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I'm sorry for what I am
I'm sorry for not being good enough
I try as hard as I can to change
There's some things that I wish would go away
There are parts of me that I wish would just die
I'm sorry for being resentful
I'm sorry for being full of Hate
I try to leave my past behind me, but every time I turn away, it's staring me in the face
I know I can be better
That I can be more
I can see a new me at the end of the tunnel, but my demons hold me in place
I'm sorry for pushing you away
I'm sorry for driving you insane
I may not have much to really live for, but what I have is surely more than enough
I'm sorry for all the wrong I do
Can you forgive me? I love you.
I'm sorry if someone made you feel like it was hard to love you

I'm sorry if you feel like being exactly who you are isn't good enough

I'm sorry if you look in the mirror and hate what you see because someone else said that you weren't beautiful

I'm sorry if you've ever questioned whether your life was worth living because some **** told you the world would be better off without you.

I'm sorry if youre reading this right now and relating to this.

I'm sorry if society's expectations of how a girl should look, what size they should be, and how they should ask, made you think that you were doing it all wrong.

I'm sorry your beautiful soul has ever had to question anything about who you are because the truth is, the world needs more people like YOU.

The truth is they're all wrong.

And I'm sorry for all the years you believed them and all of the tears you cried and nights you asked God why you weren't good enough.

You are.

You always were.

You were never hard to love, you were just loving the wrong people.

I'm sorry they wasted your time.

But its about time you stop hating yourself for not being everyone else's idea of yourself, and start being the version of yourself that you can live with and love.

I ******* miss you
Wish I could kiss you
I'm furiously mad at you
Tried to be good for you
Feel ******* sad without you
Nothing but bad to me
Should have minded myself
Instead I blinded myself
North Fires Jun 30
if I ever let you go
please know
I didn't want to
Preston Reid Jun 30
I look through pictures of this person I used to be with these faded whispers of the people I have seen telling me they miss the old me and don’t get me wrong I do too but who did I used too be?i was happy is all that matters I was free to be me and I didn’t understand the privilege that was given to me. That was my first mistake upon Many that kept piling up till I couldn’t see what was in front of me so I’m blind to will happen tomorrow but as they say tomorrow is not that far away
Cai Apr 26
“ what would you say to someone who gave up on you if you had a chance? “

Id probably say that “if i had to choose a word to describe how I feel about you, it would be ‘disappointed’. I would’ve never given up on you and I did all I could to make you happy. But for many reasons, you gave up on me. It may appear that I’m confused about all of this but as much as I hate to say it, there’s a part of me that understands why. And I respect your decision. The fact that it wasn’t the right time. I was willing to fight for you. It breaks my heart to know that you weren’t. But, I love you and I want you to be happy. I guess I need to let you go, so I could find someone who actually wants to fight for me. And no, I’m not writing this to win you back. But to be honest, I don’t know if I want to be with you anymore. If you were so quick about giving up on us once, I’m sure you would do it again. So for now, goodbye. And I’ll be missing you.”
my bf and I of 11 months broke up recently. It was a mutual decision. It still hurts like hell. But Hi everyone!
Nadine Apr 23
i can see you, you know
i can see when you look at me for just a hair too long
your wandering eyes when i wear a shirt a little too tight
or even your own brothers sweatpants

your laugh rings in my head like a bell, matching perfectly
with that smile and
those eyes
blue, not like his
yours are soft
his are icey

you have the same parents, there's only 15 months between you
youre closer to my age, but i have a thing for older boys
so the older brother it was
we weren't even friends
not even before i met your brother
maybe your eyes fall on my body because i look like her
i look like most of the girls you mess around with
modestly curvy,
mess of brown curls
tan skin, brown eyes

i shouldnt dream about you the way i do
i shouldnt think about you the way i do
my thoughts should most definitely be focused on the other "S" boy
in your family

i get too excited when you're going to be around
even though you make me so nervous
i could choke on the tension in the air
it's like being allergic to chocolate
you cant
you wont
you shouldnt EVER
but you just want a small bite
a nibble
just a taste
a single

that's a lie though
a fantasy that never happened
i fantasize a lot about you
oh yes
and im glad im the only one with a key to my brain
i dont want anyone to have the slightest PEEK
inside the
Simon vault

most of my fantasies are so innocent
so elementary
it makes me
wonder if i ever even grew up
"maybe, just maybe, he'll look me in the eyes today"
"possibly even nod my way"
except the Simon i know doesnt do that
he doesn't even acknowledge me

ive been told his only personality trait is drifting cars
sometimes my head wanders to
but theyre so forbidden

ive thought about everything there really is to think about
not only between
but between
once between
innocent kisses is all i think about
never more
i feel like im betraying the other "S" that way

i thought writing this would make me feel better
but instead i can feel 20 pounds
slowly lowering down on me
im getting hot
definitely not needy
hot under his sweatshirt
no, not Simon's
im not ******* stupid
i could never seek him out

Spencer wants to know
i want someone to know
not Spencer, not Karly, not anyone

maybe its because of the faulty answer
he told me when someone
told me
anonymously (******* **** ****)
that he's got a crush
that mess of limbs and laughs and ..very.. little wit and
(god that smile will be the death of me)
on me
i guess i look similar to her
brown curls and tan skin and brown eyes
similar height, weight, cup size
hell, even our ***** are the same
we both wear loungewear like its regular clothes
same sense of humor
but like
ive got freckles, trauma, i overshare
shes fine, as far as i know

i need to drop it before i manifest feelings back
before i manifest your thoughts back to me
i dont know if i need them or if theyre the last thing i need
im sorry Spencer.
Sophia Apr 9
This is it world,
Dont look for me
you wont find me. :(
Michelle Mar 26
days full of thoughts
nights full of tears

i am not your type
now, i do not say that in a way where i feel superior
because that statement hurts
but i am not your type
So why are you still with me
when i am not like those who attract you

why do you stay
when all i do is bring baggage
why do you stay when all i bring are difficulties and obstacles
why do you stay when i do is bring sadness
why not find someone who’s happy?

no one has my attention the way you do
and it hurts feeling like you can’t say the same
but please tell me
i’m not what you want
and i’ll wish you the best and be on my way
i’m sorry i wasn’t enough
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