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Dear dad,
I'm sorry that I admire mom than you
and I'm sorry that I only could reached the roof when you asked for a moon.

As you sip your favourite cup of coffee that taste so bitter, you always ask how am I doing even though the coffee was bitter as your day.

As I was walking with you last night,
the moonlight shines right through your face
and I could see your brave face light up the night
because for the first time his son was walking with him, chatting and doing casual ****.

I'm sorry I couldn't be the best son, I'm sorry I couldn't be your best son but I promise you that I'll be your creamer to your coffee even though you prefer sugar in it.
my Superman <3
You’re so beautiful
But I get the feeling that you get told that all the time
No, not beautiful, but that your fine
And it’s ran to your ******* head
Don’t trust women, yet can’t seem to get them out your head
Don’t trust the devil,
But you always let him lie in your bed
Watching demons through different mediums
Yet wonder why you can’t get them OFF your head.
Always breaking bread with your ******
But can’t get up and make some bread
Got an ole lady at home
But you tied to the streets instead
When you gone grow up
And learn how to be a ******* man?
Kenji 5d
"I got something to tell you, but don't know how I'ma say it
I guess that I could only say one thing
Boy, I been bad again, Boy, I been bad again
And I use 'em
When I'm faded I forget
Forget what you mean to me
Hope you know what you mean to me
Pick, up your phone
The party's finished and I want you to know
I'm all alone..."
I been using them to distract me.
I been using them for fun.
But, the parties finished, and I want you to know, I'm all alone, and I always want you when I'm coming down.

Addicted, to fun like it's a drug.
I take what I like and I like what I take.
But, I always just want you, when I'm coming down.
Baby, don't leave me.
Don't be angry, they not important.
You are.
I need you, not them.
They just toys, but you something special.
I am rather secretive and discreet about my intentions and motives, I don't tell, I don't whisper a word.
I do this sin, without anybody knowing.
No one, but me knows.
I just, always want you, when I'm coming down, daddy.
Wanting him, when I've sobered up
Dear Daddy

i missed the way you would swoop me up off the floor
and I remember when I begged you to stay just a little more

You would cradle me in your arms
And tell me that I was your precious little girl

I remember we would dance and whirl around
And I was the twinkle in your eye

I remember every night with you
And I knew you had no clue
But every time you said I love you
I would hold it close to my chest

I remember how I believed that  you where the best
I was your princess
And you where the king

I remember how you’d sing
And I’d gently fall asleep
And every time you left
I sit on the floor
By the door
And weep
But dear daddy
I should have reminded myself that your love was not mine to keep.
Tears gently spill out of my mountain top eyes.
Witnessing you becoming a daddy again.
capturing in this precious moment.
The love between a father and this tiny human being.
A gift from God's living dreams.
To give you this angelic blessing.
A beautiful baby girl.
Your beautiful baby girl.
Your beautiful and rare diamond baby girl ring.
A sparkling diamond ring SOUL forged in divinity.
A healing love.
An anointed testament to those great things yet to come.
Welcome to the world.
My precious little baby girl.
A precious little girl,
who has stolen
my heart before
she was even born.
And I promise you that from this day forth.
I will protect you with my
Brave Veteran Soldier Heart.
And when you start dating.
I promise you this.
If your boyfriend treats you wrong;
He will be sleeping with the fishes.
Cause you got my heart forever!
It is getting hard for me to continue to talk.
So, let me speak instead through my tears and giving love.
As you sleep near my soldier heart;
Remember, you got 'My Forever Veteran Daddy Heart.'

(C) copyrighted
A soldier father meets his daughter for the first time.
Tyler Grazia Apr 10



ómra Mar 30
My daddy was a photographer,
before he went to trial.
He loved to take my picture
and pose me here and there.

My daddy had a treasure
kept under lock and key,
my birthday was the password
'cause I was his little chickadee.

My daddy loved his little girl;
I made him feel like a man,
and even though I was only three
he got me lots of fans.

My daddy got in lots of trouble
when my mama found his treasure:
"She's your daughter, only three-- Oh, my god-- how could you!?"
But my daddy always loved his pleasure.
Do I look familiar? Maybe you've seen me in a movie, or a picture. You'd better not tell anyone what kind, though.
Tyler Grazia Mar 28
Looking back when
Your next of kin
Could commit no sin

I sought out women
and their respective men
To their relationship I would rend
Their love they could never defend

But for you I withdraw my need
For your creative seed
Dropping down upon one knee
For all the guests to see

Not a ring I propose
But my mouth for them toes
Finally found my muse
True love, for me, comes in twos
Get HACKED brudda
Melany Felix Mar 27
Why did you have to do that, Melany?
Why did you have to tell your mother what you saw?
Why couldn't you just be a good daughter and just keep your mouth shut?

Everything I ever taught you has been replaced,
By a world with a so-called-moral base,
That you and I both know, will only end in disgrace.

This is all your fault, Melany.
If only you had understood that I was devastated,
and that I felt obligated,
Maybe you wouldn't be so isolated.

Why did you tell her I didn't deserve her,
Why did you see what I did as ****** up,
Why did you describe the way I touched her made her tremble more than
your mother ever did after getting beaten up.

Why did you try to stop me when I hit her, Melany?
You have to understand that when a ***** is doing anything but their job,
you punish them until they say nothing but "yes, sir".

When something that belongs to you is not working properly,
you bang it against a table until it starts working again.

Your mother deserved it, Melany.
She deserved it for searching through my clothes instead of playing her role.
For crying for no reason, whenever I got home drunk.
She deserved it for begging me to stop when I had done nothing wrong.

Your grandfather has always taught us this and I don't understand
why you don't seem to understand.

How many times do I have to tell you, Melany?
Why don't you get anything, Melany?
You have to focus on school.
You have to focus on school because if you don't
you'll end up as a ***** and you are nobody's *****.
You have a future and you have goals that you have to accomplish,
so why aren't you learning from me like you learn from school?

You know your trig but not my trick,
The one I try so hard to carve into your brain so you'll never forget.
You can do the math, but you don't seem to catch,
That what I'm trying to teach you will forever last.

I am your father, Melany.
I made you.
You exist because of me.
Remember that.
Pay attention when I talk to you.
Listen to me.
"Why won't you listen to me?"

You ask me the same question but it is only because you don't speak.
Your headphones are always plugged in,
and your personal life is hidden within,
You look at me as if I were a sin
And  avoid the conversations whose scripts are too thin

You can't let people hurt you Melany.
Don't let these boys hurt you.
Don't let them touch, look, or love you.
I love you and that should be enough.
Is that not enough?
Is my love not good enough for  you?

I love and miss you,
and I try so hard to teach you.
You have to lie when you need to, Melany.
Don't tell me that it's wrong.
You need to defend yourself no matter the cost,
you have to do it with no fear for loss.
You have to realize this world is cruel,
and the only way to succeed is to live by MY rules.

You need to obey, Melany.
You have to listen to me, Melany.
You have to be by my side, Melany.

I did this for you.
I did this for your teacher.
Your teacher needed love, Melany.
She needed love like you needed an ice cream on that hot summer day,
and I just happened to be cold enough for her.

You don't understand
You don't understand what I do for you.
You don't understand what I try to teach you
Why is it that you seem to understand poetry and calculus just fine,
but refuse to take notes on my view on life.

I loved your mother, Melany.
I loved your mother as much as I loved your teacher,
I loved your teacher as much as I'll love the next,
I love them all how I've been taught to love.


I love you, Melany, as much as I've ever loved anyone in my life,
You understand?
The story from my father's perspective
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