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I have a friend who ignores me
I have a friend who does not bore me
Their smiles has begun to avoid me
How can I feel not like *******
I’m interested but, I’m starting to feel boring and potentially painfully mourning
Oh how warring, that feeling is now boring
I’m thinking of getting friends I pay for since life’s kinda going that way anyways
I feel most alone
When I’m with you
Like a drop of red
In the sea of blue
You are supposed to wash over me
Like waves on the beach
But you washed away the love
With loveless bleach

Then the rain
Starts to fall
Hitting the window
Like an open vein
Against the wall
And I gently remind you
That you need a jacket...
Yasin 4d
Leaving my dark room to see the dark light
feels like I'm walking towards an everlasting loneliness
I think to myself
at least I have you
you who fills my heart with your ineffable love
you who makes me smile and warm me up
you who comforts me in the dark mind of mine
though my heart doesn't feel your love I still want it
that empty heart of mine that beats for nothing yet it spreads vibrant blood to my overall body
the cold metal steel fiercely running through my body opening blade scars
I will **** us
the ethereal light you give
the Iridescent tear I let out
the solitude I feel
the love I give
the hatred I want  
oh the pain
oh the tears
oh the blank thoughts want me gone
I dare you to test my desires for death
you won't see another second go by to say it's just a test
the pining desires for love
the hole I carved in my heart for you to fit in  
I beg you to stay
or death will take your spot
this is not me.
JRF 5d
That moment of time,
When you know you'll go.
When you leave it behind,
They say you'll never know.
To one day to return,
To find someone new.
Like we've got the time,
To wait in that queue.

I won't be back,
At least not here.
I'll search the earth,
Without any fear.
It's all for me,
But if I find you?
The world will change,
Into something new.

To say goodbye,
For the last time.
To say you'll come, that's a far cry.

But there will be one,
That I'll see.
It won't be here,
But we'll find our esprit.
On a land that we've never shared,
A ground never stood.
I won't return,
Because we are both driftwood.
When people say they will visit but never do
Breaking everything I love,
Letting my insecurities ruin me
In ways I could never describe,
Never to see
Dimming lights
That disappear in the distance,
Over that hill we used to lay
Shining away
Eating at my conscious and heart,
Echoing my regrets as you go.
An acrostic poem I wrote that says “blind to see”. I wrote this on the train a few months back. Enjoy peeps.
I’m not
Second choice
I will not
Wait for you
To finally come around.

I gave you time
To see
To hear
To notice
But now,
With a broken heart
I realize,
It’s your turn.
The game is on
Make a move
And take me as I am
Or sit it out
And loose me
Your choice.
I must leave
  Will not stay
I would have loved you
If you would just have loved me.
But I’m tired of fighting,
For something that will never be.
I hate the fact,
That my heart always whispers
“Fight, fight for me,
Please do”
For it’s easy to leave
And meet up with others
But it’s not easy
To stop
Loving you.

We all must choose between
And while my head creates
My heart holds you close
While I’m walking away
I look over my shoulder
To give you one more chance
What will you do?
Your choice.

JAC Dec 10
I'm aware that we construct our realities
I guess I just stopped building when you left.
Erika Dec 10
you stayed long enough to fill my lungs and left as quickly as an exhale
my poetry isn't about you anymore
and I'll be the first to admit there was a time where my mind could only piece together thoughts of you
and words fell from my mouth unwittingly
with nothing but metaphors
to romanticise the way you left
but I won't belittle all this world has to offer again
by thinking you are all there is
I used to think I was born with heartbreak in my blood
but I've realized I keep running towards it mistaking it for love
aj Dec 7
I half expected half hoped that you'd walk back through that front door again
and it scares me knowing that I don't know when or if you ever will again
because at this point I won't be there when you do
Part two in a series of poems written over the course of several months
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