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I don't like anything new,
& I'm sick of everything I'm used to.
Sometimes thrive for something different
yet get bored of it in an instant.
Trying to hold on to what I already have
still, getting ******* at the same routine!
Carmen Jane Sep 26
Swaying with the wind,
It got the branch you held so tight
Spooled around your arm
You grabbed the nearest branch
When you weren't ready to fall.
Now, you look confused
It's been years
And you're hanging like that.
Bored by routines
Being at the mercy
Of traveling birds
When they want to say hello…
You can always grab another branch
Or you could just let go
You're ready to fall
You just  know
You'll land on your two feet
'Cause enough is enough.
Izzy Sep 26
                                                   ­      make
                                                            ­       it
                                                                ­        easier

                                                 ­                                  to
                                                                ­                          handle
                                                                ­                                       ?
Saint Audrey Sep 23
I always wake up feeling tired
Maybe more like exhausted
It's a struggle pulling myself out of bed
Maybe I've got a deficiency
My diet hasn't been great recently, so
It's always a possibility, I guess
I really should go get it checked
I haven't seen a doctor in years
But the lethargy won't let up enough
I feel no motivation
Sometimes, I'll get this ringing in my ears
That'll last for a while
It comes and goes, but
It's starting to freak me out

I tried getting a new haircut
It didn't seem to help
I'm just so tired all the time
Zane Smith Sep 21
what to think
I want to write
my brain won't
poems like before.
this is ******
what a pity.
I think
I'm trying to hard
i sit down to write but nothing flows
I guess my feelings
don't want to show
LK Sep 4
One more step after the other
See the same **** boring color

No black or white; just shades of gray
Just drifting through another day

Sometime they tell me you will see
All that there is for you to be

But as for now you mustn’t cry
Just wait for time to pass you by

I can only hold on for so long
Before I realize all that’s gone

All that could have been for me
In another time and place you see

But not here, now or ever, I know
These summers turn only to winter snow
Perdue Poems Sep 17
The first time I flew
I marveled at the sky
Blue and orange and red
The second time I flew again and read
The amazing magazines of Flight 18
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
The weird thing with boredom
Is that it always only occurs
When one has quite a lot
Of actual things things to do.

Like right now,
I am writing
Maybe getting a couple of likes
When I should be studying
So I don’t get a grade
That makes me go “Yikes!”

Like right now I feel deprived
Of things to do,
I think it’s cause one gets easily bored
With what’s right in front of you.
Because why not.
This is all there is to me
Boredom, disappointment and debris
This is all I am about
Rudeness, deafness and bad snout
This is all I can provide
A few thousand grave warnings to mind
This I can assure you of
In a week you'll have enough
Felt a little down, when I wrote it. Freestyle written in 17 minutes.

Oh Salem.
Who'd you ****.
Who'd you ****.
Who'd you...
Why'd you go quietly.
Heath could of saved you.
Oh Salem.
I held your hand.
I held your.
That day in Salem.

Garrett Johnson.
Manic weariness. can't help myself.
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