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SelinaSharday May 2022
Poem Sanged
Daddy.Vibes..(written for someone I know and I feel their pain so)
Listen.. hold me close and not far.. plz. hold me close to you.
Don't reach for me and be too far..
I'm just getting to know you and who you are.
i'm just getting to know you.
Hold me close and not far.
Your the reason why i am who i am.
why some things are the way they are.
So hold me closer.
I want that attention..
Oh must I mention i wanna know you.
I'm calling repeatedly.
I know i don't get answers every time. hold me closer.
But its been way too long.
pick up the phone, your important to me.
and I've waited my whole life long.
To kno who you are mr.
Don't wanna seem desperate
But I'm a part of you, you you and
I wanna get to know you.
Mr. busy busy busy I wanna know who you are
pic up the phone.
I want to hear you talk to me.
Mr. talk to me.. oh I'm still calling you.
Something in my soul.
got me callin you. something in my soul.
got me seekin searching
longin to get to know you.
Mr. Come through..
My Dna has much to say..
its in my soul Mr. see about me..
give a care I pray!

Finding a Long lost pops.
by selinashardaye
Been wondering who's Your Pops.. and get lucky enough to find someone you never thought you would... And your soul longs...
dark blue Dec 2021
swipe left
then right
desperately seeking
mister right

******* strangers
for love and tenderness
hoping he’ll stay
make babies
raise a family

bracing for the pain
the heartbreak
of a one night stand

why did you leave
am i not good enough
pretty enough
to be loved
Karijinbba Sep 2021
You offered me gold pots
even diamonds for my tears
fame, and great fortune.
Sorry I missed the mark.
My ET I need a UFO to fly by
I touch you in thought.
Lala Sassy Coco treasures
blooms of my womb
dearest of all loves
of my life, I adore you
Jeffrey A, John C
sons in law
J,Hamrin RIP 2015
Bradly D and family.
I am glad you came along
great among Kings you
I am crying over you..
I dedicate my tears.
to all who flew in n out
my sky in well being
My Jane Hilton May
To poets loyal and real.
Moi Paul P, Willow
Thanks ever more.
for your comments.
dark blue Jul 2021
dance with daddy
wear your tutu
spin and twirl

hold his hand

into his arms
and heart

you’re his little
prima ballerina

They've been sending me sympathy cards in the mail
Stopping me in the streets to say how sorry they are
You left me so suddenly not so long ago
They ask me how I'm doing
My entire being isn't a shrine to your memory
Photo on the post office wall is simply my face in a crowd
I'm afraid for what comes next
I miss you
I miss you
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