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In my arms you smiled
We laughed and cried
In my arms you shared
We understood we cared
In my arms I had your touch
Made me want you so much
In my arms we grew
We saw everything through
In my arms you were my strength
I felt special and content
In my arms you were loved
In my arms you faded... 🙁
In my heart you are alive
Memories with you will always survive
For the girl who had so many dreams,
Who hoped for a brightest star,
Who waited to put on a spotlight,
Who fall and tried to get up by their feet,
Who lost and find herself,
Are you still aiming for the top?
Or you just prayed that you wont step at the bear traps?
Or maybe to run fastest that you could?
You born to believe that you need to sit on the throne,
For them to acknowledge your worth,
But aren't you tired?
Seeking validation,
Hoping to know you were not invisible...
And these days,
You ignore all the contest you've been before,
The only thing you knew its the apocalypse,
You had to fight,
For you to survive,
And not trying and trying,
Left To Rot May 12
I once told a wise guy I was tired
he said "dude, we all are!"
"and how the hell do we survive?"
"shot by shot, pill by pill, we fight."
jasmine wild May 7
you preach heaven
but surely not
because you did this
you left when you
promised you wouldn't
you always leave when you
promise you won't
what am i to believe then
once again i get burned
i stand but fall
holding onto the wall
it's ok i can
survive the heat
if i stop i die
help me
grab my arms and
pull me up
into the air
where it's gone
what scared me before
i long for now
i need to focus
too scared to leave the
small white room
it's safer than out there
i can't get caught
or i die
i burn once again
closer, before collapsing
Aŧül Apr 12
I want to travel behind,
Backwards to that time,
When you were mine,
And I was your crime.

Breaking up was routine,
And so was making up,
Then a calamity struck,
And I survive to live a half-life.
My HP Poem #1922
©Atul Kaushal
maike Mar 22
let your depression soak up all your emotions that are left
in that so called heart
between your ribs

let your blade be the relief of your pain
that is going to be
the only feeling you’ll be left to feel
after the ****** scars finally covered every part of your hips

let your negative thoughts
control your life
until the so called heart eventually shatters into its
toxic broken pieces
which reflect the emptiness
in your eyes
the stony hole in your chest
now lost its ability to fix
your soul

let yourself fully dive
into the process of

you just lost the ability to feel and unlocked

ps: there’s no chance that  you’ll ever again receive your ability to feel
You ****** *****
Don't sit
He's crying
He is dying
Why did you
Come his way
Told him
You would stay
Why did you
Promise him heaven
If you were to stay
For days seven
You say
Your love is modern
Laden with
Honey dews of heaven
Have some grace
On your face
Come and save
His life
Be his wife for life
I shall call Plato
From heaven
For stopping
Honey dew supply
So that
Platonic love survives
Every night of every sedative
Not being addictive but only for reactive
Every of them are the fear and sensitive
Naive? Nope, I am not
In a confusion, restless morning
The hardest to get up
I called them- what should I call them?
Crowded in head
Silent in dead
How's to feel ahead
I have been medicating, and still for my acute depression and they gave me schizophrenia medicine. I'm just.. I just want to survive during these phase.
Deliver me O Lord,
from the desires of my selfish mind.
Deliver me O Lord,
from the recklessness of my defiled heart.
Deliver me O Lord,
or I won’t survive.
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Jonny blaze Feb 24
I ran off on the plug
He knew what he signed up for. Never trust a man that has nothing to lose with you as an opportunity to gain more traction more steam.
I want to live like a king whether it be by getting a corporate job with a high salary or  running with ratchets attached with a red beam.
Consequences will come as they always do with any situation but we’re not here to go over any stipulations as to what’s right and wrong
I’m looking for one major lick I been plotting on running up on papi get in and out with everything he has then leaving town I’m gone.
Where I’m from people barely live to see 25 I’m pushing 30 with nothing going after this lick I’ll be 15 again and can’t feel more alive.
All I have to do is make it.
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