Let's do tests
On Frankensteins body
& be fearless
Let's cut up body's
Like Jennifer did
Let's make it scary
For all the kids
Halloween's around the corner
Like that horror show man
It's time to warn her
About the monsters under her bed

Rebecca 4d

Why are things so complicated..?
even the simple question that life asks -Are you happy?
Why cannot we be ourselves..?
even when we question our-self -Do we need this?
Why cannot we forget things..?
even when we don't want to recall.

From coming in the world to giving a world to someone
to leaving the world from everyone..
Why are things so complicated.

To smile without a reason,
To change without a season.
To love someone,
to leave someone.
Even to make love to someone.


finding answer to some unsolved questions,messed up with questions
Simon B 4d

I can't even write a poem.
You've really done a number.
Just kidding you already know i'm thumbing-
through my endless concourses of thoughts;
Loves just another.
Just like your other lover.
Step back, lemme tell some things to your 'mother'.
How you hurt me, and don't wanna come back
in the best season besides Summer.
Here's a fact, you're insane. You and I
live on two different plains of life.
I'll go wherever I want;
And you won't be in my sites.
My little berry. That was A lie.
You are the one. I said that. Why?
All of the above doesn't matter-
Enjoy your fake schooling-
my life's on a platter.

Lure Pot Oct 11

I am only one, just alone
I have no family, no one
I have no work, no house
I have no kids, no spouse
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one and just alone
I have no friends, not even one
I have no skies, no lands
I have no help, no hands
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one and just alone
I have no relatives, no one
I have no hopes, no dreams
I have no ocean, no breams
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one and just alone
I have no companies, not even one
I have no place, no address
I have no peace, no happiness
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one and just alone
I have no neighbors, not even one
I have no goals, no desires
I have no food, no dress
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one, just alone
I have no helpers, not even one
I have no powers, no ideas
I have no voices, no eyes
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one, just alone
I have no supporters, not even one
I have no health, no frontage
I have no field, no stage
I have had everything but all are gone!

I am only one, just alone
I have no partners, not even one
I have no sun, no morning
I have no moon, no lighting
I have had everything but all are gone!

I have had everything but all are gone!
Where is my wealth, where is my house
Where are my children, where is my spouse
Where is my love, where is my regime
Nothing is left without retirement home!
Everything I need to close, I evoke everyone!

Mister J Oct 10

They cling to me
Those memories of smiles
Etched in my mind
Bringing nothing but sighs

Oh how my heart jumped
When you kissed me sweetly
How you brought me joy
Whenever despair plagues me

You were the love I wanted badly
All my life was yours to keep
You were the beat of my heart
The one that deprived me of sleep

Now only your memories remain
Even your silhouette left no trace
It pains me to miss you this much
Knowing that now you lie in another's embrace

I am chained to your haunting memories
Chained to the hurt that you've caused
Chained to the guilt I shouldered to endured
Chained to you still, can't get over your loss

I am chained to your lingering ghost
Chained to the prison of your past
Free me please from this shattered romance
Free me from the pain, Let me go at last

As long as I remained in your chains
And I carry these feelings that will go to waste
I won't get over our whirlwind affair
I'll feel the pain all over again as I yearn for your taste

Let me go, please hear my plea
Don't chain me to your toxic memories.

We went we saw.
We fought we died.
Some came home.
But changed for life.
From beating hearts within our chest.
And terrors that haunt us to our death.
Were broke were beaten.
Bullied and scared.
We stand together.
From lands afar.
My cover hits the ground my boots in the sand.
A brand new day in a brand new land.

Lure Pot Oct 8

I write from my heart
You are my heartbeat
I write from my mind
You are all my kind
I write from my thoughts
You are all my esprit.

I write with my pen
You are its ink
I write a novel
You are its storyline
I write on web page
You are its link.

I write like nature
You are its feature
I write like an ocean
You are its waves
I write like a garden
You are its flowers.

Sigh, I couldn’t even tell you-
You are my dreams and all,
"I love you..."

Lure Pot Oct 7

I love you
But you do not;
I got it
Don’t worry
Even a little bit
I’m so fit.

I like you
But you do not;
I bet it
Don’t hurry
To make a decision
I can wait.

You know me
But don’t talk;
I get hit
I am sorry
Turn back to me
Do not hurt!

I miss you
But you don’t care;
I can't gift.
You’re sweet
But don't even fair
What a cheat!

Lure Pot Oct 7

I have been in an on/off relationship with the father of my daughter,
who is 11, for 12 years.
I moved in with him in last January as the situation was quite volatile and I thought this would make things better.
I sold my flat in order to live with him and the plan was that we would all get a house together.
I am not sure this will be happening now.

Our sex life has stopped, it was great before, but it seems as if my partner no longer fancies me and he keeps turning me down.
I now have stopped instigating sex as I constantly feel rejected.
When I spoke to him about the lack of sex he said that he did not really feel like it with all the rows going on.

I tried to talk to him about our relationship but he does not want to engage saying that he is fed up of talking about our relationship all the time (we don’t!).
I have suggested counselling but he refuses.
I feel constantly insecure and I hate myself.
I do still take care of myself and exercise but I feel so low at the moment.

I am trying to keep things as relaxed as possible with the result that things have improved with our daughter and there is less backchat and arguments from her.
He is better with me but I still feel that he does not love me or fancy me.
He says that he likes having me around but then I cook, pay for a cleaner and do the washing as well as all the usual things for my daughter so what is not to like.

I have thought of moving out but I do not want to leave my daughter.
She is a daddy’s girl and I know that if I went she would want to stay with him, it was hard enough when we did not live together;
she was reluctant to come to me.
I do not want to be in a loveless, sexless relationship.
The last 12 years have been really difficult for me and I have persisted as I wanted a family life for my daughter.
However I have never felt truly loved by my partner
and doubt I ever will.

I think that we are not compatible as he is cold and hard and I am not but I know that I am no angel and can be stroppy when pushed.

(open letter asking for advice)
Thu, Jul 6, 2017
Mary-Rose H Sep 29

satisfying, glorious purpose
swells my heart
until it's

and begging to
onto a page.
do I do?

do I start?

do I direct this
bundle of
raw motivation?

do I mold it,
shape it
into a helpful,
useful format,
point it in
the direction

How do I

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