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Nat Sep 14
Sticks and stones
A few words rearranged
Will they outlast the bones?

Everyone forgot
Tarnished marble and time-weathered plaque
Something's just not right
Somebody is not
So quickly you forget
I just was with you
And so quickly
you forget , I exist
That's what frustrates
me the most
It's ok **** no it's not
I keep yelling to myself
Telling myself don't go
The text I get
maybe weeks later
I go again
I really can't continue
So quickly you always
forget ..
Why am , I so
quickly forgotten
I hope , I will figure
it out
And so quickly maybe
I will forget you to
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Persephone Jun 17
She convinced herself she was in love with the idea of love
And then forgot about him
MSunspoken May 13
Choo Choo!
The train of thought
No no!
It missed its stop!
The train is gone….
Who are you?
I wanted to write a poem
about the incessant discomfort
I always feel in my left eye
whenever my contact lenses
become old and dry
I thought about how it tickles
but scratches at the same time
and starts off alright
just a minor annoyance
but quickly, overtime
becomes almost unbearable
like my pre-school bully himself
is folding down one of my eyelashes
just enough for it to poke me
at the slightest movement
then I thought about how
I'd sooner write a poem about my life
and how it started out equally alright
and quickly, overtime became almost unbearable
as if my pre-school bully didn't do it right

so I found him in his adult life many years later
wife, two kids and a mortgage
yappy staffy-cross, two cars
and an alright job as a graphic designer
his garden full of gorgeous flowerbeds,
a full head of hair and a fading right hook
a puzzled look on his face,
garden hose flooding his drive and the yappy
staffy-cross still yapping away
at the living room window
so he called the police
and I never got to feel young again
unless you count scurrying away from
a council estate under the threat of
a poor meal at Parkside police station
the rekindling of my youth

so this is my infomercial poem
about how not to confront someone
always be fully clothed
that's very important
avoid being drunk
any mind altering substance
is best avoided in my opinion
remember just because you care
just because you remember
does not mean anyone else does
oh and
don't eyeball craft beer when
you still have your contacts in
you know what?
-just don't eyeball craft beer
Ronna M Tacud Jan 20
She's cheerful but turns into tearful.
She's excited but turns into devastated.
She's confident but turns into bewilderment.
She's smiling but turns into alarming.

Today, is the day she's waiting but turns  into nothing.
The preparation turns into destruction.
And the subsequent is doubtfulness.
She ask herself, why did he forgot?
Or he neglect to remember it?

The sadness was evidence in her eyes.
Tears slowly falling into countless time.
She's truly hurt but still hopeful.
That he might have surprise her for their Anniversary.
But, the daylight fades and nothing came.
She's sobbing to death cause the forgotten Anniversary is in her mind all night long.
Annie Jan 10
My hair smells like carrot cake,
it holds onto things like that-
and accidental kisses
that were not very kind.

I’m sorry,
by the way.

I forgot your lips were trouble
and you have a troubled mind.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2020
I craft my love
From words and dreams,
Forgotten, bygone memories.
And of this life, Real Love knows not.
I am to him a Time Forgot.
He left me picking pieces, changed
He lives in my mind, I lie deranged
Sobbing and writing all over the floor
You left too soon, Love. I need more.
I resurrect you from the dead
And spill my heart to the you in my head.

So I wrote you
But perilously;
For you, in your brilliance,
Unwrite me.
July Gray Nov 2020
I wrote a poem into the wind
Improvisational melody
And promptly forgot it
I think the wind kept it
um you might have noticed I changed my gender. This is a kinda new thing, and I can't promise it'll never change again. (but then, changing is kinda the point, genderFluid)
but yeah. :)
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