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The feeling of relief when the pain finally ends.
The sounds of rain pattering on the metal roof.
The smell of dry earth mixing and mingling with the water.
The soft touch of petals against your fingers.
The taste of warm chocolate cake the melts on your salivating tongue.

Stimulation from other people.

These are the things that live thrives on.
eh. I'm in a mood.
It's petals flying by, not snow.
I'll follow them to you, I know.
A quiet voice I can't subdue
Is begging me to look for you.

Like snow, you were just a dream
And you're not here - is what it means,
But metronome beats in my chest -
"Don't leave!", but you will never guess...
veritas 4d
how do we see age in a flower?
is it marked by the withering of her leaves, or is it in the soft sigh of her petals as they rustle lightly against the zephyr?
is it in the tender droop of her stem as she bows to an expanse of her sisters, forgoing her youth's firmness and resilience for a gentle acceptance of what may be?
as the dawn speeds up does she, too, speed up, until all that remains is a pile of potpourri in a glass bowl? or is her fragility yet remembered in the vestiges of her beauty, wisps of a girl who is no longer but could have never been forgotten?
where do we find the age in a flower?
for i do not believe she is timeless.
inspired by bibio's song petals
veritas Oct 10
a mercy misplaced
a raven's cries amiss
fallen and forgotten he stands over
petals dipped gently in blood
and a dagger slipping silently from cold hands.
it is a treacherous thing, his heart,
and it has betrayed his lips.
betrayal smells like passion until it isn't
I don’t ever want to be a rose
Like a **** pulled away
Pluck my petals one by one
Watch as I wither away

But if I was a rose
Would you even pick me then?
Would I not be left alone?
Have a person to talk to now and then?

Is it better to be used and broken
Or tear yourself apart because
You’re the only person
That you ever had got?

Mary Shanti Sep 28
Of momentary
Burning like
An Hour glass
Seeping in
And Out
In distant passageways
Escaping me
And all the frozen
Fall from
You never sent me
I wait in
Spaces of time
For the day
I will
When it will come at me
Withered worries
Of the when
It will hit me
Like a pan
Hard and heavy
I try to remind myself I am human
Melodies remind me you are gone
And I slow my breath to catch a glimpse
Of something that once was
Written by me at a time of loss
After the petals are fallen
I wait in ecstasy
for the treasured seeds of life
trancing in my ****
to paint the wings of spring
in colours of mirth
to rejuvenate the dead dreams
of a parched earth!
Allesha Eman Sep 14
Underneath the moonlight you’d sit
Somewhere where roses would be
Just so you could smell them at night
And in some other corner of the world
I sat surrounded by the sea
Of your wave like memories
Soaked like petals in pouring rain
I’m dreaming of blossoming
And taking away your pain
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