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I forgot you, though we meet again.

Didn't know you were still around.

The memories come back to me.

You were always there and I never knew.

It feels like I know you but I don't.

So much has changed, you're not the same.

I have a crush on you. Is this OK?

You mean much more to me than you'll ever know.

Is it wrong to feel this way?
I just thought of a good quote to post
But I forgot what it was.
A "poem" every day.
Axel Jun 20
Go away!
I'm tired of turning and
tripping and laying
in my bed all night singing
every line to every broken songs
until I breathe nothing.

Go away!
Don't you ever turn back, go away!
If you dare to step out then
face the fact that you'll never
be able to turn back, go away!
**** all the points because you
made your choice
and I hope karma will land and bet
that I'll be over here with my wine
dancing around the sand with my girlfriend.
Äŧül May 26
I dislike referring to it as my accident,
'Cause of so many reasons and losses,
I just can't stop resenting the accident.

I lost my memory & I'm still fighting,
'Cause I first had to relearn speaking,
I retrain my legs – train for balancing.

The brain injuries even made me forget how to swim,
I miss swimming elegantly for long time stretches,
It's not something anyone would usually forget.
My HP Poem #1742
©Atul Kaushal
I trusted you with my life.
I wanted to hug you and love you and hold you tight.
You are like a sister to me, kind and fair but so naive.
You listened to the bottles hand, not the one who held you then.
Brother by love not by blood and a sister from a different neighborhood.
Hoping to see you live, laugh, and love instead of falling from far above.
Don't lose your chance to see success.
Don't lose your chance to be the best.
I want you to see the day when everyone shouts hooray to your name.
I want to watch as you hold your cap on graduation day.
You mustn't leave me, not for the glass of death.
Please don't forget me for the last taste that's left.
I will never forgive myself for the days I didn't see, the cries of pain that I feel were for me.
This world wouldn't feel like a home anymore, at least if I never saw you walk through my door.
I'd cry in pain and anger and fright, just please don't forget me after you take your last sip for the night.
Please don't forget me and don't forget yourself.
Please, Cate, please.
I don't want to lose you, I'd never forgive myself.
B Dec 2018
last christmas I gave you my heart.
this christmas I forgot you existed
Kinda late but... wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it.
em May 11
where am i supposed to go
when i can't even remember what
who do i go back to now?
feeling a little too much today.
Mal Apr 22
its the last walk through memory lane
i have memories of you, of us
but no matter how hard i try to stalk those memories back
my memory doesn't seem to last forever
i forgot a lot of things.
from the way you walk to the way you talk.
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