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she in
jade pink
how smooth
her face
that let
her wink
and about
face a
seldom act
of depravity
is being
a triad  
but in
the mix
has her
wed to
vows untouched
a  little girl in a number
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
Everyone has there daily struggles
But with depression it's more than doubled
I rise each day to face the sun
But a part of me just wants to run
To hide away and lock the door
Or **** someone and settle the score

The wounds inflected on me I can not hide
You can see them all plainly on every side
They are apart of me, inside and out
I've been prey to many, and my trophy head they mount
In their memory of victims, I'm another count

They did it slow, they took their time, in no hurry
Then sent me off to the ******* taxidermy

They cleaned me up and stuff in the saw dust
But all you see standing before you, is just my crust.
Xan Abyss Feb 2016
there's a killer on the loose
stalking my city streets
and my biggest fear
is that it might be me

every single night
i have another dream
i see their twisted faces frozen in their final screams
and every single day carries the horrid revelation
that my mind has seen through killer's eyes in my imagination

theres a killer on the loose and i dont know what to do
so many brand new corpses that i'm afraid for you

when i close my eyes and let the black invade my sight
drift away into the vast oblivion of night
i can see their faces tense and twisted up in fright
as someone dressed up in my clothes rapes them of their life

there's a killer on the loose
and now i know it's me
this face will be the last thing
your eyes will ever see
strange phantoms lyrics.
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