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cade May 2020
except in pictures
ladder rung scars
blonde and black and back to
acne scars
tongue rings




nothing gold can stay
and no one bold will either
the path less taken
and help left unrecieved

never again

i didn't really ever have a mom
she didn't know me

but maybe i should've tried
or done more

a piece of rope ate my mother
like jaws of a beast

if her monsters took her
what about the monsters she gave me
how to reconnect with your estranged brothers and family: have your mother die
Nat Mar 2020
I know I shouldn’t
But I can’t fight the urge
I miss you
My feelings overwhelm me
Im about to send the message
Then erase it all
I know i can’t
But it’s so hard
You’re the only person i feel this way for
My comfort is you
I won’t
But my emotions are drowning me
I need to release
I send the message
I feel Better
But i wonder if it’s the right decision
You don’t respond till later
I couldn’t help it
I needed you
I miss you .

The message You’ll never receive
Amoy May 2019
I'm angry
I'm a cause for concern
I'm smiling and you think I'm fine
I'm quiet and moody
Next, I'm laughing like crazy
like a baby chick about to hatch, I'm curled up inside
Waiting to be someone's baby, not someone's maybe
emotional moments
Makayla Jane Mar 2019
Today my bus was a little late
So 27, 71, and 42 arrived all at the same time;
Mine, my best friend's, and then "******'s" as we call him

My best friend wandered off and returned
Only to sit in the bay window two windows away,
And "******" greeted me for the first time ever,
He walked up to me, greeting me with a sincere smile
Something he's never done before

Another friend standing by told me something,
She told me he had his signature blank expression as he walked up to me
How she gave him a nod as in a "What's up" motion
To which he replied back, emotionless

But when I turned to him and my eyes met his
His face light up;
He smiled and seemed glad that I was there
"******" didn't worry about my best friend who he claims loves so deeply

Soon our trio was roaming the halls together
Though, not long after we set off he said that we need to talk later
In that serious tone he used with my best friend when they were off and on

What are you thinking?
What are you planning?
Why did you smile?
Does it mean anything?
I'm so confused and have too many questions.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
chitragupta Mar 2019
Love is a phenomenon
Not dissimilar to gravity
Like an ignoramus
The stoic heart denies it

Until it falls.
My dear friends,
should you fall,
I hope the surface is soft.
Anne Jul 2018
In the couple of days
I didn't know what to feel
I can't think any other ways
If all of this is real

Just ignore the emptiness I feel
Just going to tell myself this isn't real
My heart breaks because of you
Just gonna wait for you to say ''I love you''
I had mixed emotions when a friend of mine has a crush on me back and yes i had a crush on him from a while back but not anymore there's more to this story but I'll keep it hidden
One, two, three, four, five.
I just want to feel alive,
But can't wait to die.
Jayda James Feb 2018
One heart
The only heart I’ve truly seen
I didn’t pick up no traces of a reoccurring scene
I’ve never loved the same no it wasn’t the same as it would normally be
Visions of the flashbacks
Taking you here with me
One heart yet you captured mine
Such a beauty you have became over time
Your that shadow, the overseer in my heart
The reason I’ve been pulled so apart but remain so strong for so long
I can’t imagine it being another love
No it’s impossible
You can only run into a few good hearts
The ones that love so deeply but acared to get torn apart
There’s no other feeling then when you here
There’s no way I would risk it all again
Unless I had another chance to where I begin
I couldn’t imagine settling
It just seemed so early
But awoke went heart and it stayed so steadily
2-3 years maybe even more
I’m so sick of being sick, the things I’ve always seemed to adore
My mind took control and had me wanting more
Wanting more than I could handle
It just felt like it was worth the risk
2years later did I ever imagine this
How does one seem to exist
How does one go to fix
Something I questioned over so many years
1 heart but so many emotions I missed
The reason I never received another kiss
1 Heart, 1 love is what it is...
No repeat... nothing quite similar... so irregular
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