Surviving and living,
Both have the same meaning,
It is just the difference in feeling,
Let me begin explaining,
Surviving is staying alive,
Just for the sake of being alive,
Surviving is struggling,
It is a rough journey,
Full of hatred and being lonely,
Living is surviving,
But with happiness as feeling,
It is a rough journey,
But feeling happy,
In every little story,
Feeling happy with oneself,
Happy with whatever is happening,
Even if your world is crumbling,
Find joy within the disaster,
The aesthetic within the storm,
Don't waste time competing,
Struggling and fighting,
Live life don't fight it,
Once you can smile through a storm,
When happiness is the feeling,
That's when you know,
You are living,
And not surviving.
Me Díaz Apr 10
In a place where I only know
How to fight to survive
From the thoughts
That consume.
And I can’t claim to be doing
The very best
That I possible can,
And tomorrow I’ll be just fine,
When I’m only trying to survive
The split from the self,
And the loss
Of something I never had.
To find the balance between the all,
And make the whole;
Find a home,
At the core.
Build me home.
Make me home,
In All.

M•(e). Díaz
Some days are just that way:
Everything hurts deeper than usual, and the pain in my heart is more poignant and all consuming; and then my thoughts take over.
I refuse to let myself shut down and split: I'm learning to face my emotions and deal with them; I'm learning to stay with myself.
Anusha Mar 27
Demanded to be a Firefly
But rose as a phoenix.
Trusted me to be the guard but
Couldn't control when I grew into an extremist.

My broken phases have become your battle cry
My empty songs have become revolutionary
You watched me go awry but sweet love,
The rebel phase is temporary.

I have changed and I have grown
Like wildfire in the calmest of seas.
I have reached the place that is high,
One deliberate wrong step and you keep guessing Why.
All my dreams and plans are forsaken,
Warrior that I've turned,
I'll be the keeper hardest to keep.

But sweet love, the rebel phase is just temporary
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SangAndTranen Mar 21
Oh mama oh mama
Feeding blood into my veins
Pouring water down my throat
Squeezing tears from my eyes.

Oh mama oh mama
Breathing air into my lungs
Freeing my blocked airway
Of the food that got stuck.

Spoonful spoonful
Sitting me up
Injecting saliva
And pumping my heart.

Mama oh mama
She is my clockwork
If she stops so will I
So wind me up agian
What is this? Idek...
SangAndTranen Mar 21
You've lost your way,
The fog has rolled in.
Your chances of survival
Are a damn sight dim.

Your pretty little face
Wont stay pretty for long,
'Cause death has come
To sing his song.

He is everywhere, nowhere,
He cannot be seen.
You pray for some mercy,
He doesn't hear your pleas.
AroruA Mar 10
I've been told how to look
What to feel!
What to say!
So you are expecting me to be a certain way
Surrounded by all these faces I say that I don't fit in
I see less of myself compared to that girl over there laughing ....

But maybe that's  superficial
Maybe she's just like me
Hiding under a shell, and not letting others see
Maybe she wakes up with the biggest regret
Maybe she doesn't want to laugh but that's not right compared to what society says

But I'm here for you girl, and I know you cannot hear
But feel it within that it doesn't end here
I know you feel crushed, hopeless and like nothing else matters
But still feel it inside that it's going to get better

I know you've heard this a million times, better days will come
But believe me when I say the worst has not yet arrived
I know you think its hard and  what's the point in living when you see your self-esteem getting crushed upon even in every single one of your dreams

It will get better, say that out loud
Not because others will make it so, but because you have the guts to throw down what others expect, disagree with what others think, crush down that conformity that society has put you in
You will make it far, try to understand
And once you believe it, the mask you have put one will finally disappear it.
Ashley Kane Mar 13
The forgotten me,
I squint to see her
the she before the us
I can't remember her
what did she wear.....
how did she talk.....
did she dance....
did she laugh....
did she enjoy making love?....
she's so lost and forgotten, a pattern out of date.
no longer viable on this new updated model
i can no longer run her program the forgotten me isn't compatable
so i must put her to sleep along with us
This new Me this new version is harder to run
its not as quick or slick
but its strong and resistant with
plenty of armour
an upgrade for the forgotten me
A reflection on myself after coming out of an oppressive situation trying to identify with myself again
My ship it lies motionless,
nestled in the dunes.
I'm very far away from home,
and I can't find the moon.

I creak and wobble left and right
as I sail among the sand.
Windy gusts will raise the grains
yet carry me throughout this land.

The little boat then takes a turn,
toward a watery reprise.
Struggling the yellow stone,
The boat finds only lies.

As I sail into the night,
my ship it lies motionless,
nestled in the dunes
Megan Feb 24
I am encapsulated in a cocoon of pain,
it runs through my veins –
my blood is oxygenated with sorrow.
I clutch a cigarette between my middle and index fingers,
the only thing I’ve touched so intimately since.
The smoke that trails into my lungs
blackens my insides,
ensuring I no longer have to refer to the darkness inside of myself using a metaphor.

Why should I care for a body I don’t want to inhabit anymore?

I am littered with scars,
from my metal companion –
a friend when I was no longer loved by all.
A fiery soul burned out,
like the cigarette that I wish to be infinite.
But phoenixes resurrect after they burn down in flames
- I always knew I was not human.

Maybe the heat I felt nipping the inside of my skin,
since I was an infantile girl
was preparing me for the flames that have now engulfed me,
making me question:
do I want to live or do I want to die?

But my favourite bed time stories were the ones about
the princesses that saved themselves,
and their animal companions that could bring themselves back to life.

Little did I know I would be both.

Little did I know
I was a princess and a phoenix
all in one.
spiral-whirl Feb 16
i can't understand the tug at my lips when i see gore,
when pain happens,
when i think of a painful memory,
yet my heart still squeezes,
still wheezes,
still sputters,
still hurt,
but because i carry on while the storm that is against me,
and the only weapon i wield is my smile,
because they will never know how broken i am

[ kind of a part two ]

i laugh when my eyes rain,
when raindrops trickle down my cheek,
have you ever realized that sobbing and laughing sound so similar?
when someone laughs they can be crying in the inside,
when someone sobs they can be happy,
i think its a way of laughing off the pain,
just so you won't give in,
because then you lost,
and we don't want that.
two poemsssssssssss in one -u-
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