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You can water your plants.
You can walk your dog everyday.
You can feed the birds in the park.
But the day that you forget to sustain your plants,
or are too busy to cater to your dogs need for the outdoor experience,
or run out of bird food for the park,
things tend to fall out of balance.
Plants survive,
so do the dogs
and the birds.
They start to believe in an entitlement to your generous acts.
Something I've learned
is that it's not always your job to take care of someone else.
There's always rainstorms,
back doors,
and picnic crumbs
waiting for their turn to take care of someone.
I used to feel pressure for having to be the source of someone's happiness.
I was once beaten
by a large man
with red fire eyes
and froth on his lips.
Don’t worry, baby.
I gave as good
as I got.
That day, I learned
to survive.

-Ron Gavalik
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Omokeyede Jan 13
I'm a bird.
Despite the wind, I will fly.

I'm a star.
Despite the reign of the moon, I will shine.

I'm a seed.
Despite being buried, I will bloom.

I'm a ship.
Despite the rogue waves, I will sail.

I'm an ocean.
Despite the pollution, I will flow.

I'm a polar bear in the arctic.
Despite the temperature, I will survive.

I'm a Lucifer (Not the devil).
Despite the darkness of the world, I bring light.

I'm a cymbal.
Despite being beaten hard, I emit beautiful sounds.

I'm a fine vintage wine.
Despite aging, I will never go sour.

I'm a petal.
Despite producing scents to allure pollinators, I do repel undesirable pollinators.

I'm a Lion.
Despite the size of an Elephant, I'm the king.

I'm a Phoenix.
Despite being burned, I will rise and live on.

I'm an Oracle.
Despite the obstacles, I will reach the pinnacle.

I am Omokeyede.
Despite the evils of the world, I choose peace and love.
Know your purpose.
It's easier to say I'm fine, just tired
As if my reply was a movie
Cutting out the details and generalizing
In a way, not giving the whole story
Read me to know more
Though it may be long and tedious
Only for the people who want more
Who will love me more serious
When I say I'm tired
I am tired of life
So when I become more distant
I'm just trying to survive
Latifah Jan 8
I just wanted to
spill all my secrets
to someone
I've kept them hidden
for so long
and I couldn't anymore
I wanted someone
who could carry half the weight
I've been carrying
in my fragile heart
that no longer can survive
it feels as if
I'm carrying the weight
they're carrying
of my own heaviness.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When I was a young man protected by youth for no fear did I have In what lay ahead
With a pack on my back of  I'd go without care In the world for At the moment no thoughts of
For I had youth on my side I would sleep In fields or down by the sea were
I laid my head  would become my home for the time I was there had no fear for
of shadows that passed while I slept In the night for had youth on my
But as I grew older fears crept In so more much aware of the dangers lurking out
and think our lucky  I was to survive made It to the retirement a time when young I thought never to see
for when I was young
had youth on my side and lived the moment I was In
and had no fear of
For I was young and had youth on my side no fear of death did
I have
Ally Ann Jan 6
When I learned to love others, I stopped loving myself. I gave all that I had to people who never cared enough to deserve it and I lost myself in the process. I became an empty vessel of who I was and was more hollow than I had ever been. I was a mannequin of what people thought I should be. You learn a lot when you become nothing. When you are empty to yourself and the world and nothing seems like it will bring you back. Eventually, you find something that teaches you that loving yourself first will always be worth your time. Learning this is how you survive.
Aj Jan 6
i'd like to think myself up as un chrysanthème; the flower of immortality.

if she, in all her fragile beauty, can survive the bite of a french winter—then i know i can survive you.
in her death, i bloom.
Lived so much In dreams I'd forgotten what reality was, but now I'm back focused have a future no
I'm going In life
that a positive start to a new future at least I never lost the will to fight and never give till It's
Nevever give up till It's over keep fighting for What Is right
In order to survive
All I see are word,
All I see is people,
Here on Hellopoetry.

Those words are all the same,
Those people are all the same,
Here on Hellopoetry.

Those word are broken, all of them,
Those people are broken, all of them,
Here on Hellopoetry.

All I see is one broken person
Speaking one broken word
Here on Hellopoetry.

And yet it tells many stories
Of many people
Here on Hellopoetry.

And non of those stories, are the same
Neither are the people
Here on Hellopoetry.

We are on big broken community of people
And we are one
And one for all
Together we stand strong
Together we can survive
Yes we can all
Here on Hellopoetry.
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