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Steve Page Aug 2021
Past and Future stabled together – both present, tethered, and unstable.

Kindred ghosts pushed-pulled by a hopeful anxiety,
agitated by the yet unknown morning, eager to be

free.  And once freed, breaking fast, bolt-bursting, in competition
– in unison,

leaving Present to peer from the darkness
– who will win after all?
past, present and future are uncomfortable stable-mates
Tom Lefort Nov 2020
What's done is done,
What's said is said,
So cast those regrets upon the dead.

When gone is gone,
When past is past,
Let go the ruins that still hold fast.

Where all was all,
Where then was then,
Drink up those dreams of troubled men.
Rollercoaster Nov 2020
He’s ash now.
He played with ash back then.
He’s dirt.
He was dirt back then.
He snatched their slums
and their palaces
But now he can’t live in either.
He pumped out dirt
into the river back then.
He’s going back
to the river now.
Bongani G-kay Sep 2020
I remember...
Back then...
When i was about 10...

I was boy pretending to be a man...
Always around my brothers...
But they never wanted me to hang around...

But i grew...
Lookin up to them...
Cause i was down...
Dumb and young...
Wanted to know the street code...

Cause thats the way to break success codes..

That...was wrong mission..
I was aiming at...
I just got told by  a wise kid...
He was just eight...

Told me...
To follow my dreams..
Thats only gold...
I have....

My parents...said school...
12 a slave
Lose some my friends..
We dig graves...
I wish to see them...

When am back then...
At my raising grounds

Back then
Michael McLean May 2020
droplets raked the dirt


pounding the sleep from our eyes

the kind that Netflix and Hollywood send to sets

where the ground is scorched

where we mourn the hads and thens
the eds and the whens
and we dance in the puddles

and the creeks

and wish for sunnier days
Mari Feb 2020
I desperately needed you then
I desperately need you to
let go.
amber Oct 2019
at the end of the day
if all falls through
and i end up
with some distaste
for you
thanks for being kind
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