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ryn Mar 6
•high in the
mountains, he grew we-
ary                 and ragged•
•                     his sight turned
                           cloudy, chin un-
                             shaven and face hag-
                                    gard•removed his boots
                                    for his feet did stink•
                                  sleep he wanted but not
                                without a drink•one big
                              swig and he downed it all•
                        then he was asleep before the
                      sun could fall•many days visited,
             many shadows cast•over this slum-
     bering man, many moons had passed
•one fateful day, his eyes did twitch
and then did open•he sprung aw-
ake to the life he had forsaken•his
musket dusty, his clothes in di-
sarray•his chin - a long beard
that has seen countless days•he
ran to his home before noontime
chime•he found only disbelief, for he had slept

a lifetime•
nish Aug 2018
  wish you
  would burn
    feel the torment
    pain and agony
   that i endured
     all because  
  of you
  i want you to
suffer, for an
eternity, just
like me. whom
you left, alone
and forgotten.
but my darling
never leave a
lighted candle
alone without
a second glance.
because now, i
am a forest fire.
ablaze and oh
so powerful.
Wow guys, I think I'm addicted to shape poetry. I just can't stop making shapes its so entertaining.
Again not a difficult shape, but loads of fun.
Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to dm or comment your own shape poetry :)
nish Aug 2018

             you see they sang two different tunes
             but together, the masterpiece formed
            her                                                        his
            treble                                                  bass
            rang                                                     low
           out                                               ­         soft
           into                                    ­                    and
           the                                               ­           full
           night                                            ­         with
           joins                                     ­                  love
          his in                                                   for her
    harmony                                               soothing
perfectly in                                          perfectly in
sync.                                                     sync.
The first two lines are an introduction and then there are individual poems down each note, together they form one bigger picture. I know the notes are wonky but I think it gives the poem an unconfined feeling, flowing like music.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Much easier than the other shape poetry I’ve posted before and a lot less stressful.
Once again feel free to comment or dm me links to shape poetry that you’ve tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
nish Aug 2018
darling, look at us.
me and you, isn't it clear i
am a simple moon, orbiting a
large planet and you are my centre,
providing the force i require to keep
stable and moving. and like any other
moon. i too, have an effect on you.
because of me you rise and fall.
i bring you light and dark. if
we break, so will the
some mediocre shape poetry just to get back into writing.
nish Aug 2018
 \ why is it that time slips /                              
   \she slides and slithers /
     \right through these  /
        \ infinite crevices  /
          \found all over /
             \my greedy /
                \ hands,  /
                   \ like /
                   /    •   \
                 /       s      \
              /            a       \
           /             n            \
        /                 d              \
      /                                      \
    / in the dainty hourglass \
  /sitting aloft my skew shelf.\
I wanted to try shape poetry again, and I have to say this was MUCH harder than .leafing

It took forever to align the slashes to give this poem shape, without them it didn't look like an hourglass.
I hope you liked this poem and I'd love it if you commented some links to any shape poetry you've tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
neha May 2016
you're poison
with an acid tongue and words that burn

you're poison
with a knife in hand whenever i turn



but why can't I hate you as much as I hate myself?
Steve Jun 2018
.                               ^
                     ­ LittleAcorns
          ­          EuropEanOak
    ­                            !
To me the world needs to get smaller by people feeling joined, not by giving up their individual or national identities but by working together in cooperation and achievement.
ryn May 2017

    oOOo           oOO      OOo     oOo                         
oOOOOo      OOo     Ooo      OO       oOo         
OoOoO                                               Oo          
ooO            •***** feet tread                
  with nonchalance•unafraid
    of what receding tides might
       bring•hardened heels soften
         to sunlit reverence•children
                   frolick accompanied by
                              unguarded peals
                                 that ring•towa-
                                     rd the ocean
                                      vast we halt
                                     to face•we
                                  look to the
                             horizon and
                         dream of un-
                   seen lands•we
          lift one foot with
   the other in place•
is this all we are...  
just impressions    
in the sand?•      

sunprincess Jul 2017
Kiss of
transports us love
Where we lie upon sands
soaking in warmth of Sunlight
With a cool exotic pineapple drink
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