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mlebrdn Sep 25
“Do you really think we’ll make it to the end without giving up?”
asked the mind.
“I’m really exhausted but she sure is a fighter!”
said the body.
“We will not give up and we will keep on fighting no matter what!”
exclaimed the heart.
We will fight this. No matter what.
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
Stay steadfast
Yet, my heart screamed in pain!

Knowledge empowers choice.
Yet, my ignorance left me blind.

Trying to understand
Yet, I did not comprehend.

Standing brave
Yet, my legs shook with fear.

A distant cousin replied,
"Never, never, never give up."
I never gave up!
Nasty divorces are tough challenges.
This one came and finally finished.
I could fill a million reams
Writing of those unspoken dreams
Those that were and those that will be
Dreams, perhaps, I never stopped to see

Dream of sunshine cutting through a cold night
The hope that no matter what it will work out right
Hoping I will catch just a little stardust
As in the unborn morning, I place my trust

A road so long with shades so few
And I try to balance as I stumble on the dew
I dream to make it to the other side
Hell, no one promised, it would be a smooth ride

So again today, the heat waves I will fight
And try tiding the storm with all my might
Yet again today I will stretch a few meters more
Who knows.... I might not be far away from the shore!
neha yamba May 24
i solve the tangled beads
chaotic sequence of anxiety

each bead has a peculiar ding
some are noise
and some are euphony

i bought this chain years back
it was less tangled then ,
however i entwine it bad

shop fortune smuggled me this chain
gave me deal , to untangle this chain
And live eternity ....
Fọlá May 18
I am okay.

The world is heavy,
but I don't feel the weight.
The body is weak,
but I don't feel the pain.

The tears are dropping.
My worries are many.
The sky is falling.
But I will not be fazed.

I am okay.

The lies are plenty.
My fate is shaking.
My heart is hurting.
My soul is wavering.

I am not okay.

But yet I keep fighting.
I am not okay.
But I know that one day,
I will be okay.
Sorrow sits on rotted peaks
Her tune is so familiar;
Breaking out the ground beneath
Leaving me so bewildered.

Chasms gape, and pull me in,
This pain will eat me whole-
Sorrow laughs so quietly
As she picks apart my soul.

Til all I know is pulled away
Stripped of joy, asunder;
Sorrow sings a happy song
As all I love is plundered.

I cry in desperation,
A slave unto her whims,
Sorrow tugs a little more
To keep me trapped within.

But like the seasons change,
Sorrow's icy grip retreats
Howling as the new winds blow,
Admitting her defeat.

And as the cloud is lifted,
Like a fire choked,
Sorrow breaths her very last;
Bested by sweet hopes.

A bitter foe, now vanquished-
But not for eternity;
Someday soon, Sorrow will stand
Again to challenge me.

And I shall stand here, ready,
My sword of light, ablaze;
Singing at the darkness
For now, a new tune plays.
In the depths of despair, light can shine.
Sakif Hossain Mar 29
What keeps you going?
It is the promise that distant future gave?
Is it the dream that you cradled from the start?
Is it those responsibilities that keeps you pushing?
Or is it that promise you made to yourself?

Whatever fuels you, you have to go on...
Hurdles can divert you, but can never derail you
It only makes the journey fun..

Quitting is not for you!
That pedestal of immortality is yours for the taking...
You have to instill despair in the heart of those haters...
You my friend, have to go on..
You owe it to yourself!
Own your destiny!!!
Heck is there a destiny??
It's all in your hands...
Her Feb 20
Love leaves us with holes.
Love leaves us with tears.
Love leaves us with strength.

Loves comes suddenly.
Love comes surprisingly.
Loves comes when we least expect it.
Loves comes when we least desire it.

Love stays in good times.
Love stays in bad times.
Love stays forever.

Love sometimes hurts us.
Love always blinds us.
Love sometimes heals us.
Love never leaves us.
Beneath the bracing maple tree
Awaits a beau, pursued heart's key

Cold sweaty hands, timid was he
As if he's dosed with ecstasy

To woo this beautiful princess,
Hath played a fiddle effortless

Heart beats loud beneath pastel dress
Mind's been puzzled, soon she'll confess

She don't regret, she won't forget
For that so moment felt kismet

Will they be lovers? Make a guess,
It all depends if she said yes
Let us reminisce and appreciate the efforts of an unfeigned gentleman to win the heart of his fairlady through traditional courtship.

With all my heart I give you "The Suitor", enjoy!
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