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I know they say
I’m not less than in view
But I’m bursting at the seams
Of being told

        What I can be

I'm more than that pretty thing
        hiding in the corner.

When can I state my view?
Decide my own timeline.
Fight as a peer
Instead of a squalid sequel.

I’m more than that pretty thing
        gracing your arm.

When will I be seen for my intelligence?
Be introduced as my accomplishments
Not just someone’s pet.

I’m more than that pretty thing
        reading beside you

These walls are filled with work;
Teeming with the outcomes of edification
Twists and turns in vivid inspiration

I’m filled to the brim
Yet more will emerge

I’m more than that pretty thing
        dancing next to you.

I’m an artist
With a vision all my own

A writer
Spinning words of chaos across a page.

My body can bring forth life
But it’s worth more than that
Yet your say is better than mine?

I’m more than that pretty thing
        sleeping beside you.

Yes, I wear lingerie
But bring those eyes up
It’s not for your viewing pleasure.

I’m more than that pretty thing
        silent in acquiescence.

I need to get out
Before these walls cave in
If I get any more
I won’t claim what to do.

        It can’t take a lifetime
        But I’ll fight one true

I’m more than that pretty thing
        wading through the crowd

That’s the way it needs to be
Time is running few

Running out of walls is not the way I plan to be.

I'm more than that pretty thing
        marching down the street.

I’m that pretty thing
        emerging from the shadows.
I’m that pretty thing
        taking care of others.
I’m that pretty thing
        using those walls.
I’m that pretty thing
        running for a change.
I’m that pretty thing
        awake in passion.
I’m that pretty thing
        screaming to be heard.
I’m that pretty thing
        pushing through the mud.

I’m that pretty thing marching down the street.
Dredd Dec 2018
i am tired of being the passenger in my life
watching it happen while not being present.

i want to steer my own destiny towards a happier and blissful place.

taking action instead of waiting for nothing to happen
waiting and waiting
then complaining
why nothing is right.

you do not wait.
you should not wait.
you should take action.

Just sitting alone, thinking about how life is dictated to you. No self expression. Should always follow the norm. I am tired. I want to be me. I want to explore how I want to. Be who I want to. Do what I have to do!
Brian Dec 2018
Walking the saddle
Wind blowing both directions
Do not want to fall
Andres Martinez Nov 2018
I'm not one to dwell and I'm not one to build while I'm still trying to repair
I'm not here to try anything funny
Just simple
If that's hard to understand well sorry
Small talks are no longer an interest
I rather get to know you then weasel my way around
have an actual conversation an exchange of noise isn't much to go off of
tell me something
let me see the real you
because I'd like more than just a lovely view.
Call me odd if you will
one thing is for certain
My words can paint a lovely picture
a self portrait
one which people might say my looks could
amber Nov 2018
how are you
so unapologetically...
how did you
get that way?
i wanna be
fearlessly me
but sometimes
I'm unsure
how to be.
My ability & skill to commit evil
on purpose with a deliberate
consciousness is only matched
by the same forms of doing
good. Whether it’s myself or
to the world. What is worse,
accidental evil or the evil on
purpose? Is it the same for
the good? When it comes to it,
I’ll remain a individual. Regardless
of the community, society, group,
state, political party, sub-groups,
intent, revolutionary groups. It’s
always a battle of culture when it
comes to it.
(Everybody wants to change
the world & than stop when
it comes to changing themselves.
My heart is beating fast, is it
time to die?)
There are secrets in the dark,
a duality of character, life isn’t a mystery,
I am not immune to flaws, mistakes, giving into
my own
fantasy. To push forward in my own
future. Is to accept my present now. Knowing my
own conception of the character I yearn for, I push
I shouldn’t have a default of burden, for simply breathing.
Under no obligations for reality
to provide
myself of dreams, though I owe it to myself.
Immortalized in pictures if I can achieve,
though it’s sad when no-one notices.
Life is still precious.
Lash Oct 2018
i know myself to be weak yet i am still so strong.
i know myself to be violent, but i am still so soft.
i know myself to be creative, yet i am always bored.
so understanding yet i lack understanding...

i can remember every moment, every detail and yet, sometimes i misplace my thoughts and i start to forget.
one day my mind is at a pace that i always regret and then i’m numb to every feeling.
one day i search for healing..
one day i care, one day i can care less.
one day i soak in solitude, and silence gives its best.
one day i seek attention, can i keep your attention? i’m caught up re-inventing, creators best invention ..
it’s me!
i am a balance between what you do not want & all that you need.
you’ll find solace in my madness, i promise you’ll be glad though you’ll wish you never had that encounter with me.
don’t keep your distance, i am distant.
love me despite my high-resistance.
you’ll find your happiness consistent & your fears are non-existent.
they don’t exist with me.
we’ll chase some positive vibes,
& co-exist.
indeed, i want a love that loves me clumsy,
a love to rub up on me,
your manner rub off on me.
no matter what, you’ll love me?
words ❤️❤️❤️
Paul NP Oct 2018
What freedom it is to be nothing among everything.
The point inside the wheel cycling for words, knowing
myself through mirror's reflection forever like air under wing.

My Soul becomes freer, growing ever fractal
upgrading it's software, such as they in the sea.
They who jump forth by thy will becoming distinct
by that of beneath.

Positivity through connectivity, I am In Charge.
Love in Phase, will resonate a Standing Wave called Ki.
That which Resists only exists when it passes through the
body of me.

In such the Capacity of Responsibility remains for the taking.
My soul yearns to lift the torch to teach those in a lesser light,
forever above is my Zenith in which under such flame I cast
no shadow, or as it be that which rests underneath the souls of my
feet may be freed.

In every step I take toward my goal.
I’m insisting to live a meaningful life,
hear nothing but angst, allowing me
to believe that shallow takes are meant
to be, selling myself short, vape smoke
battling smoking ancient Heavenly,
criticism over coffee, dreaming while
in the mundane, aspiration to reclaim
myself, I need to get myself alone,
it’s where I've started from. Meditate
to flatter life’s graces and hope in those
prays, life deems acceptable and able
to live at thy-will.
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