You said
the pills would make me better
and I guess they really did
because I can't seem to cry at all
but I cannot seem to live
the pills took a piece of me
something I just might want back
the pills took a piece of me
that something I now lack

I have been made sane,
but the pill is all to blame
I have travelled my mind so much of late beginning
to find again the real me that's laid hidden for many
Through all the pain and all the tears, and there will always be more questions
then there ever will be answers too
I suppose that's life but at leased, I'm making an effort now to make something of my life all I can do
There will always be more Questions than answers that's life
All my dreams of yesterday I have to leave where they are always they'll be there
safe In my
But In order to move on with my life now I have to
leave them there where they will be safe
I'm going to start a new life
summer around the corner
need to get out and enjoy myself again just
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Could It be that life Is but a dream we've not awoken from yet
But If we do and this Is all true will we know It's been a dream
A dream a thought while passing the time of day
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For twenty years that we were married after the first year illness and pain
robbed Helen of very few
good days after
Helen and I always said we
had one really good year
and then that was all there was to be
One year Helen and I  out of twenty years together she deserved so much more out of life
Caged In My Mind Dec 2018
Im sinking in my thoughts
There’s so much around me
I’d rather hold my breath
For hours underwater
December 20, 2018

You are the burning comet
shooting over darkened sky
The moment that we said "hello"
I knew I'd never say 'goodbye'
Written: December 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
Kee Dec 2018
You stepped on my heart
And stepped once more
And then you began to stomp
Eventually you were jumping on the pieces of a heart that was once yours
But when your walls come crashing down
And it feels like you’re holding the world on top of your shoulders
Remember that I was once your home
And I held all of those walls together
And I helped you pick up that planet off your weak frame
Because your struggles were mine
Remember that once upon a time
I was yours
Your home
And you treated me like treasure
Until you threw me off of the pedestal
You swore would forever be mine
Bryce Dec 2018

finally the winds have subsided
the grasses are no longer golden brown

The world is growing in joy!

I can feel my heart burn, the blood of love leaking upon the planks
But it is safe, it is home
It is the lapping shores of the familiar stones
No violent black rock of dreams to stop me from ascending the cliffs
finding solid ground
growing food and making love to the true beauty of it all

And the islands at the edge of the world
Anatolia, the dreams of a new kingdom
One where I was the man I was
Calyps, though kind,
Was a beautiful temptress and had nothing good to say
Just figments and dreams, illusory
She would never make me king.

So here I am friends!
I, your friend
Your crown and solemn head
Please, I ask with faith--
Give me this place to stay.
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