Evelyn Rose Dec 7

I am ready to leave,
this nest of
m&s duvet covers,
The smell of pasta,
Fresh linen,
Striped carpet,
And candlewax.
This nest has kept me in its
Safe, warm
Like coffee in cold hands,
Surrounded by the scent of home
For 18 years.

Finally this bird
has fully extended wings
will fly

Cheyenne Dec 6

It feels like maybe I'm not best for you
I keep getting the best of you
I know you've been thinkin' it's time to get on and move
You're worried about me--that's sweet--I'm worried too
But sometimes you've got to do
What's best for you

aaliyah Dec 3

are you there?
Im trying not to stare
but I guess I caught your glare
I smile a little
you smile back
you hold my hand
as if
we were bland
i texted you for nights

i had a fright

because with no reply

i wanted to die.

i wanted to say goodbye
I know I didn't want to
so i didn't
because I was strong
I smiled
you smiled back
and then my world turned black
A little broken heart like mine
is really easy to find
im leaving you
worst words to say
because now I really want you

aaliyah Dec 3

I look up at stars
I've always wanted to see mars
Pass the dark sky
Should i say goodbye?
Not yet
I see a jet

Every star has a thought
Which one has one on me?
It’s like it's gazing down on me

I hear the waves crashing down like it's telling a short story
Some come
Some go
Which ones will stay?
No one can ever know

The sand is everywhere
I was never aware of the little grains
Oh look,
Its starting to rain

I regain posture and stand back up,
I just realized that my time is up

sarah Dec 2

it hurts me a lot to know that
you don’t need me as much as i need you.
i wonder if this is just us growing apart
but i don’t know why it had to be like this
i knew we were different but
i didn’t think it’d ever come to this
when you’re busy every time i call
because you’re spending all your time
with others and forgetting that i exist too
are you trying to tell me something
the nights we spent laying on my bed
just talking must not be
thrilling enough for you anymore
but i guess people don’t always stay
it’s just, you’re leaving so soon

i didn’t know forever was so short

aaliyah Dec 2

Do you have to leave?
It feels like my world is turning grey
Me and mom can't do it without you
One day i will look back at this day
Please don't walk out the door
It's almost christmas day
Why don't you want to stay

I see mom crying
He has to be lying.

Why are you walking away?
Can't you see my mom crying?
Tell her you're lying!

I guess he's gone now
Why was mother so drawn to you
I would rather you stay
Then go away,

Alrighty then,
I guess he didn't want to stay
I'll just pray so one day,
someone will stay.

Janina Tan Nov 30

And I forced myself to stay with you
I told myself that this heart beating,
This butterfly in my mouth,
Is of love .
I didn't tell myself that it was of the panic you ensued,
I didn’t tell myself that it was of the weeds you planted in me,
I didn’t tell myself that it was of the poison ivy that replaced my walls.
I don’t know when I’ll be able to convince myself that I’ve had enough

I cry silently-
Afraid that if you hear my cries, you’ll do something unimaginable.

Falling in love with my own mental illness is hard
Abhi Nov 30

You leave the only way you know how to
In the dead of the night
No explanation, no note
In the morning there will be a hunt
There will be excuses made on your behalf
'Must have gone for a jog'
'Would have left to buy orange juice'
It takes a while for reality to settle
It takes a while for your clothes to be thrown out of the closet
It takes a while before the house loses your scent

Some people take it a step further
They leave with no trace of their existence
No pictures on the mantle
Beds perfectly made as if they had never been slept in
No shoes at the doorway
No stray hairpins or guitar picks or socks
You begin to doubt your own memory
You are left wondering if you loved a ghost

You leave the only way you know how to
With tearful farewells
And eloquent goodbye speeches
You stuff personalised letters into their clenched fists
You leave parts of yourself in their pockets
Beg them to never forget
You make sure that there is no more pain than necessary
You make sure that you are only gone physically

Some people take it a step further
They fill bathroom drawers with their soap bars and lotion
Their notebooks with half finished stories
Are left open on desks
They give themselves a reason to visit
A reason to stay for a couple seconds
Then for coffee
Then the night
When they move half way across the country
They will still call you home
You are left loving an unstable traveller

You leave the only way you know how to
You make it a week long affair
There will be screaming
Ceramics flung across the room and picture frames smashed
Blame passed around like a relay baton
You run a race nobody will win
You leave making sure your car is chased until the end of the road
Apologies dispended as if they are public announcements
There is no silence in your absence
Your voice still echoes in the hallways

Some people take it a step further
It takes them months to pack their bags
Sometimes years
There will be days shrouded with hatred
They leave in parts
One strand of hair at a time
They steal one heart beat at a time
Leaving you cold and numb in the end
They threaten to disappear so many times
That when they finally do you cannot believe it
You are left unable to love again

Rosey Nov 26

After all that, I still had my eyeliner on
My mascara-
After all that screaming
After you left
I feel like I'm in the waiting room at a hospital
My heart is in surgery
And it's not going to make it
I keep waiting for you to come back through the door but you're long gone
You're running away to Maryland, I'm waiting to turn 19
I messed up the nail polish on my toes in the same living room where it all shattered
I fell asleep hanging upside down off my bed with the lights on
And my eyeliner in place
And my mascara

"You've got a fast car, is it fast enough for you to fly away? You've gotta make a decision."
After all that...

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When it comes to you,
even wine are no longer depressing,
I just hope that
no matter how far we get,
our hearts will never forget.

Even If one day
we become a stranger,
your smile,
will forever I remember.

For now,
I know step by step we're going on our own way,
but I'm neither worried nor sad,
because those that belong together will always find their way back.

Wine; the darkest shade in purple that represents sadness
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