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Isabel 6d
"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Spread your wings and let's fly,
Can't reach those dreams it is so high,
What to do know?,
Let's smile and end this pain together.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
Smile like there's no tomorrow,
Why are you full of sorrow?,
Why sudden change of emotions?,
Are you not happy?.

Look at the sky,
Don't be shy,
I know you've been waiting for it,
Don't always look on the ground,
You're not too low to look on it,
Feel free to look high,
And exprience the feeling of being on the top.

Imagine the things that you want that others can't imagine to you,
Your life doesn't depend on them,
It depends on you,
You are the only one who can decide,
Your life doesn't belong to them.

If it rains,
Accept it,
Don't blame the weather,
Don't blame yourself,
It's not your fault,
You just don't know on how to love yourself.

All of this are connected,
Don't ask and you'll be headed,
It is not time for your assumptions,
Why predict someone else's life if you can't even predict your own life.

Shut up and enjoy your life,
Have fun tonight,
Coz the next day what if there would be no more light to be seen,
Sun that brighten up your day,
Darkness that guided your life,
Who are you?

Sentences that are out of context,
What will happen next,
Shadows that are getting even more darker.
Coz there's a light,
A beaming spotlight.

Be the person you want to be,
Shout and tell them let me be,
Freed yourself from sadness,
Let go of your blindness,
And then there's happiness.

Don't pretend that you're okay,
Coz you'll end up hating yourself over
and over again,
Life is about up's and down,
Deal with it and tell the future that
you're going to be fine and pass all of this failure you've done this present.

Sunshine comes to
all who feel rain,
Rainbow can't show up
if there's no little rain,
Learn to stand up,
and you'll be okay.

Don't be pushed by your problems;
be led by your dreams.
I made this as a birthday present for my friend since she migrated and already live in LA and I'm left here in my country which is located in Southeast Asia which I'm not to mention hehehe
Enzo Dec 7
keep up the soul,
drown down your doubts,
fill it with happy thoughts.
and with your spirit,
there won't be a retreat
so dream on dreamer!

keep writing, keep scribbling,
with no tears left to cry
ideas and words will never be dry,

dear writer,
you still have phrases to do
language to know,
an art to make,
a love to define,
a struggle to narrate,
and a story to live

dictate the stars, own the future
with pen in hand, take us to new lands
motivating all writers
dessa Nov 30
oh K,
you used to be
tell me, how's your day
oh, K
my friend is struggling and I hate that I can't do much to help her.
muna Nov 29
We all have our battles to fight.
Please respect all the battles
I've fought.
We're all suffering. I'm suffering. Maybe you are. Let's respect that.
Daniel eason Nov 20
Clearly the fear you feel is near
Behind closed doors
Or supermarket floors
Thoughts of anxiety
Fill up inside me
Should i go that way
Or this direction
Mental disorder without a section
Our life isnt like the usual perception
Poem about people suffering with anxiety
Keller Nov 14
Maybe if I focused on
Healing myself
I'd be okay
But that's too hard
So lay your troubles
On my shoulders
And I'll take care of you
When I break
At least I'll know
That I contributed
In making you whole
Those who love and those who heal
Have never quite figured out how to
Apply it to their self
Audra Nov 12
Welcome to the age of
“Go ahead and share your problem
As long as you already have it under control.”
The age of taking ahold of reality
And making it your own
Because it “can’t tell you what to do.”

Welcome to the period of
“Anything men can do,
Women can do while bleeding.”
Feminism is equality,
And it is the future—
A future much brighter than where we are now.

Welcome to the time of
Feeling every emotion possible
And not being ashamed to be real.
This time of having heartfelt talks
Because “what you feel is real”
So “we can talk whenever you’re ready”

But what if my problems
Haven’t been looked at yet?
And what if my reality is
A place of blood welling up—
With a threatening blade.
Because I’m drowning in my suffering.

How about when I need
A protective wall surrounding me
From the awful hurt I feel?
When all I want is a manly hug from
A brother or an oh-so-special man.
Can your woman still give me my shield?

Am I the only shell of a girl walking about?
If heartfelt talks are on the menu,
Then why can’t I ask about my shortcomings?
The ones that no one knows
But I still allow to define who I am.
Rid me of this sorrow in nothingness.

Will we ever discuss the real question
That needs to be asked and answered?
How do we fix ourselves
And reverse the dimensions of society?
Can we stop the empty sadness
That all to many face?
is this how we want society? when it makes people feel this way?
—i guess this is my rant that won’t change anything
(meant to be spoken)
Amelia Nov 16
Just pull the trigger,
Because nothing
can be worse
than this ongoing
Suzy Young Nov 1
what do you do
what do you say
when you realize
you are no longer what you were
feelings and opinions
passion and light
drifted away
only shadowy memories
ghosts left behind
What do you do
when you forget how to be you
can you see yourself in a song
feel yourself in a breeze
what happens when your moments
don’t feel like your own
When your years are a lie
cleverly told
That’s not like you!
What is?
What am I
what should I be.
But most importantly
who cares.
On a day when I was particularly down on my struggle and and didn't feel like my old self I poured myself out in this very simplistic poem.
Im in bed
My face red
My eyes puffy
But my sorrows spoken of with my mother
The lights above my bed
Like i feel
Like i do
Tears dried and teeth brushed
I wish for sleep to come
Why IS life so hard?? Why does being a poet not pay more? My talent is obsolete.
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