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I S A A C Dec 2022
i love being in a pitch-black room
the void, the lack thereof
cannot see my fingers or
the things i could never love
it's the peace i crave, my hidden cave
no one to tend to
no one to pretend to
i love being in a pitch-black room
no peeking, just sleeping
dreaming of things anew
unfolding the possibilities, new brew
LC Apr 2022
the jagged cave summons me
with its stark shadow.
crystals bearing sharp knives
greet me at the entrance.
my hands stay at my sides,
but I keep an eye on the knives.
as the cave envelops me,
the crystals harness sunlight.
their guidance sees me through,
and the cave is now behind me.
Escapril Day 24! Prompt: crystals. I am learning that nature is one of my main sources of inspiration. What are you inspired by when you write?
Nickolas J McKee Dec 2021
I see out a cave of wonders,
A wishing pain wanting away.
No matter the fool loved on stage,
He will suffer to earn a day.
What lost of the past a talent,
Forced a man a monkey to dance.
Seeking simple a life to live,
For children of his own to prance.
O’, can a God raise a lost soul,
To come again a life to find?
Must we let one to suffer so,
Depressed and alone of his time?
For when can we come out the cave,
Wished and wanted a soul to save?
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
The craving had been
More of a need
As of late

Energy taken
Energy generated
Or one could also say
One cultivated
One gave away
Every little thought
That you think

from the rest of you
With steel walls
And the tallest gates
Barricade myself
In a little
Me sized

Wouldn't be surprised
If I never
                Came Out!
Nigdaw Nov 2021
I take comfort
from the greasy food
on my plate
hunter gatherer instincts
sated, my eyes search
for campfire flickering flames
and settle on the fish tank
I am zoned
in the cavern
of my own space
my day over
I wait for the miracle
of sunrise
Bongani G-kay Aug 2021
paint on paint...
dark melanin the skin

deeper the cave....

caskets they bury the truth

be careful
of those you eat with....

don't taste the fruit....

they say....
knowledge is pain....

they locked us in  cage

media paint me insane

for sharing the good news
like Jesus

they nail me....
Judas my friend...

look they cross me

Caves secrets...

the Scripture please....
my verse teach's....

listen... listen...
fill the missing....

like its comprehension

before their History....

we are the one...
who android it
Cave secrets
Karijinbba Aug 2021
I love our time
together virtal mode..
Amame jaanam.
I love your diamond keys.
You love my golden ark
I love your typing index,
Your lovez written ink.
I treasure your voice.
In cave and treasure voult.
No other voice matters.
Your ink in poem cherished is.
You aren't free busy bee
nor power of attorney can be.
You must grow trust to be
ever wiser
and true to thee
and then me.
Revised 8-3-21
Amame jaanam.
Dali Feb 2021
A friend: passion, deep as the soul, drinks, blanket, and a cave to chat about escaping the world.
Quite you are they say
But not as what I see when I watch your face
Cause I felt, saw the storms/fires over and over
But no one heed even your warnings
I saw your own beauty that you didn’t even notice
Your soul is a cosmos’s of mystery
A wind mixed with fire
Cause you are a precious and rare
No one will gets you
Nor take your place in existence and your absence
Cause you made everyone fall
To make a call
from dawn to dusk
nor just to meet you for a few seconds at the hall
Can we take every road ?
To escape the world
like we talked before
When we went to see the cave and let our soul to talk before we fall.
Michael Luciano Apr 2020
This is a Prelude to the canyon out on a vast plane.
Within a desert of sorts crying for the rain. Bursting explosions from the thought plateau.
Brought us drops of pain and the hate that you know.

This is a Prelude to the canyon in which we live.
Oh that vast plane gave all she had to give. Eyes wide to the sky where the horizons they bend.
Out on the perimeter we could never find the end.

This is a Prelude to the canyon all we are is thought.
Now we're in for nasty weather you like it or not.
Screaming through the cosmic sea at dawn I see the Horizon it seems so long, so long gone.

This is a Prelude to the canyon it's all we know.
The desert rains are coming, coming on so slow.
Hazy mornings were the thinking thoughts advanced.
That's where fate extends to us her Olive Branch.

This is a Prelude to the canyon shall we take the leap?
From that vast expanse to the crevasse deep.
Down where the fires glow in the caves we live.
Where the shadows dance on the Walls Within.

This is the Canyonlands where we've chose to hide.
Full of beaten paths down to the Riverside. Where the waters drain from the plains plateau. And the flames of the fire inside us grow where the flames of the fire inside us grow....
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
This is the Canyon lands Can you feel it man?
Dawn's early promise to lend you her hand.
Awake from the cave from the rubble you climb.
Down the lonely path to the river of time.

This is the Canyon lands far from the thought Plateau.
Deep down in that crevasse where the warming fires glow.
Where the canyon walls climb to the cheeks of the sky.
The sun she peaks in from time to time.

This is the canyon land Where the River she winds.
Cut down deep by her flowing design.
Through the valley she runs away from the caves.
On a long from our shelter to a place that we crave.

This is the Canyon Land but all we want is more.
To travel the river of time set sail from our Shores.
Slide along the river to where the canyon meets the sea.
Float on from that crevasse to Eternity.

This is the canyon land from where we took the plunge.
In to her cooling hands flowing toward the sun.
To divide and conquer explore the high seas.
Gain, grab, and get more than we can dream.

This Is The Place To Where the River Flows and the canyon meets the sea.
Plastered form our being until eternity.
Something Beyond this miserable cage that we live in.
and the sky opens up to give all she has to give
Where the sky opens up to give all she has to give.
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