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Francie Lynch Apr 2018
I fact checked
Whether God's
Dead or Alive.
In fact...
riwa Mar 2018
when i hear love songs
i only think of you
memories of us are imprinted in every song i hear
Inga M Jan 2018
they resemble an avalanche rather than a summer's heat
my parents
riwa Dec 2017
i don't believe you anymore when you say you care
J Sep 2017
It was all dark;
but you lit up my sky.
Yes, you did.
Little Lyssie Apr 2017
How did I fall so hopelessly in love with you?
Oliver, you're my other half and I will cherish you forever.
Josalyn Szwejbka Feb 2017
Don't give your all to someone who doesn't want it
CastorPolydeuces Jan 2017
You don't realize how hard it is to be effortless.
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