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Isaac Oct 5
and if the moon
is still
nowhere near the sun's light
then maybe
there's hope for who
holds onto life
Jordon Rivir Aug 9
Everything is moving,
Everything is too fast.

Life is loosing momentum,
Life has become a drag.

How do I make the sounds slow down?
How can I silence a hunger so loud?

When my heart beat resonates like a drum.
When my ears are hot they start to erupt.

I can’t feel me,
I have lost me.

Who can hear me?
Who can help me?

Say I’m enough?
Say I’m strong?

Inside I feel weak.
Outside I don’t belong.

How to forget?
How to live another day?

Stay and fight?
Run and escape?

What will **** the memories?
What will numb the pain?

I am alone?
I am ok?

Is there another way?
Is this the end?

Can I end it?
Can I end it all today?

I fight,
I live another day?
Nada Jul 22
it grows, you pluck it
it keeps coming back
you spray pestizides
it withers yet it doesn‘t die
you give your best to **** it
remove it from your life
your garden of flowers
focus on getting rid of it
so much you don‘t realize
you’re killing a beautiful plant
a plant with loving strength  
fighting for the right to live
a life of acceptance and peace
for everyone who feels unwanted, you‘re beautiful <3
Tecola Smith Jun 17
Through the MIST of all things
CLARITY is still a
Nafisa Yunusa Jun 14
You stepped on my face
Buried it deep in the ground
Played ping pong with my body
Feed the dogs with my hardworks
****** me with hurtful words
Painted me black
Ripped off my sky
Exposed me to the sun
Laughed,as I sought for cover for my burns
Shrinkage my paper full of dreams
Burned every wall in me with a blazing fire
Thought my plead was music
When I sought for rescue
That you wanted to hear more and more
Until I became ashes, sitting on the bare earth
Believed I was nothing
But now, watch
As the wind gather all the ashes
Rebuilding my heart
Full of flame
Watch, just watch
As I rise from the ashes.
Rise from the ashes,from the dust, from the hate, from the broken heart. Into something astoundly strong.
Tyrone May 26
I said my year was 2020
That’s why my visions so clear
Just got out neutral
And really got my life into gear

You have to hit the floor
Before you can bounce back
And trust me I hit the floor
And I’m gunna bounce back

I took a trip to the bottom
Then seen that life is worth living
I’m ready to live my dream
That’s life with all the extra fittings

I know that I’ll make it
But right now patience is key
I’ve just got to keep going
And my success is a guarantee

I’m on my way against the odds
Im gunna prove everyone wrong
You can watch me move in silence
But you won’t hear me till I’m gone
you stole my heart with music
playing in the background
while you danced around
flicking paint upon the canvas
as I sat and ate my breakfast
on a warm morning in July
your artwork always made me cry
a beauty I had never seen
while you worked in faded jeans

     then one day you were gone
     no paint, nor sun, nor growing song
     I wondered if I had always been wrong
     or if you had ever been

          so I picked up pen and paper
          and I began to write a caper
          where a thief with rugged charm
          and a smile that would disarm
          robbed every single gallery
          from San Diego to D.C.
          and left a little rose
          which is how I learned my prose
          but soon the wonder faded
          as I grew way past jaded
          but I swear when you return
          my ink will lose its angry burn
          and I'll paint you a bouquet
          and hope this time you'll stay
          my heart won't lose its nerve
          from my mission, I won't swerve
          I'll write a symphony with my words
          ...the kind that you deserve
This is a piece dedicated to the ones that got away.  I'm sure that we have all had that person that we spent so much time with.  Every day our love for them grew and grew without us even recognizing it at first.  Finally, when it hits, it's usually too late or we say the wrong thing and ruin it.  So cheers!  To the ones that got away!
Amidst of all the chaos, I hear you.,
You are that broken
Waiting for rain
So that you blossom
Who has got roots of rose within...
You never judged me for my two left feet
Your smile kept me on the dance floor
You teased me about my discomfort
But always ended with encouragement
We held each other close as the world faded
While you taught me how to dance
This poem is actually about one of my best friends Shannon.  She always wanted to go dancing with me and I refused for so long.  One day she convinced me and I have loved dancing ever since.  She's an amazing person that I owe so much to.
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