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Zack Ripley Jun 29
Almost out of energy.
Almost out of time.
Almost out of patience.
Almost out of rhymes.
Almost out of love.
Almost out of space.
Almost ready to give up
and leave this wretched place.
But every time I feel I'm ready to say goodbye,
I think about all the people
I'd have to leave behind.
I think about all the memories
that would be erased.
Some good. Others bad.
I think about all the adventures
I'd never get to have.
Life can be exhausting. Painful.
So I can understand why you'd want it to end.
But take it from me.
You never know what you'll miss.
You never know who will miss you.
And you never know
What's just around the river bend.
Theanm Ankh Apr 6
His lover has the saddest eyes
A misty grey under a heavy blue
And he’ll see her again at sunrise.

Their love some seem to despise
Thinking of it as a ****** taboo
His lover has the saddest eyes

Though no one seems to empathize
No one’s aware of their little rendezvous
And he’ll see her again at sunrise.

He knows she’ll be hidden under a clever disguise
But he won’t confuse her with just another heart’s statue
His lover has the saddest eyes.

You couldn't convince him of your lies
Of his leman his desire you could not subdue
And he’ll see her again at sunrise.

Love her until their hellos become goodbyes
From the moment he’d set eyes on her to his final adieu
His lover has the saddest eyes
And see her again at sunrise
I got a B-, it was too long.
Jay M Dec 2020
This is the day
That I prepare for the worst
This is the day
That I prepare for the fall
Just in case
If I don't get through it all

Tonight is the night
I lie awake in misery
Of what could come
Just hours away

Today is the day
I put on a brave face
Today is the day
I can't stop thinking about it

This is the time
I spend distant in my mind
This is the time
I long for comfort
This is the time
I admit I'm shocked

With each passing hour
Nothing feels real
Nothing feels right
I'm nearly there
But still it haunts me

Almost at the mark
Almost at the day
When I can say
It's been a year

And that day
The one that I cannot believe
Is tomorrow

- Jay M
December 9th, 2020
Kama Nov 2020
How is it to feel
like an almost dead fish
drying out under the sun
listening to the sand rolling by
watching with one eye
helplessly beside the ocean
but not inside of it
saturated with nothing
not dead
yet helpless
dailythoughts Nov 2020
how am I supposed to love life?

when every beautiful thing reminds me of you
when nature brings me back to you

when all the lovely songs shape a picture of you and me
when every hot meal hugs me in your warmth
when every sip of wine is as intoxicating as your eyes

when every good thing in my life reminds me of how good we were together
how good of an "almost" we were
A M Ryder Nov 2020
It's a big word for me
I feel it everywhere
Almost home
Almost happy
Almost changed
Almost, but not quite
Not yet
Soon, maybe
karly codr Oct 2020
I'm tired of getting thing pushed onto me.
Karly, write this essay so you can get this scholarship.
Karly, apply to this college.
Karly, why aren't you going to this college event?
Karly, make sure to decide what you want to do right now.
Karly, this college invited you to a choir rehearsal.
Karly, make sure you get this done by midnight tonight, but don't stay up too late.
Karly, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep.
Karly, you listen to music too much, take out your headphones, they're warping your brain.
Karly, why are you crying?
Karly, are you okay?
Karly, you have nothing to be stressed about.

REALLY? I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? YOU KEEP PUSHING THINGS ONTO ME, AND TELLING ME THAT I'M MESSING UP, AND YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT????? *sobs in my bed, wrapped in blankets, hugging my stuffed animals, not sleeping because I'm thinking to much
Everyone keeps asking me to do all of this stuff and it's wearing me out, to the point where I hardly get any sleep because I'm too busy laying in bed and sobbing into my pillow and thinking about everything that I have to get done :(
Alice Oct 2020
I am sitting in a pool of my own confliction
wondering if losing you
is worth gaining the love I desperately crave

I've spent so long
debating on taking the leap that
I haven't noticed the water
has reached my mouth

now I am drowning
and unable to say anything at all
we could have been extraordinary
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