Rose Nao Jul 11

Eyes closed,
it's a bit comforting to see her with her eyes closed.
Looking for God,
with her eyes closed she'll never see Him but she will feel Him.
Feel Him in the deepest depths of her kidneys.
Poetry runs through her veins
and you want to protect this beauty,
with curls swaying softly in the breeze, in the summer breeze,
the cool summer breeze.
You touch her with your tongue, your pretty pink tongue,
and you say she tastes like whipped cream on top,
raisins you are chewing, soda you are sipping.
And then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you believe in a Creator a little bit more.
And you lift her dress up, and you see how she's used and dirty with cute panties.
You clean her up so she is pure and innocent again.
And then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you should've worshiped her sooner.
So you take her to the toy store to let her pick out her favorite dolly, her favorite plushy, her favorite blanky, and a binky too.
Then you take her out for ice cream and you hold her hand while you cross the street,
with your pretty hand. She can’t recall the last time she took help from anyone.
Then you give her a set of rules to follow
so she can be a good little girl, your good little girl.
And she cries at night because her father left her and her mother never loved her and she was touched in a way she shouldn't have been
and she doesn't understand why she feels the way she does
and she doesn't understand why these things had to happen to her
but she knows one thing: that she's in love with you, a beautiful virgin, a beautiful man who has such lovely hands. Strong hands. Impeccable hands.
So you take her to the bathroom to clean her, but she is still sullied
from the bruises and dirt, and you heal her and you love her back
together, and you teach her the right way to love herself.
Then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you should've found her sooner.
(Make her beg for it (for your love)
you want to see her crawl.)

she has problems.
Julie C Smith Jun 29

January was a girl
Who couldn't decide between two men
Her head was in a swirl
When she started to compare

She was a Daddy's girl
Caught up in a dream world
With high school it-girls to impress
Donned up in her vintage dress

More than once she didn't know
Where she belonged, where she should go
A handsome young man she disliked and rejected
Without her Daddy she felt so unprotected

A fateful day took him from her
He boarded the plane and died in the air
January was devastated
Her teenage life was confiscated

She married a man who treated her badly
Just because he reminded her of her Daddy
Youth wasn't for her, she was too mature
And to marry a young boy she couldn't endure

Sadly our girl took the wrong way out
When she didn't make it to the house
A lover's alliance would have saved her life
She decided to keep an unprofitable strife

Nobody was good enough for her
Her idolatry too hard to please
But in all her devotion she couldn't see
That January is was over

This is the first poem of my Part III.
Inspired by the book "Once is not enough" by Jaqueline Susann. I never want to end up like January. I once identified myself with her but that was a mistake. But maybe the beginning of my own curse. Time to close the circle.
Sam Anthony Jun 23

The grey-suited businessman
Straightens his tie
Adjusts his cufflinks
Acts professionally
Looks smart and in control
Says some wise things
Jokes about politics

He is relaxed
He is confident
He is wealthy
He commands respect
He commands envy

Until he walks through the door

He rips off his tie and sticks it on his head
He screams through the house and lifts up his kids
He kisses his beloved and thanks God for the food
The grey-suited businessman is...


The scruffy plumber
Rolls up his sleeves
Wipes off his sweat
Drinks a mug of tea
Crawls into dusty cupboards
Hammers and twists

He is local
He is hard-working
He is dependent
He commands no-one

Until he walks through the door

He rips off his hat and throws it in the air
He screams through the house and lifts up his kids
He kisses his beloved and thanks God for the food
The scruffy plumber is...



JuliaLazareto Jun 12

There's a story untold,
and that is, my dad has a heart of gold.
I promise you, I'll take care of you when you grow old.
Like how you took care of me, when I'm three years old.

He holds hammer, he likes gun,
and he will do anything for his loved one.
I'm so happy,
cause to have you as my dad?
I'm very lucky.

Peugeot, Porsche, Lexus, Ford.
You deserve more, more than adored.
With you, my life will be explored,
Without you, it will be uncolored.

"The greatest gift I ever had, came from God, and I call him dad."
I love you Daddy,
You never let me feel unhappy,
because you always do your duty,
and that is making me feel "Life is easy."

Dad, you're my superhero.
You know how to keep me out of sorrow.
With you, there's a beautiful tomorrow.
And with you, I glow.

I love you Daddy.....

Stacie Anna May 26

Fading away from you is my fear… Losing the battle of this love affair.
Never having a father made me look for love in other daddies
Words like “baby girl” and “daddy” have different meanings to me than they do to other girls…
I’m a daddy’s girl. His sexual little girl.
Begging for you to take me every time we get a moment
I’m so very sad and constantly grieving… tired of self pity
Pain and misery has found its way inside me
My father never showed me he cared
He only contributed to me puking
My father diminished me, harmed me, hurt me with his fists
He already ruined my view of what a dad is, tore the image of him up, until it was gone
He might as well not exist. He only contributed to me puking. That’s about it.
Sixteen and horny.
Horny for daddies.
Come over here Sir and eat my pussy
I’m a daddy’s girl. His sexual little girl.
Older men have a way
A way of getting it wet …
                                               So fast…
                                                           ­      So slick…
So perfect for his older hard dick…
They’re experienced… but still as hungry... Hungry for me
Hungry for the taste of innocence…
The taste of pink flesh… and young lips on dicks.
I’m daddy’s little girl. His sexual little girl.
I’ve fallen in love with a daddy.
This man is craving my thighs to be open wide…
Free for his tongue to wildly explore…
Sir, leave red scratches on my breast…
Puncture my vagina with your dick.
Take a harder hit.
Let’s do it on your wife’s bed.
I’ll be your ecstasy, your young creative mistress, your lover
You’ll be my ecstasy, my loving daddy, my lover
I’m your little girl, Daddy’s sexual little angel.
I’m sexual and dark… and you’re playing the role of my dad.
I hate to admit this… but you’re my daddy… because he was not…

Oh my baby come to me,
Your daddy will raise you,
Efficiently & very caringly.

Baby, I will never let you feel alone,
Absinthe of your mum won't touch you,
Brazenness of hers will be steered clear,
You will mature into a human with heart.

I will stay by your side till I die.

Living with you will be my reward,
On this life it will be a blessing,
Versatile will be your daddy,
Even mum I will be for you.

You will grow up a human of principles,
On Judgement Day, you will go to heavens,
Under this sky you will be cared for by Angels.

Single fathers rock!

This poem has a backstory where the mum abandoned the family right after childbirth.

My HP Poem #1543
©Atul Kaushal

Daddy told me I'm special, I'm his perfect little girl.
Daddy leaves bruises on my body
Daddy doesn't hit me he says
"it was only a smack"
Daddy told me that i am slow
If I carry on this way i will never get a job
He moves me to another school
I don't care, at least here they wont make fun of my mum,
I cant keep up with my school work
the class moves to fast
my father hits, punches and slaps
my father breaks my pencil
i tell my friend that he snapped my pencil
Daddy overhears he says
"don't tell people what happens at home or daddy will go to jail"
I didn't think that what he was doing was wrong
I thought that everyone got this too
I'm in a school and having lots of fun
Daddy says  to make no friends
that i shouldn't trust anyone
he doesn't hit anymore
he threatens me at home
I have few friends that know nothing about my home
My parents are no longer together
and i feel completely alone
I have no trust
no family
nothing at all
Daddy tells me i can tell him everything
I tell him how i feel
He hits my wall, i see his eyes turn red
Daddy says
"If you were my son i would his the crap out of you"
because he thinks that its ok
to his a boy but not a girl
and that is not ok.

i want to die
i cant go on

I look him in the
eye this is not my Daddy
this is a man, who i have never known

He thinks im going to kill myself
so he leaves me with with one thing
The man says
"If you kill yourself, i Will kill myself"
to try to make me feel guilty

it only makes me think that
If my death will result in his
then the world is better off without me

Long poem but people need to know that their parents are not always the best thing for   them
Rose Nao May 6

i’m starting to think that if i was your little girl,
you’d do whatever you could do
to make sure i was safe and warm and happy.

you’d put your finger on my tongue
because you’d know how i’d love the taste.
you’d run away and hide with me.

"go ahead and cry little girl, nobody does it like you do" - daddy issues by the neighborhood
Jim Davis Apr 24

Mommy loved Daddy
Then me

©  2017 Jim Davis

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