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jia Jul 6
i am just a vessel,
a rotting human body.
who's always longed to be cradled,
but I have nobody.

i am just a vessel,
a display of pure loneliness.
who's desire is all to be nestled,
despite all the emptiness.

i am just a vessel,
nothing more than that.
has always been the lesser,
waiting for the time I'll rot.
Advancing the soul,
metaphysical orc, promote
original thinking,
experience all, I need sleep.
Clearer the thought,
deeper the soul,
more original I am,
the lonelier I become.
Celestial Mar 2
Something learned from gaining
Then stolen by draining
We then are caught
The lesson taught

No sooner is it achieved
Is it lost and unretrieved
Sought after by one after another
A secret kept from our sisters and brothers

I wonder now where mine,
Will go in time
Hidden I keep it as a treasure.
The longer I can, it will pleasure.

For it is necessary to see
My plans untarnished by the greedy
My goal worth moving toward
Is continuing forward.
i am what i am,
to i wish i wasn't
but glad i am
A Poet Jan 5
poetry like people

people like poetry
a mirror to the soul
Jessica Jan 3
And she walked up the road
Blanketed in velvet night
Her hands were cold
Icicles hung terrified
Of a splendid morning
The shadows communicated
With each other
In strange voices
Carried by the winter air
Like a discordant melody
As they observed her steps
The dawn promised her
He would vanquish them
Where at last,
She would see
The extent of a
misunderstood glory.
Targeted individual awareness:
Sabika H Dec 2020
No longer tracked in a dollhouse. A small spec from the view up above.
Heart erratic
Breath pumping
My confusions left unsolved.

No longer scavenging for booky ally ways for a quick huff and puff,
Fantasising about what I’m wearing as I **** myself,
Or when it would be most peaceful to inhale evil

No longer held on an invisible chain
Chained to my ‘friends’
That have accepted this mutual need
To be comforted not by what is said
But by what is given and pierced through the head,
Over and over
Again and
For years
Four years
I knew not one of them,
But their smiles were kept green
And their eyes soaked in sad blood
Looking through narrow windows,
Thin lines of dim lights,
Pouring on lonely nights.
And that’s when I realised
Freedom is a slave sacrificed.

So if I must be chained
Let it be a chain
Hooked on loyalty
And love.
Let it be a chain
And gentle
So I can find my way back
With ease.
Let it be a chain of strength
A chain that protects me.
Because I am no longer chained
To the idea
Of freedom in
You will not be able to fully overcome any bad habit unless you get away from the people in your life who encourage that bad habit.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Plenty of people
Pour their opinions on me
Find pressure pointless
The majority actually
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