He stood in front of her nude,
He was in an extremely rude mood,
But she wasn't paying any attention
Because Jen was a bit of a prude.

When she finally noticed,
Jen started a miniature protest,
"James put on some clothes; at least cover up those" (she said pointing at his testicles).

James swayed his body side-to-side,
He felt he had nothing to hide,
He walked towards her (a masculine stride)...
Jen blushed and covered her eyes.

"James, it's not very funny
To come running towards me"
and Jen whisked off in a flurry (of anger).

James saw his reflection
and poked his midsection,
"Maybe she's right, if my stomach was tight
Jen might not have had an objection"

He sighs and puts a top on.


The definition of thot [that ho over there], via Urban Dictionary

A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment—until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a “good girl” who is good for nothing, and definitely not for relationships or respect.

If women are products, then thots are cheap goods. More than that, they’re knockoffs: low-quality merchandise that attempts to masquerade as luxury items.

They generally dress in cheap clothing, try to act like they're better than they really are, or think they're not trashy but high class when they're nothing close to classy. They demand respect, money, gifts, dates but do nothing to deserve any of it because they have no self-respect, no manners, low self esteem, little education and on top of all that they are thots because they have no self worth.


he called me a thot.
the same blood-boy nightmare who bragged about his foot fetish and double cup. too cheap to buy actavis generics, so he drank himself into a stupor on walgreens brand dye-free cough syrup. he acted black, said words white boys shouldn't have near their mouths. his friends were ableist at the best, and misogynist at worst.

he called other girls thots too.
but i was different. stick-and-poke told trans king who told american spirit who told blood-boy what i confided in a friend. a story that ends and begins with my tears, tears from gagging, tears from telling my mother about the worst three minutes of my life and how my knees and heart hurt afterwards.

i embodied thot.
left my family for friends, joked about the pain until it hurt even more. i found myself crying in bathroom stalls, looking down at my body in the bathtub as my eyes leaked. the girls said i was thick, i didn't know if they meant it in a good way. the boys said worse. i wore camouflage pants, comme de garçons tops, air force ones. i jumped on trends like a wild cat stalking prey. but i could never catch anything worthwhile with my soft, clawed paws.

he smiled like he was better than me.
after blood-boy stunned summers and winters alike, burned spring and fall, and for what? to call me a thot? i knew what i was to him. but that didn’t define me anymore.

he called me a thot.
and this time i fought back with my eyes, didn’t just sit there and feel words welling up inside.
because even thots are queens.
because i used to be deciduous, but now i’m evergreen.


Quit that high class act, lady. You’re a thot.
*- Urban Dictionary

B Chapman Nov 2017

I gave up.
I no longer search,
seeking your approval,
or affection.

I sat bleeding,
right before you.
You simply asked
if the blade was okay.

What's the point
Of being such a prude?
Is it so offensive to see the human form
Depicted in the nude?
Don't you think that Hatred and Threats
Are actually a bit more crude?
Why did Christian Fundamentalists
Select a President
Who is so rude?

Sparks Fly Nov 2017

Take your heart out for me
Let it glimmer in the sun
Is it really what you make it to be
or is it a sick antic for fun?

Rip it apart for me
Let me see for myself
Deep down past the thick burly veins
Show me this hidden beauty
You oh so opulently
seem to feign

I watch you stun and shudder
Frantically search
See you
Dripping into solvent
by the sunlight's illuminating,
hot luster

Unable to find even an inch,
an iota of evidence that your heart,
your soul,
is truly saturated with honey and love
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
so I was right all along

Are you as kind as you seem?
Seema Oct 2017

Six pack dude
Behavior so rude
He thinks he's good
Changing his mood
Wearing a red hood
With a Mexican boot
Cunning are his ways
Everyone says
A show off punk
But women say he's a hunk
What difference does it make
The six pack looks fake
Shirtless parading in the main
Suddenly comes the rain
Washes away his body makeup
Revealing his true being
Ladies giving ugly look
In embarrassment he shook
Laughters all around
He sat himself on the ground
So much for a show off hunk
His looks turned to a junk
Walked away in the heavy rain
Somehow I felt his pain...


Spilling imagination. Fun write :)
Nobody Sep 2017

You rudely wander into my conversation
But you’re not an expert and you can’t offend me
You try to get your dense views to control me
It’s funny, like your shallow opinions affect me

You’re unskilled in seeing real objectives
So you try and censor me while i speak
You’re a fool waiting on the wrong block
Honey I’m far from delicate or weak

My words will ruffle your feathers
You’ll be shocked by the way I behave
Then you’ll try to crush my passion
Or think you can badger it away

You’ll soon learn I’m not an easy target
My brazenness is here to stay
My strong will won’t be corrupted
I was born standing up and unafraid

Sometimes  wish I
could just  be free, to be me.
An  individual.

Derailed Sep 2017

There's a hole in my wall,
It's been there a while.
You ask why it's there,
And I nervously smile.
You offer to fix it,
I politely decline.
It doesn't need fixing,
It's perfectly fine.
I like it there,
But you still insist.
If that hole weren't there,
I wouldn't exist.
You won't give in,
You are rudely persistent.
You assure me that,
It'll be fixed in an instant.
Do you fix it for me,
Or is it only for you?
Now there are left,
Not one hole, but two.

Kat Pan Sep 2017

I am disregarded

Your vile eyes gloss over my body and label me victim

Your spiteful intentions scald my skin as you target me speechlessly

I am a apparition

Treading on what is identical to Hell's surface

I beseech God to forsake me and let me perish in the authentic blaze

I am unfit for the toil, the betrayal is worrisome, and my frail heart is left in shambles

I am puzzled by the way you dislodged those malicious words from the pits of your repulsive throat and slung them at me

All your transgressions are in vain

but you and your friends cackle like witches

I am sorry my exterior is a rarity

My hair is brown like the Earth's dirt and the roots that stem have culture

I am so sorry that my body is a precious temple

petite and dainty while yours is filled with sin and ego

kind of working on it
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