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a man
in the crowd
is a page in the book
one of the many
in a stack

a man
standing alone,
is a lost page, of poetry.
feeling of being one in billions
Zywa May 2019
Sometimes, I have heard something back
from a sister or neighbour, something
from the past that makes me special, well

I'm no longer being driven around
the districts, behind dad
in a litter on the cycle rack

with barbs in my skin
which reflect the light
with royal allure

no, I am not colourless
although I don't have a fringe-tail
and no public, I drink

a beer with you
in The King's Hut café
and that's the king here
King's Day 2017

A peacock has colourless feathers with barbs in varying layers and at different distances from each other, which colour the light

König Pilsener (from Duisburg)
Caage Gaber Sep 29
such a gorgeous and grand word.
Though dull, it's visible.
It took me a while to figure out, but I love people that throw away the act that the world expects you to have and plays as themself.
Zywa Jul 2019
People stare at me
on the rare days
when I dress differently

Someone special
cannot be it for a long time
before people throng

around, chasing
away whoever is in the way
whoever lives or works there

neighbours are replaced
by guests and
they comment

on your role in the performance
that is your own life
and is it no more

if you are not ordinary
boring and showing
no one that you exist

only special
in the mirror
and the eyes of your loved one
Collection “Mosaic virus”
Tizzop Sep 16
have to find the center of a long alley
ice cream cones of last year, the craving
our way to the center, people buzzing over
so hard to guess the right thing of the wrong

lights are floating through the room, ghosty
at the center of the alley, we will find salvation
smoothen a path inside the snow of the past
frozen water, ice chunks, shannon, help me

have to find the center of a long alley
get me some ***** and a cake, let's go
eat it on-the-go, the best thing now is to go
your mental breakdown was the finest

for a long time, a long time, long time
Caage Gaber Sep 15
Would you sink into the sand
or could you remain even on shaky ground?
On the elevation, could you stand?
When your hands touch the sky, can you stay earthbound?

If your entirety builds around others
are you those that you lean on?
Are your choices and mistakes yours or another's?
Are you a king or a pawn

Why do they expect me to be them,
when I want to be myself?
Why should I be another and not be mayhem?
How can you worship one and never accept yourself?
Are you defined by the expectations of your peers, friends, or family... why? Take pride in what you're not... a faceless background character...
If you’re not on the list
Where are you?

If you’re not on the list
What are you?

If you’re not on the list
Who are you?

If you’re not on the list
You cannot come in
You cannot go out
You cannot speak

If you’re not on the list
You have no self
You have no rights
Here or anywhere

If you’re not on the list
You do not exist
You have no name
There are none of you
Simon Aug 15
The beauty is not yet realized... Is what it truly means to not know how beautiful someone truly is, until they have really seen it for themselves (first and foremost)! Except if you haven't (as of yet, while also not realizing)… Then "the beauty that is not yet realized"... Remains like a "closed book"! A closed book who's survivability desperately depends on that very "beauty"! Demands "recompense" for the actions (to hold dearly) without the consequence in not including oneself (more or less) in on the details, before more facts came too light! Potentially missing out on everything desirable in oneselves very nature as a respectful and loving and caring individual! Such as the individual who this poem is especially "nurturing" for!
Conclusion... The beauty is not yet realized... Because they haft to admit it too themselves (first and foremost)! Before realizations crawl back into itself and forevermore abandoning the right to call yourself..."beautiful"!
A poem about a very close "special" individual of mine! Who's still in the midst of finding their truer beauty (at heart)! A closed book is another matter, altogether. Just as one individuals beauty is not limited by their very own instances when "negatively" saying they "aren't beautiful"... But for how many times they have doubted their own beauty heart!
Poetical Aug 4
The individual
is dual,
the I am someone
the I am someone 
who is no one.
Zywa Jun 2019
In the open field, there is more to see
than you like, poo and pimples

nothing private, trust no good
for anything, shame everywhere

because it's not a secret
in which you deviate, what you eat

which fears and diseases you suffer
how you wash and experience ***, when

you *******, have a miscarriage, cry
quarrel, are greedy, mean and unreasonable

or sweet, everything that is wrong with you:
someone who can be missed very well

or needs to learn a lesson – for mercy
there are mirror places for that
Collection “Mosaicvirus”
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