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Nicole Oct 4
It was a mirage
Translucent and flimsy.
A daydream tucked
Gently in between the folds
Of reality
And it was an
Effervescent and scary
Now after an
astronaut is tethered
To an earthly landing
Do the spectators see
Not a utopia or a dystopia
But a heaven created
On solid ground
That once had been crumbling.
And the artist
Who had designed
Such important drawings
Now saw the importance
Of experiencing
Other worlds
And also the creativity
Of sculpting her own
F A Pacelli Oct 3
you are not sure
insecurity imprisons
between doing and not doing
but do not fear
no creative genius emerged
from blind confidence
it is the unsure artist
who tinkers and questions
that creates beauty
and yet
carries on insecurely
smoking a joint full of crystal cookies
I think of the poets tonight
everyone of them
climbing on each other
reaching for the top of the bucket
trying to escape
and everyone pulling
each other down
with no chance of reaching the top.
I look down into the pail
full of doleful glum
and it dampens my spirits
I want to pick it up
and dump it out
onto the sand.
I want to pull the thorn from their side
I want to release them from their anguish
but no one ever helped a fish
by pulling it out of the river
to save it from drowning
and I fear for their psychoanalysis
being swept away by the tides
of forgetfulness
I fear for without their sorrow
their creativity will be carried
off into a soulless sea,
lost and gone forever.
Derrick Jones Sep 25
Float around inside your mind just to see what you might find
Close your eyes and be surprised
The chaos crystalized
You take a mental picture
Of a momentary stricture
Of mind manifest
And you are just the guest
Along for the ride you reside in this home but it’s not your own
You wander and roam but every tome has a different theory and it’s hard to see clearly
So you nearly lose your head as you skip off the tread
Trying to understand you cry out a command but meet shifting sand
So instead you embed and let your mind expand
Higher patterns emerge far above the prior yearn
No avoidance or grasping
No clinging and clasping
Only wonder and awe
As you float around inside this new way of being
Flowing is freeing and life is so fleeting we might as well dance
Take a chance and find romance and sink into this trance
Enhance the life you’re given by paying close attention
Let the moment **** you in and show that you don’t ken
You do not know, and yet you win
Letting go, you now begin
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To ****** many men
One needs talent, wit and pen
To create beauty true and plain
One needs quite the same
Just a lil' something...
Eloisa Sep 7
I  have drown in love and caged repeatedly.
But I’ve broken the chains of captivity.
Recovering from a tidal wave of emotions,freeing my inner fire and energies,
I now return with strength with a pen
and a scrap of paper with me.
I have run into chaos, fear, self-doubt
and uncertainty.
For I anchored my motivation and confidence
in my flaws, my scars and pain.
With glimpses of memories that just farewelled,
I’ve got my new story to write.
I’m allowing my fear and self-love to co-exist.
And with an aching soul and a bruised heart
still to heal.
I now let my horizons of certitude confidently sail into undiscovered creative seas.
circles find their aim
humans like their range within
ellipses begin

circles hide their aim
humans fight their way within
ellipses pretend

circles might remain
humans hide their pain within
ellipses restrain
A little haiku for you
do you like poems?
Well, here is a book of them
I made it for you
with all the tears and blood and **** and **** and spit I could muster
isn't it beautiful?
I hope you'll love it like I love it
Written ca. 2008 - 2009
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