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Amaris 5d
The blonde girl in my first class
Shares the same planner habits as me
Invited me to a party, my first
I watched a clock tick away
In tandem to music six blocks down
The girl, my “name twin”
In geology lab, playing with rocks
We traded phone numbers
She has her own group of friends
I sit by myself three rows up
The girl sitting across from me
Effortlessly thin, stark tattoos
We think and feel so similarly
She just made a friend, so
I only ask what they did for fun
A coworker, moving states away
I thought she was a cool Cali girl
Brunette ice princess
She hugged me on her last day
Now I smile at her 3AM Instagram selfies
At opportunities, I tried to jump
Misjudged the distance and fell instead
I scraped up my hands, leaving scars
I’ll remember you, years later
You who could have been a friend
elish Sep 21
just a little more,
I should wait.
just a little more,
I will strive.
just a little more,
I will fight.


just a little more,
I will stop.
just a little more,
I will give up.
just a little more,
I will die.

just a little more,
just a little more.
whatever hardships we face, there is always an end. we just have to go on, just a little more.
zee Sep 5
"The winds of fate may change, but I'm glad we got to share a breeze."

hey, my almost lover
even though our game's over
i'll never forget the memories
we had made together
please always remember
you'll have my heart
now and forever

"Although we didn't know each other long, you sure as hell left a mark, too."
Scarlet M Aug 21
I've thought about it
countless times,
how you could have just
admitted awkwardly,
that this is what we are, only ever
up to here, this overgrown unseeable
space between us
you see, perplexes me
I like you,
unuttered words
between a coward and a skeptic.
cecily Aug 14
It feels like yesterday
when you greeted me a good day
We can hear the raindrops from outside,
yet you still asked me
" is it raining? "

It feels like yesterday
I was smiling the whole day
thinking if you really want an answer
or you just want to talk to this stranger?

Yet you never knew..

that I've  always been attracted to you
and everyday I just want to have a glimpse of you
I admit, I like you

You come at me,
Losing composure,
my heart flutters
I don't know what to do

I feel like I was falling into you
deeply I cannot undo
I thought you would fall for me too
but then one night,
I was staring at nowhere
what happened to you?

What happened to the feelings we knew?
it was there
almost blossoming
but you stop watering

It feels like yesterday
when you greeted me a good day
I can hear the raindrops from outside
and I am asking myself

is it raining...
or is it my eyes ?
Rainy season is coming.
Can't help thinking about nah.
I just realize something.
No one deserves to be just AN ALMOST.
Know thy worth,
Maybe it's not
The world's best idea
To drive down today
And go to a **** beach
Let's not go there.
You found me
stuck staring
at rearview mirror reflections
of wintry, dusk intersections
of everything leaving me
all at once.
A forced exhale
of asphyxia caged
in collapsing lungs;
my mouth,
a fountain spring,
that coughed out
pools of blood.

I wish I saw myself
the way you saw me;
not a red traffic light
wounding speeding cars
on winding streets,
but an antique heirloom
priceless enough
you'd only wish
you could keep
in a heart-shaped box
you saw in dreams.

But, I'd cut my tongue,
paint my lips cherry shades
to blend with cells that'd stain
handkerchiefs you'd offer.
Make you believe
this isn't going to foster
because you are indecision,
unfinished watercolor landscapes
of summer forest fire skies,
a sun-kissed Pacific wanderer.
And I am true crime
untouched evidence of break-ins,
remains of faulty locks and lights.
I am mosaics misaligned;
static, seabed cracks
from forgotten fault lines.
Gaping fissures of sand,
and salt that won't let me stitch
frayed skin-deep fibres
barely holding me in.

Oceans would have to empty themselves
into whirring cyclones and high tides
for our selfish sense of touch to collide.
Ice caps would have to sink
deep enough to even bruise my skin.
And I wouldn't want to watch
more Shakespeare end
before it begins.

See, I am the one
with sharp edges,
but why
did you have to be the one
to clip my wings?

There is only an abyss
without a trampoline,
a safety net,
a bed of waterlilies,
I could fall in.
And I am so tired
of paradoxes
and ironies;
of always being wanted
by someone who doesn't even
want to be kept,
of always being mended
and then left
with more dislocations,
and fractures,
one after another
each taking longer to fix.

Now, in shapeless parcels,
without return addresses
sent out into the void
these words will echo
of love
I never intended to borrow,
and shadows
of false hope
you never thought yourself
capable of
giving away.
larni Jul 22
it's almost as if i'm too scared to love you
because i expect deep down you'll leave me
There's a multitude of people on this earth.
But in my eyes there are only a few that know their worth.
Some squander their potiential; complain about how they almost made it.
Have excuses. Blame others on why they decided to quit.
Then there are those that always want to do better.
They dont fear the work, don't crumble under pressure.
Ones that cease the moments that define who they are.
They reach for the stars, takes risks, learn from their scars.
They only regret the chances they didn't take.
These people fall like others but grow from their mistakes.
In this life you want to be part of the latter.
Cause it's really hard to measure almost, cause almost doesn't matter.
Built the rhyme from the last line backwards.
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