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leave me once and you’ll break my heart,
leave me twice and my heart won’t even notice you are gone;
you’ve already forced me to learn how to live without you.
Amy Ross Nov 2020
You tell me that you love me
and I wonder,
if it isn't that you love me
but rather
that you don't want to be left alone
but it's so much easier
to say
I love you
Don't leave me
and I get it,
because it is
so much easier,
to say I love you
than don't leave me
because I said
I love you
when I meant
Don't leave me
Lara May 2020
You’re my soulmate

I never thought I would meet you.
The one person that is just like me and understands me like no other.

But I did.

She is my best friend, my everything, my soulmate.

You just have to wait for him, her, it or whoever the person or animal is.

Never go out of my life.

You are a part of me.

My heart would shatter if you would leave.

You are my soulmate.

I love you.
Geary evans Dec 2019
what must I do
what can I say
how should I approach you
what would be the outcome
for I desire you in my life
I want to you I want you
but I cant have you
for the one which I seek may my words get to you
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
Don't you dare do it,
You better not go through with it;
Not one little slit.

Don't you dare leave me,
I know it hurts so so much;
I care for you please see.

Suicide is not an option,
I know you have depression;
Just let me help alittle.

Just know if the sun
Sets again today, you always know;
The moon will rise again...
Just like tomorrow...
My friends go through tough times and it hurts to see them even tell me they are considering giving up because there is nothing left to live for and that no one will care. One of my good long distance friends told me they were considering it and I broke down in tears... I never want this to have anything like this happen to anyone... And I definitely don't want to lay up at night feeling like I didn't do enough to stop it from happening... there will always be someone for you and if not, I will always be here for everyone and anyone... Please spread love and positivity, a wise man I met once told me that if the sun still sets, the moon will still rise so live for tomorrow... Don't leave, don't you dare give up. Just like the sun you will come down but you will always rise again tomorrow. You are you, tomorrow you will be new.
ZoeM Jul 2019
Do you think that you could stay this time?

Stay with me while I throw all my toys out of our cot,

Stay with me when all I'm seeing is red,

Stay with me when my emotions are drowning me in an ocean of sadness,

Stay with me even when walking away is easier than holding my hand,

Sirius Mar 2019
I don't know how to say just how I feel
He does that to me
Takes the words out of my mouth
Makes me feel complete again
They dashed me against the rocks
He saw the good and picked up the pieces
Put them back together
The pieces that were lost he replaced
He tells me he loves me
He'll wait for me
But why
He'll find someone better
They always do
They always move on
But that's alright
Because for a few months at least
I have love, and I am loved
And for a few months I am complete
I know it won't last
But for now
For now I am free
And for now I am happy
I know I won't survive after it ends
But I can for now
For him
he left me, I was right. They always do
You crawled from out of my heart to my head.
From where I wanted to keep you instead.
I should have known once you entered my bed,
Dreams I have of you would need to be fed.

My heart would hold you but then you burst out,
Reminding me what mem’ries are about.
I was a fool to have had any doubt,
That the seed you planted in me would sprout.

My love was too much for my heart to bear,
I could not ignore it and keep it there.
Since you came around it hasn’t been fair.
My stale lungs need to breathe love in the air.

Between my heart and mind you shall dwell,
And when you’re near me then all will be well.
While our story has still chapters to tell,
Without you my heart’s just an empty shell.
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