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William Troup Aug 20

I strode in the midst of a winters dream
   where summer had been more kind than seen.
Where autumns foliage lay wasted in streams
   and spring waters sing and hope to be ...

   its dream for tomorrow; but tomorrow had been
      and conquered the skies ...
      what eyes could see!


Her raindrops glistened under red filled eyes
   in awe of beauty the careless will deny.
And smoke stacked futures all built from lies
   now line the knolls where her beauty defies ...

   our dream for a future, but a future in peril,
      had forsaken the skies ...
      what eyes would see?


Now Englishman walk from the towns to seas
   and regales to their families all that had been.
Their children now laugh aloud and in glee
   in their ill gotten fortunes us fallen could see ...

   their dreams for tomorrow, but tomorrow had seen
      their lust for the skies ...
      what eyes awake would futurity see?
Cameron Aug 9
Shattered like a china plate
Broken like a window pane
My heart's a million shards
Shards that won't be one again
Leal Knowone Jun 30
by love you were made, and by hate you are destroyed
mystery and misery in lies, trivialities of realities demise.
The purifier of your dreams is soon to be deployed
a child of serpent and men, I will rise in due time
Know your light will go as dim as the rest in due time
Jaxey May 13
I always believed
That you had destroyed me
But then I realized
The only person
Who had the power
To destroy me
Was myself
Destruction of the brain
Daniel May 11
Places untouched by human beings
will cease to exist
for the human kind
will never stop destroying.

Daniel Mar 6
And for one second I thought
that maybe you could feel the same
and now,
my heart is shattered
into so many tiny pieces
that I simply don't know
how to pick them up.

Everything I can give to you
are the shattered pieces of my heart.
Pathetic, isn't it?

kinda basic but how I feel soooo ._.
Adarsh singh Apr 2
i was earth,
and you were homosapien,
you came,
you used,
you destroyed,
and now,
you are probably going to leave.
-Homosapien by adarsh singh
Marcelina Mar 17
She damaged them all
They were nothing, but
mere pack of cards.
Crashed in the game of
poker hearts.  Once had
a heart not it's
long gone. Destroyed in
a game similar
to hers.  She had learned
from the finest of
her destructive kind.
She fought and lost it
all.  Now she´s gone
mad, with her strangling
sweet red and white rose
aroma, merciless
beauty with clothing
made of dignity silk.
Sins she´s paid fo like
all the others will pay
for theirs. With their hearts in
her claws, in her jars as
they once done with hers
because she is the queen
of all their aching, defeated hearts.
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