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Mal 11h
its the last walk through memory lane
i have memories of you, of us
but no matter how hard i try to stalk those memories back
my memory doesn't seem to last forever
i forgot a lot of things.
from the way you walk to the way you talk.
Erian Apr 5
When I saw you with her
I realized that you forgot about me...
We never were anything
But a distant echo in the wind...
Rylan Black Mar 30
Over there
They smile
Over here
Plastic smiles and shiny eyes
Uncomfortable by my presence
She's having here best moments
But not with me
It was never me
In the mirror unforgiving gaze
My eyes can't seem to hide the unease
I'm am no more unrecognizable
Replaced with a cruel illusion
Silence echoes over here
Shaking my world like never before
Down on my knees
Saying my last please
While you smile over there
And nothing over here
They will never notice
Chantell Wild Mar 11
Ghosts inside
of the machine..
Is it memory or dream?
Having been there,
having seen something
in that space
that is never as it seems,
just somewhere in between.
Somewhere, somehow
it all exists and yet
does not.
Sometime, somehow
we got caught up in the dream
And forgot about the Now.
Jenna Feb 23
And I'm here, here
Lost in self conflicting thoughts
Like you wanted me to be
Though your fears have gone
They became a part of me too

You forgot them
but you left them with me
in my quivering heart
I will keep them out of love
but they grasp me painfully

Here, here with me.
This one kind of made me cry...
Johnny walker Feb 22
I forgot to remember to forget all the days of child abuse alone In dark shut In the cupboard under the stairs
I forgot to remember to forget that If I cried the
door would be opened and slippers would be thrown
at me then locked
I forgot to remember to forget the beating at the hands if my mother with the back of a wooden hand brush
I forgot to remember to forget the ****** abuse suffered at the hands of my brother which my parents chose to
I forgot to remember to forget that I never smiled  as a kid people would ask why they would say come on
But they didn't know of
the child abuse I suffered at the hands of mother for they didn't have to remember to forget
I forgot to remember to forget
that I suffered at the hands of my mother sexually abused by brother
Johnny walker Feb 15
I forgot to remember to forget all the bad days In my life like when abused as a kid at the hands of my mother beaten with a wooden brush

I forgot to remember to forget the days I was sexually abused by own brother even though my parents knew they aloud It to happen

I forgot to remember forget all the days that I suffered haunting memories of *** abuse and beating I suffered at the hands of my
Memories of abuse suffered as a child 60 years on they still haunt me send a shiver down my spine
Haylin Jan 17
As you can see,
I've never been a prodigy.
Always unimpressive, apparently.
Stressing is an everyday thing.
But you wouldn't care,
You're just so unaware.
Depression has me ensnared,
But you couldn't handle my despair.
So keep your eyes closed.
And I'll do the same.
The things I think about are completely insane,
I wish the good times would never change.
But this isn't my dreamland.
It's a place where I don't want to stand.
Depression is the ocean,
Anxiety is the sand,
And I'm somewhere floating in between it all.
Sweety Jan 15
I will not let a tear roll..because I know you will never be mine
I will not show my feelings ever.. because I don’t want you to surrender

I will never call you.. because I don’t want to know that I am ignored
I will never text you.. because I don’t want you to feel obliged

I will never miss you.. because you were never forgotten
Dream Dec 2018
Sorry, i fell asleep while waiting for your phone call...
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