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jade Apr 25
There was a canvas lying on the floor,
his canvas was lying on the floor.

There was a canvas lying on the floor,
his canvas was covered in red,
painted by his blades.

There was a canvas lying on the floor,
his canvas was covered in blue,
painted by his fists.

There was a canvas lying on the floor,
his canvas was ruined, and overused.

He needed to get a new one,
since he loved painting so much.

He always had a smile on while painting his canvases.
i like this one a bit, thank you for reading
Opal Wood Apr 16
My dearest friend
I will always love you
But I must admit
I am not the same
When I was younger
I was happier
As we're older
I grow colder
My sadness turns to darkness
Please don't be hurt
If I go tonight
Just remember that
I love you Rebecca
Like a sister
I'll be better off
You will never
Need to worry anymore
I'll be peaceful
Never tearful again
Madam X Mar 27
I’m sorry I’m to sad to love you the way u need to be loved okay.
And that every time you try with me, I seem to just push you away

I’m sorry that my hearts too broken to make you smile
And that you haven’t heard my laugh in a really long while.

I’m sorry I’m stubborn and that I cry way too much
And that being with me is looked down on a bunch

I’m sorry I can’t be skinny or even close to pretty
And that sometimes people describe me as being a little ditzy

I’m sorry I don’t accept the love you send to me
And that I make you feel like you keep me less free

I’m sorry I can’t show you how important you are
And that words have always been something that’s hard.

Im sorry I’m sorry for so many things
And all of the problems my mental health brings.
Chelsea Mar 17
I imagine my name like a small bomb going off
That’s why no one says it anymore
I imagine no one even tries
I will be honest, I never liked it until
You whispered it
You’d say it across the whole room

You used to call me yours before I ever really was

Somebody say it
Don’t you remember?
The way you all used to, in sync
Like a dream
When you saw my face on a small screen
Say my name

So that the letters bounce off the hairs on the back of your neck and jump up and slide down the soft dip in your ear and land on your fingers, walking up your wrist and over the tightrope veins of your arms gently, as to tease the blood beneath your skin with it’s turning heel and somehow you would remember

The freckles on my stomach you made friends with
The laughter you painted and pushed up through my belly,
tumbling through my lips and onto your fingers

You licked off the icing of our love and removed the knots from my hair and you kissed me all over before you turned out the light and you left

All the kisses I pressed into your shoulder

I know they’re still there
Dormant; sparkling

I think you could find pieces of me if you looked hard enough, hiding in my favorite spots near your ear

Please don't tell me
Did you rid your self of every
Trace of me along your ribs
A tingle at the edge of the morning

All the strands of hair I left in your beard
The rubber bands under your pillow
Pens staining the sheets and the presents I wrapped, one by one

Am I still there or am I being ashed out a car window

My socks still in the bottom drawer, the picture on your wall, my face deleted from your phone but not your mind, or does it work both ways? and when you turn it on in the middle of the night am I next to you, the light dim and my skin soft and we curl around each other

Can you still hear me
or was my voice never loud enough to form a memory
You knew you'd hurt me. But I didn't know I'd hurt you.
Grace Feb 23
The destructive daughter
and the delicate one.

The blunt daughter,
and the passive one.

The rageful daughter
and the sad one.

The out burst daughter
and the collapse-in-on-itself one.

The always apologizing daughter
and the always receiving them one.

The destructive daughter
and the delicate one.
destructive - me
delicate - her

she is the moon and I the sun. And every month I leave her and run. That is why she becomes the new moon.
Beanie Feb 5
I wish I knew how to whistle,
And I wish I knew how to
Play the guitar, or maybe piano.
I wish I knew how to sing
On pitch, or at least follow a tune.
I wish I knew how to be a good friend,
So maybe I would stop losing people,
And I wish I was a better person
Because right now it feels like
All I do is ***** things up.
I wish I knew how to fix this, and I wish
That you know I’m sorry.
SquidInk Dec 2020
i find myself looking at his picture too often
the angry face i put on begins to soften
i tear rolls down my face and i sigh
i know i shouldn't have said goodbye
HeyitsAngel Dec 2020
We had agreed to be friends
I felt like I couldn't
It hurt too much and I felt I wasn't healing
We both broke down when I said I needed time
When I told you I couldn't handle a friendship
Because I didn't want us feeling something for each other
Its been a few weeks of us not talking
I notice so many things we haven't been able to talk about
That we bonded over
I thought us having our own space
Would help us heal
Without you its been hard
I miss my best friend
That's all we were
Two hockey-loving best friends
I miss talking to you about football
But it's okay
I hope you are okay
Just know I thought this was for the best
Without you
Without you, I haven't been the same crazy sports fan
SquidInk Dec 2020
everyone envisions their hope for their future
whether they want to lose weight
or whether they want to fall out of habits
some people envision having a family
having kids and a dog
marrying that one boy that makes them so happy
is it bad that in my future i envision nothing for myself
perhaps in the future i will be gone..
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