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Carlo C Gomez Jul 24
Holy smoke!

This is a drag.

I've come to depend upon it.

s y kalindara Jun 21
You would think that printing all my recollections of you,
and shelving poems until my heart's ink ran dry,
would erase your umbra from my mind.
But you, in all your symmetry, are still there,
reverberating within me like the echoes of my footsteps on your stairs.

I walk alone now, our two shadows becoming one,
and I still can't get used to that
nor can I slight the gaps between my fingers where yours belong.

I can't bring myself to re-watch the shows we viewed together
without that black leather couch and our legs intertwined,
my eyes forecast their mistiness, you're all they remember.

You're alive in my bones
when I listen to that song,
and I must confess
that your warmth is still pressed
within the stitches of my favourite peach dress,
and I sample pieces of you
when I'm savouring your breakfast food,
you're the nicotine in my lungs, you're laced in B&H Gold,
You're the reason why I don't smoke anymore.

The ocean I put between us couldn't lead your ghost astray,
I thought you couldn't catch me in a land 3000 miles away,
yet you're noticeably there,
in the place you've never been,
against my very philosophy,
I carry you with me.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
J, always.
Delyla Nunez Feb 11
I buy a pack every two days,
Thinking today is gonna be my last.
I’m going to quit,
I will.
At least that’s the thought process.

The **** of the cigarette is on my lips,
******* in the chemicals and tabaco.
A chemical driven to addiction.
An escape for two seconds of inhalation.
The calmness of the chemicals coursing through.

A sweet disgusting escape.
A cancer stick if you will.
Just gonna be writing the first thing that comes to mind.
A Howell Jan 25
your lips remind me of the bottle of rosé
we shared on a cold November night,
full-bodied and lush
when i kiss you, i taste hints of citrus.

my lips on yours, full of passion, burning,
it reminds me of the cigarette you smoked
during the intermission of the play we watched last January,
as bright red embers, burn bright, keeping you warm.

you are my addictions,
my nicotine and wine.
J Jan 4
I may be a smoker
but I still think of the fruit
when I hear cherry
Alix McLeod Nov 2020
It’s fair to say that
You are the nicotine
Running through my veins.

I adore you, while you
Are indifferent to me.

Still, I inhale.
Faith Sep 2020
They smelled of coffee and tobacco
          But not in a poetic way
          The way that makes me want to
          get away from you
I can smell the addiction in your breath
madi Jul 2020
a hoarse-voiced
******* the
sings about living on nicotine
and coffee

but nowadays that’s just a teenage girl with
a juul.
the bathrooms all smell like cotton candy and lung cancer.
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