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Kelsey 5d
Oh, be that it may
Just a thought or two
That I may have a moment
Of weakness with you

When I'm angry
You are sad
When life is good
We are bad

So take a second
Take a seat
Take a breath
Rest your feet

If you talk
I wont speak
And if I cry
Dont critique

I am yours
You are mine
We have forever
Let's take our time
Leah Lost Feb 2019
He loves me
I think our definitions of love keep changing
And that's my favorite part
I love him more now than I did 6 years ago
I love him more now than I did 3 months ago
Maybe even a few days ago
Our knowledge of love grows as we do
And we never stop growing
I paid for our relationship with a part of me that didn't work in it
I don't feel a sense of loss anymore
I love myself as I am now more than I did before I was his
I love who he is with me now more than I loved him 6 years ago, before he had fully become mine
I guess that's the point
We sacrificed the incompatible parts of ourselves because we loved eachother more than ourselves
I love him more than myself
He loves me more than himself
So we changed for eachother
We trimmed off the dead parts
We died and were born new
Sometimes it even feels like we became eachother
Our love feels ancient, safe, and warm
I am happy
My soul feels complete
I married you
I will love you forever
Ali Ashraf Nov 2018
under one roof
were the dreams,
was the beginning
when love was in bloom
under one roof
we loved and lived,
we touched and kissed,
we laughed with kids
under one roof
but then we strayed
from the dreams we saw
the boundaries we laid
under one roof
but we try to compromise
even when love dies
and the worse times arrive
under one roof
and I may have wronged
but I still long
to have a strong bond
under one roof
so please for our family's sake
the future of kids is at skate
let us happily stay
under one roof

© Ali Ashraf
Jude kyrie Jan 2016
Dance me through love warm and tender
With glitter ball lights in your eyes
Dance me through all I’ll remember
in the glow of a million soft sighs

Dance me through children and laughter
in a place where true love never dies.
Dance me before and then after
as I drown in the pools of your eyes.

Dance with me every day of our lifetime.
Dance away all heartaches and pain.
When I am old and my eyes lose their bright shine.
Dance me until they glow once again.
To My Love
Dark Eyes Jan 2016
when you lay me down

all of me
fills your thoughts

for your mind
is what
I need

in me first . . .

deev  Dec.13.2014
Jude kyrie Jan 2016
It was so long ago
so many passing years.
I did not know If
I was happy back then.
Always working
never enough money.
children coming each year.
It was Springtime
I remember the lilacs were abundant.
We sat together on our old porch
a rare moment of us time.
our children were asleep
the youngest new as the spring.
seemingly ours forever.
hiding from us thier shallow roots.
that would be so easily transplanted.
This spring  morning early and quiet
I had no idea
I was happy then.
we drank hot coffee on the porch.
the newspaper folded untouched
full of war and drama of the day.
I remember looking at you intently.
Not as a wife or mother of our children.
But as that beautiful woman
I could never get enough of
when we first met.
The flowing golden hair of your head
tousled sofly in the morning breeze.
I was thinking only how soft it would feel
flowing onto my bare chest in our bed.
For a minute I was full to the brim
of you.
only you.
If only I could have
captured  that moment.
put in a jar
like a child collects insects.
to open again and again
through the passing years.
to breathe its sweet fragrance.
If you asked me now.
were you happy back then my love?
In that long ago glowing morning full
of the promise of springtime
and its flowering carpets
drowning in the fragrance of lilacs.
that proliferated the lattice
I would have whispered to you
Yes, my love,
very happy
so very happy.
Jude kyrie Nov 2015
When we kids I remember her.
She tripped me up in the
playground grazing both my knees.
She broke into my locker at school
and  stole all my Candy stash.
She copied my math homework
getting me an F.
Then she told my first girlfriend
I was secretly Gay.
I married her last year
If that’s all she wanted
Why didn’t she
Just say so.
negative attention is better than no attention
Stanley Wilkin Nov 2015

How strange it was to see her there
After so much suffering. Her dying marriage
A bleeding and untreated smear,
Disguising a love neither would salvage.
The music played, the guests danced
With savage partners whose love retreated and advanced.  

His awkward lover lingers quietly in the room
By turn shade, shadow, and silhouette,
She sways slowly to each repeated tune
Too triumphantly passionate to experience regret.
Mistress and wife exchange no glance, assuming ignorance
Of each other’s uncomfortable presence.

The loss of another’s love can wound
More brutally than the lover’s death
The secession of an intimate bond
Becomes a winding, coagulating mess.
When lovers connect they forget
What broke when they met.

A slow guitar riff makes her weep.
She takes my hand. She calls me friend.
I smile, with thoughts of my own to keep,
My own unanswered love to tend.
I kindly wipe away her tears,
But not my own. Those I’ve kept for years.

Beautiful songs, erratically played,
He glances towards her, smiles and leaves,
She turns away, both destroyed and dismayed,
Stands silently in the septic light and grieves.
I take her hand, but she pulls quickly away
I offer her a drink. She declines and will not stay.

I buy another whisky at the bar, tossing it down.
In a cruelly dissipating cloud, her fresh perfume lingers
Mimicking her constant image.  My phone rings and I frown.
My forgiving wife is calling. With guilt and regret, my fingers
Tighten around the glass. I say: “Honey, I’ll be home soon.”
And, like others, leave the signifying gloom.

Touched by the sharp morning light
Half-empty glasses, abandoned halls,
Breaking out from the hasty coition of the night
Love radiates, caresses, falls.
When ubiquitous lovers combine it highlights briefly
How lonely it leaves those who grasp at love weakly.
Realeboga M Oct 2015
Welcome to my testimony.
Silently allow my words to infiltrate your mind and create this imagery of a matrimony.
Allow these words to cluster your mind,fill your heart as your veins pop with excitement as I take you through the ceremony.

I was battered,
Emotionally tattered.
I saw my soul walk away from me.
I watched my demons come at me in forms of alcohol, pills, depression and anxiety.
I ran to the corners and they whispered for me to confide in them.
I choked on my words as these monsters were inside my ear, inside my head, I covered my eyes as they were lurking in. Smirking to me and telling me it was over.
I tried to run to you but I couldn't, tried to express myself but I felt like a broken statue.
I forced myself but still nothing.
I was worried, terrified, petrified, all the words in the dictionary.
I tried to say something but my vocabulary left me,
My pronunciation betrayed me.
I felt myself slip from your grasp.
I shouted and screamed as I watched your eyes fill up with black ink.
You closed your eyes as you let go of me.

As I was falling off,
The wind tried to push me up,
Tried to save me but the demons fell heavy on them that they let go.
I fell back first on the pointy rocks,
Vertebrae cracking as it made contact with the rocks,
Ribs cracking while stabbing deep into my broken heart.
I laid there for months.
Wallowing in the heat while embracing the heat.
Thinking about you

It took me a while to realise you're worth the fight.
That you're the reason for my blissful nights.
You were my teddy when I was scared, I always held on to you tight.
But I let you go that day
I never fought for you with all my might.

And I apologise.
You're my freedom,
My emotions, my thoughts
My only hope in this world.
Poetry you're the one.
And I'm back for you.

Watch as I please you with my lyrical words.
As I go bases higher than third.
As my words hit you to home run.
As my words become the golden goal.
Poetry I'm back for you.
I'm back for you always poetry.
uzzi obinna Oct 2015
This girl that i'll mention,
Love her beyond expression;
They said it's a mixed reaction,
I say it's their misconception.

She came during my worst depression,
Showed me true love and affection;
saw life in a whole new dimension,
No doubt i have chosen a true direction.

We've disagreed in certain situations,
But had sweet reconcilation,
Even in sour emotion,
We maintained undeterred attraction.

Never considered seperation,
Repulsing intermittent distraction,
No rules, no regulations,
But respect and honest devotion.

A product of supreme creation,
No doubt we're a perfect combination,
May the almighty strengthen our union,
And increase us beyond measurable proportion.
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