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Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
My narrow cave is zero colour
a thousand winds that blow over
only blow away kohls yet to see an eye.

The sunrise beams out in the morning's hush
as do the sun basks in the swift uplifting rush.
Ah, only to miss out again like yesterday,
there was a cave it tried to highlight.

Then lost me in the dark finds a Moon
heavily tilted yet over a shady turf.
Every star eying upon it knows that
tomorrow again this will host the sunrise!
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Today that of being a bit
of a downer for me, but
you have to just ride It
out maybe tomorrow will be different So for today and tonight I'll go to sleep In dreams of my lovely
Helen that will get
me through till tomorrow for Helen left me will an Aladdin's Cave of so many wonderful dreams and beautiful memories that will get through my downer days
Helen left me with Aladdin cave of wonderful dream and beautiful memories that get through my days
Dani Nov 2018
It is made of the finest bark
Standing between two trees
It is open and closed only in the dark
Enveloped in ivy, locked without keys

Vanishes behind rays of the sun
Following the moon so bright
Away it goes when it hears you come
Held within are secrets that make us light

Locked by your chaos heart
With just a key of silence
Opened only in the darkest part
Warriors of life protect with demilance

A door stands in the forest of life's psalm
A door dedicated to shining bright
Only seen when a heart is calm
Hidden because this door cannot stand a fight

Between two trees it stands, insides expanding
To you there is much unknown
But, the ones inside are filled with understanding
In the world behind it, goodness is shown

This may seem absurd, but just highly misunderstood
Maybe, because you have never seen
What lies behind the sturdy wood
But it's truth, I witness, is keen
Garden of Eden? Heaven? Understanding? Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"? A mix of all these..
Written in 2012. Edited in 2018. Working on another version, as I would like to perfect the flow of this poem.
Mandalina Oct 2018
I am so very alone and I can't cope with it.
I'm isolated from the world in a place I know nothing about and it's making me insane.
I need someone before I call it quits.
I really thought I could handle it all.
I really did.
But, I always seem to forget how weak I actually am
and how easy it is to relapse.
Being alone is terrifying.
I am terrified of myself and my thoughts.
They always sneak up on me during the night and try to persuade me into falling back
and I’m not sure I can resist it anymore.

Sarah Sep 2018
Negative energy, negative thoughts
No single hope to be seen
It is not a tunnle, It's a cave that is blocked
Were no light can sneak in
There is no light at the end of the tunnle, only darkness
valentine Aug 2018
i stand in my cave
here, i sit, in my cave
completely alone
but at least
as i sit here
i have something to call my own
rosie Jul 2018
i followed my heart into the deep
of your eyes
looking back at me
it’s been so long since i’ve felt something
like this
they’re an abyss
i’m falling into
the deeper i go
the more i know there’s treasure sparkling from within
strength and dignity line the walls in gold and a fine silvery line of humor threads around the ceiling. gemstones peek out, glinting into view every now and again: love, respect, responsibility, intelligence, joy, faith blink brightly at me.

you’re not a shallow surface level puddle. you’re a deep and ever-reaching cave of wonders. i want to explore them all.
thanks to any readers **
stopdoopy Aug 2018
Standing here in the heat
talking upon asphalt
you're light and joking
a breeze in the stale summer's air
then suddenly
grey and rain
it's sad and hard, you don't need to be tough
retreat to the cave before it is too late
we take shelter here now
why are you apologizing?
don't worry mother, I made it rain last week too
nothing is wrong
you think we're safe
but we are already burnt
I got to see my friend's mother who is more like a second mom to me and it was great, we talked in a parking lot for like an hour and she cried about somethin and we just all carried on, but then I got home and now my shoulders are a nice reddish pink
Alienpoet Jun 2018
You never see my pain
behind the cold rain
I hide them all the same
A so called ******
I don’t choose to schizophrenic
it’s God’s epidemic
when the cave man called to the divine
when he spoke to the trees
as gods when he believed
did you think the ones who didn’t believe
tormented him yes they probably did
but without looking outside our shell
we can’t see heaven or ****
and if you don’t look science as well.
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