What's a simple kiss on the cheek?
It doesn't have to be something so bleak.
It's just a simple display of affection
Why'd she have to shut it down so quickly?
It wasn't meant to be interpeted romantically
It was innocent it didn't need any correction
I just wanted to express my platonic emotion.
So I was talking with my bestie and I said it'd be cool if we became roommates and she laughed and I used these two emojis as a response
I've listened to the same song
For weeks

I cut my hair short cause I was feeling edgy

I wrote a screen play about abuse murder and insanity

You want to know why I stay anonymous?

Because if you don't know my name, age, religion or position,

You can't believe my name is the definition of innocence.
This was my first piece ever published!
Yay for that milestone.
Fun and games
that's all it takes
to keep young hearts in motion
but one night like the
thousands of others
she went missing;
gone from sight and
gone from everyday life

Time went by
and she went with it
the clock was a ticking bomb;
waiting to find hope
and explode with glee
but on the happiest
day of the world
it took a sharp turn

She was found in the
morning's cold embrace
no trace of life remained;
robbed of innocence
robbed of possibilities
never to open eyes again
never to open the front door
and say "I'm home"
Based on the murder of the Danish girl Emilie Meng in 2016. Her murderer is still not found.
Skilled rabbit
For skin
Misguided heart
Wrong turn taken
Looked after
To heaven
Behavior swings
Can camaflouge
All his feelings
Just so
They don't
Get stolen
Can you hear him sing
The voice of Innocent Percy
Who knows no such thing
Of a belief called mercy
I miss the days
Of innocence
Of confidence
Before the realization I ever needed anyone.
Or maybe I never did,
But you stole it all away.
And you.
And you.

There's nothing to "go back to."
I've only got to starve on this meal plan of
Self-love, self-healing, greening and green.

I miss the days
Where I was something
Felt something.
I was so young.
Do we all die,
Or was it just you?
And you?
And you?
Years ago I let you in
when no one else could reach me.
I’d become numb to swear words,
To raised voices and fighting.
I was searching for meaning, for reason,
For a place in this world to feel again like I was living.
So I let you in-
I needed someone to see me.
The exchange was simple.
All it took was a kiss or two
in your older friends bathroom,
And in return I got my fix-
Cuddling and innocence. Validation.
Then it started with my shirt, a simple thing,
then bra,
then pants,
But when it came to my underwear I remember pleading,
No, just not this one, not this last thing,
The last thin veil keeping you from seeing all of me.
But the challenge was too intriguing,
And my desire to be accepted was crushing.
So when you overtook me I just closed my eyes
As hard as I could
Let you kiss me and pretended it didn’t bother me.
When you held me on the couch afterward I remember whispering
“I love you”
But I knew it wasn’t true.
You didn’t respond. Pretended to be sleeping.
And here I am years later,
Still wondering if this is the reason
I have trouble trusting.
I haven't written in awhile, and this just came out. Let me know your thoughts.
Ellison Apr 15
I've shrugged myself away since three years ago
Always wanting to change away from too much innocence
Wanting to know more about what others did
But now I've learned too much.

I want to be able to go back and cry on the sleeve of myself
And tell him to stay young forever
Tell him to not worry about the future and life
And how big your genitals are.

Tell him never to smoke or drink to death
Tell him to never yell at your angel mother
Or take for granted what keeps you warm at night
And love your friends with a peaceful mind.

Farewell, another part of the child
That once never needed an herb to have fun
He crumbles like the ash on a dusty page
Burned by the lighter of irrational maturity.
MfP Apr 14
As I lay here
With nothing left
For the whole world to see
My walls stripped down
My innocence crumbling to my feet
To what this will bring
Uncomfortable with the thought
Of never being the same
Inspired by the idea
That this shame
Of being transparent
Of being completely naked
For all the world to see
People might begin to see me
They might begin to see
That the reason this river runs down my face
Is from the many times my trust has been misplaced
That the reason my hands shake
Is from the thought of every mistake
That the reason my walls were built so high
Was because I was too afraid of hearing these lies
The lies of many who have barged into my life
Telling me there here to stay
Telling me it’s bright as day
When all I was in was darkness
But as I stand here naked
I am proud of my uniqueness
I am proud of how I got here
I am proud of who I am
Kt Lynch Apr 13
The stars beat in your heart
A galaxy contained in your little frame
Your eyes are always full
With the blues of all the oceans you can't yet name  
In your mind there's constant dreaming
In your limbs there's always motion
Muscles contract and burn and grow
The world around you is in slow motion
Lessons are learned and tears burn hot canyons down your cheeks
Your favorite flower is one you have yet to see
Keep looking out the window
Searching with those big eyes
There's much more left to see
Still miles and miles out there to drive
Undiscovered depths yet to dive
A flower blooming and embracing life
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