clara 2h

Carried you around like an emblem,
Wore you on my sleeve,
the Bastard Child iron-on patch.
Damaged goods and everyone knew it.
Lump in my throat I never could swallow,
I named it Pride and found solace in it.
Named my Traitor Tears
Giving Up and Giving In
and mourned them as they fell.
Learned forgiveness is for the victim,
Almost never for the culprit.
Taught myself how to love
So sometimes it's a little selfish.
Pride jumps out of my throat
The day I admit that I want you.
I never needed to swallow it,
Only to let it go.
I came home the day
I came to you.
Your embrace felt like divine intervention,
and I'm a fucking atheist.
Twenty one years worth of resentment
evaporate into thin air. Never knew
I was capable of this kind of forgiveness.
So bold as to let you see my weakness,
and that I am made entirely of it.
Never felt more whole than I do
In your presence.
We pick up where we left off,
Though we never left off to begin with.
Found a friend and a father on the same day
in the same man, learned to love in a way
the Bastard Child could understand, and now
I need only to forgive myself.

imagine this... your father left before you were born. your mother told you he was a terrible person your entire life. finally, 21 years later, you contact him and everything makes sense.
JG 3h

I can feel
my heart breaking
just by thinking
that you are there


While I am here,


Such childish thoughts
run through my mind,
an infatuation
one I cannot hide.

I am but a young girl
with a dreamer's mind
and you're just but
a young man
with reality on his side.

That is what we both are
but you know,
realities only come true
if you have dreams
to find.

you hold my hand,
we cross the street.
you tell me i'm a good girl and
that you're proud of me.
you whisper sweet something's
and that you love me,
you've kissed my heart and laid
a comforting hand on my soul.

that feeling
the feeling of nothing
the way it takes over her body is like fire
she's staring down at her books
so much work to do
no motivation to do it
she gets yelled at for not working hard enough
for her grades slipping
even though
getting up in the morning is the most effort she puts in all day
the feeling worsens
she doesn't even want to listen to music
the thing that used to be her escape
is now pushed away
she sits in silence
for hours
her friends are messaging her
but there's no motivation to respond
she thinks about all the ways to make it go away
the numbness
it hurts
the yelling is getting harsh
she stays silent
she's looking down at her hands
the yelling doesn't effect her
because she doesn't feel anymore

this is crappyyyyy, but hey I feel crappy so it's okay
Rose Nao 18h

always leaving me alone,
always leaving me.
just alone like i always was,
just alone like i always am.
only alone.

Rose Nao 21h

i'm sorry daddy.
forgive me for my negativity,
for my sullied soul,
for my impure thoughts,
for my dirty body.
for my innocence
has been taken away from me
and from my heart.

i ain't happy, i'm feeling bad.
i've got dirt and grime
all over me;
my mind isn't pure
and neither am i.
i haven't been touched
the right way
and i needed to touch
to escape,
to live,
to feel.
i'm warring with my body,
i shut my eyes to the light,
forgetting my blessings
and the reasons my skin was cleansed.
miserable woman that i am,
who will save this body
under going this death?
i am praying that i can cut my time short,
and kill myself, cremate me please, self-loathing.
i ain't happy, i'm feeling bad.
i've got grime all on my hands
and there's dirt in my privates
and there's death in my head.
my cherry,
my rosemary,
my peaches,

peaches symbolize immortality

he's a good boy
with teeth whiter than a new t-shirt.
he’s like a gallon of bleach, turning my dark into lights.
he's like skinny jeans with a tighter fit
than my skin;
speaking of skin, he wears mine so well.

he wears mine so well

glossy eyed,
puffy eyed,
dark chocolate brown eyes,
red all around my eyes.
tears streamin' from my eyes,
i'm seein' birds spinnin' 'round my eyes.
baby, there's room in my eyes,
just enough for two in my eyes.
you're eyeing,
and i'm in my lonesome while i watch my own eyes
in the mirror with the lights dim and my eyes
change with the shadows of my eyes.

i'm eyeing you
eye me.

my baby is glitter,
he has the greatest sparkle,
his teeth has the brightest twinkle --
he's got me feeling fireworks
because i love you and i love seeing you.


inspired by glitter by tyler the creator
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