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To all of my fellow classmates,
In the hateful sixth grade,
Thank you for the experience,
I am grateful for your autumnal inconvenience,
Thank you for letting me live alone,
Carving my own bejeweled gravestone,
Morality gone,
Boundaries blurred,
Began with that one curse word,
Why does adolescence,
Have to take someone’s innocence?
Weren’t we all blooming and beloved,
Poplars of the snow,
In the shadows,
Of distant meadows?
To all the ones who have suffered in junior high, I sympathize with you. You’re not alone.
*Innocence has a very different meaning here, so please do not jump to conclusions.
Andy Chunn Jun 22
Innocence to one who knows
Distracted, poised, and then composed
The proper place shall never be
Light, laugh, child-visions see.

The blossom young can never hear
The beauty, grace, or trembling fear
That beckons weak to taste the scent
Among the flowers, time is spent.

Spring is growth and time and trust
Mine is over, short, and must
Fall away as summer reigns
Flowers bloom in lovers’ lanes.

To tug the gentle petal young
Whose golden voice above all sung
Within the growth there is one rose,
Innocence to one who knows.
Shattered dreams,
Splattered streams,
Souls lost forever,
Never have I ever,
Imagined that life was not held dear,
A mother and a wife’s rarest tear,
Chernobyl’s sweet children gone,
Borders crossed, never drawn,
9/11’s forgotten brothers and fathers,
Orphaned toddlers,
Roam NYC,
Here, I stand in solidarity,
Never forget Chernobyl and 9/11,
May the trees of heaven,
Bless the victims,
Peace be with you dear inflicted
Never forget the victims of Chernobyl and 9/11...RIP. Life is lost easily; please cherish it. Hannah Baker RIP too.
#The Jay Asher/Hannah Baker vibes
With love, Skylar 🤍
Jeni 7d
I wish to experience sober the bravery of drunk
I wish to experience adult the immediacy of childhood
I wish to experience the unconstrained love of the innocent and unbroken
I wish to emerge myself in the hope of he who has never suffered disappointment
We all get the possibility to live life at its fullest
Why do we aim for satisfaction and settle for even less?
Mediocracy is a principle of averageness, but ought never to be a goal in itself
Unique. Human. Individuals.
Do not forget your pride
Do not underestimate the value of true joy
I do believe in charity
Do I believe in Me?
We were as downy birds,
Sky once had names for us,
Rain pooled into faery wells,
Supernatural was our blood.

We saw each with opened eyes,
And touch was permanent as sun,
Light swooned about our keeping
And the earth was without tomb.

But time soon railed its perishments
And a star turned with pointed wind,
We lost the sun raise of innocence
And the glass of truth broke in a jar.

Now, lovers roam in the still hollows
And reminisce only on stoney banks,
A great ocean of peace was drowned
And to childish walls, a castle of sands.
This is the melancholy of Innocence, so do sit and have a glass. Drink slowly, and savour the taste friends; for innocence shortly lasts. She is as a flower, most beautiful at bloom, but, we must not forget now; that flowers must wither too.

So what is the sadness... the melancholy of Innocence, if all things must pass away? Perhaps it is the longing then, that one's innocence did remain. Yes, the melancholy of Innocence; is that deepest longing, day after day. The longing for something, you know well that you can't regain.
Greetings, this is my first piece, so I hope that you may enjoy. The melancholy of Innocence, ironically, may bring you happy and joy.
Sabika H Oct 1
I’ve grown numb
And accustomed to
Whatever that was deemed
Does this make me dull
If the complexity of the universe
Has become
No longer a stranger or an enigma
To my inner experience?
Does this make me boring
If I no longer find joy
In discovering something
For when you
Constantly dwell and live
In the unknown
Is it really a big deal
To find something unexpected?
I mean... what did you expect anyway?

I am more interested in human interactions
In the consequences
And the causes
Of my actions
And I have internalised the outside world
And the outside wonders and
Discipline and harmony
Has become my quest and
My childish discovery.
tia Sep 30
You took my hand into your small
Gentle fingers, yet to be tainted by years
Guiding me with rainbows and tireless curiosity in your eyes
Flowers bloomed beneath your feet
And as I followed you, I trampled them
My heart warmed at your sight
Weaving a young and delicate desire into me
And I couldn’t let go of your hand
When you turned your back
An obsession grew, violently
Your kind don’t last in my world
And I’m happy to devour the innocence
I will crush you with wounded hands that you bandaged
I’ll smile like how you taught me to
I’m simply overfilled with joy
As you smell the scent of the lilies you had given me
Your innocence turns to death
my friend said he liked it, i feel happy :)
annieohk Sep 21
I can see all the messes
In my life
The ones I made long ago
And the ones
Other people made
Of my life
Of my innocence
Of my trust
And I want to scream
With the injustice
Or perhaps exact revenge
But those chances are long past
Covered over by years of secrets
Lies, and therapy
I really have moved beyond
The pain
But every now and then
The trigger will come
My skin will crawl
And I’ll despise you
All over again
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