You are like the worst doctor
And I am the best patient
That is letting you do an open heart surgery
Without anesthesia.
mks 3d
you say to me
your heart feels lighter when it rests on me
you say that to me
as if you don't know how heavy it feels to me
and you look at me
and you look at me
as if you're waiting for me
to say you do the same for me

and, i can't breathe
i can't breathe
zahra wang Mar 10
we humans have such a need to be loved
afraid of being
left for granted

and i am no different
i want to feel the rush
butterflies in my stomach
wing against my hair
hands against his heart
heart intertwined with my soul

you may ask why
am i so enamoured with this
idea of love

perhaps it is so i do not feel lonely
for i have been (lonely) for a while now
even when i am surrounded by people
there is no one
not really
not anyone who connects with my soul

or perhaps  i just want to feel more put together
after all
everyone thinks you’re so much happier when you have a significant other

or perhaps i just want someone to hold hands with
someone to kiss

i’m not fooling anyone, am i?
the reason i am so enamoured with the idea of love
is because i am obsessed with the notion that someone else can fix me up
heal the void in my heart
clear the window to my soul
but we all know band aids don't fix bullet holes
Diya Mar 9
The child tiptoed on the lushy grass..
So that his fingers could kiss the velvet smooth wings of the grey pansy....

The peasant laboured industriously
So that the field could be draped with the curtain of viridescent crops...

The seamstress with no thimble..
Pushed the pointed needle to mend the torn garment of livelihood....

It was not a happy ending....

The butterfly flew away without any touch..

The devastating storm escorted by incessant rain swallowed up the green carpet of back breaking work...

The clothes moth didn't cared about anything else and had it's treat...


Expectations were gutted in a fire
And the hopes of the three vanished in the air.
The poem reflects the fact that sometimes even when we give our full heart in something ,we are unable meet what we had expected..Yah, it's part of life!!! But still it really disturb my mind so much.How can so much hardwork, dedication dissapear in a "Puff"....
The first time I saw someone go
it was someone I didn't know
pale and sickly the sun sets
breathing with a tight chest
quick as a flash
that life didn't last.

The second time someone left me
I'll remember the colors in my dreams
"When you love someone sweetie
they'll always be leaving"
I might have lost my head
in all of that white and red.

The last time someone went away
was when my skies turned gray
crying tears like ashes
dripping from my lashes
I close my eyes to find
who waits for me, on the other side.
Tell me that I'm useless
Validate my tears
Nothing else could help me see
Beyond these wasteful fears
Violent vain vicious vexing
Vent to me it's still so perplexing.
Listening in silence quickly gets draining.
When will you realize
You're not that entertaining.
And honestly I wouldn't even mind,
If you could only take the time
To do the same
Cana Sterl Feb 26
There’s a place we should not go
Where white snow falls and foxes dive in, head first.
The trains that go there do not stop.
Their brakes are cracked useless things.
Their fuel is limitless. The lever is set to full speed.
It’s not an easy train to disembark from.
Not for want or for not wanting.
I’m of the latter currently. Though I knew boarding this train would send me there. I got on anyways.
Now I’ll just enjoy the ride. Have a little ski, perhaps even become a fox.
Let’s just say the weekend was rough, raucous and completely unforgettable.
What is it like?
To fit in with everyone around you
To not feel so small
To not be too soft spoken

What is it like?
To have countless numbers of friends
To constantly have plans
To never feel alone?

What is it like?
To get close to people
To smile so genuinely
To laugh so full heartedly

What is it like?
To not be me
Mystic Ink Feb 22
I tried to be,
What connects.

She choose to be
What clauses.

Nothing mattered.

In unison
We pointed destiny,
A Scapegoat.
Genre: Love
Theme: Farewell to Feburary Air
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