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annh May 9
I want to fall into myself - to leave should’s, must’s,
and need to be’s scattered inconsequentially in my wake.

I want to dive deeply - to loosen my shoulders,
relax my arms, and slacken my griping fingers.

I want to uncoil my imagination - to revel in a crystal night sky,
a cool breeze, and a pink moon rising.

I want to meet the nomad - solitary, suspended in a sky-borne
playa, and blazing a trail to infinity.

'In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.'
- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays
Meysa May 9
Like flirting with a cigarette, studying it
teasing it between these slender fingers.
Turning it this way
that way
and putting it out after one
measly puff.
You know, before the cancer seeps in
like that.
the witch
by michael r. burch

her fingers draw into claws
she cackles through rotting teeth ...
u ask “are there witches?”
(yet she has my belief)

Keywords/Tags: witch, witches, Halloween, fingers, nails, claws, talons, cackle, cackles, teeth, rotting, rotten, broom, broomstick, cat
Ainsley Mar 27
I couldn't bear it all
It feels like hell
Without you nearby
I wish you stayed
Without passing on by
I don't want you as passing cloud
Not a star too
Which would someday fall
To fullfill the wish of a big or small
Rather be the sun which promises
Me the next day
Unlike the moon giving a no moon day.
Don't leave me please
If so give me my last kiss
That from your leave
There would be a new shining star
Up the sky beteween the cosmic dust
That would fall ONLY
To satisfy your wish withal...
r f laurel Mar 26
clawing at my chest
my fingers, through ribs and flesh
to feel if it’s there.
Yanamari Mar 26
Walking along the waterside
Fingers sliding over long grass
I slump and sit in the grass
The sun just having set
You were once familiar

I gaze into the waters
My fingers tracing the ripples
Wandering along the direction
It flows
Wondering, why my fingers
Never seem to grasp
And fall into flow with
The waters that reflect the
Light I always like to see
Thank you
lua Mar 25
ang mga salitang nais **** sabihin
natutunaw na lamang sa dulo ng iyong mga labi
natutunaw na lamang sa dulo ng iyong mga daliri
na tila'y kandila
tumutulo sa sahig
habang ang ilaw ng apoy nito'y sumasayaw sa hangin
lumalaki, lumiliit
at sa huli ay mawawala.
Skye Mar 18
i am
dripped in honey,
a golden sheen
my body,
coursing through
my veins
in luxury.
i am
an interlude;
the space
between your fingers
were not made
to contain me.
a 5-part series of a style i'm exploring.
Najla Mar 15
My fingers used to
always smell of her,
and her scent would linger
on my clothes for days

Now that she has left,
my fingers reek of cigarettes,
and my clothes remain unwashed

All I want is for my skin to
absorb her scent once again

But this is not a poem,
and she has changed her perfume
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