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Bongani G-kay Sep 21
I remember...
Back then...
When i was about 10...

I was boy pretending to be a man...
Always around my brothers...
But they never wanted me to hang around...

But i grew...
Lookin up to them...
Cause i was down...
Dumb and young...
Wanted to know the street code...

Cause thats the way to break success codes..

That...was wrong mission..
I was aiming at...
I just got told by  a wise kid...
He was just eight...

Told me...
To follow my dreams..
Thats only gold...
I have....

My parents...said school...
12 a slave
Lose some my friends..
We dig graves...
I wish to see them...

When am back then...
At my raising grounds

Back then
droplets raked the dirt


pounding the sleep from our eyes

the kind that Netflix and Hollywood send to sets

where the ground is scorched

where we mourn the hads and thens
the eds and the whens
and we dance in the puddles

and the creeks

and wish for sunnier days
Mari Feb 11
I desperately needed you then
I desperately need you to
let go.
amber Oct 2019
at the end of the day
if all falls through
and i end up
with some distaste
for you
thanks for being kind
Back then when we talked you couldn't look away
Now you look anywhere
Anywhere but my face
Anywhere but my eyes
Everywhere else but me
but... the last time he looked at her.. he was talking to her (sum other girl)
she went to talk to her (the other girl)
and for the first time
in a very long time
he stared at her the way he used to
at her face at her eyes
she realized this
being she shy girl she is
she went under her float and swam away
taking the floaty with her
leaving the other pretty girl confused
leaving him
leaving him to forget her
like he always dose
Olivia Daniels Jul 2019
"Mommy I have a question,
can we go outside?"

Under the cover of the cafe doorway
sun blared at our faces
wind knotted our hair.
I looked up at you
and in the eye
You looked down at me
noting the concern on my brow.
I asked,

"Are you and daddy going to breakup?"

Your answer then was something like,
"No honey! Not at all. Not for a very long time...
don't worry."

You smiled then
and at the time I never realized
how forced it might have been.

I guess perhaps
my memory is clouded
after 12 years come and gone.

I'm 20 now, and
much like you I'm older.
I think it's fair to say
it shows on both of us.


Today you sat me at the kitchen table.
We had just finished celebrating,
your new job. A new page in your life.
With our favorite unhealthy meal.

And dad is off on a business trip
after half a year unemployed.

That was when you broke it to me,
I couldn't read your face.

"I wanted to tell you before,
but you were having so much fun.
I recently told your dad,
I don't think I want to be married anymore."
Guys, I honestly don't know how to handle this.
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