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Kayla Gallant Sep 26
Tear me apart

Smash me to pieces

Release the tension

You know you have the will

Inside your swollen fist

You hold my destiny
only the broken know how to survive
Jasmine dryer Sep 17
Do I need you to survive?
Is that a lie?
Put your love to the test
Can you survive longer than the rest?
Oh its such a mess!
But, hey!
maybe it'll be all
maybe you really deserve to

hey doll,
wanna play?

"thats all you had to say"
I starve myself
Because the intense growl in my stomach
is the only time
something tells me it cares about me

I take freezing showers
that make it hard to breathe
Because it's the only time
I fight to stay alive

I read past conversations
of my heart getting broke
Because it's the only time
I can control when I cry

I fake happiness
for those around me
Because I'd rather hide my pain
than my peers to pretend to care

I isolate myself
from everything
Because it's the only time
that I am the only one who can hurt me

I'm stuck in a depressive paradox;
the only way for me to survive my pain
is to make my own
Was going go use the term "borborygmus" in the second line, but decided that's too extra.
Tompson Sep 7
Life it's a bad joke
Told by people who wants to see
You cut your own throat
And when the curtains close
They all going to laugh
While you choke
Let them be the crowd
The judges
Put me in the death row
I'll get out
With the people who lives below
And one day
I'll be the one who controls the joke
AM Sep 3
If you are willing to go through
all the pain for her
I know you can do it
for yourself too

To me,
you're worth fighting for
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

I've seen the things
you've done for her
and I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

All of the things you've given up
just to give up fighting in the end
I can't watch you
let yourself fall from another bridge

If she's worth falling from another bridge
then you should be worth it to yourself

you are to me.
Yassine Aug 28
Oh mind oh my mind
Never meant to make you keen.
Oh mind oh my mind
You are stinging with flames and I’m lame.
Oh mind oh my mind
You misreckon clemency, such a shame!
Oh mind oh my mind
I'm glutted with your game. Erelong Begging you for mercy before I drain.
Saige Aug 25
I've been fighting to survive my entire life.
Just trying to stay alive
But I forgot the most important thing
surviving is not the same as living.
Wasting all my time fighting to survive when there are so many better things to fight for.
To be a man, is to face your fears everyday.
Carry this meat suit in a dignified fashion.
Question life and its maelstrom of sorrow.
Forgive the failures of others.

To be a man, is to protect your friends.
Hide your disgust at others happiness.
Move unnoticed through a crowd of people who struggle everyday.
Find, laugh and be merry with your best friends.

To be a man, is to know thine enemy.
Prepare for your future trials by training the body.
Always mistrust the ones you love.
Pretend to feel empathy and recognize their true intentions.

To be a man, is to control your violent impulses.
Never acknowledge the visions of killing that you see.
Hold back the feeling of tears when spoken kindly to.
Never help the destitute.

And when I stop being a man.
And the facade finally breaks.
And the families who stabbed me in the back, come for more.
And when everyone has quietly left me.
And I am now the destitute.
I cradle my body.
And tremble alone.
A poem I thought up. Very harsh, but very easy to relate to imo. Hope you enjoy it, though I wouldn't.
These past couple of years I've learned a lot

I've learned that sunshine really does make you feel happier,

And seasonal depression is a real thing.

I've learned that singing in the car as loud as you can to your favourite song does count as self care.

And so does sleeping.

I've learned that eating healthy and working out doesnt cure depression

It can help you feel a bit better about yourself though.

I've learned that silence in a conversation speaks louder than a thousand words spoken

And you cant force people to stay in your life who dont wanna be there.

I've learned that laughter is so healing

And finding someone who can make you laugh while you're in tears is so important.

I've learned that everyone has a story and a past.

And everyone has been through something that has changed them for better or for worse, but we're in no position to judge each other for it.

I've learned that in life you need to accept not everyday will be good but there will always be something good in your day.

And some days you'll feel on top of the world while other days you'll feel crushed underneath it.

I've learned it's okay to be sad, to cry and to break down.

And that as hard as it is to believe this yourself, you still deserve to be happy no matter what your demons are or what your mind tells you.

I've learned that people always leave but the good ones stick around, and sometimes people come back around.

And that the only person who can make your life better is you, so it's time you, we, I all push ourselves a little more each day.

Most importantly though, I've learned that life is worth living, yours is too I promise this.

And I'm proud of myself and I'm proud of you, for still being here.

Butterfly Jul 19
I must survive, just to keep them alive.
I adore this song.
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