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Steve 6d

When hearts entwine
Yours and mine
When paths combine
Yours and mine
When stars align
Yours and mine
When heaven shines

When two souls step outside of time
Like yours and mine
Sophia Jan 5
if you feel insecure
let me hold you tight
i will love you
when you can't love yourself.

if you start to fall
let me be your wings
i won't let you hit the ground
or at least let me hit it first

when you're in pain
i can try and be your medicine
but i know i can't cure you
unless you let yourself be

don't destroy yourself
i can't keep putting you back together
eventually i'll run out of thread
and my needle is wearing thin

please don't leave because i stayed
don't break me when i'm already so
stop blaming me for hurting you
when i'm the one with the bandaid
and you're the one with the blade.
Steven Forrester Dec 2018
A pin drops
Sending waves of nothing
Into my cold heart
I grow colder
As I fall apart
The deepening darkness
Drenching me in despair
Drunk and dribbling
Drooling devilishly
Upon the door of doom
Soon, you say
And again
And I wait patiently
Thinking absently
And then....

Cautiously waiting
A cacophony of cries
And a craving carrying
This cornucopia of craziness
I'm callow
Or so they say
Is this my life?
Is this my way?
Kind words
And actions
Melt mere sections
Of this muscle
But so far
It's not enough
And then......

Breathe in my soul
My very essence
Take in my life
My effervescence
I am champagne
Bubbles on the surface
But bitter inside

And then.....

I ask why.....

And then....

I beg to die....

And then....

I say goodbye...
Natalie cetina Dec 2018
as I entered your life
I lost my mind
I got trapped inside
And I got eaten alive
I was dying inside
I didn't wanna die
With your picture on my mind
With your hands on my thighs

Even though I tried
You still wanted me to die
You grabbed my hand
Then kissed me, then said “ goodbye “

I’ve fallen apart so many times
I know you laugh at me, when I remind you
How much you hurt me, used me
And left me behind.

Sometimes I still cry
Because my whole life is still a lie
Mental breakdowns
Cecil Miller Nov 2018
I'd like to see
The tears
you're crying

When they carry
My body

I'd like to know
You should
Have loved me

When you could have
Your say.

I want lots of
to comfort

And help you
Get through
The grief.

I'd like to see
The tears
You're crying

When you could
Have said
Your peace.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.

I'd like to see
The tears
You're crying

When you
Are feeling
Your pain.

It all
about you

When it all
Comes back

The choir
Is singing

It won't be
I'm gone

I'd like to see
The tears
Your crying

And know
You know
You were wrong.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.

Can you tell me how
You love me now?
Can you let the secret out of Pandora's box?

I want your friends
To be

I want
You to
have fun

But first
The truth
Will eat you

For what
You've left

Might say
It's better

That you
Are spared
Some pain.

Had lived
Not knowing

If I
Was loving
You in vain.

Tell me that you'll miss me then.
I won't hear, but you'll say it then.
Tell me that we won't ever end.
I'll never know, but you'll say it then.
Love takes courage. A lot of people just can't seem to express how they feel until it's too late. This song is not about death. It's about never having lived. (No, it is not auto-biographical)
LolaPark Oct 2018
Why you?
Why now?
Was it the dark, the lack of light?
Well, there was the moon glow through the the window!
So it has to be what was on my mind.
Was it the ***?
Cursed truth serum
That burned my mind with the Polaroids of my insecure past?
When I had doubts of not good enough
When I lied more than I told the truth
Changing my name from town to town
Changing my face from friend to friend
Whatever the reason must’ve been fleeting
I don’t remember now or am I repressing?
Only time will tell if I start admitting
that I have problems that might need fixing.
Admitting you have a problem might be the first step but it's still very hard!
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
Who is that one person who falls over a lot?
Do they always get up?
Well, they get up for you and the others they care for.
Do you help them?
If you don't don't hold back.
Help then next time!
Have they helped you?
They help you so you don't give up.
Do this for them.
What did we do wrong?
I greet you good in the mornings
And wait for you to sleep by night
I ask if you've eaten, if drinking
And make sure your health's right
I kiss you when you want (need) it
And hug you even when you're sour
Sing you all these sugary nothings
Tell you you're all mine, and that
I'm all yours, even on busy noon times
You invade my mind by the second
All I think of is you, and I tell you
You tell me it's the same with you too
Make our hands touch whenever they can
Then again, all this is in a span of weeks
And by the month we were 'us'
I thought we were the happiest, I thought
And then I come again to ask -
What went wrong? What did we do wrong?
Or maybe I'm asking the wrong question
and maybe it's "What did we do right?
D Letwixt Oct 2018
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