If I am space, then you are the stars,
Filling my emptiness with the glory
Of your lovely glowing avatars.

If I am music, then you are the bars,
The beat, the notes, the melody,
The substance of my repertoires.

If I am memory, then you are the memoirs,
If every school of philosophy's theory,
Then you are all the exemplars.

Unknown 3d

I feel like I am drowning,
Every single day.
I hate my own being,
I hate my own family.
What even is family?
Family is your own blood,
A little bit of yourself in every person,
A tight knit group of people who are your heaven.
Although, what happens if that isn’t the case?
What happens if you wish they weren’t your blood,
What happens if you wish you did not share the same
Personality and gestures as them?
What happens if your family is not a tight knit group of people and
They are not your heaven, but simply your hell?

What then?

Emil 7d

If you were
the sky
i'd be the sea
and when
you shined bright
it would reflect in me.
when you're at rest
i am steady.

Moni Man May 22

You tell me to go.
When I leave, you say, 'stay'.

You tell me I'm fat.
When I stop eating, you say, 'anorexic'.

You tell me I'm ugly.
When I flip you off you say, 'weak'.

You tell me to stop cutting myself.
When I don't you say,

'Kill yourself.'

^insert title here.

An old hag, I tell ya,
She read my palm,
And revealed it.

That only momentary pleasures,
Were written in my destiny,
Of varying measures.

I agree to some extent,
Only torment is permanent,
As pleasures are just temporary.

Lost within myself they often get,
Like a delightful chocolate bar,
Akin to one from a beer bar.

Dissatisfied with every happiness,
Half filled with unspilled tears,
The other half of lost years.

My HP Poem #1545
©Atul Kaushal

Now and then
it happens again
and it won't end
even if you pretend
                            it will not .

I remember when
     the Internet
was a vast space,
with only pockets,
gaps of galaxies,
being occupied,
and I was the first
Crazy Diamond
It was peaceful, serene
     with a brand new view
in a foreign scene.
exciting at its best
with plenty of room for jest.
Always, a tad bit of fear
in the uncertainty
of the void.
what perversion
could this be?
Was this a place
where kisses were free?
"Google" was but a galaxy
in the far-out cyber abyss,
unknown lightyears away.
I remiss and miss
the open Internet then
and prefer it somehow
to the crowded one of now,
a seemingly settled sea,
where the once vast wilderness
no longer is free from fear
to roam an open range
of no longer suitable domains,
sans serenity and security.
There was something so limitless
in the vastness of the cyber abyss.
Healthy, hopeful, and clean
no viruses or bullying.
Didn't even foresee
the existence of either to come to be.
Where regulations and censorship 
didn't seem necessary.
When retrieving an email,
we would happily wait
ten minutes or more
on dial-up, to open
a now rusty Gate,
to read the words
of a cyber mate

4-8-17 (C)

I've been so busy preparing for Sprng Break that I've not been able to read as often as I'd like nor post any new poetry. This poem is my muse on the National Poetry Month theme: Internet, which I know was several days ago. I'm officially on Spring Break and am busy getting caught up with reading!
Thanks so much for your support! K:)
Maria Etre Mar 16

I have never
heard my thoughts
sing so loudly as
they did when
they went dancing with yours
in complete and
utter silence
the moment
your eyes
landed on mine

Meg B Dec 2016

I got over you and then
realized there was no one
to get over to
and allowed you
to reside in the
forgotten corners of my mind;

you're nothing to me, but
you were everything, but
everything became nothing, but
I made that nothing
everything for
fear of being nothing
without you.

I want more than I need and
I feel nothing when I bleed;
finding feelings I buried
six feet deep and I see
the things I neglect to feel
in my sleep

High strung off
loose ends,
constructed of foundation
I am the puzzle with no edge pieces,
my crying is tearless;

Is it possible to be terrified and
also fearless?

The Lonely Bard Nov 2016

When it was all so true,
I felt so new and so did you,
Why did you quit then?

At a time when I loved you,
Even you used to love me,
Why did you get lost then?

My track record was loyal,
Not once did I cheat you,
Why did you cheat me then?

When you needed me,
I was not much far,
Why did you consider me incapable then?

At the beginning of your youth,
Very cute you were,
Why did you start putting makeup then?

My requirement was not beauty,
Not a shallow person am I,
Why did you misinterpret me then?

All I had was love & faithfulness,
You should have given me both or either,
Why then should I feel so cheated?

HP Poem #1235
©Atul Kaushal
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