I'd buoy
and faithfully
quest bitter
nuance these
florid orbs
milk the
way with
point of
passion if
tact hand
in hand
with umbrella
this straw
key in
clouds for
another day

beware Friday the Thirteenth here

It's an interesting thought-
The realization
Of how situations- affect relationships
How different a person I am-
We are.
I see him and her-
Symbiotic strength
That their friendship
Is founded in trust.
I see he and she-
Eternal memories
That their friendship
Is founded in time.
So understand- when I see you and I-
Our contrasting perspectives
And why I worry that-
Why I fear that- our relationship
Is founded in love

Andreas Simic Sep 23

Now and Then in 2017©

There was a time when I was younger
That there was this constant hunger

Time has passed and the years have flown by
Sometimes joy and laughter, sometimes a good cry

Vows kept under the stars we met
A grandson that keeps me young without regret

Where once I had a great left hook
I now rely on Facebook

Used to compete at a track meet
What I do now is Tweet from my seat

In lieu of at the rink with my team
I’m Linked In to the latest dream

Before, at the diamond with a bat
After, share the world with Snap Chat

Amazon was a great river in Brazil
Now an eCommerce site with a bill

Past, hanging out at the mall looking for chicks
Present, watching Netflix pics

It used to be four on the floor
Instead my best friend is an I Phone more

Many hours once spent polishing chrome
Replaced by Google Chrome in your home

Parallel parking used to be a real pain
My car parks by itself again and again

At the pumps no more
The car is electric and less a chore

I find myself often saying
Is there an “app” for that, and then playing

In conclusion I have no dilution of days gone by
The days of yore are long gone and I’m on standby

To give it all a try

Andreas Simic©

rom Sep 18

if i said i love you
would it fall again on ears that pretend not to hear
if i said i love you
would it have been better for me not to have said it at all
if i said i love you
would you sigh again and think, "i know."
if i said i love you
would you wish for me to stop saying it
so you can stop pretending you don't hear it anymore?

but if i add another letter
which we both know would make it a lie
would that have been better for you,
for me,
for us;
would you finally hear
what i've been trying to tell you all these years?

then, i say: i loved you.

all for you Sep 10

don't let the thought of us go away
because the only thing in my head
is the distance between then and now
and now and there
and maybe we can make something of it

until we get there, maybe we can make something of us now // this choice is up to you

I haven't felt at home since then
Since I've woken up
No dream can last
All nights must pass
And rise again

But my realization hasn't changed
The way things are or could've been

Look back and see the same old day
Not as it was, but as it is

No amount of time can change the fact
Or the truth therein

That we are searching, ever searched
Alive within for but a short time

Madeon Aug 15

If Love is a disease
then I'm very sick
but incredibly happy....


When I go back
and listen from beginning to end
every song I listened to back then,
I feel so sad.

Remembering all that I did,  
back when I was feeling hopeless.

Take me back to the days
We're everything was sunny
Jokes were much more funny
And we didn't need no money
Back where songs were all jams
Family together eating turkey and ham
didn't have to worry about mail and spam
Happy and content with our PB& jam
Take me back to
bike rides in the neighborhood
Eating junk because we could
Hanging with friends like it was a brotherhood
Thinking we'd never split
what ever came up we could've withstood
Back when there were no repercussions
Politics & future plans no where in the discussion
No bill to pay no savings to be touchin'
No job then home schedule
sleeping in, no rushin'
Before adult responsibilities
Gas, food, health and other expensive exhausting utilities
Before we ever questioned our abilities
Back before life tried to smother your spirit
Pushing your capabilities
Back when we were on top of the world
Thinking we knew it all
Thinking one day we'd get money and pearls
Staying up late thinking bout girls
Then she'd text you and you start spinning in swirls
Back when the world was small and revolved around you
Back when there was nothing to do
When we we're kids happy and didn't even have a clue
We'd simply enjoy life cause skies were blue
Before you were running out of time
And you didn't have to find
A plan for a future outline
Lazy Summer days being young happy and optimistic combined
Back when everything was seen in light and wonder
Things weren't real yet there's nothing big enough to blunder
All your time was smelling the roses and
Listening to thunder
Protected from life
as a 17 and under.

A brighter time
With simple rhymes.
A youngsters shine
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