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calypso May 4
soft to the touch
my fingertips hold the most
the heaviest things
like your heart
but to hold one thing
is to let go of another
I watched the well dry as you drank up
every single drop.

my tiny, tiny fingertips
hold a weight beyond belief,
it can since it wants.
my hands want to carry your weight
so you don't have to pretend
to care about this
or to love us
I held on to your heart
while you ran with the wolves
You ran with out the thought of me
Forgetting your heart as well
I'm just as forgetful
But I don't forgive.
So, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years! Yay, I'm single!!
I'm also fine :)
Moe May 1
All the wallflowers
Picking up the sun
Slowly walking towards
The madness
Moving statues
Entwined at the
You can find your
Picture on my wall
Walking on two legs
Facing the sound
Of empty eyes
Mark Wanless Feb 19
the generation of knowledge
a task an event a time period
birthed in ignorance
no future thought just now
over and over creation here
the window of memory closed
on the thousands who first
built fire understanding nothing
except burnt fingers smokey eyes
Annees Apr 2023
fingers harming hair,
hot fillers *******
open horizontal chair,
hovering blonde slots,
spot scent 'n sound mix,
set in stone carving X,
crack o' clock lingers,
cranked foreign giver,
converting reign leader

ground control to major
ships of implied delusion,
delusionships in fusion
never co-depending,
neither co-developing
deeply- delving, daunting,
open-ended forming,
rotating­ out of orbit,
falling prey to rotting,
bits of gums soaring,
bites of arms Taste -ing
                          Test sting
                            Test stink
                              Test  sink-ing
                                Test   sink in
                                  Test   sin king
                                    Tes   singing:
                                       La lal lala la la lla
I S A A C Dec 2022
i love being in a pitch-black room
the void, the lack thereof
cannot see my fingers or
the things i could never love
it's the peace i crave, my hidden cave
no one to tend to
no one to pretend to
i love being in a pitch-black room
no peeking, just sleeping
dreaming of things anew
unfolding the possibilities, new brew
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
We're riding bikes on this trip known as life

In midnight hours

Facing wind with a hefty amount of risk mixed with intoxication adorning my head with an imaginary crown in place of where nonexistent helmet should be

Drunk not on alcohol
Instead from the countless tears formed by self-hatred
Hot liquid bubbling over edges of my eyelids

I hope we find our way
We travel without light guiding our direction
Two insignificant nomads blindly navigating this vast existential void
Attempting to reach sort of adequate destination before time reaches us
Held together by fingers and an invisible magnetism more powerful than the unknown forces pulling and prodding around us at all angles
And led forward by our hearts
I miss my partner in crime
Mary-Joy May 2022
How I wished to count your fingers,

Your tiny toes,

How I wished to kiss your darling little nose,

How I wish to breathe in your scent,

You beautiful little child,

A God sent,

How I wish to whisper your name,

Your fingers round mine,

How I wished to tickle your feet,

And hear your laughter,

How divine.
camps Jan 2022
the tips of my fingers have grown mouths
and now all they do is complain about
not being able to see
you see
i'd give them eyes but
i swapped them all for the tiles
better suited for the triple letter
there's a rabbi rappelling down the
face of a mountain that looks like him
but still lets him down
he'll ***** you i swear
just hanging on the cliff
by the noose of suspense
you just have to give him a minute
feeling's overrated so
cue the parting lovers
i gave my fingers eyes
but took away their mouths
i showed them you and
now they seem like they wish
they'd never seen at all
a fair trade to have their lips again
and say what they want to say
re-sharing some of my older work

poem taken from my book 'anywhere but here'
winter lingers
down in the southern hemisphere
winter lingers
still we're feeling those cold fingers
spring's warm touch hasn't yet arrived here
as the days stay so dismally drear
winter lingers
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