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Kennedy 4d
i care too much.
i can't stop caring.
i can't let go.
Mother will call, and call, and call.
i answer, without fail or hesitation.
the best friend's will take,
make snide comments,
say mean things,
do mean things,
hurt me.
i will be by their side no matter what.
my fatal flaw is that when you tell me
that i'm too emotional,
i will never stop thinking that.
i was once told i had the biggest nose
in the third grade.
i am still hyperaware, and ashamed of it.
letting go is the hardest thing to do when you think you deserve the pain.
Evie G May 10
Drinking her is a terrible experience
The furious fizz fizzles on your tounge, insisting on its existence in your mouth
The facade of fun from the fucia bottle flickers,
leaving you with clear liquid suffering
It flagrantly fizzes around your mouth, flicking your tastebuds.
It’s funny she says.
Then the facade of fizz fizzles,
You taste hatred
A bitter thirst.
An acrid stench of fear, inflicted on others
An unrelenting
Of equal suffering.

I do not know who made fizzy water,
but i would like to have a chat.
Don’t upset the person who makes your food
Don’t be rude
They may have a mood
You never know
They might get upset on your food
See that speckle in your dough
It went bad a while ago
Ever wonder why service was so slow
You never know
Just some common sense, since some people still don't know how to treat the person who cooks for them..
how can i help you?
sure i can do that,
do you have an account with us?
i'm not sure Sir,
did she leave a hint?
well, i would but
i'm not your wife.
it means i have no way of knowing
what her favorite book is,
can we try another form of info?
that's not listed here either Sir,
aren't you a grown adult
or do you get a kick out of
lewd prank calls?
you won't have to,
i don't need this stress.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Nylee Jan 27
You have yet not seen me at my worst
Nor have you seen me trying my best
You just met me seconds ago
And already termed me as a nuisance.
KAE Jan 5
“If you are mean with me, I’ll be meaner with you”
When you do something “wrong” or the evilest thing towards someone, they take revenge of that
Instead of take advantage of that situation and person and trying to be better than those, than them.
They need, they have the desire to be more devilish.

It’s pathetic. Mediocre.

People seem to be angels, the purest souls. Even the ones who are good human beings.
But we all have a demon burning inside of us, yelling to escape, to be free.
But that chaos which people have is major.
They sell you an angelical aura, the best moral, and the darkness inside of them is unexpected.
Even the one who can be “an angel” is and could be the malevolent ******.
mark soltero Dec 2020
don’t ever come back
you left and that’s fine
it’s always been fine to me
i should have cheated on you
because as confusing as it was
i never loved you
you never wanted me
what you think you hold
this guiding beacon of myself
that i held onto dear
what you stole
and **** on
isn’t my only grace
if only you were to face yourself
for the **** *******
living behind those empty ******* words
bending the truth and reality
with all your disgusting lies
your departure left few and heavy cries
like a dead great uncle
you meant nothing to me
This was a super toxic thought process. But I think I was able to sorta work thru some ollllllld **** with it so idk I like the title I think it’s funny.
Alaina Moore Oct 2020
The inconvenienced patron always arrived late. 
They always had a glass to fill, and not a minute to wait. 
Their emotions were like landmines, and their problems all your own. 
The inconvenienced patron was always picking a bone. 
They tell you how they were mistreated, how others are so unkind. 
Then rant and rave about how how if they’d had just been patient with them everything would be fine. 
The inconvenienced patron never seemed to give a second glance 
To the glazed over patrons not holding their breath 
For an ounce of positivity nor some selfless grace. No. 
The inconvenienced patron made them blue in the face.
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