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The uniVerse Jul 22
4 A.M.
A body lays slain
facedown in a pool of blood
a halo to match her name
stabbed 4 times in the chest
a street worker
like all the rest
who would want to her hurt her?
- to put her to rest
your guess is as good as mine
she may have not been the best
but someone was prepared to cross that line.
An innocent as far as I could tell
first night on the job
tell me who goes to hell?
- those who give or those who rob
her next of kin were called
so that they could name her
once at birth and now at death
twice they tried to save her
an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck
a noose just two months earlier
maybe now she got her wish
released back to the sea
this angel fish.
She was someone’s daughter  
we are all humans just the same
if life has anything taught us
that we are never dead
just released from our pain
TheBlackBird Mar 2013
I can see you there

standing in your studio relishing

in the faces of your followers

creaming their jeans over your creations

lightbulbs hanging from the cealing by telephone cords

and photographs of babies dressed as dictators

trying to prove that innocence still exists

when we both know that this world

was robbed of its innocence a million years ago

you might fool some people but I can see right through you

professional hipster, wearing tie dye underneath your skin

and an overpriced suit on the outside

painting your lips with designer brand

translucent rasberry lipstick

and kissing your acquaintances

a kiss for each cheek

I want to know how you can fake it so well

hiding behind your little purple door

counting money while I’m busy counting lies

was it easy to push your dreams so far away

so deep in the back of your mind that they may as well be in your shoes

did you ever think you’d be here

that you’d sell your soul to the devil

because I’m afraid that you might be my future

and I would rather stand at the end of the dock with Mr.Gatsby

gazing at the green light across the river

holding on to hope forever
Kate Jul 8
She was born with the brightest eyes like the first dawn of spring
Her soul was a precious gift meant to be kept and held tight by only herself

The dawn eyes turned to a summers green leaves
She held tight to her soul letting in only goodness and hope

The eyes that mirrored the trees began to fall like the leaves in autumn
Although she tried to keep her soul for herself she began to give small pieces to those undeserving

Those eyes that were once filled with color were frozen like the coldest winters day
A soul that once was her most precious gift was lost and soon forgotten
Jason Trinh Jun 30
I know I know
The things we don’t understand
Asking you to hold my hand
Yet again

Your innocence
Like those eyes—my sixth sense
Your protection—my amens;
My “I can’s”
selina Jun 30
stranded at sea, and i am
surrounded by a lonely blue
with thoughts as my only companions
and guilt for my fallen crew

i bear colors of war against pale blue
sangria red and dirtied white
torn fabric and stained innocence
from choosing myself as the sacrifice

there was a golden age when
i was once hailed as a hero
but those days have ended now
delusions shattered by war's arrow

all i am now is a captain without a crew
a pirate with sinking treasures and ship
slivers of the person i once was
i have taken one too many hits

all i have is this broken, grey compass
the needle spins wildly, unpredictable, like the sea
i have finally lost sight of true north, or
perhaps it is time the world has finally lost me

change sweeps me through the sea
rinse, scrub, dry so, and repeat
gone the stains of another life
reborn again as a simple someone, just me

crimson blood washes into the sea
and a makeshift white flag flutters under the sky
this tattered shirt is all that is left of my fight
i am just another sailor, lost at sea tonight
I never saw eyes,
Like hers, now we walk together,
Lake water sparkles.
Neelam Jun 19
His blushed cheeks,
that subdued shyness,
Magical hues in his
vivid memories
of first love,

Kisses landed on my
lips softly like a butterfly,
Moments rendered by
unspoken words
immortalized in my heart.
I participated in today's writing prompt by Author Melisa Quigley and I must say I enjoyed writing this poem!
Neelam Jun 19
Young faces bright with dignity
and unmolested conscience,

Unclouded minds,
saintly beings with
unclipped wings,

Unaware of the conspiracy,
Or, the burdens they'll be forced to bear in the machine society,

They'll be embedded
in the mass production
With no life to speak
beyond their console.
Young children are stripped of their freedom, ingenuity and creativity via years of indoctrination.
Gabe Jun 6
Running around
with a childish smile
discovering the surroundings
A little girl
and her innocence
are those which many find
incredibly delighting
After years and years
of uncontrollable curiosity
her innocence
is distant
as it seems to fade away
uncaptured by the very glance
of her pure eyes
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