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If you could just not go,
but you are leaving
this time for sure.
I release you
to the new world
where you will live.
I miss you all ready.
The torrent of my tears
smother me now..
still I plan to learn
to breathe
without you.
little lion Jul 15
I knew leaving was the right choice
when you couldn't even be bothered to say goodbye.

I suppose your silence tells me everything I need to know.

I hope they're worth it.
Estelline Jul 5
Am I in love with you
Or just in love with the game?
If it’s nothing more
Then a small time fling
Why do you still give me butterflies?
They flutter all up inside
Making me choke on my words
Is love the feeling of wanting to die?
Maybe I could capture them all
And cut off their wings
So they couldn’t fly sky high
It’s a shame to see them fall
Such a beautiful thing is now gone
But I’m free from your hand's frigid grasp
It’s all a faint memory from the past
JKirin Jul 3
It hurts, my love.

It hurts, my love; I’m filled with sorrow.

While you are here (close but miles and miles away),

what can I say to change your mind so you’d stay?

Don’t go, my love…

Don’t go, my love, where I can’t follow.

Let’s think together of some other way. Stay.
about not wanting to part with the loved one
little lion Jun 28
I had hoped you'd grow fonder,
but instead you've gone farther away.

I wish you'd come back to me.
I miss what we could have been.
honeyed Jun 15
"i'm going to leave you behind"
that's funny coming from me.
i won't stay and you won't go,
it's a fact we both know.
I’m leaving,
Drank enough to fill the shore,
but the tides
show the stones, show the floor.

I’m leaving
I’m the light,
Films **** and flicker
Stars stay outta sight

Beyond has lost its reasons
so much fear, so much hate,
union’s writhe in seasons
dividing into a state.

I’m leaving
I’m the light
Films **** and flicker
Stars stay outta sight
Estelline Jun 2
Whenever I get close
I can feel the walls start to shake
They’re bound to fall
At any moment

But I can’t have that

I must disconnect
Before someone else
Cuts the wire
And I turn to dust

No one will know why
And I can’t tell them
But they won’t care anyway
I was never liked.
Just Alex May 27
Was I to turn to my side
Walking under moonlight
Would I see you there?
Matching my step?

For you are gone,
You left without a word
after saying too much.

Was I to turn to my back
Walking by the streetlights
Would you be following me?
As in days gone by you did?

For you have banished.
A body displaced, that casts
echoes in the depths of my brain.

And what would I see?
Heading into a tomorrow
punctured in waning sunlight
When I turn my step?
When I look ahead?

But shadows dancing
In your image, with your name
And cold stones as poles
of a merry-go-round.
Estelline May 26
While you leave
I’ll say “just let me be”
But behind the mask
Is a sea of tears
I wish you’d come back
It’s everything I feared…
I’m just not good enough.
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