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I can’t seem to understand,
how drifting dreams can pull my hand.
You won’t let my mind take leave,
Crushing me with cords of creativity
Your personality screaming in my ears,
and blinding me with yellow,
finding almost every way to make me feel low.
The fear of hurting a pure heart.
these days I'm not worried
about writing poetry all the time
and the happy result is
that life sings at me in rhyme
A rushing river
turned to a trickle by drought
flows once more in rain

a creative mind
clouded and clogged by comfort
flows once more in pain
Some really beautiful sounds
Come out of that peculiar human.
Wearing so many hats
Would be a little much, for some
But just one couldn’t do them justice.

It’s like watching the inner workings
Of a cuckoo clock
Spill out in a wave of creative chaos
Attacking the senses with the whimsical folly
Of a being in constant motion.

Every infinitesimal thought
They see with such resolute clarity.
It’s no wonder they cannot stop their spirit
However unintentionally,
That nob is at full capacity,
And the dial is stuck on full blast.
Will life, angry, feel lost?
Rain love.
Stand(ing on the) earth,
sadness eyes.
Beautiful pain-man,
(for you, I) air deep wonder.
(Lost in a) broken time ride.
Storm (on)... Cry, dead heart.
Sleep, summer dreams.
(I remain.)
An experiment I did with the top three lines of words on my profile. I wanted to use them, in order, to write a new poem. The words in parenthesis I have added. Honestly, it isn't bad.
A king of reptiles,
a broken man,
your pain created such beauty.
Look at what you've made.
You, yourself, are a master of creation.
The cage that hinders me never held your heart.
Your cage was an empty needle.
Held within, the years we lost with you.
Life and death hold the same meaning.
Can you feel the torment fade
and your blood begin to thicken?
Ride that snake on home, Jim.
Ride that snake on home.
Romance is distraction -
Romance is elaborating saga,
Romance is invention,
and not at all Love's dogma.

Love is discovery -
Love is devotion,
Love is creativity,
It evolved as we evolved,

Love is center, in all kinds
in the pure and the complex,
Love expressed in all the fines
the beauty in finding is yet -

Losing oneself in the find
or finding oneself in a loss,
unset from stone your searching mind
come morning, midnight, sun rise or set -

Love will find you as much as
Love willingly let's you beget.
Martin Dove Oct 5
I think I saw you on the edge of reason
Where the pope sells freedom and kings commit treason
Indeed I saw you standing there boldly
With hearts in a basket you stood by so firmly
Indifference was screaming right through your expression
Then you laughed and you cried till you scared away the last angel
The creative spirit has always been mad
For how else can you create what others had banned
This is just another riddle for you to decipher
Just as nothing in this life is a choice that we muster
dmperez Dec 2016
on my knees
before my muse
drinking of her inspiration
Ken Voltaire Oct 4
Power deceives,
And ill minds contrive.
Follow as you are lead,
Be happy to be alive!
Pay no attention to foul deeds,
Schemed and completed behind closed doors.
There lay flowers and candy for those,
Who forget wrongdoings forevermore.
Beware of hungry beasts,
That knaw on your tender mind.
To those who create of their own free will,
You are likely the last of your kind.
This angry world has no room for lovers,
For those who cherish and support.
All too often, it seems like fear,
Is the last, and most effective, resort.
False lives are drawn up,
And strung upon coathooks.
Observe beyond and you will see,
These lives were derived from cookbooks.
Cookie cutter lives.
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