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Jules AA Sep 1
When the waterfall reached the basin—
Dripping cataracts of verdant gems—
Mine had already dried with the summer heat.
Unkept too long, diverted elsewhere.
You had no desire to swim—
I waited to drink from the pond.
KJ Reed Aug 23
We are all addicts
for all the things in our lives
that we can't control.
I can't help but want
validation from those I
surround myself with.
Left for dead Jul 31
**** love I’m done trying,
My heart is big but beats so quiet,
My love for you was so unknown,
But I have not seen you since you have last grown,

God willing I kiss your soft lips again,
Engage in that beautiful tasting ,experience,
My love don’t forget me but instead i say,
**** love I’m done trying...
**** hate gone over left
Butterfly Jul 12
I tried
Please I tried
But I am tired

I want somebody to talk to.
I want to many things.
Only thinking about myself.
It isn't true.
I think about you all the time.
This is a ******* mess
J F O Jul 11
We were two halves
trying to fit
our pieces

We took away
fragments of
little by little.

Not knowing
we were already
slicing chunks
off of each other
becoming someone
we no longer

It was then
we realized,
no matter
how much
effort we put,
how much
we stripped off,
we couldn't force
the pieces to fit.

You and I,
we weren't right
at least
we tried.
I tried to change for you, you tried to change for me.
I tried to change you. You tried to change me.
We tried to make things work between us but we just couldn't fit.
e Jul 1
we could be,
the light that never leaves a room dark.
the flowers that never wither under the sun.
the sun and stars that are always in the sky.
the success to every second chances.

the happy ending to every once upon a time.

but we couldn’t,
for you haven’t seen my efforts.
for you don’t appreciate it.
for you can’t accept what’s happening.
for you are blinded by our differences.

for we are too afraid of trying.
for you.
Johnny walker Jun 16
I found when I lost Helen I struggled to get a grip on life
after nearly two years since Helen's departure I'm
still finding It
So confess to reverting to some degree back to the world of fantasise there Its seems a safe place no longer affected by lives
where I can Invent my own fantasies In my head of Helen
some of true and some of make believe put that combination together and I
the perfect
So I venture out In the mornings stay out till around midday then happy to come to my house to the one room I live In curtains never been open since my sweetheart
and there I stay In the company Elsa my cat who Is a great comfort to me but I know I can never have Helen
back but the next best Is
write of her dream of her and
have my fantasies  my own little world that no one but me can touch
happy with that I've tried to be different over the last two years but that's not me Its here to where I belong and at my happiest
John Arthur Jun 12
'Twas the 3rd of February, in 2000 & 1
When came a lil' girl, comparable to none
Her skin was quite blemished, blistered and sore
She was treated and treated, then treated no more
So different she was, from all of the others
She experienced things she should not have discovered
This girl had a kindness you couldn't help but adore
Yet none understood all the burdens she bore

She grew with her family, her brother and mom
But this girl sure did struggle, with aid from no one
She wept as she slept, and she didn't know why
She wept till she saw a bright light in the sky
This little girl wished more than ever before
That her life would get better and she'd cry no more

In the slow days that followed she made a new friend
Who promised to help her until the end
With his support and encouragement, she persevered
No matter what came, she always adhered
She endured all the hardships the sadness and pain
She helped those she could, for no personal gain

But soon came a time when everything changed
Her friend disappeared, he had been estranged
She took what she learned while they were together
And use that she did, to make herself better
She took life by the reigns, lived to the fullest each day
Accomplished her goals, and kept sadness at bay

Her blemishes gone, nevermore an array
Her future was bright, none led her astray
She pursued a new path and found someone to love
Yet she hoped he was watching, this friend from above
For the memory remained of that night as a child
Of the wish she did make, on the light in the sky
The lil' girl's big wish, to no longer be blue
This great wish of hers, had finally come true
Asiah Mangham May 27
He tried to write on me and call it art.
I wrote myself and called it love.
Johnny walker Apr 11
I have  never tried to compare Terry to my
wife to very different
ladies And I think that reason Terry and I get
on so
because neither went looking for each other found purely by chance hand of fate had bought
us together as
Had so much sadness sorrow and pain In my life and of the tragedy of
my wife
but happiness has found me again through the kindness of my friend Terry from
to love one lady In my life was truly special but lose and then find Terry seems too much like a
All seems but a dream never
thought through tragedy I would there be a fairy tale ending to my life but thats looking more like It could be
possible now
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