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Shyanna Ashcraft Feb 2018
I remember when you
Hot wired my heart.
With promises that it would fly,
You drove it off a cliff.
I remember how it crashed at the bottom,
And how you jumped out just before
it went sailing to the ground.
Someone found it later,
And patched it up as the years rode by.
He asked my nicely
if he could take it fore a spin,
And I handed over the keys
and let him clamber in.
There's still some dents and dings,
But the new owner overlooks
the damage you left behind,
And when you came
looking to take another joyride,
You found that your once stolen seat
had been more suitably occupied.
a hand puppet
unable to put up a fight
the hand goes crazy –
excuse me if i’m clumsy

remember the other months
a december that closed its mouth
cleverness (that’s what moves me)

we new ones are out in the cold

lint resembles snow to me
clinging to your eyelash why haven’t i
been able to see which of us is right

let’s repeat it before i forget
that people die in every season

watch the roses fade
false as a beach
a pearl on the lip
the blackness of a tear


(wet leaves in a book will not dry)


the memory dies

a plate held before each face
saying who am i

the moon

(the moon after all)
****** with a radio
playing schumann to dilate
a memory
but after
atomic foreskins
pink and fresh
but no
no dream rocoque
no krupp haloes
no religious artifacts
made of lampshade skin
a million kilowatt moon
no anticipating geometry
the smell of soap
nor calling into question
human sexuality
without flesh
nor the vibration of blood
that angry lobe
hammering overhead
that echo bite
and again
no teeth
no Hiroshima
no again again
black graveyard womb
milk-glass lit
bandaged echo
**** him **** them
familiar bell music
**** them all (with)
some balding angels weave together the soldiers
of god the work of a spider the star of despair
local insects, tennis players in
spite of the nets in spite of
the insolent blue which limits us
which nonetheless continues to charm the readers
of english magazines
turn your back
but stay in view at the same time
(now look away,
anything else confuses)

stand still without saying a word

you can’t see but this is how
i separate day from night

and the starless sky
from the empty heart
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