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Taylor 1d
you do this everytime
with tears, collecting my things for good
you are my past now
about how well we finally have to leave
Tom 1d
Together we are strong,

Solid and uniform, 

But something now is wrong,
The heat is turning on


We no longer belong, 

This close when it gets warm,
So I shall say so long, 

Be free in liquid form.
The physical phenomenon of melting from the perspective of an atom.
ae 1d
let the vast seas be
    where our heavy hearts could
because the distance between us
    are never empty spaces;
think of it as wider plains to grow,
    a place for stronger souls

not mind the waves that crash onto us
    for we will be looking at the same
nor the clocks that tick at different
    for we will be meeting half way
I picked the pieces
Put it back together,
Dragged the burden,
For sake of
What we had together?

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving me behind,
So you can flourish

Easy to throw away
The memories weaved
Past, present and future seed

Then why? Oh why?
Your love turned selfish,
Leaving this pigeon hole,
For mansion behold

Whispers of sweet nothings
An acidic reminder,
A betrayal painted,
With no remembrance

Bruises I cleared
Promises sweared,
Python to my eternal ores

Then why? Oh why?
Your loved turned selfish
When I’m carrying
A piece of you and me
Perhaps it’s time

I don’t understand

You’re right, and this is where I draw the line

Can you please explain?

I’m tired of this life, tired of the lies

I had no idea you were in pain.

Does anyone, really?
Do they really expect it?
Do they have any idea to expect the worst from me?

No, they don’t.

That’s right, they don’t. I hide it too well.

No, you don’t. I saw. I noticed.

And you were too late. Don’t you see me pulling away?

Are you? I had no idea.

Just let me go now. Let me fade until I’m just a bad memory.
I've been the one to be left so many times. Why can't I find someone who'll stay?
The Tinkerer Oct 7
To fall in love.
To be kicked and tugged.
To picking up, and moving on.

To stepping forward.
To find courage, within this coward.
To letting go, of what's already gone.
To what's been said, and what's been done.

I take my hopes, and pack 'em.
Close the door, leave through the back an'
Don't turn round. We could see it crackin'.
To leave before it breaks,
Breaks my heart, but it feels like fate.
Tried to have faith, I made mistakes.

I guess that in the end, we took
What we could get, though there's
Still so many loose ends.
Looked for the closure,
I swear, felt it was getting closer.
Thought, we could make amends, make it better, make it to a better end.
I guess by now I've lost my friend.

Seems that now has turned to never.
So whatever. I tried my best.
I failed this test.

Shattered heart, I pick up the pieces.
Few more shards, and I'm back to being jus'
Who I am, who I'm at peace with.

I'd never be the same,
It won't be so seamless.
I look up, maybe one day I'll see
The one I need, my miracle seamstress.

For now, here I leave this.
From a broken heart, to broken trust. To building this friendship up, to realising, it washes a way, just like mud.

I take on the next day. Move on, move along. Take my heavy heart, my heavy mind. I'm alright. I'll be alright. This sadness will leave in time, if anything I've learned, it's that sadness is just like a tide.

- O. Glad you were once a part of my life. Thank you for what you've taught me.
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