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Heaven once spoke
With laughter I feared
Powerful vocals
That threatened me
But time in hell
Let me see
Heaven once spoke
With laughter filled with fear
We have united
But drifted apart so slow
In my mind
I will never let you go
the story of one of my friendships <3
the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
Mane Omsy Nov 2017
There is too much depth
into their hearts
Is this a punishment
or a test?
Too much problems
at a time
Is it all from the ones
Who ruined second chances
Is it because of us
Letting them walk free?
Thought bringing justice
Might lighten the depth
Their hearts hardened
Without practice of fear
They put fear in ours
Afraid to walk freely
Criminals shall not be set free just because they served their time in prison. they must be investigated for future actions.
Cori MacNaughton Oct 2015
The first in over sixty years
The whooping cranes are living wild
Now one young pair has laid an egg
And, too, with luck, will raise their child

They near Kissimmee were released
Beating the odds, survived to breed
A ray of hope they might increase
And ***** the armor of human greed

But cranes need water as do we
As still we pump the wetlands dry
Our chains of lakes sprout fat resorts
The river of grass condemned to die

Yet dare we dream we might reverse
This harsh inflicted damage done
Still apathy is our nation's curse
Which battles none has ever won

Today I cheer the whooping cranes
Who still have hope that they might see
Upon some far and distant day
Their offspring's offspring flying free
Originally written on 13Apr99, following an article I read about the first breeding pairs of whooping cranes released in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando, of which one pair was successfully (at the time of the article) raising a clutch of hatchlings.

We saw occasional endangered sandhill cranes, where I lived in Pinellas County, where the entire county is a designated bird sanctuary, along with literally dozens of other rare and threatened bird species from wood storks and roseate spoonbills to bald eagles and ospreys.
Nameless Oct 2015
I question myself and reality.
Finding the worst possible outcome, then a hundred more.
When I feel safe, but then startled, I panic.
I go through the list, I made, of good things…
But, I can’t make any of the words out.
Nor can I speak, But I CAN scream.
I can kick, punch, and bite!
…Because I feel threatened!?
Oxygen fills my lungs.
Only to come out in Erratic, Choppy, Panting breaths.
I pull on my skin, to make sure it’s still there.
The others only give me a migraine.
And, I’ve only been here maybe… ten minutes.
But it felt like a LIFETIME.

& then I die, only to be born again…
                                                                                          & again.
Another English 3 assignment
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2015
Walked on the mud
Her reputation marred
Evading the bird
Mrs.Snail Series still doing fair on her journey
Rowie Sep 2014
Monsieur, I must ask you what gives you the right?
Am I not a threat, do you think I won't fight?
I answer no questions not to tell you no lies
But in a vain attempt to make you realise
That I do not want you, you make me feel scared
And you'll have to **** me before I accompany you to bed

Do I look too friendly, or is it something I did?
Please tell me now so I can get totally rid
Of any trait that attracts men like you
Who make me feel nauseous not willing to *****
Who try to follow me home when I'm out late at night
Despite my disinterest, my protest, my fright

Here I stand now, nervously pinching my hands
Listening to you and all of your instant demands
If I open my mouth to ask you to go
You are further encouraged because you don't understand no
So instead I stay silent and offer a prayer
Any chance of something to make you disappear

And when you finally leave tears burn in my eyes
I feel relief, shock, hate, fear, even surprise
The feelings don't leave me that night or the next
I watch every man as a potential threat wanting ***
It gives you a power to have affected me so
But it gives me strength too and from this I will grow
StuKerr Jun 2014
Please never do that
Now I'm getting quite nervous
Your bites aggressive
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
I get the crust and the gristle of a thistle once a missile shooting out into the sky and I cry, wonder why. Never sure what I feel for the meal of a deal and then words more like air slip the breeze in my hair, butterflies in the skies killing what kept my alive. Oh too bad, well how sad, if the songs last lines din't matter it'd harm, it'd make the soul so very mad. Here I fall, there I stand like a robot dancing to the tunes. It's demand. Hear I laugh, hear I cry. I hear the screams and feel the burn, so why? Why unsure, of what's telling me my life is so impure. Threatened heart, from the strings that wrap it, tearing it apart. Feel the clench of a bundle of what you yourself have drench and so benched. And you threw to me the horror show, I never so have thought would reckon me to be. I, to be, it's master and it's longing family, here I cry. Hear "I" cry. For I exist in heart, but never, not in mind. There I stand once again as a memory of all that I pretend. If I tried, to be real, the pieces fall apart inside. So I hide, then I quiver and I shake as 'me' is inside. I can touch to the shelter covered in the unbelieving, underachieving to be who I know I am to be. Or at least what you see. I crush the old me and start anew, though I grew. I, immortal to myself have stomped the true. And I become something greater than simple little shrew. Do not lie! For I see with one eye, the look through me. What you see is a host, not the ghost, that lives on. "Awh, look at me. I'm so strong!" Laugh along. Child there. Where? Oops, forgot to care. Now I stare, towards the end that's never ending like this script. Never ending. Twist and bending. Don't kid me, I'm no kid. I'm the body of a youth, but I am dead. I've destroyed myself, if others didn't do a perfect job. Hold up stop! I'm letting go, a bubble that will pop. It will burst, destroying me, if it doesn't **** me first. Here I stand. Hear I cry. There I go. I have died.
I don't know if I posted this before, but I don't think so.

— The End —