Humanities better days
asking if their, OK
today the way, nothing to say
leaving them, far behind
a tip too the waitress
door opened for courtesy
all we know, a poor man's show
no room, civility
nodding to acknowledge
a simple recognition
one human to another
no walls and no partitions
where did the switch get turned off
when did we all agree?
ignoring everyone, and else
ourselves, a human
People don't meet your eyes anymore, in the hall, in meetings, at the stoplight, esp at the stoplight, they don't pull even, avoiding eye contact like it's a horrible thing, the acquiescence of human existence, denied! :(
i don't want to remember
i don't want to think
there is something inside me that
just wants to sink

i don't want to face it
i'd rather dream on
but i know that i can't if i want to
move on

but that's the question

do i even want to?

one thing i'm learning
there's a world of difference
between need and want
sometimes, it just sucks
Moeshfiekah Feb 11
Let the fresh memories of our touches stay in the most vivid parts of our mind. For we too shall grasp it now and then
My mind takes all the credit for this. It just came as it did. Don't question the mind. Invite it's thoughts.
Emmanc Feb 6
What I don't need:

A hand to hold or
arms when I'm cold.
Yeah, that's right.

Don't be offended
when I turn you down.
and wring you out.
It just won't work,
so ditch that frown.

I don't enjoy the music
or your clever words
or when you hang around.
Don't get so uptight.

Not saying life ain't bright
or sweet or fair
when you're there,

But I'm alone.
Funny cuz what used to be
my fear
is now my strength.

Alone is pain,
but alone is safe.

So stop trying.
I don't like you
I don't need you
I don't want you
I don't.
Don't I?

(I wonder how this will all
turn out in the end.)
One who reasserts power constantly
Shows strong signs of weakness, impotency!
Though they may deny it vigorously,
Perhaps protest a little too loudly?
Definition of Impotence: noun
1.the condition or quality of being impotent; weakness.
2. Obsolete. lack of self-restraint.
vanessa ann Feb 3
They say that you're gone. I can see that when I reach for you, and I'm greeted by cold sheets. I can see that in the absence of your morning coffee. I can see that in these lonely nights where I long for the warmth of your touch. Everything reminds me of the fact that you left, and yet I could not bring my heart to believe it. And even when tears are threatening to fall, I don't wanna cry. Because every tear drop is an evidence of me losing you.
stage one; denial
Under the skin
These feelings crawl
Thoughts laid bare
At your feet they sprawl

Endless emotions
Intricately dance
As the demons make
Their sullen advance

They tear down your facade
Of truth and denial
Drag you forth
Put your conscience on trial

There's no escape
When you glimpse your true blackened soul
It can consume you
And swallow you whole
So let down the walls
And lose control

Give all that you are
Not what others perceive
Cause you are so much more
Than you could ever conceive

Stop wasting your life
On lies and deceit
Or your life's lessons
You are sure to repeat.
Noah Feb 2
We laugh and call each other "babe."
We repeat "I love you"s constantly
in case the other forgets.
We cuddle and laugh and
say whatever is on our mind.
We make PB&J's in your kitchen
while listening to shitty
musicals on your average Thursday.
We are outspoken and kind and love each other
You kiss me on the couch and
I never tell you no.
You kiss me on the cheek for goodbyes
and I teach you how to say
"I love you" and "My treasure"
in languages you have no hope of pronouncing.
But we are just "friends."
We "platonically" kiss and
our love is nothing more than friendship.

But is it?
Or is that just what we've come to say,
to combat the words and hate?
To ignore it and push it aside?
Deny it all, don't admit it.
Couldn't we be so much more?

But what does it matter when we are
just friends.
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