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They've been sending me sympathy cards in the mail
Stopping me in the streets to say how sorry they are
You left me so suddenly not so long ago
They ask me how I'm doing
My entire being isn't a shrine to your memory
Photo on the post office wall is simply my face in a crowd
I'm afraid for what comes next
I miss you
I miss you
I saw the smile on his face,
As he laugh at his own jokes,
Take his punch line,
It is an ordinary day isn't it?
Well that was i thought,
As he rushes through the door,
With positivity of leaving,
Then coming back at night,
Were waiting,
Patiently waitng,
He promised us a dinner,
He promised to cook,
High expectancy,
We thought off a good dinner at night,
But flash forward to that day,
As we were patiently waiting,
A phone call that were hard as a concrete hit my face,
A year without a rain,
He's footsteps out through that door,
Were the last thing we knew,
This night is gotta be better,
But instead we meet a souless eyes,
Bursts our agony,
Till midnight,
It seems forever...
To drop the call
I’m still there
On the other side of the line
I’m still here
And I love you
Why did u forget?
To keep the safety on
Or was it intentional
U didn’t drop the call but the gunshots drops u six feet under. I’m alone on the line
Blank Mar 16
Remember when I told you I wanted to marry someone just like you?

How young and naive I was then

You were my idol and someone whom I trusted so deeply

Everything that was cruel and unkind stared me straight in the eyes but still I couldn't see it

I was blinded by trust and the hope that the person I loved would be there tomorrow even if he wasn't here today

I adopted your philosophies and your interests in a desperate attempt to be seen and favored

Your word and your opinion had all the power in the world to shape who I was and how I would think

But I'm not your favorite anymore, am I?
No one is

I'm no longer useful now that I have gained the ability to think for myself

My interests were never something you cared about as long as they didn't benefit you

The only thing that matters to you is drowning your shame until the person I love is unrecognizable

Marry someone like you?
I don't even want to be like you.
It's sad boi hours.
I miss the wind in my hair
And sandals on my feet
I miss the rain
And the beach
I miss my dad
He died of covid
Almost a year
I miss you daddy
Do you see me over here?
tina lombardo Sep 2020
Dear Daughter can you hear me?
Dear Daughter can you hear me ?
I just wanted to say i love you
Dear Daughter I miss you
Dear Daughter I'm proud of you
I was proud when you were born
I was proud when you took your fist steps
I was proud when you spoke your first word
I was proud when you took your first steps
I was proud when you finished school
I was proud when you made me a grandfather
I wish I could be there in person when you get married
Dear Daughter I wish I was there
I see you struggling
I hear  you crying
I see you crying
I see you smiling
Dear Daughter can you hear me?
Dear Daughter  can you see me
Dear Daughter I'm always with you
Dear Daddy yes I can
Julian C Jaynes Aug 2020
My dear Elizabeth
This poem is for you
A poem from daddy
I hope it will do

Dear, sweet Ellie
I don’t know what to say
Except that your smile
Takes the pain away

Lovely little angel
You are simply divine
And no matter what happens
You will always be mine

The sheer joy that I feel
When you’re holding my face
Fills my heart up so much
That there’s no extra space

This life that I’m living
Is finally worth it
The gift that you give me
I do not deserve it

So I’ll watch you grow up
And I’ll love every minute
My life would be empty
Without you in it

And as you grow older
I hope that you know
You’re daddy’s little girl
And I love you so
Sophia Aug 2020
Daddy is not there,
Mommy could not care.
Janice Aug 2020
Your touch sends shivers
Cascading down my spine

The blindfold reminds me
My body isn’t mine

You, my master claim me
Daddy’s little ****

******* here before you
My eyes so tightly shut

I’ve been a naughty girl
Be punished? Yes I must

However you decide
Will truly feed my trust

The whips you crack
Against my skin

Will teach me how to be
A good girl again
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Its weekend again
Time to go see daddy again.
I love daddy
And he loves me to.

Daddy smells of **** and whiskey
Daddy smells nice
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

Daddy gets that funny look in his eye
He wants to play a fun game
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

I'm really good at this game
I always win
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

I've nearly won
he tells me
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

Fireworks of white pleasure,
A stain on a juvenile tongue.
daddy sighed ,
his silky growl sweetened the salt.
I know tomorrow will be a good day now.
Maybe we'll go to the beach?
Because I love daddy
and he loves me to.
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