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Mitch Prax Aug 10
No one likes a mystery-
we hate being left in the dark.
To not know is to suffer
night after night.
What a cruel fate
to be void of
S Smoothie Aug 1
He came and rested

like a bird on my shoulder  

Cautiously testing the suitability

and equilibrium of his perch

After a few inquisitive glances,

he seemed to ease.

I let out a slow careful breath...

Then another...

and rather gently built up a rhythm

so as not to startle him

lest he fly away.

And seemingly resolved,

he inched closer

till I could feel the flutter of his breast

and the gentle nuzzling of his head on my ear

My conciousness bade him welcome

such beautiful iridescent blues

straddled his white breast

and piercing blue eyes peered through

a velveteen mask

nestled upon a darkened beak

A striking fellow.

his weary feet belied his beautiful veneer

upon closer inspection,

I notice a small part of him missing,

maybe caught in some fierce struggle for life,

I had enjoyed him fluttering and flitting about weaving such wonderful things with trinkets collected from his travels

There was something ethereal,

yet lonesome in his posture

like that of a wise man

whose trials had marked

the strength of the lines

in his weary well travelled face

but a youthfulness glowed beneath

that smiling eyes could betray in an instant.

It felt like he knew me.

An old friend of the cosmos

that I'd crossed by and by.

And when I dared

and he dared,

our eyes met

and instantly our souls

recognised some ancient promise.

After an endless moment of acquiescence

He began to whisper his mystical wanderings chasing the astral turning of tides.

He whispered ancient mysteries in my ear,

of being lost in endless Odyssey's

revealing our secret truths laid amongst the stars waiting to transform

and reunite in some spectacular way,

some new creation

to flush away the yearning of brighter ways.

I pointed them out to him on the horizon

and I did my best to assure him they were there,

it was then that I spotted that low bow that

broke bare and it hung there

In front of him like a stalking giant,

oh well I whispered

"what's the meaning of existence,

if at least we don't try?"

And off we flew in a different direction

searching for some metaphorical chainsaw

to make for a clearer view.

We couldn't help but feel we were missing something...
A little inspiration
Jessica Mar 15
The mysteries of the universe
Weigh me down
Like the ocean
Swimming through them
The centrifugal forces in motion
And beauty meets darkness
As my eyes
Reach the navy depths below
Still unknown
Just two feet paddling
Closing the eyes
And holding breath
To get from one
Destination to another
No matter how far
I seem to swim
The sensation
Of never knowing in entirety
Feels a heavy sin
Even weightless
In this mysterious
Descovia Feb 21
Magnificent eyes that contain countless ancient mysteries

This world alone is not ready to accept or embrace

You wield a will stronger than any other.

Your power impacts the universe heavily!

Graceful with endless blessings

You ever had a kiss from an angel?

She shows mercy as a queen

Until circumstances present undesirable events.

She has no problem, protecting her kingdom

even with the fall of another.

Her human body restricts her to being a queen

Until Destiney calls for her to be a Goddess

She possesses a universal weapon, more dynamic than any

Force living of nature, or any elements of this dimension

That could shatter Excalibur into pieces...

Careful not to cross her

Deadly with disaster

Ready to descend oblivion upon us all!
As far as the horizons ,
my love for adventure pushes me,will l touch the sky with my feet in the waters!
will l become the greatest explorer alive!
I wish l could go to worlds beyond my own and still survive Sad part is
This wish can never be granted by life
Charu Singh Jul 2020
The journey from

Spirituality to Singularity

is only thing we need to understand,
to unlock all the mysteries of this universe.

From the holy books verse,
To the mysteries in diverse.

From knowing the energy,
Which they believe as God,
To the universe's synergy,
And to travel in time in other world.
George Krokos Jul 2020
Consider everyone as a friend unless they prove to be otherwise
and then we should consider the workings of some compromise.
There are certain mysteries compelling from previous births we’ve had
and what we’re all faced with now is the outcome of them good or bad.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Bones tender
heat within
Closeness & safety abound
Reminders of lust rise inside
They no longer hold us here
We are apart, but alive.
Fears shared, wishes parted
They alone glow beneath me
Heart sounds keep away the dark
I am awake
I am close
I am your thoughts
Warm & Alive as ever
Reminders of comfort
How it kept you safe
Moments of ecstasy rush back
Just to leave you lonesome again
****** again
Those clouds cannot hide your glaces toward me
She sees every one.
Love lost, unwritten story, it is sad and forever and the thing of stories
Akira Apr 2020
When I first you,
you looked like a poor wretch,
with his life,
a man who experienced
great misfortune.

When I first kiss you,
you tasted like whiskey,
full of hidden mysteries,
but when I had
the opportunity to know you.
I saw a man who's
to his words.
My man, so proud of you
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