Can you blame me? Yea I was in and out the bed, goin to and from men, looking for affection.

You can love another child that's not yours, give them hugs, buy them gifts, all the while treating my like shit, like I'm some kid off the streets. Or some so so child you gotta babysit?

I'm sorry for the things I've done, but this wouldn't have happened, if you hadn't did what you done.

You gave me all I wanted in the world for a minute, but then I mess up, own up, and you dismiss me like 'forget it'? Not even a third chance, you brushed me off like dirt on your pants.

You expect me to strong, but you don't answer when I call, and you get angry when someone talks to you about me, and then put me at fault, when really your the one that made the push that ultimately led to my fall.

You told me you'd always be there, that you'd love me through it all, but clearly all you care about is that woman you call your wife, she's just temporary,at anytime she could drop out your life.

But me? I'm permanent. You can take that to the bank, but daddy why I gotta ask; for me do you have so much hate?

Date a girl with daddy issues
And you’ll be in your bliss
Tie her up and call her slut
And intoxicate her with your kiss

She doesn’t like it soft
And she doesn’t like it sweet
She wants markings on her body
And ropes around her feet

Give her lots of kisses
And tell her how bad she is
She wants to hear that she’s a worthless whore
And her hair to end up in a frizz

But be careful with what you do
And what you see isn’t always what you get
She has deep dark down issues
That she is trying to forget

She wants to moan louder
And for you to call her names
Because the more noise there is
The less she can hear her mind in flames

So make sure to be loud
And don’t be scared to get kinky
Anything you can do to make her forget
Will leave her wrapped up around your pinkie

She’ll tell you theres no reason
As to why she wants it this way
But in reality, she knows
That this may be a reason why you’ll stay

She hates herself
Much more than you’ll ever think
She has bandages all around her body
And pages filled with ink

So when you date a girl with daddy issues
You’ll be in your bliss
She will make you feel less broken
And intoxicate you with her kiss

Madam X Jan 11

Your disappointment in me makes me want to vomit
Even Halleys father gave her a flying comet.
I can't play the sports that you did as a kid
But I was never afraid of the ball
I never once hid
Im sorry some chores were left not quite done
But trying to hurt me doesn't mean that you've won
The belt round your waist was something I feared
I remember the blood on my leg that I had once smeared
That wasn't quite common
You're lose of control
I know that deep down you do have a soul
It's ironic that I am the only one
Who knows your soft side
away from the gun
You're still my dad and I don't hold those grudges
I'm not trying to be that person who judges

cait-cait Dec 2017

she sits at her kitchen table,
skin pink and eyes
and looks at pictures
of her daughter’s
missing picture on the
side of an empty,

milk container .

pick yourself up ,

daddy never cried like this,

how will you tell him that
you lost yourself
in a bottle of
pills like a note
in a
bottle ,

lost at sea ::


I’m trying to start writing again but things haven’t been as sad. This is based off the mommy medicated toy in the game little inferno. 100% recommend. I have a boyfriend now and things seem ok
Tasa Jalbert Dec 2017

Dear dad,
I'm 18 years old,
and you've been out of my life for 17 years and 42 weeks of it.
You missed out on your little girl learning, and growing, and turning into a woman.
Someone else taught me how to ride a bike,
but I don't think that you mind missing something so important.
I don't think you mind missing recitals, and concerts and shows.
I don't think you'd even recognize me if you saw me on the street.
You don't deserve the title dad,
so for as long as I can remember, I've called you sperm donor.
Because that's all you ever given me (except for daddy issues and hereditary mental illness).
You don't deserve the title dad because you never taught me how I was supposed to be treated;
so I settled for too little, and longed to be loved.
But now, I don't even call you sperm donor,
I neglect to recognize your existance in my life,
because let's face it, you were never even a possibility.
I feel bad after all these years,
because you missed out on the joy of having a daughter,
and being a father.

Original poem by Tasa Jalbert. Copyright 2017

Big lipped Daddy
slitting yellow paper
and confetti.

Wrapped up caramel caddy
sucking down to
the white bone.

Surprisingly even when I am not writing poetry for classes, I am writing poetry for myself!

"Sugar Daddy," is a play on the predatorial relationship that has recently arisen in popularity due to media culture and accessibility. The relationship that can be felt between the "Daddy," and the "Baby," can be demoralizing and make the "Baby," feel like nothing more than candy for the taking. The title and poem is playing off of Sugar Daddy candy that is, of course, enjoyed, until there is nothing left, and then thrown away-
Glenn Onebene Nov 2017

You are a ice cream that has a cherry on top
You are like a cozy blanket in a house
You are like a heart in the sky that is beautiful
Combine all of them together
It makes a ice cream that is wrapped in a blanket that is in the sky that is beautiful

I love you daddy

I told her i had been writing poems and she wrote this for me...
Michaela Ferris Oct 2017

DAD... DAd... Dad... .... ... dad.
It's cold out here.
Please just let me in,
Even if it's for a second.
Dad, please... why is the door locked?
Why won't you let me in?
I know you're there, with her.
I don't want to be out here.... Please.

DAd... Dad... ....
It's dark out here
Please don't go to far,
Stay near me!
This started off as fun but not anymore
Please don't leave us out here,
The words are no place for children...
Now she's crying, please don't leave!?!

Dad... ....
You no longer come and get us,
I didn't want to go back anyway.
But no explanation, no reason why.
You hit us, swore, let him hurt us badly,
Why? That's all I ask.
I see you've got a new family now,
You treat that little girl so well...
What make sure her so special?

... ....
I'm eleven years old and you stood there like a coward,
I spoke my mind, the truth.
Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I shouldn't have a voice!
You and your dad told me I was worthless, a failure, a bitch
You crushed me that day, tore away my confidence...
A man who was supposed to love, never loved me at all...

Nohémie Oct 2017

You don't know how to express your feelings
You beg for me to let you help me
But dismiss when water pours out of my skin
You shame me for not wanting your help
Make me feel guilty about your incompetence
You force what you think upon me
Thinking I'm ungrateful if I'm not smiling
I no longer bite my tongue
I no longer talk through my teeth
I've had enough
Letting you steal my peace
I've reminded you countless times
I don't think I'm above you for roaming through life alone
I've shared with you hundred of times
There's no choice,
You haven't shown me that there's trust
So I'll do it on my own

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