Cyndi Marie Feb 16
My biggest supporter
My rock when I could not stand
My sun when I was grey
My joy when I was sad
My love when I forgot how
Three years you've been gone now
And it still feels like it was just yesterday
The man I call my dad passed away three years ago. He was everything to me, even in the hard times. He loved me the way a father should, not the way my mother's "friends" did.
Gifts and corporations do not equate love.
Although I admire a certain aspect.
The after effect.
Everything being restricted to one day.
Three-hundred sixty-four days in comparison.
To show how much you love, how much you care.
The simplicity of taking time out to do something special for the one you love
out of sheer appreciation.
Price tags don't include how vital it is to bask in the same breath as your loved one.
The amount of time it takes
Creating memories that outlive us.
The moments we constantly over-obsess
How could they, they are manufactured in the same manner of restriction.
Mass quantities of fluff and chocolate.
All ranging from big to small.
A single day that lasts three-hundred sixty-four days.
Love is the rarest commodity and it's all of these small moments
That create the most memories.
The after effect.
In actuality.
The real holiday is to see your face light up at all the discounted chocolate
as we celebrate each and every day
The same way we met
Three-hundred sixty-five days
a complement of three legs
kept the realm in a wobbly
to have had a fourth one
would give an upright

as this important limb
was missing in a forgotten
the locale disintegrated  
like a pan of moving

the domain being beset by
ills too many to
hence the citizens cried out
for another pole's

a trio of pegs weren't
stable nor
they did violently
shake minus the quads firm

sometime in the future
the whole thing might just
if a solid pin is attached
onto the
Alaa' qabajah Jan 30
Don't you ever think that everyone have to pay the same price for Greatness.
Don't you ever duplicate the life of someone's you love, just to be great.
Don't you ever play God role, and justifying every thing in the name of God.

You will pass the 3 roles in your life. ( stupid , clever, wise )
frankie Jan 30
i feel sick to my stomach
three weeks in and there's already something

you wanna slow things down
but i'm already in the fast lane and no one's moving over on the highway to let me change

let's not hold hands
but we still can
make out on crumpled bed sheets

i wanna redirect my attention
but it's all yours
when i'm ripping off your clothes

you made me feel like a friend today
worse actually
more like a walking "use me" sign

i didn't answer for hours
and not even an "are you okay?"

i told you today was weird
you didn't seem to care to ask why

i don't know what's running through your head
but i know what's running through mine

not again not again not again
please be different
please don't be like the last guy

you have more of a foothold to hurt me
baby please don't change your mind
we're three weeks in, there's so much more to go
please honey, you've already got me on hands and knees
begging for mercy
please. don't make me cry
like all those other guys.
Rodium Tek Jan 29
A horse walked up to a farmer.
This horse was anything but a charmer.
This was not a horse that worked or ran races;
But it was a horse that had three faces.

He said "Hello farmer, I see you're farming.
I know I look scary, but I don't like harming.
I'm just here because I want to help you.
Maybe even become part of your animal crew."

The farmer replied "What the heck are you?
You look like a demonic horse with three faces.
I don't even want to look at you.
And do you even know what grace is?"

"You speak foul of me, which I hope you remorse.
After all, you are speaking to the Three-Faced Horse.
You shouldn't judge, based on appearance.
I'm in fact a horse filled with with brilliance."

"I don't care how good you are.
Your so ugly I could see it from afar.
I couldn't look at that all day.
So please leave me alone, if you may."

"Well, it's no wonder you don't have many friends.
Nobody likes somebody who judges.
Although it's not too late to make amends,
If you're a jerk, people will hold grudges."

"You might be right, but my answer is no.
I seriously will fight you, after all I make a good foe.
So please leave my farm and don't come back.
It is getting late, and I should really hit the sack."

"Leave I will, because I know your nappy.
But you will experience karma, and you won't be happy.
If you keep judging, then you will be alone.
So for your bitterness, I hope you will atone."

The day ended, and the farmer went to sleep.
The horse left the farm, and didn't come back.
To the farmer, the horse never made a peep.
But in a few months, the farmer died from a heart attack.
I know it's ridiculous.
AH Jan 20
There are different people
living in
one soul.
They know they
need to share
if they want to live their
they all still have one of their own.
can't stop breaking her heart.
can't feel empathy or pain.
can't deal with reality.
thinks we're all insane.
they battle
for dominance.
There are some
I know will always lose.
There are ones
that would perish without the
There are some
that never cease their fire.
and others
that drift about unknown.
Thinks nobody else can judge her.
Thinks she's suffering alone.
Is afraid of society,
and she needs Five
because she's brittle as bone.
knows she's fucking crazy
and that she'll
Thought from Eight.
Ryan Poplett Jan 6
Now is all I have,
A masters grace that transcends
Ability of those before and after
My only tercet (I think that's what you call it). I wrote it in one spurt, couldn't think of anything else to write after it, so I left it as it is.
Wolf Towne Jan 1
Soft spoken in nature, but powerful at heart.
An intelligence and humor of great volume.
My great romance and sacrifice.
My martyr.

Vast beauty within and without.
An alluring charm and scorching temper.
My conditional love.
My dream.

Compassion and caring unknown to me.
A spirituality and devotion of great strength.
My energy and curiosity.
My marvel.
A poem I wrote reflecting over the three great loves of my life.
Tristan Brown Nov 2017

Each one is unique in its own right
But they are all related at the same time

Three is the number that represents me

Not becuase it's my favorite
Or because it has a special story

But because three
Three is the number of people
Living in one body

And every one of those people have
The same name as me
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