She made me peaches on ice
Like it was the 1920's
She was Greta Garbo
And I Hemingway

We went out
And toasted to good will
Youth and prosperity
Innocence the norm
And carte blanche
The martini

Without the olive
Because she had to eat it
And laughed, while ever so
slightly teasing

I felt better than Paris on a spring day
I felt stronger than a million sympathies
I felt as if the world had a plan for me
Alas, I was served
Peaches on ice
By the love of my life.
Perhaps it would
all be alright.

All I knew
Is that believing it
Made it real enough
To my wistful eyes.
I often wish that I was still a child.
So many things change when we grow up.
Innocence becomes lost,
days become shorter,
the nighttime still scares me,
playing house becomes a game of survival,
boys become men, men become frightening,
I become sad, worried, anxious, and self-aware,
friends will lose their half of the necklace or their friendship ring,
being loved by someone will determine our worth,
I no longer feel small next to the kitchen counter,
but in the presence of everyone around me,
“Forever” loses its meaning,
everyone will eventually leave,
death is no longer a myth,
I will not smile as often as I did,
I will not cry as little as I did,
I will not feel safe in school anymore,
I will not go outside and play anymore,
I will try and pick the imperfections off of
my skin until it is red and bleeding,
suck in my stomach whenever I walk,
work myself into exhaustion,
feel overwhelmed by every task,
have anxiety attacks in public places,
and wish that I was a child again.
Xyns 4d
I’ve been scared of what’s intimate

A little paranoid
Noticing love never seems to be infinite

I’m dodging questions
This guilt can’t answer shit

And I’m binging
Meanwhile, I’m saying I should quit

Never again
Will I taste innocence
Lynnia 6d
In growth we hurt, our spirits bruised
Oftentimes we feel misused
We cling to wisps of better times
They fade away, we cry our rhymes
Innocence is what we plead
To run from our maturity.
circling overhead and
passing through thick clouds
and blue skies,
the shadows of flowers
overturn like a sun-dial
until the rain of agony
will intercept and
hasten on falling petals
and we will decide
to pick the day that
the blossoms of purity
will come to a diminishing

the crunch of the stem
will roll and twist
between the fore finger
and the thumb
and the baby’s head
will pop off and flail
through the winds of
enduring sadness and
carry their spirit away

the brokenhearted will pollinate
their unending sorrow and pain
onto those most virtuous and

their wrath will spread like floodwaters

they want others to feel the same
that they feel

they will hold onto their burdens
and impediments
like a security blanket

and pull the wings off angels like flies

the decay of emotions will wilt
like a dried up sunflower patch

their minds will be tormented into submission

their hearts will wither with misery and guilt

their happiness will dilute into black waters

their loneliness will be spent on the snails back

their speeches will be packed with pestilence

it will be easier to spit in the eye
than to cordially say hello

it will be easier to hurt, maim, kill
than to passionately love

flesh will ornament the streets
and the gutters will run with
the red rivers of the living and
the bones will be ground up
into powder and
false education will fulfill the
peaceful slumber of dreams
with violence and infamy
blood will splatter on the
decorative towels
murder will garnish
the thought process
the raving mad will defile
the wall of virgin souls
with phallic graffiti
cruelty will remain heavy under
the defenseless children’s eyes
all because we simply cannot be
decent to each other.

and it’s sad....
it’s sad enough
it’s happening,
it’s happening right now
and there are several
other ways to coincide
with one another
but we don’t, we just
take the easy disposition

and for what?

for power
for greed
for lust
for vengeance
for no serious reason

but in the dim light of everything
the sea levels will continue
to rise and fall
under the aesthetic moon

and the blazing sun will continue
to shine all over the cold tundra
of hatred from people.

can you remember
when you had that
natural innocence
before the erosion
of the world
stripped it away?
Stacia Gibson Jul 15
Confused and in pain
She cries into her pillow
Never to be the same
She looks around her room
Her bears and dolls
Witnesses to her pain
Innocence lost
Only her to blame
She tries for help
But is turned away
She cries herself to sleep
Just to be awaken by It the next day
The monster of her dreams
She fights and screams
She already knows such pain
Never to be the same again
With no one on her side
She tries to commit suicide
Her little body hanging from a
Jumping rope
Because at the age of six
She had no hope
That friend of the family
Finally caught and put away
She was able to breathe and live to see another day
Anneli Jul 10
I miss how the smell of grass made my feet smile
how the sun made my belly tickle
how the waves made my heart jump with fascination
and how I made myself feel safe

How the clear blue sky made my mind full of hope
how the birds made my ears relaxe
how the gravel made my legs extend
how I gave me joy

I miss the summers innocence
mixed with my childish naivety,
when all it took was a day full of summer
for me to be full of light
for me to feel happy
Anya Jul 3
A soft shy smile
So cute!
High pitched little voices
In their own world
to please
to laugh
to experience
To live
Ellie Grace Jul 3
I grew jealous of your naivety
your sheltered life
the calmness of your thoughts
and the safety you found in your pristine house
A house that had not been burnt to the ground by uninvited visitors
you still held your innocence within your hands
grasping tightly onto the hopes and dreams of a child
the spark in your eyes yet to be extinguished

I was envious of the positivity captured within your soul
the nonchalant filter through which you viewed the world
your vision remained unobscured
the cruel reality of the world had yet been revealed
your life remained normal, uneventful
Everything I lacked
everything I desperately wanted
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