Ormond Nov 10

So, love began as it had— always been,
Stars exploding beyond the rays of gold,
Younglings new, born of bode and wonder,
The dearest waves, lept on forgotten time,
Among the furrowed hope of fields we grew,
Days sprung from long vines, handy grapes
Croft with sparkle in the bloomy meadows,
Hands knotted with clear, open eyes and all
The afternoons of spring rejoining, pebbles,
Divining from the told tale of forks in the hills
And reaching to loamy shores of lost ponds
For now, to be on at last warmly and grassy,
Dials of sun and summer cleansing showers
Under the peaceful wake, the never sleeping
Pines, yes and then we were highly held aloft
In the loom and yarns of green steps, storied
By forest upon shires, sandy uncovered eyes,
Happily, lost in the woods of lamb white days.

Vanessa Grace Nov 10

my heart beats
in my frame
whilst melancholy
at my brain
the memories of a younger life
  seize me
and take me far
where innocence was
and I was not
to blame


Another birthday has come and gone. Adulthood is not all it seems.
Mane Omsy Nov 9

Told he was just a kid
But it didn’t feel the same
When they heard his name
Shot a bullet in his head

They came to make a change
This is how the system works
Said by covering up the rage
Unspoken story surely hurts

The machines fired crying
Don’t sir, don’t
Helpless merciless fate
Triggers hated those hands

The sad reality of the world is that official protections are also creating violent covered up stories that a good heart can't bear. Prayers to the victims of U.S. military invasions and Other army conflict victims.
Laura Nov 7

it's been a while since I've been up here
at least a year
sitting on the textured, plastic roof
of a child's playhouse
it resides permanently in my yard
despite having been outgrown long ago
outgrown like the flowers and weeds
that surround it
the flowers and weeds that are unkempt
like one's hair on a windy day
they blow in the wind now
and hit my feet
to my surprise,
when the flowers touch my toes
tiny white petals
drift into the air
showering my bare feet
with small snow-like specks
slowly, I shake my feet
and then kick the flowers
I laugh as the Ivory petals
descend into the air
and kick again
and again
and again
the flowers are almost bare now
and my time here is spent
I look out over the long grass of my lawn
it too is uncared for,
in the summer the owners of it
are never there to tend it
and in the winter
it dies anyway
a jungle of a backyard
swept by a summer breeze
leaves me feeling just a bit freer

Childhood memories,
Passing by silent…
Least and remembered.
In the crisper blues,
All things to cherish…
All things to go by.
What of them all too?
Some things we wished stayed,
Some things we wished gone.
A closed self in arms,
Waiting fevers gone.
Close continuous,
Forcing him the blame.
Pure innocence by,
Under waters calm.
Drifted down away.

Nostalgia in finding myself in life and thankfullness of innocence  overall.
Logan Nov 4

Theyre one in the same for you to adore
You promise youll love them until you get bored
You call them a prude until you call them a whore
To tear out their innocence is all you wish for

Your intentions stay true to those who came prior
You say your love is forever, but you're only a liar
The love you exclaimed was only a ruse
Leaving them feeling a melancholy blues

Their intimate gardens you rudely invade
You and the rest of your callous brigade
You value not the gift they bestow
Only the pleasure of your underwhelming fellow
Collecting the flowers, sacred in nature
Only to leave, becoming a stranger

Growing up it seems like I've seen so many women used for pleasure without care for their well being or emotions by careless men. I tried to capture the emotions and desparation of those women in this poem
Vince Tanaka Nov 3

Have you ever wonder why life is so unfair?

Actually it was really not that hard, if we learn how to let go.
We are the only one who thinks that it was hard.
That it was a disaster, because of the things that breaks us.
Because of the pain that we felt, we cannot see things clearly.
Because we taking it so hard to accept, to let go, and to forget.
It can ruin you and destroy yourself.
It can make you stop believing on something.
It can take everything away from you, In Just a blink of an eye.
You can lose something, someone, everything, In an instant.
And in an instant, nobody was left on you …

Nobody was left for you ...

But yourself …

You have nothing but yourself …

You are taking care of those unnecessary things, at the expense of forgetting yourself.
Because you learn how to love and to give all you have, It makes you feel that it was the only thing that can make you happy.
Since it was the only thing that you know, and that proves how fragile your heart was.

Who ever read this, have a great day and just keep moving forward. :)

the present of your presence is accepted.
your energy effortlessly blends in with mine.
two worlds, two people, in this moment are one.
a look has been exchanged - our eye contact intensifies the connection.
for that brief moment, i see only you and you only see me.
eye contact is broken.
you enter back into your world, i into mine.
as you continue on, i feel an energy that is mine once again.
the present of your presence is appreciated.

Meg Oct 26

There was a before.

There was an innocence to my life.

I was there just to be me. 

Now i am here to be what ever you want me to be.

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