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Francis Nov 2023
“A mobster”
“Tony Soprano”
“Something out of Grease”
“John Travolta”
“You’re gonna whack me”
“A Greaser”
“The Godfather”
“One of those actors”
“Pauly D”
“A state trooper”
“A cop”

Want me to,
Tell you,
What YOU look like?
My entire life… because of how I style my hair and how I dress.
jǫrð Aug 2023
She said
Women don't
sit at the head
of the table

At first I was
Taken aback
By the covert

To know that
She worked in
Human resources
Was laughable

I could have
Screamed or
Wept for her
Ignorance, instead

I sat glaring
At the fool
That she had
Placed there

And when his
Demise began
I realized the
Truth in her words

She was an incapable leader.
The History: Projection
Thomas W Case Feb 2022
Winter will soon slip into
spring, all dressed in 
green; bouquet nights and
the rebirth of love.
Snakes gliding through
the grass.
But for now, we deal
with ice and snow,
slick roads and cold

I was on the bus the
other day.
The driver had a
slippery scowl pasted
on her chubby face.
My mask had inched
down on my nose, and she
yelled, "put your mask
on or you will be off the bus."

I was having a terrible day already.
My asthma was acting up,
I could hardly breathe, and I had
just had to put my beloved
dog to sleep.
I miss her, but she slipped
away peacefully.

I rang the bell to get off at
my stop, as I chewed my
gum in passive anger.
I stood up and walked toward
the front of the bus.
The aisle was slick from
the snow and ice.
As I neared the exit door,
I took the gum out of my
mouth, so that I could throw
it away, but things went
horribly awry. 

I slipped on a wet
spot, and to catch
myself, I firmly planted 
my gum hand on the back
of the driver's head.
She had short hair, but still,
the *** of gum was now 
embedded in her golden 
I'm sure a haircut is
her near future.

Since then, I intend
to tread softly and cautiously,
and just maybe,
she does too.
Evie G May 2021
Drinking her is a terrible experience
The furious fizz fizzles on your tounge, insisting on its existence in your mouth
The facade of fun from the fucia bottle flickers,
leaving you with clear liquid suffering
It flagrantly fizzes around your mouth, flicking your tastebuds.
It’s funny she says.
Then the facade of fizz fizzles,
You taste hatred
A bitter thirst.
An acrid stench of fear, inflicted on others
An unrelenting
Of equal suffering.

I do not know who made fizzy water,
but i would like to have a chat.
Don’t upset the person who makes your food
Don’t be rude
They may have a mood
You never know
They might get upset on your food
See that speckle in your dough
It went bad a while ago
Ever wonder why service was so slow
You never know
Just some common sense, since some people still don't know how to treat the person who cooks for them..
Winnalynn Wood Mar 2021
She never informed him, just moved out
He still sits and remembers the doubt

Lingering in her cascading eyes
The time comes for the many lies

To unfold like a tarnished wildflower in the limelight
He cried in disbelief, not believing the plight

Another was loved more, without a hint known
Her undying loyalty, one which he never owned

The two vanished, not one trace left behind
And the raging sorrow cryptically arrived

No more trusting in anyone’s heart
The benevolent kindness was to part
how can i help you?
sure i can do that,
do you have an account with us?
i'm not sure Sir,
did she leave a hint?
well, i would but
i'm not your wife.
it means i have no way of knowing
what her favorite book is,
can we try another form of info?
that's not listed here either Sir,
aren't you a grown adult
or do you get a kick out of
lewd prank calls?
you won't have to,
i don't need this stress.
for B.J.P.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
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