She fell
She survived
She stood again
To her
That was enough
Because at least
She didn't give up

Lori Apr 19

i discovered momentum with my legs.
gliding fins treading waters coming
up for air from the worries still can't
breath through my mouth or swim
laps through these tears without noise
avoid splashing too much he says
salty gets in someone's eyes try
to go the fastest you can to help
you move forward you need to
push through your emotions
i follow along not realizing i
could say no i swam as fast
as i could horizontal one
dimensional as a board
i got far with
i fell short
from gasping
for air from the
advanced level
i wasn't ready for
i have potential he says
i must aim for momentum
he says and in my mind i
imagine saying something smart
he can't even comeback like

i create momentum
i pushed through your
Maximilian discouragement
when your words hit me hard
like chlorine in my eyes
i walk away as fast as i can
i created momentum
not to give up on life
before you destroy me,

creation of something prompt. i had fun with this. I love how poetry helps me convince myself to believe something or do something opposite of what I believe.

I'm lost, the road in front split in two
So little time, with so much to do
The woods around me, is so dark
Each thorn I touch, leaves its mark
I grow tired, with each step I take
"Next time", I think, "my mind will break"
Every day, strangely, I survive
Each accident and problem, leaving me alive
How much longer, will it take?
How many sacrifices, will I have to make?


the world grows older
it's just like me
but when I was younger
I pretended to be doughty
as they saw from the outside
my queen and king let me travel this world
it was the right time
and their hance
I started my stride
left my castle and others
hey it's not easy!
it's not my place, not my home
but sometimes I realized
I'm not their little girl anymore
then I learn how to learn

Makula Hala Apr 7

The bird song begins
earlier than I am prepared
to hear it.
The sun has not
yet made his entrance
to this side of the world
but I feel it dawning inside me.
My leaves are strewn about,
having landed violently
at my feet last night.
My branches are sore,
having rocked
and groaned
all night long.
My trunk has grown weaker,
I am cracked
and missing a few layers,
but my roots,
they go deeper
than you could imagine,
and I will not falter.
I may sway,
lose my dead pieces
to the storm,
but I will not fall.

Sometimes when I'm all alone,
I listen to my favourite song,
I close my eyes,
I get lost inside,
Inside my mind,
Inside my fantasies,
Inside my dreams.

I feel safe there,
It's my safe place.

In my safe place,
I find hope,
I restore my energy,
I patch my all so broken heart,
I find peace,
I smile,
I'm happy,
I'm myself...

Then reality kicks in,
Stress and worries,
Toxic people and environments,
Loss of faith,
Hatred and guilt.

Guilt of everything I want to do,
But never do.
Everything I feel,
But never show.
Everything I dream for,
But never reach for.
Everything that's me,
That I suppress.
Everything I like,
That I replace.

All that I am,
Is living a lie,
Trying to get by,
Like everyone else,
Just to survive,
But never to live,
Because I'm afraid,
Of the thrill.

But more than all,
I am afraid of you,
Your judgement,
And your hatred.
You scare me more than a life not mine.
You scare me so much my life is yours.

That's the saddest part,
All my life I have been wanting to break out of my shell,
And all my life you are the one who keeps me inside it.
I let you control me,
When I should be controlling myself.
I let you decide my destiny,
Because I'm afraid to fight back.
You are my biggest fear of them all.
It's you I hate and you I have to impress.

I want to break free and just be me.
See what I can be,
Control my own destiny.
I'm lost within my own chains,
In my own selfmade prison,
I let you imprison me,
Because I'm too afraid to try.
Someone set me free,
Someone show me how.

What is my life worth if it's not lived?
What is my life worth if my soul's already dead?
What is my life worth if it's not owned by me?
What is my life worth when I don't let myself be free?

I need to set myself free.
Help me set myself free.

A cry for help because I can't find the strength within me,
Even though I know it's in there somewhere,
I've seen it before...
Mane Omsy Mar 24

Crosses arose with no reasons
Alone or miserable
Always fall from stairs

but still,

Happy to share something
Crying released pain
Can't touch no liquor
For no trouble is allowed

To feel the stress,
the pure way
To light up the worse
Excuses flow,
it's mere flesh
but my heart do exist

Poem collection
One by one..
Thanks for reading
Amanda S Mar 23

we all know them now as warriors;
they were brave and strong and instead of
weeping in the shadows, they
rose higher with the wings that heaven itself gave them.
it was one of the darkest periods in human history
and yet they still held themselves together
and never gave up no matter what
obstacle got stuck in their path
and although most may not be here today,
we are to bless them like the moon
blesses the sun when it sets into
the newly lit night sky
for they are the reason why the war
ended in the first place.
they are the ones who wouldn't allow
bullets to be thrown at them without a fight,
and for those reasons,
we shall forever be thankful.

this is for all of those who are lost and forgotten. for those who fought their damnedest to help others. for those who have to live the rest of their lives knowing ancestors of their own family were murdered by a beast.
                                                i love you.
Zoe M Cripe Mar 21

And then suddenly you're everything I need,
All of me.
It's as if you've taken control,
Assumed dominance,
Taken the bigger role.
Because suddenly I can’t breathe anymore,
And you're the cause.
It's almost like being awoken,
Seeing the sunlight and looking for a token.
Something to win,
Something to buy,
Some reason to survive.
And then suddenly all the arrows pointed to you,
Finally Cupid can shoot.
It's as if I can read your mind,
Your thoughts whisper in tune with mine.
Come fill my body with your essence,
Because suddenly you've become my favorite lesson.

my dark waters stir
turning the moon's placid reflection
into a chaotic dance of broken light
echoes of churning
deep water
and raise your foreboding laughter
up and over the old well's lips
but you will not awaken me
to burn this nightmare into my core
rather I shall sleep into dawn
awaken to a silent Sun
you once held my heart below these waters
but unlike all those that followed
I survived you
you may impose fear in the heart
of a wayward toad
or other spineless woodland creatures
but I sleep well
immune to your frozen tears

inspired by the song 'Poltergeist' by Banks
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