Each one is unique in its own right
But they are all related at the same time

Three is the number that represents me

Not becuase it's my favorite
Or because it has a special story

But because three
Three is the number of people
Living in one body

And every one of those people have
The same name as me

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I can't seem to relive it again

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I felt like I just woke up. Give me a hand to lend.

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I have never felt every cell in my body shake like it would burst from existence

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I can still hear My Lord's voice talking to me in the distance

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I kept on looking up to Heaven and asked "Why?"

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because for a split second, I believed I could fly

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because my eyes could not look away, they were out of my control

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I felt my Heart and Life began to unfold

Was Yesterday a Dream?

Because a Trio of disbelief slammed me into a pool of reality.

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because Number 1 returned home in the land of fantasy

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because Number 2 settled the questions of emotions in the mind

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because Number 3 surrendered everything to the Lord with all his life

Was Yesterday A Dream?

Because I feel like my body was just released from a shot wave of sleep.


Because what I experienced, what I saw, what I heard, I still can't believe

Was Yesterday A Dream?

No... No it was not, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday was not a dream...

Only Unrealistic mind blowing events that I least expected to happen it seems...

Was Yesterday A Dream?

No.. Gosh... I need a recovery of sleep... My mind is runned down,, My Heart is in an ache, and My Soul is in a stir

Good Night Everyone...

Dear Lord.... Grant me wisdom for the Trio of events, for these three things I did not expect to occur...

November 14 - 16, 2017.
Larry Dixon Nov 9

Three years ago I met an angel, an entity who showed me infinity.
I was blessed by her touch, her love, and her voice.
I felt the affinity of her divinity.
I fell in love because I had no other choice.

That angel picked me, despite my unworthiness.
Loved me despite my mortality.
The memories of us are timeless.
Locked in a vault of Immateriality.

I stand before you now as a fragment of a memory.
A piece of the man tried so hard to be, a remnant of time.
Now our love is history, a mystery to people who will see our story for the next century.
I made a mistake that will last a lifetime.

Her grace will not bless my resting place.
Because our paths no longer interlace.

trf Nov 6

there's something humbling,
about the way i feel,
when a darker figure,
around me appears.
this testimony,
won't quench like a meal,
and these sirens
surely won't make it real.

   i'm enlightened,
   but still can't comprehend,
   all of this violence,
   between man's so called friends,
   don't confide in us,
   we cannot understand,
   that there's no difference,
   between two humans.

   you see i did it,
   although an accident,
   was born with it,
   used the words us and them,
   i won't forget it,
   we're not yet blendin' in,
until we all die, we must pay the rent.

ya see these shrimp were exhausting all their energy,
swimmin' in caves as dark as our synergy,
dying off,
they couldn't help their friends,
cause they had to deal with all the elements.

there's a cost to existing in a cave,
can't attest to the cost of living like a slave,
my own boss, i'm eluding to the trends,
     don't need no more widows of veterans.

until we use all our five SENSES,
and cross out all our hate,
exude all of our energy,
especially as of late.

we are doomed for a century,
we reside in this cave,
you cannot hide your emotions,
they will not compensate,
for all this pride you deserve,
you can't help but feel it,
until we find a remedy,
we'll be unnerved, no sealant.

"these micro-miracles of evolution,
live in the black depths of a river here,
in a sunless cave in Madagascar."

two sides
black and white
day and night

there's always the hidden third
but we rarely talk about him

he's quiet
there to give us the truth
but what references does he have

what proof does he have

but what proof do we even have

we are always forced to follow one or the other
but when do we ever consider the third side

who is not the truth
but the realization that a lot of things are wrong
and we only point them out to each other when
it is relevant to the failure of others

Tristan Brown Oct 30

Dear Tristan,

          You don't use your strengths,
          But instead you use what you want to be strong

samantha page Oct 26

you can say a lot
in three words
i love you
i hate you

in just three words
you can change a life
we should date
we should break up

less is more

so why the hell
do i say so many other words
when there are only three
that i want,
that i need,
to say

just three short words
can make all the difference

Austin Oct 20

I wish we could live your worst nightmare
we could walk through hell together
I wish our adventures yielded armor
and you'd love every part down to the rivets
I wish i knew you would put up a fight
instead of waking up

Vale Luna Sep 30

And so it begins

I can taste your release on his lips
Like it was my own tongue
That had gotten you to moan
So sweetly
So innocently
Innocent -
As if you weren’t the bi girl
Sandwiched between the sexually confused
And the dominating alpha

My turn now

To be innocent with your mouth
And to be guilty
With a man pressed against my backside
A verdict
That we agreed on unanimously
Because nothing is more thrilling
Than being wrong
With two people who are so right

One more time

Let’s make a chain with our bodies
He’ll stand
You’ll kneel
I’ll lay under you
Until we morph into one
Connected by the wetness between our legs
And against ours lips

And again

Changing the three of us
Into familiar strangers
Intertwined in seductive affairs
Because baby
Two is comfort
But three is company.

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