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Luna D Oct 15
Loyalty doesn’t run through our blood
No matter how many times i stick the needle in my arm
I’ll never be able to be loyal to you Mother.
I’m not the perfect daughter
That truth was sealed when you gave me up.
Now look at you.
Trying to come back.
Trying to act like you didnt miss your chance
That ship sailed when you broke my bones and when you tried to **** me
Im no longer a child but you dont even know it
Im my own woman and i didnt need you to find my way
So take your knives and your guns
Your opinions and your money and just go
Get out of my life.
Stay gone for good
I dont love you. I never did
How could i when you never took the time to actually be a mother.
Measure love by its flaws
You’ll have more than an eternity to hold
Speculate about lies, only to see the beauty it can form
Shoulder pain, for its feelings are profound in high places
See with blurry eyes, for clarity bares no outcome to grow
And at the end of every day, cry once.
If not for you, for one who wishes to
For charity carries no assumptions
Of where homes should grow
Nor does the past dedicates benevolence to the future.
As honors lay lower through venerations, given by evolutions.
Ammar Oct 9
Like living with a monkey,
monkey see monkey do,
Being distracted with everything,
Even when there's nothing.

Like having a hidden malicious hand,
Loves playing hide and seek,
Items seem to dissappear,
As if they were warped to another world,
By a magical hand in your head.

Like having thousands of voices pleading for your attention,
Yet you hear none,
Just unintelligible sentences.

Like you're always on a pill of joy,
Yet feel so hollow,
It can be a double edged sword,
As your awareness of others' emotions,
Is comparable to an infant's knowledge of the Lorem Ipsum.

Like having your psyche torn apart,
A battlefield,
When you're fighting for control,
You lay waste to your own mind,
Even if you won,
The exhaustion and lack of motivation,
is a sign of a pyrrhic victory.
Adhd is ******* exhausting, especially with a comorbid.
Got To Have Guts,
You Need To Fly High,
So Stop With The Buts,
& At The Least You Should Try.

Maybe It's Easier Said Than Done,
There's No Light When You Blot Out The Sun,
Maybe It's Time To Just Let It All Slip,
Chalk On My Hand But I Cannot Get Grip.

Maybe It's Time That I Strap Up My Boots,
Plucked From The Earth & I'm Torn By My Roots,
Maybe It's Time To Pave My Own Path,
Revisit Youths Joy & Have A Good Laugh.
Harry Roberts - Guts © 05/10/18
I've been sailing this Old Ironsides
For a long time now
Going to Ithaca in the Northeast Coast
It's a place, in the Northernmost

Waterspout is hitting my vanguard
And maple leaves are slowly falling
Together with the bow in my hands
The first tear broke freely

Furious waves hits the anchor
But the chain can't be destroy
It's made from titanium and tungsten alloy
Serenades the coming of the tide!

Harvesting the labor of perseverance
Is this a voyage of valiancy?
A flock of thoughts liberated with exclamation
As your fears of autumn blue forgotten

In the middle of the sea
Azure His majestic colors
Aesthetic shades filled the place
And the sword wobbly in the air
one more day
one more day,
i say waking every day.

one more day
one more day,
we'll get through today.

one more day
one last day,
we'll be okay.

< e.i. >
Baby, lets dim these lights,
Pull me close,
Fall into my eyes.
See the real me deep within.
Take my hand and trust me once again...

This time I won't let go,
I'll hold on forever,
long after we're old.
You're all I need,
You keep me strong,
With you I stand taller,
Than when I stand alone.

Ahead in my head,
You're always there.
Beside me, smiling, without fear.
Hand in hand,
I would walk through **** with you,
Knowing you would lift me up,
If I fall and can’t continue.

With you my tomorrow's hold much more.
I look forward to the future now,
instead of dreading it like before.
I know there will be more struggles in store for us,
But with you,
I have the courage to face any storm.

You opened your world to me,
You accepted my flaws,
You helped me believe.
Because of this, I give you it all,
All that I have within me
that makes me, me at all.

I hand to you a heart that will beat for you and you alone.
Keep it with you and hold it closely.
Use it to fight away your worry whenever I am gone.

With that being said,
Now I have nothing.
I have gave you all I had to give...
But in return, you gave to me,
A life i'm proud to live.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
To my baby...
You walk alone,
You carry on.
Looking ahead,
Forgetting it all.

Your knees are week
You struggle to stand.
You fight to hold on,
With trembling hands.

Each step feels higher
Each mile feels longer.
You walk a little slower,
As the days grow colder.

You walked away from who you were.
You turned away and watched it burn.
You shed your skin and became a new man.
But your heart always remembers who you were back then.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
ME Sep 23
Inside this empty tank
The world is voiceless, so was me
The notes are blank
There is no Do. No Re. No Mi

Life is a walk, in labyrinthian halls
As if I’m weightless in black
Groping the walls
Going forth, going back

Screams are gone with the wind
As soon as it comes out of this tongueless mouth
Some phrases are broken and some are bend
And many words refused to go out

I wanted to write a cheering poem
I thought of gloomy one, darker than dark
In a dark place I lost control on the steering wheel
My ship of thoughts in the sea of tears embarked
But here I am, I hear, I see, I speak and feel
C F Tinney Sep 21
Outwardly fine
Appearing sublime
I’ve been at joyous wander

Internally spent
A soul that is rent
I’ve been disguising

Flying high
No limit but the sky
I’ve been at frolic

Inwardly broken
My spirit soaking
I’ve been unhappy

Who wins?
The outward banality
Or the inward reality
I’ve been at struggle

Who cares.
It won’t really matter
It’s all done but the chatter
Of the blinded crowd around me
Who simply cannot see
I am disturbed
Poem speaks for itself.
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