From poets, to writers of song, to numerology
Fascination has bestowed the number twenty-three
To some newly disarrayed decree.

"How soon hath Time, the subtle thief of youth,
Stol'n on his wing my three-and-twentieth year!"

"You had yet to hit twenty-three,
An age that would swallow you-
This is a new side of you-
So full of fear." *

I cannot recollect a time so difficult
As the bootstraps wore down from
Leather to a single thread.
No longer did I pull myself up,
Twenty-three; The age in which I should be dead.
No subtle glints; Only laboured hints of panting breaths.
Sighing from tired regrets.

A story sewn into my skin.
Where lonely threads are left awry.
A face with the map of the world.
My sigh; once panting, now a cry.
Of help? For help? Good will;
Is it squandered, or squirreled?
* First quotation is from John Milton's Sonnet 7
** Second quotation is from Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate)'s song How To Make Love Stay
spiral-whirl Apr 14
i can't understand what it means to be lovers anymore,
you left me bewildered,
you said that we were friends being stupid,
instead of being lovers,
we were killers,
killing ourselves,


i thought,
i thought i cared for you gently,
treated you like a diamond,
never raised my voice,
i thought i didn't smother you,
but in the end,
i could not control,
the words that escaped your mouth when you said,

                "its over."


lets play strangers,
and be losers together,
but when the day ends,
we'll shall forget everything,
to go back to jock and nerd.


little raven,
why you leavin?
why you leavin your home?
you dropped your phone,
in mid-flight,
leaving behide,
a note and a black feather,
of betrayal.
its late at night. i just want to get some things out of my head. some of these do not relate to me some do.

I do miss you.

I miss your eyes.

I miss our nights.

I do miss you.

I miss your breathe.

I miss our laughs.

I miss us.
A feeling.
Cory Williams Mar 24
I looked in the mirror today
And saw three of me
Who I was, who I am, and who I wanted to be

I brushed a stranger's hair and teeth
Until my brain started turning and realized
                                                             ­     me.

Who I was told who I am to be who I wanted to be
Without a reason or a plan and who I am is who I am
Until the seconds keep fleeting me

There isn't room in here for the three of me
Two visions showing one a life of who I'm supposed to be...
Did you see, do I see, will I see that I'm free to make the choices
That define my time?

My past is a mime etched in my image mimicking my future untold.
Will I be fine, or will I fold?

There isn't room in here for the three of me
Who I was, who I am, and who I wanted to be.
Danielle Mar 19
They’re jumbling
And tumbling.
Tripping over themselves to get out
As soon as that clock hits 3 am.
If they don’t they paint vivid mindscapes
That vanish with the sun.
If they make it,
Well they can assault the senses of those,
Now too few, that read.
I have a love hate relationship with time and thought about a small series relating to how each hour of the night makes me feel.
e J Mar 8
Those three words
Only three words
So much feeling
So much need
For those three words
Never knowing what to say
But those three words
Though it’s never the perfect time
For those three words
So I’ll just go ahead and say
Those three words
I. Love. You.
It's never a good time
Cyndi Marie Feb 16
My biggest supporter
My rock when I could not stand
My sun when I was grey
My joy when I was sad
My love when I forgot how
Three years you've been gone now
And it still feels like it was just yesterday
The man I call my dad passed away three years ago. He was everything to me, even in the hard times. He loved me the way a father should, not the way my mother's "friends" did.
Gifts and corporations do not equate love.
Although I admire a certain aspect.
The after effect.
Everything being restricted to one day.
Three-hundred sixty-four days in comparison.
To show how much you love, how much you care.
The simplicity of taking time out to do something special for the one you love
out of sheer appreciation.
Price tags don't include how vital it is to bask in the same breath as your loved one.
The amount of time it takes
Creating memories that outlive us.
The moments we constantly over-obsess
How could they, they are manufactured in the same manner of restriction.
Mass quantities of fluff and chocolate.
All ranging from big to small.
A single day that lasts three-hundred sixty-four days.
Love is the rarest commodity and it's all of these small moments
That create the most memories.
The after effect.
In actuality.
The real holiday is to see your face light up at all the discounted chocolate
as we celebrate each and every day
The same way we met
Three-hundred sixty-five days
a complement of three legs
kept the realm in a wobbly
to have had a fourth one
would give an upright

as this important limb
was missing in a forgotten
the locale disintegrated  
like a pan of moving

the domain being beset by
ills too many to
hence the citizens cried out
for another pole's

a trio of pegs weren't
stable nor
they did violently
shake minus the quads firm

sometime in the future
the whole thing might just
if a solid pin is attached
onto the
Alaa' qabajah Jan 30
Don't you ever think that everyone have to pay the same price for Greatness.
Don't you ever duplicate the life of someone's you love, just to be great.
Don't you ever play God role, and justifying every thing in the name of God.

You will pass the 3 roles in your life. ( stupid , clever, wise )
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