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Abby M 19h
Faithful buds you poke your heads out green
Leaves unfold round petals’ silky sheen
Sunlight draws you from your cellar rest
Dry-dirt roots seek water to ingest
Gift of romance, jewel of child’s crown
Found and owned, your beauty not your own
Perfect picture, ruined out of love
Plucked from home you flourish long for none
Spring is that
One week in April
Cherry blossoms fill the sky and ground
Bubbling pink petals as fast as they fall
Snowing Sakura petals

Reaching out
Catching them as they spiral through the air
Falling ever so softly

Pile heaps of pink
Roll around
Throw confetti

The pink turns brown
And we're still collecting heaps
Lining the side of the streets

Where we grew unexposed
To the hectic world outside
Lost in a pink Sakura bubble of our own
Don't feel like I've done a good job on this one but I thought the memory was sweet and wanted to write it out.
Lydia 3d
You should not have to feel like you need to change yourself for anyone else
the right person should help you bloom into the sunshine
be the rain to nourish your roots
and the soil to help you grow
but be the key to helping you see how beautiful you've been all along
delicate flowers
like a fragile heart
easy to tear
soft to the touch

blossoming under the warm
the rays of tender care

but quick to wilt and crumple

under a stormy sky,
the flower hides
afraid of the tears, the rain

but all that it needs
is the thing many perceive

is it really love?
plucking petals from the center of a daisy.
the satiny texture of life.
breathing in flowery delight.
twisting the pure ivory teardrops between my fingers.

crushing, grinding and squishing it into a paste.
the stunning flicks of winsome memories,
turned to shredded affection
and self-loathing.

the bitter toxins
still, sting wounds of battle,
however, the knowledge of that daisy's deadly sickness
will continue this painful war.

it hurts so bad,
plucking out the petals that lay around my heart,
to remove my feelings for you.

Daniel Long Dec 3
Drifting petals in a spring blush,
carried by that southern exhale.

Soaked in lake fountains,
sun-washed hair dripping gold.
A poem about happiness.
My poetry/short story website: www.gothicsurrealism.com
js Nov 26
It withers

near a bare

under skies
filled with

It withers

with tired petals
amid dullness, and


I see it wither


I see what


Poor haggard


with no place to

I see it wither here

ever seeing

Jedda Nov 26
Dried petals were left on the driveway, near the crooked fence you said you’d always fix, grass littered the cracked pavement, and mail lay on the lawn, it’s like no body was ever home but I’ve been here all along
- j
Efa Nuryani Nov 16
Our feelings, bloomed
to be doomed
The petals of our hopes fell over the leaves of our egos
You said fond memories wouldn't fade easily, remember?
You never told me that your love would...

Evenoer. 2018
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