sticky kisses for the missus just
to prove that i'm no wuss
and if it tastes good enough for you
it's good enough for me too.
don't you miss the blissful ignorance
chinese whispers and rumours
written on the tarmac in chalk
for the wind to pick up
eat lots of pineapple, it'll make you taste good.
did she eat aniseed sweets for me?
she secretes liquid liquorice
that binds my teeth in a bittersweet grin
from ear to ear. she hates the taste
and i hate to share my just desserts.
innocence is a burden that burns
like empty lungs held to the riverbed
bad enough to make the children
want to kill themselves. we all want
sticky kisses before bedtime.

it's nothing now but a
lingering scent
of the cologne I used to wear
as a child, running wild
with my only friend
in some Catholic school...

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Come with me
let's make ice cream
out of air
let's play like kids
making our dreams
with sugar
red balloons
lemonade's sale
and some random toys.
Come with me
to this island
called illusions
to this planet of my own.
Come to me
with honey
with snowflakes
with sparkle in your eyes
with rhymes between your lips
with a prism in your soul.


when I was a boy
there was magic
when I was a boy
we were wizards.

the pow'r in our fingers
to build and destroy
fearless hearts
able to experience pure joy.

no darkness no pain
no sorrow no hate
no problem too big
that spells couldn't fix.

our magic distinct
like personalities unique
but they belonged to us
it’s what made us tick.

as age caught up
and minds ‘matured’
we decided to leave
a new narrative we weaved.

now don’t get me wrong
it was not our intent
it crept up so slowly
eating at our bodies.

engrossed with our work
caught up in our lives
we forgot to take
a moment to dream.

before long
the people around me lost hope
they could not
find a way to cope.

“Look for the magic!” I said, “Grow up, magic was fake, it can’t help me” they replied.

I pleaded with them
I said you must try
but it was no use
they had closed their eyes.

the feeling of joy
the wonder of flight
to have no fear
to soar to great heights.

given away
disposed like a toy
the thing they say
separates man from boy.

hope, joy
fun, innocence
friends, trust
peace, self-confidence


these are some names
of the magic we lost
but was it really
worth the cost?

my friend it’s ok
if you find you forget
it isn’t too late
to bring it all back.

so what is your spell
the stuff in your dreams
are you willing to find it
though hard it may seem?

Merely you in the mind,
With your always nature soft and kind
If I could by heart express you
You are my life and end too
If I get closer, I am living though
If I go away, my heart will go

Merely you in my heart,
your love ensembles my whole part
Of brain and vein, and the emotions wart
Unless thee shine as a summery sun
With your beauty and cleverness,
With your energy and adorableness,
you are my number one

Merely you in the earth,
Yes, I'm falling in your love,
And I bet spending all my wealth
Even myself and all my health
To love you, in my soul to inearth

Merely you I can see
I wish you and I become we,
You got me,
And I held my mine,
Until you shelter and lee
I see no else except thee
You reach the high of legacy,
You are my heart's legatee
I wish you and I become "We"

Katie Sep 15

My heart feels broken into a million pieces...
did you think about that Daddy before you stole my innocence.. Did you think about how this would affect me? Did you even care? How could you... how could you do this to me. Did I not matter? Did you think I just wouldn't remember. What if I didn't remember. Wouldn't you remember..? Wouldn't that break your own heart. It should. I was your little girl. You should of loved me, protected me, showed me my worth. Not hurt me & leave me with forever scars in my soul. My soul is bleeding... I bandaged up my wounds for as long as I could. Now I have to face it. My pain, my sadness, my anger. You made me fear trusting anyone & everyone. You betrayed my trust. You violated me. Was I not enough to spare such humiliation? What did I ever do to you. I was 5. You should of been my protector not my intruder. I feel sadness for you.  Because you must not have peace within your own soul after doing that. Guess what Daddy.. I do matter. I will rise above this. I hope you know you broke my heart forever... I Pray God forgives you. I'm working on forgiving you. Through this pain I will find my strength. I don't want to make the world darker to anyone like you did to me... I want to shine light into everyone's darkness. Humans matter. I matter. I deserve peace & I'm going to find it. You poured lies into my heart that I was worthless and only worthy for my body. I'm much more than that. I matter. I fucking matter & I will rise above this ❤️️

Haze Sep 13

There was once a child
Unseen and unheard
Who only believed in one thing

You can scrape your knee
And cry tears of pain
But at the end of the day
Joy is what life will bring

LifeBeauty13 Aug 30

I AM the same yesterday, today,and forever
is what you imparted
and You are so much more than that
You Lord are the very beat of my heart
You overwhelm my senses
and I respond with tears and awe
I don't deserve anything
I am nothing,am I not?
I hate my reflection
that cannot be me,please,not me
Yet I hear the melody of Your song Lord
sing to me my God,My Savior,My Lord,my yearning
Leave me not,change me,please change me
make me beauty,make me glory,make me love
Where the darkness claws and my insecurity rages
You give me hope...Your my hope
changing me to pure innocence
leave me never for Your my Everything

I want to write a poem that smells like perfume
that flits and that flips through a rose-tinted room
all wispy and wet and cosmic and cool

I want to write a poem that omits all the grease
the fierce firing squad, pimps, perverts, police
to tickle your fancy and make you go guuguu

I want to write a poem that moves through your veins
like sweet fairy dust not shackles and chains
be part of the pop cult, feel the pulse, feel the pulse

I want to write a poem that travels lit-up highways
with no broken bulbs, no sirens nor slipped gears
without red-danger zones nor emergency phones

I want to write a poem with soft cuddly toys
and trinkets and things that make no loud noise
to nibble your chin and that sort of thing

I want to write a poem with an innocent face
that softens your edges and slows down your pace
'til you're won and you're one and you purr and you hum

I wanted to I really did

I often write stuff that's calls attention to serious human conundrum. I wanted to write something lighter and a bit silly
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