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Did you
figure out how to feel
I've bled
Into all the colors here

To somehow die alone
I still
Don't understand the throne

The summit's height
To capture
Finally fading light

It's all over
Before its begun
It's all over

Wonder why I can't give a ****
Something in the air's got me ******
I don't know, I just woke up
What can I say?
Gracie 3d
watch me fall into your arms
even though they're made of thorns
all i can smell are the flowers.

watch me break down my walls
even though they're made of titanium
all i can see is hope.

watch me drown in your eyes
even though they're made of fire
all i can feel is the warmth.
guess what? i wrote in french class again! but i was listening to Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots this time. It's a good song, I suggest listening to it.
Carter Ginter Nov 28
Why is my mind
Convincing me I'm bored
As I sit across my love
We're both working on our art
In this beautiful coffee shop
We're an interesting team
Only an arm's length between
Blue and purple hair
I know I am not bored
My brain is simply on a strike
There's a lot of painful thoughts
Anchoring my heart into darkness
"Boredom" is not correct
I simply cannot find an escape
Strong enough right now
To pull me back out
Back into living this life
I'd rather repress all of the pain
(Though it blunts all of my positive feelings too)
I'd rather simply hide behind
A phrase so simple as
I'm bored
Sketcher Nov 28
I will contemplate my boredom today, it's terrible,
I must dedicate my actions to something ethical,
So I'll go agitate all the photo chemicals,
It won't automate, it's not a technical miracle,
I will be the chaser of an adventure to set out,
To steal a stack of photo paper someone had left out,
Took it from "The Enticing Taylor", stole his photo clout,
I'm no hater but you better remember to take out,
Your **** when you are done in the dark room...
I might be a hater... but not really...
Chris Nov 23
I would like to say
That well, I'm bored
Really I should be quite ***
Heck I'm playing as a Nord!

Thing with this game is its quite large
You can swing a sword or fry an Orc
You can hop a barge to places unknown (Solstheim)
Only to fight a bunch of cultists. (Didn't rhyme but I got some serious beef with those guys)

So by now you should know what I'm playing
What else could it be but the best game around
If you don't you should be praying
Because its Skyrim you friggin hound!
Also still bored. Took my favorite game and messed around with it. Still horrible at writing, but oh well.
Chris Nov 23
I would like to start off by saying
That I really do ****
I **** not at life
Well, I mean that too
What I mean when I say I ****
Well, its truly a story
One fraught with peril and danger...
Not really.
I mean I ****
Nothing else to say about it..
Except I haven't told my mom
Now you might be wondering what I mean
When I say that redundant word
I say I ****, well because I do.
In what way you can interpret as you wish  
At least that is until I tell you what I mean
Ok you say, you want to know
I mean, come on now
You can sit there an jeer
But I'd like to say that I'm quite *****
I was bored, and I haven't been on in awhile. I wrote once and left because I thought that my writing ******. Then I realized that was just me who ******. xD
Saint Audrey Nov 18
Break apart another thing
Another ****** part of me
I still won't be taking anything from you

Exacting prices of my needs
I don't need a ****** thing
I won't be taking any more from you

Find the center of desire, til it all turns south
the bitterness still carried, clinging to your mouth
Another open flame, crumbling to dust
Leave me choking on the ashes, final remnants of this trust

When it all goes down
Will you still be right here waiting
For another chance
At this final undertaking
It falls
Em MacKenzie Nov 17
Tell me I’m not ****** for allowing myself to feel,
searching out for the next wound before letting the former heal,
I’ve been convincing myself that the invisible path is real,
but it’s not wide enough for two; one can stand and one can kneel.

If there’s anything in this world that tightens my chest,
it’s the moment I am strangled by vulnerability.
I keep it chained away to the very best,
to the very best of all my abilities.
Take all those thrown away phrases
and piece them back together to hit my ears
it’s funny how the long silence still amazes,
amazes me after all these quiet years.

Are you Sonic the hedgehog,
‘cause this is a chaos emerald.
Wipe away the tears to see the fog,
my world shakes when once it trembled.
I’ve got an easy road ahead of me
where the path could be so easy,
but I’m drawn to walk into the sea,
I wish that instinctive pull would leave me.

We humans are such destructive creatures
we turn soil to scorched earth with just one touch.
It’s the curse of emotions and all it features,
makes us decline a cast and accept a crutch.
We fall prey to our monsters like a disease,
do I pick life support or a clean cut cure?
A solid steel spine or weak and shaking knees?
Toxic lungs or a gasp of air too pure?

Should I swallow this gulp of mundane routine
conform and erase all individuality?
The white picket fence in photographs is so pristine
but it’s covered in dust and mold the ***** eye can’t see.

My storybook ending is incomplete
as I didn’t much care for the ending.
I traded in tragedy instead of something sweet,
‘cause I’ve never been so good at pretending.
All along there are holes both in the souls and plot,
and I wish to roll but can’t afford the toll as empty hands are all I got
When boredom strikes
Jaws open wide in oscitancy
Eyelids flutter once, twice, thrice...
Mouth sets into an unattractive line
And the mind turns to mush
Lulled by the lecturer's monotonous voice
Into slumber's welcoming embrace.
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