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JJ Inda Sep 6
When all is failing- as it often does.
Laughter might not be enough,
nor beer and alcohol
nor praying to all the Gods.
-No matter,
just keep in mind,
sometimes it's your turn
to lose
and that's fine.
It is a long game after all
Seanathon Sep 5
Flowers young breathing
In a new day morning shine
Basking in the glow
Of another Spring born young
Revealing a Summers teen
I'm not sure which, but either Spring or Summer is the teenager of all the seasons.
TheRiverStyx Aug 28
Soulless eyes, the mark of a null and void soul.
These eyes have been given to the common folk.
By consent given en masse, a dark figure rockets his way up to the top of the food chain.

When his eyes are blind, some flee.
The twilight of humanity has arrived on such short notice.
Seanathon Aug 26
Not Mary, never Elizabeth
My Anne Elliot
Marry me
Why do you tarry
Especially when I'm not longer at sea
Turned Captain - Persuasion

Which is probably the best of her works TBH
Seanathon Aug 22
College is
A peaceful mind
Because it's years
And years
Of nonthinking

Free of judgement
And greatly
At a price
Often bought
Tuesday 12 - Back when you're just starting out. You know nothing... And that is great.
Seanathon Jul 7
Trapped is not a possible feeling
When you're found in the sound
Of the rain falling out
Of the sky amidst the summers cry

When you're full and brimming as the dawn
With contemplative thought
And your stomach is quenched
Your mind alive with the memory of trees unbent

Quiet as the flooding stream
Noisy as the Red Winged Blackbird
As it pecks and cackles at the Sparrows hence
Until no more can be seen

Such impossible feelings and thoughts as these
Are but a mist in the morning
Are no more disturbing
Than the raindrops rippling on a pond serene
It's been awhile... (:
Seanathon Jun 18
Is having held once before
And having time alone
Say no more

Holding For You
Holding For You
Despair Jun 18
I’m Sorry

You are my most regrettable sin,
Forever with you, I shall sit alone…
In a field full of fractured seeds, waiting to be sown.
For you, I will grow a thicker skin.
Just so that with you, I can suffer through this grin.

My father took me to a circus.
It was one of those old fashioned ones. They’d used animals, still.
I’d seen that animal within its cage, its disposition all too similar to my own
It mattered not if I was onstage, or offstage.
There was not a moment where you or I did not ‘cheat out’.

Stage left.
Stage right.
Back Stage.

You and I were the clowns who ‘played’ everywhere.
For I, the jester was the only personality that I could encage
It didn’t matter in which way that they would stare
As long as my smile could be seen, it didn’t matter if it was more
than I could bear.

In my act of selfishness, It was you that I had made
Because I could no longer wear this jester’s mask alone.
And for this sin, I know that I shall never atone
I stole you away from your promenade…
Peeled you from a novel that was never mine.
Brought you into my life, where you were never meant to shine.

But I couldn’t bear it…
This biological function
The need to never be ‘alone’
If I had only known… god, if I had only known.
That my idea of strength was ‘sad’
And incomplete, like a forgotten draft upon a sketch pad.

Those childhood memories could never resonate within you, nor I.
We were xerox copies, printed within a black room
Duplicates, whose polaroid had bled, stained with obsidian dye.
I made you with the selfish request- to pick up the mask when I could no longer bear it
‘Please protect me’, I’d said. What a horrible sin that I commit.

For I should have known. Even ‘good’ memories are made at the expense of others.
The animals who put on their show, only to lay, as if dead within their cells.
The young actors and actresses, who will never again see their mothers.
To the ring leader, who wonders… Why does he deserve this hell?
Finally, that smiling jester… Whose world as long since lost all of its colors.
Seanathon May 22
Catch me
Like a Firefly in a glass tomb
Like a candlelit flame in a dark room

I am narrative alive and well
Time reincarnate
And I give myself most humbly forward

Charred and broken at both ends
Until my own ashes turn lie and truth
I burn on every living tongue for you
God bless the words which avail to me, and actually want to be spoken.
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