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I am not afraid of the dark; nor of the many creatures that hide beneath its veil.

I dread the light, both failing flicker and spirited spark; whose existence threatens with the realisation that you are not there...

That you are but a pleasant phantom, whose sight I entertain - Beneath the warm affections of Midnight's rain.

I am not afraid of the dark, though I dread the truth; a gospel that proclaims a life without you. And light just happens to be its evidence, so within Dark's nest, I hide you.
Indigo Feb 20
I used the word love pretty loosely
I barely know just what it means
But I know you want to lose me
So I guess I’ll let it be
Ink in water
A dark rolls
In the invisible
Like light at night

As the candle warns
Forlornly to wage
Quiet battle

against defends
and Unseen deploys

A shadow dances
Rising silent
Defined by denial

The glowing quill
Lifted, weilded
Strokes such ink well

To borne a truth
To what end shown
from hence within.
Poetic truth of the depressed type of mind.
Denial is just as bad as drugs
It warps  your vision of reality,
It can make life seem sweet,
And change one's personality

Denial creates a mirage
For when your desperate for hope
When you’re falling off a cliff,
It offers you a rope

Denial is like candy
It gives your taste buds paradise
But once you stop,
Your teeth are the sacrifice

Denial can be a famous orator
It’s talent is being persuasive and convincing too
It makes you believe
That “that someone” never hurt you

Although denial is a protection against depression,
there's always doubt in the back of your mind
That maybe life isn't all rainbows and glitter
There isn't always a fantasy you can hide behind
A wounded  heart
inflicked on bruised reed
All it knows is profound pain
It seeps into a seared conscience
It knows no value
It taints relationships
It stirs up a heavy heart
It self -seeking
Carries a weight of baggage
until it burns out the soul
Man Jan 18
you're unaware of your plasticity
but it's plain to see to me
you're an artificial fabrication
of what you think you should be
but the rescue boats are coming
if you'll throw your hand out for an oar
help you'll find
from people like life rafts
who'll drag you to shore
yet you stab at the boat
puncturing it's tender flesh
the water's rising
it's hard denying
you did this yourself
Hande Jan 16
in the Mystery ,
Poisons of the emotions reveal themselves to seek an ally for strongly rebel against to the Hope , as if it all not co-exist , desperately.
a fundamental question rise then , you name it.

my pain is like their treat. they feed themselves with it. as the mystery increases my pains , they consume my emotions , in poor little portions. poisons of the emotions continue to the same , never ending circle goes around my vein.

my perceptions turns into the delusions. and my delusions becomes what I percept. they want to run away from each other while trying to catch.

i can shut my eyes and believe that the Sun isn’t there.
i can close my ears and pretend to not Hear what’s been unsaid.
i can shush my mouth and assume that My Heart is not saying it all already.

thorns are always welcome for it's rose.
                                I wanna Feel different.
some feelings are Like a Phantom for the sake of their existence.

                                     I wanna feel sunny.

                                      Handenur Özata
venus cafe Jan 14
always the same five words
accompanied by their hallow sympathy.

no matter what i give up,
i can never have you.

the entirety of my pride,
the supply of my sea.

why can't you even answer-
why is it so easy?

so please, do tell me-
why did you leave me?
He floats, adrift over wine-dark depths,
Veins of denial and luciferin,
Dressed in silk ribbons, deceptive in their innocence,
The discarded robe of a fallen monarch.

He glides, elusive, over nothing, solitary in his rule,
Unmoored and untouchable, even to a hand offering solace,
For fear that this same hand may tether him to an unsavory reality.
Lying to himself, the king of falsity and bioluminescence.
Selena Jan 3
There isnt any space left to hide
I see you have caught up with me again old friend
I thought I left you behind all those years ago
When I escaped the ruins of childhood
I see that you are a good detective
Always one step behind me
Always lurking in the shadows
Just waiting to confront me
But somehow I knew this day would come
Didn’t think it would be today though
Today was not the day I expected you
I have spent my entire life evading you
And now where else can I hide?
I doubt very much you would understand
And let me go this one last time?
I don’t suppose I could elude you in a bottle of *****
Or perhaps some fantastic day dream
Or even some other destructive pleasure?
I see your face changing, getting angrier
And feel your beckoning becoming more forceful
But I am not ready to confront you now
Please Mr. Past, be patient with me
Depart from me this once again
Today is just too soon
My heart is not ready to feel your sting
And my mind is too restless to think
Tomorrow I promise to deal
Give me another day to prepare myself
Please once more, let me hide
And you seek
Oftentimes intrusive thoughts come in moments we least expect. The worst ones are those of past hurts. Sometimes , just to avoid facing the painful memories, we hide in activities that may not be healthy.
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