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Daisy Ashcroft Jan 2021
One life, it's a world with one just life.
And here you are in my life,
Telling me to be brave and live a good life.
But now it's too late and there's a knife
In his hand and he's full of pride
He's at your side
Better luck in another life,
He slides the silver into my wife.
I tried, I tried, I tried
But they all lied.
Rachel Rae Sep 2020
I ate the cake,
        the lemonade
Cool and sweet
        but left the pain
In the back of my throat
        like an aftertaste
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
Alone on a chilly night in September
Lost emotions still vividly remember
Sands of time erase happier days
Wondering why so little good stays

When I don't hear from you I stress
Inner storm only tamed by your caress
The weather lately has taken a turn
For the cold my heart holds will always return

Where my footprints fade and yours begin
Moments eternity seems suspended in
With another call straight to voicemail goes
Saltwater teardrops I fight like foes

At war with my own weakness and doubt
Puzzles and riddles I can't figure out
Shadows overtake our souls with shame
Empty and vacant
Demons steal our names

When you disappear I am left neglected
To forgive you comes easier than expected
The tide pulls you out and washes back ashore
Each time I wonder what you even leave me for?
I hate when you dont answer because I dont know if you are with some other girl or dead or what.. sigh.
Prister Aug 2020
"Grbrb!" Does the glowing water
As Jill drowns in her wait underwater
The river person above continues
rowing his boat unknowingly in his lonely river

paper hearts form a heart shape seemingly All around his boat,
he notices
He touches them, mesmerized
but not surprised

He figured his love was there, so he let the water gently drag him to her thereafter

Jill had been gone 24 years ago
he had taken too long
It was his choice
Jack wanted to go along with Jill
Love was always a foolishly cautious trap.

Don't you agree?
I tried. Not sure if this counts as a poem
Jorge Langley Jul 2020
These walls are breaking,
I can see the cracks.
It's going to fall,
That wall.

I've spent years building this wall,
Now, you come
To break it down?
No, not my wall!

I'm trying to glue,
But hue.
With eyes blurred,
I see nothing;
Not even bird.

These walls are paving in,
What now?
Just let it fall?
Or do I bow?
Definitely not bow!

Listen walls:
Just tear down.
I'm too grown,
I'm tired and I've tried.
I'm done!
Moments when you feel like all hope is lost is not such a good thing when you block out your Support System.
Lyinix May 2020
I smile onto the darkness as it watches me
The dark that some would run or even flee

I laugh as I mingle in my friend's presence
He tells me a joke that others would dismiss as nonsense

But in daylight I'm under my person feeling lonely
She hugs she laughs with her friends smiling brightly

I tried to smile as if I had lips
I tried to sway as if I had hips

I mimicked her as she waved but then I realized
I'm not mimicking anything until I am with my old friend

I am but a shadow with no face only black
I am a shadow with no control under daylight I'm a wrack

But With in my old friend, dark, I am free
I could smile, laugh and scream as if I'm a banshee
The only problem is that you can't and never will see

CB Apr 2020
"I tried. I tried to save you. I️ lived in this cage for you, stopped breathing for you, stopped believing for you. What must I do to show how much I would do for you, just to be with you, to love you."
Grace Feb 2020
What is raw?
What is real?
What is simply making it worse?

All these wounds
Never heal
Because time can’t go in reverse

I can write
All these things
About how I used to be

Let it out
For a crowd
So they can all see

But it won’t help
Not one bit
If they know what’s deep inside

All it does
Is make me
Regret that I even tried
I write as an outlet, as a way to let all the nasty things running though my brain come out in a neat little package. And I post poems, poems about whatever I’m going through, as a cry for help... but people never listen
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