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Bella R 1h
Lingering touch
Concerned voice
Teasing texts
Playful smile--

Since when
Did my unwavering heart start
Yearning for more,
Unapologetically greedy.
Ah. He's
The One.
My heart whispers
As gentle as you
But my mouth pridefully yells
When born of denial,
Is a beautiful, beautiful mask;
For ignoring life's flaws is
the perfect illusion.
what happens
when you ignore gravity?
When you rise to the top of the world
Before you ever had a chance
to learn how to fly?
Bella R 6d
With your shining smile
Follows a twinge to my heart
Like pins and needles
And giggles bubble to the surface,
Yet I boldly exclaim: I don’t
Like you.

Your little everyday actions
Makes my heart sing
And my eyes sparkle
With secret adoration,
My cheeks bloom
Like roses on Valentine’s and my cherry red lips
Yet I stubbornly insist: I don’t
Like you.

But that day
Under the starry night sky,
As your arm brushes longingly against mine,
And you point out the constellations in the vast sky,
That are connected so naturally,
Fitting so perfectly,
I can’t help but think of
You and I.

-Bella R.
aih Nov 10
A boy showed me a love of his own
Of empty promises and beautiful lies.
Back and forth he went with her and me.
But he loved me like that.
He wandered five times
But he returned to me,
Slept next to me, held me tight.
So you see, he shows me love like that.
There’s no trust and honesty
But the way he ***** me
Makes up for it with comfort and familiarity.
Maybe this is our type of love.
Ana Roe Nov 9
You do not know to what extent you own my soul
A simple whisper and I would be on my knees
Begging for your touch, a glance, a kind word
Grasping at anything I could to convince myself
That you could feel the same
Ken Voltaire Nov 4
I am minuscule.
Shame and remorse lie on my breath,
An ample bed.
Fear overcame me,
And thus I was deceived by my own self.
An abundance of cowardliness,
That lead to pain and suffering,
Continuing ever still.
My mind and will are weak,
But bound by love,
I hope to keep.
That I will never be good enough.
Too many mistakes.
Too many slips and falls.
Too many cliches.
Too much dependency.
Too much weakness.
Too much reliance.
Too much regret.
Not enough affection.
Not enough truth.
Not enough surety, confidence.
Not enough time.
I fear,
That I will not grow fast enough.
Feelings can be overbearing,
An the truth hurts like a *****.

When did I fall down the rabbit's hole.
When will I crawl out this ditch.

You touched my very soul.

At last I go It kills me that you don't know. What am I to you...

My soul still wanders. **** it thickens the air.How will I fair. My mind blinded in honey suckles I can't smell the *******.

Logic turns to time I've wasted.
Seems I've waiting to long. Rain smells like regret. It mirrors the tears thats already dried.

How can I be strong when I'm weak. Liars always pay but I can't remember a lie you've said. Dead long gone. Bitter sweet like an old song. I love you.

I wrote this before mu bestfriend broke my heart. This gave me courage to finally tell him how I felt.
Willow SR Oct 26
It was only when I turned to call your name
That I remembered you were gone away
Lost through time
I need to stop living
In this lie
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