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tia Oct 4
***** feelings
a sudden need to disappear
let me exist in your heart
but never in your mind
love me and forget me
unoticed and intoxicated
I push everyone away
with closed eyes
and an uneasy state
let the day disappear
into the dark night sky
Abbithian Sep 28
I can't do it anymore
I can't stay in a home
where I'm not
I cannot live with people who are
I cannot stand the
***** looks
I cannot be where I am not happy
I can't stay
So I will leave
Romaisa Abbas Sep 23
I am not waiting for you any longer.
I am waiting for this to end.
Exhausted, you know.
Set me free, let me go.
Christina P Sep 22
I was unhappy
and I know you felt it.
Because one day
with no warning,
you said goodbye.

Without looking back,
you just left me
on the side of the road.
With a shattered heart
and broken dreams.

Your last words to me
still ring in my ears,
before I go to sleep at night
and the moment I wake up.

"I can't stay.
Because if I do,
you'll walk away.
If there's one thing
I've learned in life,
it's to leave
before you get left."
Quixotic Sep 21
I hear your voice
Breaking with the deep breathes you take,
The ones you claim you don’t
Then a silence
I thought you were gone
A sob cuts through
Our hearts —
So what if I can’t see you
I can see your tears
Across miles
Leave, I whisper
Silence storms
Leave, I beg.
Her cry infects my bones.
A scream resounds
And you crumple like paper
Your sorrow, my anger
I see red
Where is that girl
With a laugh like the lights
That brings a songbird alive
Your pain, intangible yet near
It eats you like dust
I can only stand and watch
Anna Adler Sep 18
The world turns,
And I'm this close to caving in,
And it burns my heart
That you're not here.
No concerns,
I'm not tangled in my sins,
I am far away from long ago,
I have no fear.

Clouds go by,
And I am drifting off to sleep.
With a sigh,
Your world will disappear.
Say goodbye,
I'm leaving you forever,
I am far away from long ago,
I have no fear.
apayne Sep 16
waiting for the bus, always late, to carry me home  
   waiting for that shiny new tech-heavy device to arrive
      waiting for service when I’ve already been ignored twice
         waiting in line to pay for my overpriced vegan groceries
            waiting for the doctor who simply repeats WebMD told me
               waiting for the Wi-Fi to take only to have it disconnect 15 minutes later
                  waiting for payday when there's only Kraft singles and jam in the fridge
                      waiting for Spring like my bones aren’t already frozen and burst
                         waiting for inspiration like muse has 24-hour shipping
                            waiting for salvation when the devil’s
fork is already in my back

Most of all
                                                For You
CarolineSD Sep 15

Toss clothes like fluttered wings
In this bag.
Throw just one ******* my shoulder and

Roll the windows down and amp up the music so loud I drown
Out the static of sadness that never ends.

Find the narrow path that no one takes
In the valley by the headwaters of the lake

Won’t even scan the brushland for snakes,

Just walk


Can’t make it right anyway
Can’t make anyone stay
Can’t fill up their world with what they deserve
Tried to play every role but I’m really


Wonder what it would feel like to find the serrated edges of the rock on the top of the highest cliffs and just

Step off

Wonder what it would feel like to tell the world to *******?

Wonder if I can walk high enough to leave half of myself
Underneath the glory of the ridgeline
Stamp her shadow down with these boots and

Rise lighter

Less encumbered by the pitiful way she cries
Walk the rough trail that cuts straight up the rocks
Stand on the top
And let the sun
Burn the guilt off
Melt my heart right there on the mountain

Let it go

In the currents across the river washed rocks
Carried away to the nadirs of the sea
Where there is no special place for tears

And the whales leap up and breach the waves

And everything that ever mattered lifts in the arching spray and


But I am just a girl
Knees in the cool dirt
By the forest’s edge
And I’m not dumb enough to give it all up

And there isn’t really any blade to this hurt
Just a dull ache
That falls away the further I follow the river
Through the quaking aspens
Along the pine framed cliffs
Into the sky.

I can leave it all behind
For a little while
Toss this canvas bag onto the rough ground
Turn around

And walk into your waiting arms.
is it ok that you've been my safe space for so long?
Mikko Sep 13
Fly away now little bird you're free.

Be one with the wind and find a nice tree.

I hope you find someone and treats you like me.

I may be gone but i still care.

I hope no one hurts you while you're there.

If you need me i'll be here.

Waiting and thinking you're still here.
You let go of someone but you still care. But letting her out is probably for the best.
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