As children,
We all had teddy bears,
Draggled through the swamp of our minds,
Yet handled with delicate care.

As adults,
Very few still have teddy bears,
Our minds equipped with razors,
Shredding off every tuft of our old friend’s hair.

No longer able to imagine a phenomena out of a little brown lie,
We trade in our best furry friends for a pay raise and a tie.

This is the venom of our society, which leaves our bones empty and dry.

Viceral matter
                    Ready to detonate
                    Just wait                      
                                               In a split
                    Profound emotion will transmit

Viceral matter
        Bang bang BANG
                    Where the fuck is the bang?

Waiting to be lit
Cold firework will be omit.

anna 7d

i hate to dull you with drugs.
to deaden your vibrant colours is to
desecrate a sacred temple to the prophets of madness.
the lead prophet beats a drum in my temples,
calls me to him with elaborate poetry
that spills from my head through my
veins to my fingers -
my elegy to you will never be allowed
to be said aloud.


drugs can't help me.
they never have.
creativity is king.
medicine is usurper.
i will have to fight it

dedicated to serotonin.
Victoria Dec 7

Ode to your life, Sir.

There is no point to certain things.
How I wish you understood
the gravity of life.
Life is like a symphony.

Ode to your life,
full of notes that aren't
in harmony. Are you

There is a sweet
melody, but it's
not found in droll
items that have no life.

Ode to your life,
full of melancholy notes,
that can yet fit in the staff of life.

So, I am awake late doing homework lol as usual. While I was looking through my notes, I stumbled upon this poem I wrote in my English class a while back. Hope ya'll enjoy it.
Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 5


thick with serenity

and ink

moon atilt

tinging shades of soft light

endless Milky Way

stars are free to flash

loneliness is quiet

outside the curtain of old dream

thoughts are chasing the clear waves

of time

the mind is learning

to be simple and happy

free and easy

same piece of sky

can be outlined with different brushes

same touch of moonlight

can be traced with different emotions

a touching scenery

every constellation is a bright song

to a warm heart

and every cloud a blooming flower

a euphuistic affair at leisure time

a jaunt to chapters of inked serenity

flipping through moods

reading through the heartfelt


Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 5

The night is getting cooler

the wind lengthier

a serenade

tenderness of water


fragrance sinking

to the depths of reflection

walking in the moonlight of night

in the vicissitudes of pine

picking up spindrift

on the clear pillow of water

the scent of pine getting stronger

dream getting lengthier

in the forest.

Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 5

Darkness breaks into houses

people are poisoned

by it

asleep in the middle of the night

they know not the ambition of darkness

they are smiling sweetly

dark night is roaring

wanting people to slumber


but darkness will be defeated

by justice

when the sun loads the gun

with golden bullets

darkness will be


Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 5

Great happiness

endless happiness belongs to those who were born

close to the sun

the galaxy can see them

in love



moving around

carrying in their hands

a clock

that comes from the core of a rare earth

greater than all the unknown

more magnificent

the universe

extending infinitely in all directions

a black hole

extending downward

to the invisible

the weightless

living blood flowing

the stars above

the people living in the sky above

dust rejoicing among them


men women and children

joy loneliness and love



illuminating the sky with colors

they're everywhere

walking loving crying

the molecules in their soul

come from a galaxy

in the sky.

Timothy Daly Dec 4

Shed a tear
for the words
you never wrote
the time is right
to write
your next masterpiece
is to be found
at the bottom
of a rubbish pile.
I should know:
this broken heart
is on overflow.

Nathan A Nov 30

This pixelated pen
Shares my real world thoughts
The darkness, The light
The joy and fright

This pixelated pen
Has created many friendships
The wonderful, the kind
The creative and ones with a beautiful mind

This pixelated pen
Saved my life tonight
By writing this
It took away the darkness
It provided the light

It brought me joy
It got rid of my fright
I was able to talk too that friend that's so kind
The one whose creative with a beautiful mind

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