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c Mar 1
I am three
and the grass beneath my feet
is young too
there is wind
and a bird song
and I am happy
IncholPoem Feb 10
On  Valentine  day let  us  face
polar  bear
while traveling  in  Russia.

On  Valentine  day
   let us    ride
  the  driver less airport  taking
  Japan's  Tokyo  Artificial  Intelligence  bus.

On  Valentine day    visit  a
small  human  being's
villages of  North -East  India.

Second  one  is from  China  and
last  one  is  from
Sunshine Jan 27
starting at me with those eyes
from the across the room
empty souls crossing in between our gazes
I know how badly you want to hold me
I know how badly I want to end up with you
the music so loud I feel my heartbeat
voices carry but yours stands out
I'm sipping back this bottle
suppressing all these feelings
but you keep looking at me
but you keep your hands on my waist
and I don't know why I find myself here
standing still in the warmth of this room
where the lights flicker
where you keep your lips close to mine
sometimes its better with the lights off
There you are, three steps away from me
There our eyes met slowly in the middle
I hardly noticed your presence minutes ago
I’d turn away as if I never intended to do this

There you are, three steps away from me,
Denying I felt something when we were in the room
I sat at the corner of this crowded place
You came in as if something has to bloom.

There you are, three steps away from me
We’ve been in this side before, lost in crowds,
The only difference a year and eight months from now is...
I was once the one beside you.

There you are, three steps away from me.
There I’d find you in a short long distance,
It’s hard to walk there at your place,
I’d rather run miles away from that smile I used to know

There you are, three steps away from me...
I am seeing an invisible wall
You’re painted on it
Oh hello, aren’t you the stranger I used to know?

There you are, three steps away from me,
Still can’t believe I couldn’t walk up to you.
Even just to smile and say a little hello
Even just to ask how you’ve been all this time

There you are, three steps away from me.
Can’t believe I’m writing ‘bout you
A year and eight months from now
Realizing you still mattered to me somehow.
Hey, this love is forbidden.
gabrielle Jan 3
every night of stars in sight.
these three stars reminded me what my love was.
to you -
i have my commitment,
but intimacy is absent,
passion is what i thought how it went.

just because of not having the intimacy and passion,
it's still love, not infatuation.
just because i don't have you and you don't love me the way i do,
it's still love, it's just extraordinary.
it is more than what people supposed believe it would be.
Abby M Dec 2018
His heart beat in two
And mine was in three
Our cadence was always just off
But I switched to a two
One bright afternoon
When I missed a beat trying to cough
Jodie-Elaine Nov 2018
knocked off the nightstand,
tonight it rains
cold coffee.
Fourteen of us wrote life and each a singular way of looking at a mug. I was number three. I don't want to risk speaking for all and posting the whole poem without consent
Lou Vaughn Nov 2018
Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, it wasn't deja vu, it was a memory of a fantasy I played out in my mind hundreds of times as a little girl, as a teenager, as a woman, finally catching up in real time - a fantasy of a man I would meet someday who would be all I could ever desire in a lover, friend, and husband.

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, standing 6' 14", I recognized him immediately as the nameless, faceless man I imagined for years and I finally felt alive! authentic! electric!

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, I fell irrevocably in love and I never want to put myself back together again.
Oscar Nov 2018
the type of happiness that you don't feel,
so hopeful, content and full of dreams,
i know it cannot be real.
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