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Nameless Apr 2017
People say we need religion;
We need "god".
To help us, to guide us, and to keep us safe.

Buy I believe life would be easier,
Without religion.
If people would just realize,
They don't need some grand figure to tell them to not be a ****.
You have more willpower than you know.

You can stop your bad ways or habits without "God".

Just don't stop.
But some people arnt strong enough-
They are weaker.

They lack the willpower to realize there is no "Grand plan"
If there is a "God", he left a long time ago.

You are free to make your own plan.

You are in control of your own life.
Nameless Apr 2017
Things I'm scared of-
Falling in love,
Falling out of love,
Being forgotten,
... the jack in the box man.

Scratch that last one.
But I'm still scared.
Since I got back from the hospital,
Everything scares me...
Love scares me.

I'm with someone; yes you steven.
And yes I'm scared.
You know how I can get so down
That I can't get back up.

But you are scared too.
That I'll leave you.
You're scared of me, that I'll hurt myself.
You are scared to know my past and my mind, cause maybe...
It'll be too much for you,
My problems will become your problems.
And you'll feel just as ****** as I do...
Nameless Mar 2017
Open mouth kisses
with bed time wishes
that every day i can make him smile
it's been a while

But love me
To love me
it's not that hard
i'll take anything from you
cause loving you is enough

We have our times
we act tough
but we both have flaws
demons to hide
but yours play well with mine

open mouth kisses
and bed time wishes
your cloths smell like me
and mine like you

i wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
Nameless Apr 2016
I'm not dead,
I was in the hospital for a while.
I'm back now! :)
I was in a psychiatric hospital :/
Nameless Mar 2016
"The people around me,
They don't know yet.
they don't know..."
That you're the only one...
"Only one---- only one--"
-Look AT US!!!
"I DO!!!"
      I cover my face,
I've started rocking again.
... Something to sooth an infant,
so why not me?
Because 'we' are here
Say it, where WE can hear you
"no... No... NO! NOOO, No---- no, no, no."

I feel my fathers hands on my shoulders
shaking me, awake.
Another nightmare, I hear.
He holds me in his arms,
drenched in fear and sweat.
They've gone...
Left me alone,
soon dad will too...
Even for a short time---
Just long enough for me
to catch
a glimpse
of *'Her'*
Nameless Feb 2016
Cuts on my arms
And a pipe in your hand
Which, is worse?
My depression
your addiction.
You have a KID!
Oh, and I'm just a kid...
You give ME ****,
About MY scars;
While you're doing
   ****, in the next room?
And I thought I was ready to die...
But you've thrown your ******* life away.
Nameless Feb 2016
She keeps me
From keeping thoughts
In my head

She smothers out
My flames of chaos
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