who push it aside. Who hide from the fact that one day your hear, then gone the next. You are the ones who live in mediocre boredom forever chained down by your fear, as you waste away inside of these four paper walls, in front of the screen of some form.

I am here to remind you that I exist. I am death. I am release to some and horror to others. And I am here to tell you that your time is fast approaching. I may be at your doorstep right now, or I may be waiting on the sidelines for years to come. But I am here. And one day you will find me beside you, embracing you as you fight to keep your fire burning. You may evade me once or twice but you will see me one day. And I shall ask you this, have you lived as you wanted to live? Or have you squandered away your days? Will you be remembered? And if so how? Will people laugh and say "you won't be missed" or will they wail and pull at their hair, gnashing their teeth as they cry for their loss? Are you loved or hated?  if you are loved, you shall not be forgotten, and that is the immortality you are all seeking, just as my immortality is here, among the words I write. Who knows? By the time your reading this, maybe I have passed to. Because even death is not immortal.
Daisy Rae Dec 2017
anxiety is a killer
           it takes over your mind and body
     swallowing you whole
causing you to worry
       about uncertain outcomes
   leaving you a little numb
           it mistakes ‘try’ with ‘perfection’
  every red mark
                 gives you a ghost white complexion
       next weeks reunion gives you chills down your spine
   will they remember me?
should I just decline?
you can feel it in your hands
          as they sweat and shake
you can hear it in the sound of your queasy stomach and your shoe tapping away
you can see it in the way your muscles stiffen and your eyes become blank
you slowly start to succumb to these physical symptoms
       and slowly, you shut down
your hands cannot grasp your drink
your legs can no longer hold you up
your stomach cannot hold down this mornings breakfast
       and you tumble
       and it leaves a bruise on your forehead
       you mumble
    will they notice?
do not let anxiety take over your every move
JK Cabresos Dec 2017
Maybe the spaces
between our fingers
doesn't fit perfectly
Maybe it's better
to hear lies
than the truth.

Maybe our hearts
are now out of sync,
Maybe the love
we tried to mend
only caused us pain.

Maybe memories
are better be buried,
Maybe it's better
to forget
the future we built.

Maybe your lips
are tired being stuck
on mine,
Maybe your arms
just want to hold
someone else’s spine.

Maybe a 'goodbye'
is just a different
kind of saying 'hello',
Maybe it's time
for us
to let go.
Copyright © 2017
Juin Nov 2017
Strangers that are very dear,
Should I trust them or fear?
"We care for you" they say,
But what if I'm their prey?

I've been careful each day,
Not to tell anything or say.
I am scared that they won't be,
The friends I think I see.

Until now still isolated,
Feel like one day I'll be hated.
People before them left,
Like I failed their test.

The group of four everyone knew,
Little did they know I was blue.
I was the odd one out,
The one no one talks about.

Now I pray every night to the God above,
Give me a friend to trust and love.
May He grant my prayer,
So that I won't be in despair.
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