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A lame boy; they say I be
Low-pitched guy?; yee' that's me
been a lame boy since I was three
Dull and placid; unsatisfactory

been a quiet boy; since I was born
Psychopathic; and somewhat tough
Sail your ship up-north; I go offshore
A prodigal son;...
left by his mum; at the age of four

Sometime I'm cool; sometimes I'm warm
Father wasn't sure; if I was sane or not
Thought my abnormalities; equals 'dull
So he left Up-North where he'd be bother-not

Father's gone; mum's living rough
Doing enough stuff to rid the boy off.....
the black hole living in the boy's thought
Cos' everyone gets lost; crossing the boy's port

Afterward; I was left in this dungeon
Life raised me to this lame strong boy
A lame boy; raised by rain of dirt
All he's ever taste was the opposite of joy

This lame boy will soon find joy
I'm lame for sure; but my feet are strong
My mind find words when my hands are bored
My heart finds love when my head's at fault

When you bring me stress; I'm turning blind
Cos' this lame boy seems to find
Peace in the loneliness of his mind
Seeing the path ahead and behind

This lame boy is ****** enshrined
Prodigal and divine; a boy you can't confine
Cos' money or ******* doesn't define
his mentality and the way he grind

I'm that lame boy; that you hiss and judge
For my writability and use of words
While you nuisance spew sh*t and sort
I do my lame stuff; Yea; I sit and jot...
And then I pour.....; my state of mind; in a distinctive thought

Well; I'm a lame boy; I only look upfront
I don't care if my root; is clean or not
Don't mind if my boot is filled with mud
Only focus on my dreams and things I sought

I'm a lame boy; I've seen the sea and shore
Crawled this earth from south to North
Been in this world before 94
Before Abacha ruin the course; of this Nation more

Lame boy this; lame boy that
'Lame boy 's ****'; 'lame boy 's bad'
"He's lame and dull; he can't attack"
"too rough and poor; he's not my type"
Well; this lame boy doesn't care 'bout
Words from your lilly-filthy mouth
Cos' this lame boy is now an OG; yes!
An Original Gent; who is God-blessed
Pores are suffocating,
Unable to utter,
The flowing words,
In which truthful eyes,
Won't ever suffocate:
انا دمي فلسطيني
in every broken dream, there is an abundance of possibilities waiting to be explored.
in every grave misstep, there is a new chance to stand up and try again.
in every lost soul, there is a compass waiting to lead the way.
in every tiring day, there is solace and comfort at night to lean on.
in every doubtful thought, there is proof of certainty waiting to be seen.
in every guilty conscience, there is someone listening, someone who is ready to accept any change of heart.
in every doom, there is always hope that will eventually rise.
rkc / apr 23, 2021
Ten Mercado Mar 26
she had enough paint in
her blood to
paint the world
however she wanted
blood-red trees
olive green streams
dogs in royal blue

she found freedom
to be suffocating
and the suffocation
was constisted
of the variety
of choices
and the lack of instructions

"How does one choose
when she also
makes the choices?"
I'm so passed overthinking
My overthinking over thinks
The thinking I'm overthinking
To the point I'm thinking over
What's over thought and I thought
I was over this
Just didn't think it over enough
dilemma dilemma
Hold on we're in for a bumpy ride
Airwaves collide
I'm pretty sure we've been here before
I'm confused
What was the thought
Somewhere amongst this chaos
I forgot the original thought
Now I'm overthinking
A thought that can't be found
Wait wait
Oh yes I remember now
The thought was simply
Peanut butter or jelly
On the last piece of toast
So both
Or one
But which
How do I answer this
It's an impossible equation
1+1 is good
1+the other is good
1+2 makes 1
But I wanted to share it with you
So now there's not enough
Either way
So what do you prefer
Before my brain cells implode
Giving up on the hope
I'll ever make a decision
That will justify the reason
Why I'm overthinking
What to feed you for breakfast in bed
Maybe just coffee...
Wait which brand?
How strong?
More or less sugar?
Too much creamer!
**** it I'm going to work
Everything *****
When over-thought thoughts
Become thoughts we've been over
Overthinking themselves
Into non-existence
And I forget how
I started this conversation with myself
Or what it no longer pertains to
What was I talking about again?
Oh yeah do I have everything
What did I forget
30 minutes later it'll remind me
I woke up hungry
Couldn't decide what to feed myself
It's too late, I'm late for work
My daily life as an overthinker.
Alan S Bailey Mar 20
I stand between myself and this constant struggle
it goes on in my mind without end,
when you sit before the mirror and see
you're not always the one but that just might depend.

I can once be allowed to rest these bones,
true talent comes from getting back up
even when you fallen and you're alone.

It's this path I'm on, it twists and turns.
When I'm sad does it not show?
Tomorrow? It's faster than the speed of light,
Past is still here yet I'm well beyond anyone's sight.

You get lost in truth or fiction and decree
it's following you though it'll always be the one
to let me be. I'm here in the shadows yet
you see me aware-you got me caught in the
hatred-lost in a path that isn't fair.

If only we had tomorrow, a million tomorrows!
I would sing to the sun and breeze that yesterday
would become a mystery and I could still keep all my
memories! But tomorrow never changes from today.

I guess that's what they all know-once it comes to the end
of the play...
Carlo C Gomez Feb 10
Living on the toilsome trail
A mere speck
Without flight
Or even the aid
From a friendly leaf blower
I make my way
Upon my belly
Born to struggle
But shaped to endure
I just want to say I'm sorry...
I'm sorry for the way I act at times.
I'm sorry for the things that I say that I don't mean.
I'm sorry that I act like I don't care even though deep down inside, I really do.
I'm sorry for the ways I feel things too much.
I'm sorry if you find me so difficult.
I'm sorry that sometimes I struggle to say how I really feel.
I'm sorry that I turned out the way I never wanted to.
I'm sorry that I get so scared of being left behind.
I'm sorry I push the ones I love the most, far away at times.
I'm sorry that I get so vulnerable, that I can't control my feelings even if I wanted to.
I'm sorry if I hurt you without meaning to.
I'm sorry that I get so angry without knowing why.
I'm sorry if sometimes I cry for no reason, I just don't know why.
I'm sorry I feel things more strongly than others do.
I'm sorry I still struggle inside my mind, I'm trying my best to be better I promise you.
I'm sorry I'm still battling the same demons years down the line.
I'm sorry I let them win and let them get to me sometimes.
I'm sorry for all the hurt and the problems that I've caused.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to be like this at all.
I'm sorry if sometimes you want to get away from me.
I'm sorry if I've ever made you feel like I didn't want you around.
I'm sorry my mind is so messed up at times.
I'm sorry if sometimes the things I say sound like a web of lies.

I never wanted to be like this I promise you.
I never wanted to feel like a burden to people, I guess it's nothing new.
I never wanted to push anyone away, but sometimes my fears get ahold of me and I can't stop myself from hiding away in the dark corners of my mind.
These feelings I have are not normal I know.
Sometimes the rage builds up so fast inside me, I feel like I would explode into a million pieces.
The past keeps coming back to haunt me no matter where I go.
That face of evil, grinning, smiling and laughing at me in the dark. Reminding me of the horrors I've tried to leave behind closed doors.
I'm sorry I'm a walking, talking, disaster and mess.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry I sometimes wished I never existed at all.
I'm sorry for saying sorry so many times, I guess sometimes I just need to apologise at least 100 times, to make me realise just how much the ones I love really matter to me deep down inside.
Zack Ripley Jan 18
Being strong has nothing to do with strength.
It's about your ability to adapt to
And overcome obstacles.
If you look at it like that,
Anyone can be strong.
And with all the challenges
We face this year,
you'll have plenty of practice.
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