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Toyo Douglas Aug 18
a lack there of,
an unattainable reach.
a call that merely rings
a voice that begins to fade.

a memory
the past.
How long will this pain last?

The mind springs i need to call !
the heart remembers oh, not at all.

The fact or process of losing something or someone.

Someone dear,
no longer near.
gone afar.

take a look up there
a look within,
they’re right there
gleaming like a Star
written in 2020
~>/~ * ~<~\
In the middle of my chaos,
in moments of despondency,
a lone bright star shines,
and holds every piece of me,
always "there,"
from a distance,
but ever near
to catch me
if i fall.

sally b

© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
June 7, 2022

#God #deadfamilyfriend #lovedone #lonestar #sallyb
Misty Eyed Aug 2020
There is
No timetable
For grief.
It comes.
It goes.
No rhyme.
No reason.

Shell May 2020
When I'm older and its time
I want you to wake me
Show me your voice I can no longer hear
Your memory will no longer be alive

Though I don't know why
Show me the reason you left
That was more important than me
Show you all that you missed
Thank you for those happy times alive
دema flutter Apr 2020
i thank the hardships,
that life made you go through,
for the roughness
of the skin that lies
on the palm of
your hands,

because that's the only
part of you i can still
in my dreams
dear grandpa, i miss you
Aidan Feb 2020
Here I am
Writing to you
Writing to someone that will never respond
Talking to a brick wall
Yet here I am
Still making the attempt

What can I do?
Is there something I can do to change this dynamic,
It has been years.
Years since my heart last skipped.

What can I do to make it leap once more?
To feel again what it is like for you to look my way.
To feel again what it is like to be cared for.

So here I am,
Writing to you.
My lifeline being tossed out,
In hopes that you will come to rescue me.
First loveish themed poem
Pauline Morris Mar 2019
Close to death
A finale breath
Reaper's touch
A finale hush
Pain dissipates
In loved one's eyes reinstates
They lied.
They lied when they said time heals all wounds,
Or maybe there hasn’t been enough time away from you.

Almost two years to the day,
yet I still find myself keeping tears at bay.
Why did you go? Why couldn’t you stay?
You were just coming around,
You seemed okay.

Yet, I know deep down that feeling you felt,
I often feel it too and left with a remorseful head,
Full of regret,
I could have said something,
I did nothing instead.

I’ve learned a lot while you’ve been away.
I was too late,
I should have never received a call that day,
A life full of guilt because my mind mended,
after you chose to escape a life unfinished.

I couldn’t help it,
Our genetics tell all,
you see,
Those months I had been suffering,
just like you,
I begged for it to leave.

My life continued while yours departed,
Waking day to day,
to a photo of your smiling face,
with that everlasting tear,
that may  never be tamed.
It doesn't feel like two years since my brother passed. I can't help, but miss him every single day. I don't know how to get over it. So I wrote this down really fast after a big crying spell.
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