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TG Sep 2022
No matter who much it hurts,
I'll never give up,
How many times it happened,
I won't lose,
How many stakes in the heart,
I'll keep on fighting,
Until me last breath

When potential is big,
When love is big,
When a message is big,
No one can stop me.
Derrick Cox Dec 2020
You ride the wheels in the streets
it’s the first of many risks you take
But you don’t give a ****
because fear is your *****.
Not every road you skate on is smooth;
most of them are damaged
to make you crack
or make you wise.
And somewhere along the road
there’s always some *******
in your way
to make you crash.
But you’re ready for it
kick flipping over it all
landing on your board
with a smirk on your face.
Life plays too many tricks
to make it ******* you.
But you got tricks of your own
to make it work.
You take flight in the air
like you’re Icarus.
Sliding down poles
scraping off edges
like you’re in an action film.
You fall and get hurt,
but you never die of your boardam.
You get board
and keep on skating.
Dharatal Dec 2020
Why have you sat down?
Went into defeat so quickly,
Are you afraid with the
Words like spark of peoples ,
Even now there is no fire.

Why have you sat down?
Peep into your heart and see
Does it allows you to lose,
If yes then break the chains of your dream.
And if no then stand and become a lock to peoples words with no key.

Why have you sat down?
Why did you quite living?
It is the job of peoples to say,
Today if not tomorrow the sand on the bank of river has to flow.
But you are a stone , you also rip the water as long as you live ,
Do something because tomorrow
Everyone has to sleep.
Tionna Nov 2020
Every diamond, had to first be a rock. And only after many years of sanding and polishing, did it begin to shine.
I was once asked. Why do I feel like I'm always someone else's stepping stone? Is that all I was ever meant to be?
Isaac Oct 2020
and if the moon
is still
nowhere near the sun's light
then maybe
there's hope for who
holds onto life
Jordon Rivir Aug 2020
Everything is moving,
Everything is too fast.

Life is loosing momentum,
Life has become a drag.

How do I make the sounds slow down?
How can I silence a hunger so loud?

When my heart beat resonates like a drum.
When my ears are hot they start to erupt.

I can’t feel me,
I have lost me.

Who can hear me?
Who can help me?

Say I’m enough?
Say I’m strong?

Inside I feel weak.
Outside I don’t belong.

How to forget?
How to live another day?

Stay and fight?
Run and escape?

What will **** the memories?
What will numb the pain?

I am alone?
I am ok?

Is there another way?
Is this the end?

Can I end it?
Can I end it all today?

I fight,
I live another day?
Nada Jul 2020
it grows, you pluck it
it keeps coming back
you spray pestizides
it withers yet it doesn‘t die
you give your best to **** it
remove it from your life
your garden of flowers
focus on getting rid of it
so much you don‘t realize
you’re killing a beautiful plant
a plant with loving strength  
fighting for the right to live
a life of acceptance and peace
for everyone who feels unwanted, you‘re beautiful <3
Tecola Smith Jun 2020
Through the MIST of all things
CLARITY is still a
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