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To move on-

1. To leave.
"His mom told him that he should move on with his life"

2. To ignore.
"To see a beautiful flower, and not pick it. You will see it, then never see it again.  You move on."

3. To leave her alone.
"She left you alone, so you do the same, move on."

4. Beautiful, isn't it?
"To move on?"

Antonyms: to obsess, to bring up the past, to pick the flower.

Pathetic, isn't it?
You'll never move on. You're grasping at the past.
Grasping at
Old poems.
Old me.

Lonely nights like these I wonder if I really still exist if I'm not so full of youth. I'm still young, but it feels like there's something missing in my heart everyday.
I miss who I once was.

That boy who was always trying to impress.
I feel I've given up in a sense. On being me, like an empty slate was the best form of self preservation. It's sad.

Like a character born from trauma, that's so colorless.

It's hard to differentiate sometimes, if I've missed you, or myself more. Or what we had, the innocence disappeared so quickly. Too quickly.
I watched a young
boy beat his
chest and scream at
the dawn until
the liquid sky drove
him away.
He chased thunder
butterflies with the
same enthusiasm;
oozing a lust for
living in his chasm
of youth.
Ten years full of
questions and scabbed
up knees, freckled dreams
running across green fields
and sunlit meadows.
Golden little life,
resting beneath a
willow tree to sip the
from the clover and
honeysuckle flowers.
Hours full of pocketknife
afternoons, whittling sticks
into arrows to
shoot at the moon.
And after the rain
oh sweet green youth,
run barefoot with the
toward a sinless
And live, live
live, for tomorrow
will come with a sigh.
reposting an old one that didn't get many views
Immense responsibility is ****** into life when parenthood arrives.

Unconditional love thrives,
I’ll love you no matter what told
an infinite number of times.

No blueprint available brings worry and stress,
wanting your child to flourish and grow,
not wanting to depress their ability to progress.

Always wanting to express support and care since an embryo.

The rollercoaster of life inevitably takes control and never lets go.

Child, teen, and then adult makes the parent feel time to let go and become the background chaperone.

I’ll love you no matter what.
I’ll love you no matter what.

A phrase that will never age.

A child grows but the love they felt and feel is their most preciously held ideal.

- For my Mother -
Nestled in his arms, I've discovered a haven,
The refuge for my soul, a home is engraven.
A sanctuary where thoughts find gentle release,
A world of unity, my doubts meet their peace.

When weariness tugs and desolation entwines,
Life's enigmatic encounters, weaving complex designs,
In his gaze serenity blooms and finds its place,
A sanctuary of solace, a loving embrace.

Within his eyes, a realm beyond time,
Where enchantment flows in a fractal rhyme.
Familiar, like an ancient whisper, this truth so pure,
Innocence cascades, beauty's allure.

Through him a passage to celestial expanse,
An orchestra of emotions, our souls entwine and dance.
Each moment evolves, exquisitely hued,
At the threshold of forever, together with you.

Life's intricate threads lead to a destined connection,
Guiding me to him, the most profound intersection.
Gratitude rises, an endless ocean's plea,
For destiny's masterpiece, in him, I see.
To Sho
Renae Aug 27
I might die tomorrow.

I am 5, & I don't know my family. I was born like this.
They say my life is in gods hands,
but I don't know what God is? God if you are there, will you please send me an angel?

I heard angels are beautiful.

A lady came today, she said I was so pretty. She told me she would take  me somewhere special where they would take care of me, is she your angel?

3 days later I was on the ocean, shoved into a train car on a boat. All of us, children,
we need baths, we need food. She lied, we are not safe.

Oh no! Where am I?
This place doesn't look clean,
this is scary, now I am in a cage like an animal!
We all are, all the children around me, they are crying... they are not safe,
we are so sad,
they are hurting.
Where am I?

It is so dark in here, it is so cold. Please bring help,

I might die tomorrow.

Please send me an angel.
please send me an angel.
Zywa Jul 21
She took her clothes off,

unconcerned whether she might --

want to hide something.
Novel "Het smelt" ("It melts", 2016, Lize Spit), Elisa

Collection "Shelter"
Theanm Ankh Jun 26
You planted and preened the seed you destroyed.
Your midday whispers running up my legs;
You left behind a trail of innocent tickles that,
In the empty evening air,
Curdled into a sinister, aching itch.
You left my ankles and the insides of my knees abandoned to snap down on a mosquito
In one swift, final bark.

My thighs still sting.
Mark Wanless Jun 8
I saw the look of innocence
Which i used to call stupidity
In the eyes of fresh young bodies
Moving freely about the planet
To see if they can find themselves
Or some thing worth it to be
Or merely exciting the senses
I don't know which but i guess
And think i know a big mistake
That fades a bit from time to time
To let me perceive now and then
New realities and or concepts
Like the look of innocence
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