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Hunter Sep 12
I take three long hits.
For a moment my lungs fill up,
The nicotine hits my brain,
And for a moment.
I forget how to breathe,
Like I’m suffocating.
Do It every night
selfless until I want you to be
always thinking of me
until you realize you can be selfish by slowly killing yourself
"nicotine is nicotine is nicotine" :
words from my own mother
holding me to a standard she won't follow.
basil Sep 2
i miss smoking,
but i think i miss you more.
Nigdaw Aug 26
as though still on the breast
mother nicotine brings her comfort
warm feelings of belonging,
coming home

just five minutes to **** myself
grabbing a moment from life
to lose it from the other end

not the courage for suicide
dying by degrees

dancing with the darkness
I kid myself I live
on the edge
pushing the envelope

but I'm a sad sack
with yellow fingers
looking for an answer
as flimsy as the smoke
that pollutes my lungs

love is a fickle thing.
a lot of people ask me why i smoke. it’s not that i want to be cool or i want “street cred”. it’s the feeling of numbness i’ve wanted to burn out of my life since the beginning. it’s the feeling of near suffocation. the feeling the smoke or vapor leaves behind in my lungs and in the back of my throat. it’s the feeling of being able to feel something that i’m so addicted to. i’m not addicted to nicotine or cannabis. i’m addicted to the feeling it’s leaves behind on my soul.
faith Aug 22
addicted to clon
addicted to nicotine
addicted to flexeril
addicted to you
addicted to self harm
addicted to restricting
addicted to being intoxicated
8 - 22 - 19
I've been smoke free two months today.
I haven't smoked and I hope that's how things will stay.
Please don't start smoking, it wasn't a good thing for me to do.
Please say no to nicotine because that is what is best for you.
Renn Powell Mar 27
i couldn't figure out what was worse
smoking or loving you
either one would turn my lungs black
and stop my heart eventually
Athena Mar 6
A beautiful story
is what we had
but I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
while he's having a smoke
and she's taking a dab
I'm starting to feel sick
it's the nicotine that I had
I see through the window
as he lays her on the bed
She's touching his chest now
he takes off her dress now
they both get undressed
and I feel my head bow
I fall apart
faster than I fell in love
I did my part
I let her become my drug
but she doesn't want me
she's already sweeping me under the rug
no matter what I do
it'll never be enough
****, tough
but I have to move on
she doesn't know the lyrics
but she knows she was my song
I'm losing my grip now
It's been too long
since last I lost myself
and got help from the ****
Inspired by Mr Brightside
Charlotte Feb 5
I listened to your words like they were the rush of nicotine I crave.

I listened to you as you played victim to your own crimes.

Your crimes against me.

Cheated and bruised I still relied on you.

My reliance on you was like my cigarette addiction.

I craved you, I wanted you, sometimes needed you, but in the end, you were cancer in my lungs just like the smoke.

Soon enough you broke, under the pressure of cleaning up the mess you made.

The mess you had made of me.

You left pieces of me scattered throughout the yard of an old house where the memories of your lips on my skin lie.

The memories of the promises you shattered while you left bruises on my heart and skin.
FIrst love
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