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If you’re going to listen to me cry
And then withdraw your support
Then I’d rather have stayed sick
Than tell you all my thoughts

I don’t know what it’s like
To have your kids grow up in front of you
But to tell me I’m too young
To understand, just isn’t true

I’m not cocky, I’m not full of it
I’m telling you the truth
If I come across as too abrupt
Then maybe it is you

You just won’t listen
You will list my flaws until I come undone
But can’t handle me when I tell you
The things that you have spun

It doesn’t matter
All is fair in love and people that we are
No ones perfect
I’m not saying that we all don’t have our scars

I just wish sometimes you wouldn’t
Bring up mental health again
Because I’m happy now and stable
Not like how I was back then

And it’s how it is
I relapse and I pick myself back up
And you saw it sometimes in my eyes
And asked me what was up

But don’t listen
Don’t you dare say that you’ll be there for me
If you’re going to bring it up in fights
Just to gaslight me.
Chelsea Rae Oct 18
I feel like there's no escape from it.
Like a bad dream but you never wake up.
Or maybe it's more like every time you close your eyes to go to bed,
You have the same ******* nightmare and morning dread.

Doing the same thing is considered insanity
And yet I do it every day
Expecting epiphanies
Or miracles
Because every time I try
To get out of this rut
Circumstances push me right back into the mud.

And I'm tired.
Tired of trying.
Tired of the ******* cycles
That I'm apparently too stupid to figure out how to break.

What the **** do you want from me God?
I obviously can't do anything you want right,
Or I wouldn't feel plagued every single night.
With the same nightmare,
And the same godforsaken morning light.
So tired.
Toast Ghost Sep 28
I get up, I get down
yelling nothing, soundless sound.
say it wrong, try again
who is she? that's my friend
**** the spider, no remorse.
say i love you till my voice is horse.
cats that bite, autumn joy.
living life like a toy.
uninspired, not okay.
brightroom sings, end of day.
im bored, and tired i just wanna go home but i dont know where it is i want to go home.
mark soltero Sep 27
waking up leaves me exhausted
i don’t even have the energy
to want to finish this
what do i have energy for


nothing at all

let me decompose
allow me to wipe away the things
that make me want to die

i cannot allow this to eat me alive
today it may win
tomorrow i can try again
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Everything is a chore.
Everything is a bore.
Everything is worth nothing at all
And everything is no more.

You want to get high, but not experience the lows.
You want a life where anything goes.
You want the love, but not the pain.
You want a love who promises to stay.

If you get high, then low’s you will find.
If you want love, then you will lose your mind.
If you want to find your own way,
Then you will end up lost and one day fade away.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aahi Sep 24
Not from starting the day
It's from the night leaning
The next day..
Same fears are gaining
It's weight..
For every day,every night
Without a break.
Days are seeming
Years for a new
Disturbing thought.
Even the reckless
Efforts are not enough
To get a break,
Only the
Lacrimal fluid
Setting for a temporary break.
Again the same thoughts
Arrive after the tear drenched off.
Isn't it's a circle for
Not getting a break?
Tired,exhausted, bored,frustrated is all the adjectives to define my life
Sacha Sep 15
I'm bored
You are giving all you got
The moves
The tricks

I'm looking for things
That I can count
Some lines
Some dots

You turn around
Now I'm on top
I need to fake some effort

I'm bored
I'm out
Fiery tongues
Mysterious places
I pray my lord finds it
Within his good graces
To spare him the rod
And sever the tongue
No longer will truth
From this mouth be wrung
Of this matter here
Will he no longer shout
Nor speak, nor whisper
To people of doubt
We would steal his power
His talent to sway
And then turn the menfolk
To our cause today
And he will not speak
Of our place of no name
Here where we meet
And make men our game
Then when victory is nigh
Bring him out for display
As the crowd cheers
Have him slain where he lay
This is the price
A man such as he faces
For a fiery tongue
In mysterious places
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