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Amanda 1d
Tell me what you expected
All the stress became too much
I thought I was strong enough to handle
Sadness breaking when we touch

The memories are tainted now
Frame after frame, pictures taken
Showing same smiles we've always had
But looking back pain awakens

Can't help but pick apart each scene
Stare at our frozen expressions
Trying to figure what really went on
After burning fateful make-out sessions

I guess I will never know
Probably less agony that way
Think I rub salt into my own wounds
Reopen them every dreaded day

Haven't I suffered enough?
Accepted much heartache at your hand?
Never thought we would be here today
I don't expect you to understand

It was my fault you thought I wouldn't leave
Allowed you to push me aside, disjoint
Of course you were sure I'd stay forever
But each person has a breaking point
I never thought I would reach mine

he made a loud gaudy show of leaving
hoping she would turn and stop him
walking out their door and hoping

hoping she would notice him gone
down the lonely road and hoping
always looking back and hoping

hoping it would matter to her
hoping that an empty place
would open in her heart
that only he could fill

hoping his leaving
left such a void
hoping deeply
ever hoping



rob kistner © 2007
Was looking through some of my early online concrete poems and found this.
This was originally inspired by a photo of a young musician, walking down a dirt road, with his giutar slung across his back, looking back while walking.
I think I came here because I was running away
I've always been running, in a way
I couldn't be in the place where everything changed
I couldn't remain in a place where everything stayed the same
So I chose to leave
I didn't realize I was choosing to leave you

If you run, one day, you'll have to stop
And you'll have to be ready to fight when you do
Right now, though, I know that the running is working
Because now I'm starting to feel short of breath
So I can tell that I am breathing
And one day
My lungs will be strong enough
To run all the way back to you
And then I will stop
Because now I know
I can't be happy until I face the reasons I am not

I am sorry I had to go three hundred miles away
To realize that my mother was right
I am sorry I am stubborn
I don't know when I will be ready to fight
But at least now I know what I need to be ready for.
Her crying into your shoulder.
The front door closing as you walk away.
The leaves crunching beneath your feet.
The car engine starting.
The song you didn't understand until you met her.
The loudspeaker at the airport.
The plane taking off.

Can you hear it?
That's the sound of your heart breaking.
When I close my eyes I see the past…
I see us lying there
tangled in between the sheets
staring into each other’s eyes

I remember the feeling of your
hands and how they soothed my skin
how your lips kissed every part of my soul
the smell of cedar and *** in the air

my heart knew than that it belonged to you
it was in these moments that we created ourselves
and You helped to create this part in me

I remember when you said you loved me
and all I could do was sit there and stare
I was just barely learning how to love myself

I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you
I left because I was too scared
and I know that wasn’t fair....

I’m sorry.
Oh the irony
The ******* irony of it all
Once I believed
That I did not deserve happiness
How could I
Always too...... something
Too weak too sad
Too small too bad
Pitiful, vulnerable, broken, shy, damaged
Too much..... too

You told me
Yes you did my darling
You told me that I was
I deserved it the most you said
Out of anyone you said
I did you said
You said
You said
You gave me courage to chase my happiness
MY happiness

Turns out though that my happiness is also yours
Yours too
Or rather it is..... you
But now you are going to leave
What a hysterical **** I’ve found myself burning in
What a shame what a joke
The laughter in my head is drowning my thoughts
The black water swallows me

The fool dances around the court for laughs but still dies in the sewer at night
Give it all away and keep dancing
Maybe one day it will be enough
Make them happy because he knows true sadness

How could I ever believe that I could deserved happiness when I can’t even make myself happy

Ive played myself like worn out vinyl
The song we’ve heard so many times that it’s become obsolete and boring
I do this every time so when will I learn
that I just need to be happy
with what I have
It’s futile to chase what isn’t really there

So chase your dreams my love
Don’t let me hold you back
I’d never forgive myself
If I kept you from your happiness
Go chase it my darling
I’ll be here
Mourning the loss of mine
Slow dancing in the dark with the ghost of you until the day you return to me
Chase your happiness my love
ls 7d
I collect sunlight and warmth from the summer to keep me burning

Enough to keep me alive long enough to watch the autumn leaves form crisp orange tunnels

Until I begin to simmer and fade in the winter when the snow falls on bare branches

Before the cherry blossoms bloom again and the flickering glow on my skin returns

But nothing can ignite the furnace in my chest like when I see you. The flames roar and flare scolding anyone that comes too close. I collect the heat from the summer sun, but if you were here beside me, all my life, you could keep me burning. Brighter than any sun. A force of nature unmatched.

Instead you have left me shrouded in my own personal darkness and you leave me to smoulder dimly all year round. Left to hold the images of the summer to keep me ablaze. But winter came early and I don't know if I have enough light within me to keep myself alight.
Jason Drury Oct 10
Our glass is full,
it spilled over last year.
Your ropes tied to me,
were cut, so I fall.

In morning, we meet,
But it will different kind.
You will hold the suitcase,
I will hold an empty cup.

Why couldn’t we last the year,
we were breaking at the britches.
You packed your suitcase,
for red rocks and a better life.

I tried to mend the seams.
I tried to fix the table leg.
But my love you’ve wrecked it all.
It wasn’t balanced,
I needed your needle, your strength.

I tried to tell you,
it was about to burst, spill.
I tried to be patient,
and wait.
We pretended.

Who the **** was I?
Who are you?
I loved you.
Our glass is full,
let it fall.
Wash our hands of this.

In morning, we meet,
But it will different kind.
You will hold the suitcase,
I will give you the empty cup.

Fill it with what you need.
Fill it with the love you find.
Fill it with memories.
I will be here,
far behind.
Sorry had to edit this...
Now all the leaves start falling
I watch the birds above flying
I’m lying on my bed thinking
Of my hopes that lately start fading
Is it funny to hope you’re coming
back to the city you’ve been leaving?
This is the first summer without the warmth
Of the sun that leads to another scar
The shore and the sand keeps calling me
Sandcastles can’t wait to be built
But instead I spend all of my summer
Wrote a letter for you my thunder
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