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rstlss Mar 26
Everyday is an uphill *****
—a vertical some days
—always picking up the slack;
picking up the pace.
Desperate, delusional,
acts of disgrace,
but how do you ask for forgiveness
with a struggling face?

I wish it were easier
living, that is;
I force life to be easier;
surviving, it is.

How do you tell people
you're suffocating,
when the air on the *****
is dissipating?
i am not fine for the past months
Lily Priest Nov 2023
Every miniscule molecule
I make mine
Meanders from,
Mightily moving mountains,
To meekly maintaining mounds.
From harmlessly heeding horizons,
To heroically holding off hounds.
Kuvar Jun 2023
my emotions dread for peace
this space is so tight
I seem lifeless

why prickly numb and burning
are my toes writing a story
spare me a niddle to escape

For my fears are dead
Today I question life
Now I got my answer

Live today
Live today
Live today

(c) Olu Daniels -KUVAR
I felt so depressed but I found hope again, today , and tomorrow and forever. TO LIVE
Kamal Jun 2023
I don’t know how I survived
Slammed the door on the past
Ploughed through uncertain present
Blindly charted a future
Searching for a love

Followed endless roads
Scared of looking back
Hoped for the best
Searching for a love

Time to rest
59 is knocking on my lonely door
Found no love
Thank you very much!
Kassiani Oct 2022
What you wanted was war
Thundering and merciless
Wanted Armageddon to roll in
So you could follow every avenging angel
Brash with bloodlust
And feel righteous in the end

I felt the shift in the atmosphere
Heard the horsemen, saw the lightning
But I had long ago grown weary
Of desperate, clashing swords

You built trebuchets
So I built walls
Studying the stillness of stones
Observing the physics of load bearing and
Force balancing and
Standing unshaken as the sky itself shatters

The onslaught was calculated
Unyielding and arrogant
But of all the accusations lobbed over the ramparts
The only ones that drew blood
Were those fashioned after my own devices
Those festering things that grew out of my nightmares
Seeded with the secrets I'd once let fall in peacetime

You've called out endlessly for my head
But I won't bleed out for you here
I've been studying the patience of water
The salty tracks quietly working their way
Through all the hard places
Out to the sea

I won't bleed out for you here
I faced the red maw that would unmake me
I spun my own stitches out of ether
And lived
emily Oct 2022
Healing alone through all the pain that my heart has been broken from is probably one of the most difficult things I have survived so far.
emily Oct 2022
I pick up my pen
Like it's an anchor to the living
Oh to be a fool in love with death
-how i fight my battles
E Sep 2022
i've never felt
so alive
experiencing the full range of human emotion

this is what it means to be human
what it feels to breathe without condition
and shackles to their needs
conservation of energy
preservation of self
outcomes fulfillment

residual ties out of desperate attempts at connection
burning those same bridges out of fear
i'm known
not understood
used as a tool from my own overextended hand
not understanding
people can't be used as distractions
finding the flaws in repeated dynamics
where do they **** up
but where do i contribute
is the better question
how am i the problem.
i am the problem
and now, how do i resolve this
time will offer it's lesson again
let me catch up
i'm still doing my homework
please professor life, give me a second.
life updates: skipped my first college semester, lost two-three relationships, gained a new relationship, lost my therapist to get a new one,  got a job and am now juggling school and work.
This life, we are traveling through,
Our classroom, to learn, respect,
Very important, accept, be thankful,
So much to explore, always try,
Different ideas, at any age
Your best talent, maybe,
On the
Other side of the door,
Even if a garage, is center stage.
Our body and brain, are to be used, they need movement,
They give us signs, aches and pains,
Then negative thoughts, passing through, a board brain,
Do the same, start forgetting, can’t concentrate then insane.
Our fuse is lit, we never know, when we will go,
Forget, the sayings, I can’t, I wonder, what if, …
Take the time, be proud, even if you’re slow.
None of us know, the best day of our life,
Or when we will die, until our last, goodbye.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/16/21AD 5:45 PM
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