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Charlotte Feb 5
I listened to your words like they were the rush of nicotine I crave.

I listened to you as you played victim to your own crimes.

Your crimes against me.

Cheated and bruised I still relied on you.

My reliance on you was like my cigarette addiction.

I craved you, I wanted you, sometimes needed you, but in the end, you were cancer in my lungs just like the smoke.

Soon enough you broke, under the pressure of cleaning up the mess you made.

The mess you had made of me.

You left pieces of me scattered throughout the yard of an old house where the memories of your lips on my skin lie.

The memories of the promises you shattered while you left bruises on my heart and skin.
FIrst love
SC Kelley Jan 27
Love is like nicotine.

Once you've tried it once, you can't get enough.
You say you can live without it.
But you know you're lying to yourself.

That's why heartbreak physically hurts.
The way withdrawals physically hurt.
It makes you sick to your stomach.

You say it's the last time.
But it's not.
It's the final act, for now.

You can try to take a long break from it.
But it always comes slithering back.
Like a shadow you can't hide from.

You can't stop thinking about it.
You sit through your normal life.
Thinking about when your next fix is.

It fills your lungs and makes you feel good.
But shortly after you feel it in your stomach.
Like a poison slowly killing you.

Nicotine is like love.

Love, or lack thereof, can hurt
(read it all backward now)
Katy Jan 22
Some of us have demons we thought we exorcised
The truth is they just went into hiding and became dormant

Well, mine has come back out to play
Wreaking his havoc through my entire body

The nicotine is the safest way I can ward him off
While I try to figure out how to get rid of him completely
Zaza Jan 17
My lipstick
Stains his addictive tip

His intoxicating bliss
Caresses my lips
Suppressing that itch
Only addicts know
When they crave their fix

I'm addicted to his
Bad habits
He's my nicotine trip

So I chain smoke him every time I need a fix
Frank Nov 2018
Nicotine for breakfast
It washes down the pills

Nicotine for lunch
It washes down the energy drink

Nicotine for Dinner
It washes down the alcohol

Nicotine for when I'm sad
It keeps the feelings from bursting out

Nicotine for when I'm happy
Or so I assume

Nicotine for when I'm alone
And I'm always alone

Nicotine when I can't bear it anymore
Hollau Oct 2018
The first signs of an addiction:
Quickened heartbeat, dilated eyes—
I felt both the first time I saw you.

Soon we were associates.
I learned the sound of your voice.
I grew used to hearing it daily—
morning, afternoon, night.
It fed my soul, which craved attention.

I became enthralled with your existence.

before you, I was cold,
but your smile was infectious;
when you were truly happy, it radiated off of you
and ignited what I had long forgotten.

I held on to each word that rolled off of your tongue
as each syllable fed my addiction
and my desire consumed me.

Your gentle eyes were welcoming,
your presence comforting, even in my darkest times—
but as I fell deeper, the flaws began to reveal themselves.

You’re so arrogant; yet I want more.
You’re outspoken at the most inappropriate times
You’re selfish; you don’t think before you spring into action,
but I can’t help it—I’m enthralled with your power.
Your aggressive passion brings me excitement.

I fight for dominance against you
as we banter throughout the night
hoping that someday
I might escape from your siren song
and become your addiction instead.

For now, I sit and consume you until my lungs are filled—
until my mind is high enough to separate from your touch
so I may continue with my life for a brief moment.

You ruin me, but I can’t get enough.
love is quite the drug--
or is it ****?
Not Lauren Oct 2018
Burning heart
Matching soul
What will it take
To feel a bit whole

Spinning head
Cloud of smoke
Just one bad habit
To fix what's broke

My throat still aches
I just wanted to feel awake...
im addicted to you
like cigarettes and nicotine
a flame surviving off chemicals
you make me burn
down to the bud
to the ash
to the wind
then you’re gone.
i've smoked one time, but i get the jist.
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