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SANA Jan 26
he asked: "why do people write poetry
when they can just talk with words "
she replied: "even with words they cant understand but in poetry I can just say I am drowning in the air  and be understood"
Gabrielle Dec 2023
I wish every bump in the road
Was a towering alp

Face lit by the sun
From basement to scalp

Should each crack on the asphalt
Become deep fissured cleft

I wouldn’t care much
Or feel particularly bereft

If the train should pass
Across the tracks on our way

My hand could stay in yours
While we wait the delay

Anything to keep you
From leaving much too soon

Another hour, minute, second
Just a handful or teaspoon
This poem is about driving someone you love to the airport before they go away for a long time.
Tomo Sep 2023
Alone in a crowd
All heads bowed to pray
I said all the words
the preacher said to say

I followed the rules
Tried to stay in the lines
that were drawn for me
I couldn’t question why

but I’m all out of faith
don’t think I can stay here with you
don’t where to go
don’t think I can know what’s really true

Alone in a crowd
among a thousand faces
all wearing a mask
tryin’ their best to fake it

Just follow the rules
and stay in the lines
don’t let ‘em see you breaking
and don’t you dare cry

but I’m all out faith
don’t think I can play at this no more
don’t know what to do
don’t know what I’m even praying for

I want to know your hear me
I’m so ******* scared
that all that I’ve believed in
was never really there

Did I really know you loved me
was I just puttin’ on airs
oh please just ******* say something, God
I want to believe you’re there

Alone in my room
left with my tears
I read that you catch them
and treasure them dear

Do my cries matter to you
these words that I pray
I’ve got nothing left, Jesus
Please don’t go away
(Language warning) this is to all the kids who grew up in a church that they came to feel as though they no longer belonged in.
Gabrielle Sep 2023
My home sits atop a lonely wave
Basking in the sun
My home of flora and sturdy nave
Of which I am a nun

Lilies grow in white quartets
Jasmine from every crevice  
Spiders sew their thoughtful nets
Dust on every surface

Here my pilgrimage ends
At the waistline of the coast
The lemons that became my friends
Will now observe my ghost
My Dear Poet Mar 2023
when every unsaid is spoken
you lose that light in your eye
where the carefully carried is broken
and the boundless could be untied
when every apology is a memory
that forges forgiveness like a yoke
we forget to laugh ourselves freely
and every lie becomes a joke
our feet are forced for parting
on a path paved for pain
the bend behind dissolving
even, if we desired
to turn around again.
Lukai Mar 2023
Every time someone leaves me
it feels like they’ve taken a dagger straight to my heart
It isn’t a fast motion but slow and painful
The suffering prolonged.
It isn’t made out of metal, but wood
When it’s pulled out of my body  
Each time, they leave behind pieces of themselves,
I wonder how many I’ve collected?
Im sure by now I can create a dagger if my own.
Brandon Jan 2023
Choosing yourself
before someone else... is hard
a tug-of-war on heartstrings
between a love,
and a life that nurtures it

Choose yourself for them
and if they love you,
they will wait for you
Just as you'll return
after working towards them
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