she woke up in denial, went to work with her anger, decided to change her life by lunch, then, when dinner rolled around, had given up on life completely, and had given up on dinner, and finally, after she had used up all her hot water, having a shower, thinking of rebuttals to conversations either not yet had, with people she had not yet met. She had decided to go to bed, after all she had always counted on sleep to look after her. Lately sleep had been to only escape from the monotony and meticulous nature of her life. But lately someone had seemed to put rocks in her bed only fueling the rage that waited to greet her tomorrow.

    What a curious case hu!. Che continues in this Sisyphus like motion every day. The last 7 months had been the hardest in her life. unlucky is she, as she had not experienced a heart break in her younger more doe- full teenage years, making this experience a totally alien one.

On an early autumn breeze her boyfriend of 4 years left her, it was done over text, he thought it would be awarded to tell her face to face. He said that he just stopped loving her, but had still liked her as a friend, and thought it would be best if they leave it at that. At first she didn’t believe it, thought he was joking, only to find when he stopped returning her calls, that he was all too serious.
And so, 7 months later she now sits in an apartment not fit to call a broom closet, siting un-easy in her easy chair, thinking about how stupid it is that she still thinks about him

i had to do a short story type thing with a prompt for are creative writing class and wrote this. to much angst, to odd or to cliche please tell me, im dying to know.
Shelby Jencyn Jun 16

I don't recall how long I was on the floor.
My knees buckled;
Gravity betrayed me.
Crawling to bed, I slipped into his shirt.
It still smelled like home.
There was no solace.
I laid in bed day after day.
Word had spread through merciless mouths,
My pitiless inner turmoil
Now casual conversation.
Hushed sympathies and cynicism.
Confirmed expectations like bullets,
ripping through my skin.
I had plans for us,
and I swallow those words;
A pill that chokes me.

Part of me is still in that house.
Part of me is still living out my days,
with you.
A life that only exists in fragments,
sharpened edges of memories.
They cut to the bone.
I see you like an apparition.
I am defeated,
Sadness taking a physical form.
My delusion fades into reality,
I see your hand slip away.
In this reality, I am defeated,
but I am reaching still.

No rhyme, no reason.
Máh Lima Jun 15

I don't love you
But I like the way you make me feel
I like the way you look at me
I like this burning sensation

I don't love you
But I like the feel of you on my skin
I like the feel of your lips
I like how you taste bittersweet

I don't love you
But I like how you call my name
I like how you feel the same
I like the way we lose ourselves in each other's minds

It's not love
And I couldn't care less
Even though I don't love you
I don't want to ever walk away

K Jun 14

Tis' a tale foretold
A pattern so bitter
Your veil is sold
To the highest of bidders

The right one knows
With the mind that is clear
The left one talks
Through denial and fear

Your true beauty sleeps
Till the acting is over
When you open your eyes
Return to your lover

Shelby Jencyn Jun 14

The air in my lungs isn't breathable.
He knows I'm always looking for you.
Blood won't reach my hands.
He said my hands are always too cold.
I haven't felt warm in ten months.

"You're happiest in the summer."
"Yeah, I know." He stares at me,
always watching,
like he'll linger long enough,
see the crack in my disposition
and he'll be able to patch me smooth
and serene again.
If it wouldn't give me away,
I'd laugh.

The people we love, or rather,
The best or worst versions of ourselves,
forever condemning us—
either rise to the unattainable occasion
or fall weary against our worst selves.

"I love you," he says. I smile,
looking at him convincingly.
I don't feel anything.
Be it on the tip of my tongue
or the edge of a lie,
it's cynicism

I have no idea.

Come on now!
Everything is JUST FINE!
President Donald Trump is doing a Great Job!
Just be careful!
Don't step on that guy's face on the sidewalk.
People are very self-indulgent nowadays.
They just LOVE to get smashed on Heroin!
If they would study the  Teachings of Jesus Christ
And be more obedient towards their parents,
They wouldn't have so many PROBLEMS,
And expect the Government
To bail them out.

Dorian Jun 1

Kind words cant repair
Bright thoughts won't fix
Tied to a chair
Time painfully ticks

Paranoia can choke
Synapses collide
In a hazy smoke
Perspective is denied

A terrifying storm
In a small cup
Clarity is lost
With every sup

Fighting in the dark
The light is faint
The truth is stark
Denial cannot paint

A new day is coming
I cannot evade
Life keeps humming
And so does my charade.

Please comment, sorry I know my poetry is depressing, but I find it easier to express when I'm unhappy
Sparks Fly Jun 1

I Hate You... No

You sent me into
Cardiac arrest
You made my heart
Nearly thump out of
my chest.
I wanted to be blind,
I thought I was dreaming
You wrecked my perception
of you
I hate you-
I love you
I can’t
I felt moisture
dripping down my
dry, shocked, skin
It was her
Fracturing my heart
into a million shards
I thought I gave you
my life,
But you’re now making her
your wife
I hate you,
I dread you,
I despise you,
But your photo
        still rests
By my bedside-

It is said
That Love and Fear are Opposites
But if Fears are dismissed and denied
Is Love even
A Possibility in this World?

MeanAileen May 23

What if I 
were to confess my love? 
How I believe 
you were sent from above... 
How I long 
to see your perfect face... 
How I ache 
to feel your warm embrace... 
How I melt 
when I feel your touch... 
How I hurt 
when I miss you so much? 
What if I 
were to tell you such things?
Would you be overcome 
by the joy it brings? 
Would you then confess 
you love me too, 
finally admitting 
what your heart always knew? 
Or would you laugh 
and throw it in my face, 
thinking it funny 
as I cry in disgrace? 
What if I 
kept it all locked inside, 
never to reveal 
my love, denied....?

This is an old one that came to me one day in the
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