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Khoi-San Apr 4
everything else in someone else's writing
not a gun
free expressions
You simply read what you could not
fantastic hey:)
Knee slap, diaphragm control,
living room, bass boosted,
ceiling fan casting an X shape,
blonde locks, same songs,
robots & girl futura,
love, ***, existence,
drugs, dancing along
if you find the nerve.
How do I put this
compact view into words?
Fleeting, farewell,
at large, unheard.
What is it that you deserve?
Whatever your meat
tape, twisted, desires.
What is love to me?
To be, at all, near or beside you.
Tragic for me, as millions,
lessons learned eventually
maybe learned too late.
Sage Dec 2018
Have you ever thought about how inconsequential we are
Less than single grains of sand in the hourglass of time
If any of us were to die the stars would still shine and the Earth would still spin
Anyone who says we matter because we impact the people around us are the biggest liars of all
Even everyone you've ever know still equal nothing in the grand scheme of things
We are just shapes
Yassine Dec 2018
Reveal on your beliefs
And i will get you on your knees
Some are made to Speak
Others are made to Feel
No matter the Shapes and Colors you take
You remain in the Bleak
The shapes your memories are

like the pouring rain
when the skies turned grey,
when the clock turned to 4 o'clock
when those songs resonated.

They got creeping in my mind,
they weree running in circles
and no point at all.
Anne J Nov 2018
the starfish embodies
shape on clear moon and flops to
the marked and old sand
I think my next couple of poems will be haikus. This is...I guess about how you can imprinting your creativity unto a blank canvas as well as one that's already been started to be painted? After all, many things have been made based on or as a spinoff as an older, already established thing.
Jack Sep 2018
I love geometry
It just makes sense to me
I wonder why I can see
When I close my eye
The shapes and colors all around

The blood the tears we throw around
The joy in my heart when I see you

I love you

I can trace the lines of your face
The shape of your smile imprinted in my mind
I look for the circumference of your head
I can see the width of your heart

The one thing I can measure is my love for you
Thank you Geometry
I love you
Kinda weird how love works ain't it.
Daniel H Shulman Sep 2018
A circle.
Two enclosed in endless togetherness.
A square.
Two aligned and side to side as equals.
A triangle.
Two begun far apart destined to meet.
A rectangle.
Two beside each other through thick and thin.
A rhombus.
Two as equals leaning on each other.
A diamond.
Two joined at the sides in perfect balance.
An oval.
Two turning as one with each the focus.
A trapezoid.
Two in parallel until they converge.
Two can be as unique as love makes them.
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