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Alaina Moore Oct 20
The inconvenienced patron always arrived late. 
They always had a glass to fill, and not a minute to wait. 
Their emotions were like landmines, and their problems all your own. 
The inconvenienced patron was always picking a bone. 
They tell you how they were mistreated, how others are so unkind. 
Then rant and rave about how how if they’d had just been patient with them everything would be fine. 
The inconvenienced patron never seemed to give a second glance 
To the glazed over patrons not holding their breath 
For an ounce of positivity nor some selfless grace. No. 
The inconvenienced patron made them blue in the face.
Nobody Sep 7
You never make anyone smile,
you laugh if they cry.
You bring out my anger,
and all of my sighs.
You’re nothing I admire,
and everything I despise.
You’re all stupid and simple,
but think you’re so wise.
You mock the gentle,
then brag about being cruel.
Act like you’re so clever,
but you’re the biggest fools.  
I really can’t stand
such common tools.
You’re all basic ugly rocks,
who think they're jewels.
Khyati Jul 31
And they say
"Be nice to people"
As if they return the favour back
Me = Rude
There are some homes,
Which feels more at home than our home.
People, there are rude but true.
It feels safe to be there rather than roam.
They understand because they themselves have gone through.
But they actually value you for being you.
That's the real home where you find your true construe.
Cattatonicat Jul 2
Cattatonicat Jun 26
Feeling insecure?
That’s no reason to gossip about the others and be rude
Feeling two-faced?
That’s no reason to blame others and be rude
Have no self-respect?
That’s no reason to disrespect others and be rude
Have crippling self-doubt?
That’s no reason to doubt others and be rude

Rude to yourself?
That’s no reason to be rude to the others
Poetic T May 24
Never trust an angel,
            as my demons
knew where there angelic
                               spot was.

And all you heard was,
              oh Jesus, oh Jesus
forgive me for I have …………………..
LightToBurn Apr 24
Lurking "smile-for-me" bullies
Mudslinging repose
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
Poetic T Feb 15
When the jigsaw
had only two pieces
     to make a picture

and there were three?

You'll try put it in any hole it fits in..
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