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Sophia Sep 22
I want roses to grow inside my lungs
Its okay if their thorns ***** my sides, and the blood pools inside my chest
Its okay so long as
I can ***** rose petals
And choke on their ever growing vines.
Carmen Jane Sep 12
Staring at the end of the beginning
Doubtful of all the raindrops in her life
There's a flower who can't stop pinning
Her dried leaves on the powerful sun

Her roots are searching in the dark
Her leaves are questioning  the wind
And yet she finds the giving spark
On her petals, by the sun, kissed.
Anastasia Sep 4
petals of glass
roses of gold
do you remember
your promises of old?
once was said "i'll love you forever"
that promise was what was holding me together
Anastasia Sep 2
the inside of my lugs
the petals
i can't breathe
but i don't want to
Anastasia Aug 30
spilling from my lips
speckles of blood
adorning them
in my lungs
from one-sided love
Zane Smith Aug 28
her petals wilted
a beautiful blue
radiating a subtle hue,
the suns beams reveal her glow
she carries her head high even when feeling low.
pushed and shoved
deserving of more love,
protect her with all your heart
please lean on me when you fall apart,
stronger brighter than any other.
the cold breeze and rough winds
bend your stem and take with them some petals
but babe your beautiful blue
your radiant hue,
will always and forever be a part of you
a poem I wrote about a close friend I was worried about but will forever cherish out friendship.
Kansha Betha Aug 25
I mistaken you
as a shelter
of withering petals
you put them up the ground
caressing each and every one
just to lay all of them
on top of your rotting bed

I mistaken you
as a sovereign
of kingdom come
sit on the polished throne
presented with a crown
only to be unveiled
upon your counterfeit

I mistaken you
as genuine devotion
a failure to perceive
your caress and throne
was only as shallow
as your devilish lust
and your outmost pride
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