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N Pescador Jan 15
Dad look
I am good at taking care my sibling
Would you look at me now?

Dad look
I have perfect scores in all of my tests
Would you look at me now?

Dad look
I'm good at volleyball
Would you look at me now?

Dad Look
I'm already in college
Would you look at me now?

Dad Look
I graduate with honor
Would you look at me now?

Dad I'm getting tired now
Look at me dad
What do you want me to do?
For you to look at me
jia Jan 9
i have skimmed every encyclopedia,
have gone through to limits of every book in biology,
and even went on to read depths of psychology,
but i have yet to find an answer
as to why a father could hurt his own daughter
Mandi Wolfe Oct 2023
Tight rope walking
is an art that my man
has perfected.
He sweats only inside
as he risks the fall
in bringing my morning coffee.
No net.
Still he smiles as though
this particular rope
is a lifeline.
A tether?

He could never be
The Boy With The Hair.
My Man Is No Boy.
He dares greatly
clutching a quivering
cup of lifeblood.  
One foot placed carefully
In front of the other
50 feet above
the DMZ each morning
Into enemy territory.
Into me.

The bravest Man I’ve known
is a performer in a circus
where the perks are
and breakfast with
The Bearded Lady.
Mrs Timetable Jun 2023
I watched you swim
Under the blue raspberry
Pink vanilla
Sugar spun sky
The nostalgia of your innocence
Made me realize
My life could not be any sweeter
Than this
Then you proved me wrong
With your gazed upward view
And whispered
I want to be just like you
Father daughter love
SelinaSharday May 2022
Poem Sanged
Daddy.Vibes..(written for someone I know and I feel their pain so)
Listen.. hold me close and not far.. plz. hold me close to you.
Don't reach for me and be too far..
I'm just getting to know you and who you are.
i'm just getting to know you.
Hold me close and not far.
Your the reason why i am who i am.
why some things are the way they are.
So hold me closer.
I want that attention..
Oh must I mention i wanna know you.
I'm calling repeatedly.
I know i don't get answers every time. hold me closer.
But its been way too long.
pick up the phone, your important to me.
and I've waited my whole life long.
To kno who you are mr.
Don't wanna seem desperate
But I'm a part of you, you you and
I wanna get to know you.
Mr. busy busy busy I wanna know who you are
pic up the phone.
I want to hear you talk to me.
Mr. talk to me.. oh I'm still calling you.
Something in my soul.
got me callin you. something in my soul.
got me seekin searching
longin to get to know you.
Mr. Come through..
My Dna has much to say..
its in my soul Mr. see about me..
give a care I pray!

Finding a Long lost pops.
by selinashardaye
Been wondering who's Your Pops.. and get lucky enough to find someone you never thought you would... And your soul longs...
dark blue Dec 2021
swipe left
then right
desperately seeking
mister right

******* strangers
for love and tenderness
hoping he’ll stay
make babies
raise a family

bracing for the pain
the heartbreak
of a one night stand

why did you leave
am i not good enough
pretty enough
to be loved
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