I prayed to God for a new Sports Car
And I prayed to God for the Hurricanes to stop.
My house was leveled
I'm flat broke,
So, This must mean
That God doesn't love me any more.

Hari DR 1d

I am not who you want
I am not who you seek,
Do not let me wait,
For a love that is bleak,
I know my eyes don’t sparkle,
Like the stars in the night,
Nor the spring of emotions,
That keeps your life a light.

You don’t need to look back,
My heart can still breathe,
Do not even dare peek,
If it will eventually bleed,
Fly to the sun, the moon, the stars,
Dare not wish for my weary arms,
Leave me as I am, broken in grief,
I promise, this pace, will be brief.

Slap me with the truth and I will say you indeed loved me. Drown me in lies and I'll curse your existence. Or maybe---I'm just in denial, that love is indeed cruel or I am just unlucky. (I am not putting words in your mouth--just tell me you don't like me)

Sometimes---we just don't like pain---do you know your defense mechanism in love?
C531 Sep 7

Lie awake at night.
Think about your life.
Is this the life you choose?
Always running, always hiding from the truth.
Will you ever be different?
I know I was only a game, and man, did you play me well.

It was all just a beautiful lie.
I was perfect in denial believing your feelings were real. That we were real.

How beautiful it was to believe all those moments that took my breath away were not real. How beautiful it was to believe you loved me. And most of all....How beautiful is reality when it all sinks in, that all this time I was being fed a beautiful lie.

Its time to erase this place painted with lies.
Erase all the pictures you painted of a love you said was real.
I'll be just fine.
I'll Hide behind an empty face.
I'll move away from this place.
I'll forget her face and the one you chose to take my place.

I'll move ahead, swift feet will carry.
Force distance and put miles in between us...

I know I'll forgive myself someday. When I can accept that none of what I felt or believed in was real. And on that day when my heart drifts back to you... Ill be able to forgive you too.....


What's the use
Of fighting a Cult-Like Mentality?
It's just like
Smashing your head against the Wall.
You get angrier and angrier and angrier
And they just walk away.
Nothing Changes.
The Wall just gets
A little taller.

Acina Joy Sep 9

There are no coherent words escaping your lips
Your eyes pry mine open for me to see and listen
Your neck strains against your collar to choke out the words
I only wanted to hear what I wanted, versus what you said

Your chest rises in a motion too fast, I stumble
You cry because of the words I refused to accept
You plead with me to come to terms to the truth you mouth to me
But I refuse, because my fingers covered your mouth instead.

-because, the truth no longer matters to me anymore

Cognitive Deformity
Brain Abnormality
Global Warming Hoax is the Fallacy.
Don't think I want that Malady!

Pseudonym96 Sep 5

I’ve got all the symptoms and signs
But I am in denial

The rollercoasters, the rides
The constricting confines
Of the oceans
The commotions
Of the mind

But I am fine

I’ve got all the symptoms and signs
In the depths of despair
I no longer compare, to what once was
I no longer wonder what could be
I just am

‘tis the disease that defines
the soul
the whole
the mind

‘tis the disease that defines
the loss
the gross restrictions
the contradictions
intertwined, by design
by affliction

are you a victim?

I’ve got all the symptoms and signs
Of the disease that defines
The Death of Control
And the Birth of Disaster.

Tessa S Sep 5

Dim lights
A man who can’t sit up or speak
A girl in denial sits next to him
"Hospice doesn’t have to be a death sentence," she thinks
He can get better, there’s such thing as miracles
The miracle didn’t happen with Grammie, but it will with Papa, it has to
The girl goes home and writes a little script
These are all the things that will make him stay
“He has to fight when I give him the reasons, she tells herself, “he always listens to the grandkids”
She wakes up excited, ready to tell him, ready to make him fight
Her mother walks out of her room at the same time
Her mother tells her the news, the news everybody has been expecting, everybody but her that is
Her smile drops when she hears it
Now the girl is laying on the  floor
Her knees betrayed her
She lays there screaming with tears rolling down her face
How could this happen?
The echoes of her wails bounce off the walls
Her mom stands helplessly above her, her eyes are full of pain
Down the hall way her other daughter lays in bed
She was awoken by the screams
She knows what they mean
She silently cries in her room
The house is filled with sorrow
Denial is a terrible thing

danny Aug 26

It cannot be love,
I only dream about you and shrink
when you look my way,
My heart may quicken
I don't put too much thought into it
My sweaty palms on the other hand
Maybe I should see a Doctor
It cannot be love,
You don't even know my name,
I know yours, but you came up on my feed
Get over it.

I don't get jealous when I see you smile at her
Just wanted to know where she bought them shoes,
Jeez, put me in jail why don't ya.
Never once did I imagine you in bed beside me,
I may have kissed the pillow and held it all night,
But I was cold,
It's not a crime so chill out.
The doodles where I took your last name
were just so I could test the pen still had ink.
No need to send out the invitations just yet,
But I always thought a July wedding would suit.

Jake A Smith Aug 24

You don't know that having you around was making me better
And when winter came, if we were together
I'd give you my sweater
But you went back to seeing him
I guess the memories we shared, they didn't even matter, then?
And onto our memories, I've been holding on
But with him, you're being happy.
Slowly moving on

Through all of this time,
I've been with many girls
thinking I'd heal
But if it ain't you
You know none of them's truly real  
Since you left, I've been popping these pills
Don't really care about my health, cause I'm trying to feel
Feel something new, feel something else
Don't wanna imagine you, with somebody else
I've given up all of my days off
To try to alleviate the pain
But I'm losing it already
I'm going insane.

I put my hands in my head, refusing to believe our story ends like this
Don't wanna admit, but even the knee
I'd bend for this.
But I guess, it will never really matter

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