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Their missiles
Lay between their legs
They launched to hit
People's crotches
Netanyahu took note of it
Iron Dome destroyed
Their missiles forever
Sons of MILFs
No more virile
For they lost
Their missiles!
For his brazen demonstration of his weapon.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I'm dead but alive,
Some people buried me
Behind the graveyard;
They destroy my name,
Now what happened to me?
I'm walking naked,
I face people without a head.
Coffin Of Thoughts
July Gray Dec 2020
You told me I broke you
That you fell apart
Without me you were wreckage
Broken bits of a heart

And then you moved on
You found some new parts
Started making the repairs
Built your own heart

Tell me is it wonderful
To be whole again
The guilt has destroyed me
Long after you didn't
I'm tired of writing about you
I'm tired of wanting to love you
Coleman M Lowe Jul 2020
I once crossed a bridge,
That now is burnt.
It seems that behind,
All are hurt.
A word too quick.
Can't be taken back.
My whole world,
Goes to black.
Actions and reactions,
Done in haste.
It all seems,
Such a waste.
Regret, it rears it's ugly head,
and desires to be fed.
But regret, A bridge, can't rebuild
Not when it's very foundations are crumbled.
And covered by the embers,
That used to be a bridge.
Bridges are built on faith and trust.
The strong ones are steel,
And will withstand rust.
But thoughtless words,
Spoken in haste.
Can lay even the strongest,
Bridge to waste.
A reminder to myself, to us all that we should engage our brain before opening ones mouth.
Michaela Ferris May 2020
I’ve learned to shut my mouth and smile,
keep all my thoughts to myself and hope they don’t see
all the broken and shattered pieces of the girl I now am.

I don’t want to get attached to anyone anymore
because I always end up the one getting destroyed.
So I’ll scream at you and push you away!

I will keep, keeping quiet until the day someone gives me a reason
and you may be doing that to me now
But my mind is on the defensive once again.

What if you show me it’s not all bad?
What if you set me free from the cage inside my mind?
If I do start to let you in, are you going to destroy me too?
Unknown Apr 2020
I have been conditioned by toxic people previously in my life,
that I was not good enough because of my quiet nature,
because I would rather keep to myself than be in the limelight,
because I am introverted,
because I am not like other girls who 'crave attention' - but rather the opposite.

They made me believe no one would ever like or even date me,
that no one will ever love me because of my 'different and unusual personality'

They broke me,
ruined me.

But they will never know, as they go on to live their lives and leave me in the mud - as I live on hating myself.
to those who have been in a very toxic friendship / environment that made you question your self worth.
MSunspoken Apr 2020
Balance, once forthcoming
Now heavy feet wobble
in the wake of fleeting certainty

Leafy determination
crunched and battered-
Sifting about, once a wonder
dried, victim of Winter

Cracked, withered concrete
foundation chipped away-
Paint rolled over in submission
having past years to pay

Stone left to shame
smothered by the vandals-
Cruelty primped and perfected
pitying eyes serving no justice

Free fall, bound by distrust
unprecedented in the past-
Loosely sleeved history repeats
snuffing this connection all at once
My family has never been a close one. Slowly, we disappear from each other's lives.
Gone- forgetting us, along with our past.
irsorai Feb 2020
Funny how you multiply in so many directions,
But then you look in the mirror and you forgot to love yourself.

& you'll cry.
Please, forgive me,
I forgot you existed all over again!

Wobbly, dim and loud
It's the road to self-love.
Copyright © irsorai
09/02/2020 - 00:40
Troy Dec 2019
My heart is broken
Doesn't seem like it will be fixed
The pain is too much
It hurts to exist

My chest feels
Like a ton of cement
Is weighing it down
Threatening to crush

I wish I knew how
To bare this pain
But I fear it's too late
That my times almost up

My love is so strong
But it feels like it's a joke
Thoughts run rampid
Pushing to suicide

I don't know how much longer
I can push these thoughts down
Hoping that something will change
And that it will be alright

But the more these thoughts
Run wild inside my mind
The harder I find
To stay alive

Thoughts that seem almost
To be imagined
Like what really happened
With my love

What happened with my sanity
I feel it's already gone
Running amuck inside my head
Causing delusional thoughts

I hate to say it
But I fear I won't last
This trial that seems to last
For a million eternities

Do I run and hide
Or do I stay and fight
But also if I do stay
What if it's not me

What if it's someone else
What if I'm not picked
What happens then
Cause I can't stand that pain

These thoughts keep racing
Causing paranoia and misery
Should I just give in
And let my thoughts win

It keeps getting worse and worse
I just wish it would stop
Though I don't see that
Happening anytime soon

The love I have
It hurts too much
So I don't know
If I'll survive

I just wish someone
Would rip out my heart
And stop the pain
So maybe I can
Michael A Duff Dec 2019
When a man crys for her it is no ruse

It means his heart is broken not bruised

He may struggle silently in plain sight

He may withdrawal from all light

At any time it is for sure, she has has damaged him for ever more
She left me with a heart in shreds and a confused soul and my things in a box.
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