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She damaged them all
They were nothing, but
mere pack of cards.
Crashed in the game of
poker hearts.  Once had
a heart not it's
long gone. Destroyed in
a game similar
to hers.  She had learned
from the finest of
her destructive kind.
She fought and lost it
all.  Now she´s gone
mad, with her strangling
sweet red and white rose
aroma, merciless
beauty with clothing
made of dignity silk.
Sins she´s paid fo like
all the others will pay
for theirs. With their hearts in
her claws, in her jars as
they once done with hers
because she is the queen
of all their aching, defeated hearts.
sushii 5d
Is this all you wanted?
Well, it’s all you’ve left behind.
Is this how it’ll be?
Well, it’s what you’ve left

For me.
Sombro Mar 13
A bed in an ICU
Is just an electric chair with cushions
Your broken feet charred and inert
Twitch in your sleep, like you're dreaming of getting up
And telling me you're going to stay
For the memories we'll still make together

And when you're awake
I almost wish you wouldn't be
But I smile like breaking glass
Waiting for the after, the endless without
And you talk for me, as I don't

You're scared, but you can't show it
Because my peace always came first for you
But that won't be much longer
Your full stop is my comma
But there won't be a rhyme tomorrow

What you mean to me
Will be broken into a thousand words
That will fade, like the sound of your voice
To mean nothing, the world you still walked in
The soil I can't make grow again

No spring will set in your chest
But I'll have to greet the winds that take you
To think without the dust
And meet the heart that's left behind.
Saint Audrey Mar 6
You caught me off guard, could you let me get my story straight
It's difficult to comprehend a ****** word you say
If you walk away this time, well, this is probably it
But I can't find a single reason for you to stay

Give me a second, let me get my thoughts right
You got me this time, feels like my tongue is in a vice
I try and say as much, but can't explain
So I try and fail to wear sympathetic face

That look you're giving, It's obvious you're not amused
I Suppress the urge to ***** out another thin excuse
You turn tail, stirring panic up inside of me
But despite everything, I just up and watch you leave
Bhill Mar 1
What is,
What was,
THE greatest thing,
you have ever known?
Living or unknown.

I know this question,
is very hard,
to answer and explain.
What you've seen,
What you've done,
is over and gone,
and yet,
YOU still remain.

What exists is
and really not
why not do it
Do something
take it as far as you
see how you end your

Brian Hill - 2019 - February
Sometimes as I watch shows someone says something that inspires a few words.  This is one of those...
Johnny walker Feb 26
Closing my eyes sometimes on life Is so very easy to do especially with all the troubles of our present-day
I'm becoming disillusioned by ever Increasing lack of compassion for the needy
of our society, a total lack of respect for the ones who need our help the
but this bunch of Idiots who think they know how to run our country but are running Into the
I know there's
no opposition but the poor people of this country
Need to get remove this cruel and disgusting so-called government who are destroying all
this country ever stood the likes of my father fought a war to keep this country free
And the government Is selling out and crawling to Eu two countries who have taken upon themselves
to think they
God-given right the to tell us what to do, who owe
so much to likes of my father God rest his
Who fought a war to keep us from dictatorship but this government Insist on
creeping to shame them by selling out this once great
For there own selfish greed and their crimes against humanity of our poor people and believe me
day Is coming the people
of this country will say enough that It no
Hitting back at a disgraceful so-called government who are running down the clock on Brexit so we have to accept there ****** proposal of what they call a deal sell us out more like
Johnny walker Feb 19
What ever did the government do for
us Apart from*
up the benefits
Universal Credit pip
food banks kids going
to school hungry
Homeless people dying
on the streets local
council service cuts
an proposed statue In
my home town
Margaret Thatcher the
milk snatcher who
created the hated poll
tax but apart from that
what did this government
*do for us apart
from doing there best
to **** us all
Hate this government with a vengeance single they've destroyed our Country for there greed and self Importance
Johnny walker Feb 14
These days I live within
my thoughts escape from things that are real of which I can't face anymore safe
haven for me

Don't like this world any more this life to where I live changed so much from life as a kid to many pressure there are

But sadly It's we humans that have caused this to
be trying to develop of everything far to

In doing so destroying our Environment causing a devastating effect on our planet which I believe Is Irreversible the damage Is done very
We have destroyed our environment devastating effect on our planet
"Will we win mom?"
The eight-year-old questioned while gazing at his half bald reflection.

"The aliens of the cancer-ship have been destroyed, only a few are left."
The hopeless woman gave hope to her son,
while counting the number of days left.
Alle Feb 4
smell the smoke
permeating the air;
see the clouds of black and white
decorating the wind.

the fire is within me:
it burns steadily
but it does not destroy anything.

nothing of importance;
nothing that is not already destroyed.
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