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A morning offering,
Prayer is my best medicine,
People do throw rocks,
Thanks instead would be a shock!
I am a Christian, I say,
As here I sit and pray,
All's well that ends well, my boy,
Prayers to God are efforts of joy!
Sunday funday blessing. Feedback welcome.
पुरानो कागत ल्याउनु भएन?
* छुटेछ बाबु
हिजो आज कुन औषधि, कति खादै हुनुहुन्छ?
* मैले?
* त्यो ३१० रुपैया पर्ने
* पहिले १९० मा पाइन्यो
* बाबुलेनै २ महिना अघि पावर बढाएको

अब भन्नुस् वहाले
कुन औषधि कति पावरको
सेवनगर्नु भएको?
शैली : क्लिनिकल प्रयोगात्मक
विषय : निशब्द
विचार : किताव भित्र नपढेको गुरुले नपढाएको सिक्दैजाने प्रक्रियानै आखिरमा रहेछ क्लिनिकल प्रैक्टिस
And when I am ill
Nothing works
No one heals

Nor do I

Let me craft
The pain
For you

To heal
Genre:  Dark Abstract
Theme: No One

SLC. 30. Genderfluid. Futurologist.

Part person, part pokemon, part poetry
Jack and Steve
Swallowed a Pill
Using a glass of water

Both fell down
Got out of mind

And people called Doctor
Let's Cherish Childhood
duang fu Jul 8
the red is far too deafening -
shut palms around my ears
and yet the world is on screaming fire.
my finger joints crack in my eardrums
while the sunflowers roll in the mud.
firecracker red; fire engine red
took a nap in a sack,
the sun never goes away.

if i may i would turn to pray
to a man up in city hall
where the crowds prey,

i'm asking for a bellyache from hunger,
a shadow to leave my body -
not quite the youthful sunshine
with flaming ash in the air.

please be quiet - you're neither
the hysterical patient, nor
one who needs the normalising
medicine - you would not wish.
it is growing on me, much like
a generous parasite.
the world is much too loud tonight

written 8 july 2019, 10.22pm
Amanda Jul 4
Reached the tipping point
No medicine can fix me
Broken too badly
Is brokenness two ns or one?
wc Jul 29
TRIGGER WARNING - symptoms of depression

i'm drowsy, sleepy,
so tired, and pleading for
a little shut eye

sadness keeps me from
getting any sleep but i
cannot explain it

i am not a threat
to myself or others, but
i'm not in control

i feel so empty
i am sad but not, i'm an
emotionless child

no one understands
how much i struggle each day
i don't need your help

i do need your help
my pride keeps me from asking
please don't worry, please

i am fine i swear
my problems are nothing to
what others deal with

i just need to sleep
hopefully that will fix this
i can only hope now
a compilation of most of my bad thoughts recently
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