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I'm feeling lazy
Confused and feeling fuzzy
My mind is all groggy
And my surroundings are so hazy
I feel agitated
I jus wanna make a doodle
If I can't be a tinker
I wanna dabble and splash water around
Maybe I should lallylag
Before I dilly-dag
Daivik May 15
थक गया हूँ
कुछ ना कर करके
Andrew May 15
I poured some coffee on the ground

It's now on my feet

I don't want to write this,
but I am
I don't know what to write,
but I am

I sat outside today
and I got bored,
so - I poured some coffee on the ground

I don't know what to make of life
but I am
Untitled May 2

this website is soooo boring
my ex hurt me
no one talks to me
i have nothing to write
my friend ghosted me
im SO bored ON HERE
i just use it to cope with my pain
or maybe writing something
other than that UGhhhHH
Kerdell Apr 12
I am not yet that which I will be tomorrow, but today, I can still be that which I was yesterday.
Raven Feels Apr 4
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some days can be numb:\

in the instant blink of an eye

in the double slow tick of the clock

in the gloomy twitch of the sun

in the unnnotice of the dusk and the dawn

in the raw mere of blur

in the racing droplets down the tub

in the pretentious eyes of red

in the odorless stink of the day

in the companion of numbness

in the tasteless lines of wry disgust  

in the lyrics of merciful peace

So many days go by
There goes my toilet paper supply
Why am I so bored?
Another day at home, Oh lord
I feel like I'm slowly descending into insanity :)
Chrissy Mar 1
Even the feeling of a void is amiss
I have gotten to the point beyond nothingness
How did it get this bad
1.Wake up and drag yourself out of your comfort.
2. Put on your persona of the day, channel what you lack until it feels real.
3. Force yourself to speak, you wouldn't want to be left alone.
4. Crawl back into your comfort and waste away in your room.
5. Try to sleep, block out the thoughts, plead with the voices for a moment of silence.
6. Repeat.
Just get through it.
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