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E Lynch 1d
I'm tired of this...

This is it.
Six years come and gone.

I love you.
I tried so ******* hard.

You said you loved me.
But I really wonder if that's true.

My heart hurts.
I'm sick of trying though.

I wish it was easier.
I know what has to be done.

Doesn't mean I want to.
But I cannot waste my life here.

If you will not try.
If you don't want to be with me.

If we don't want the same future.
We can't work towards it together.

Pulling in different directions.
Will only hurt us both more.

I can't do this all alone.
But you're not trying to help me.

I have stated my needs perfectly.
And you have stared straight through them.

As much as this breaks my heart.
Why should I suit you anymore.

You put yourself first.
So I will love myself instead.

If you really truly loved me.
You would have at least tried to keep me.
Johnny walker Jan 22
There was a time I must admit I tried to move on with my life and my poetry but then I thought about It and then realising
move on to
I'm happy In my poetry writing of Helen and everybody on here seems to love her so
and I'm happy writing about her and If anybody
does become tired of my poems of Helen that's
they are perfectly entitled
to there opinion It's a free world and I know some people will say get a life move on but I'm happy where I am with my memories of my sweetheart my true love
Helen so I will continue to write about her and be happy
Helen, I'm happy writing of her
so I've written this to apologise
to anyone that might everybody's entitled to there
opinion quite rightly so but
I can't let her go
M Jan 20
I woke up late
And try to wake
the happy state
of my inner sane
But, as I move along the way
I felt that there is no other play
that I can raise
the happy state
because as I intake the meds
and remove the shelf of craze
I can see myself
lost in space.

That the happy state
was no longer my pace.

I already taste
the bitterness phase
of you leaving my maze
I feel vague. Lost. Incomplete
someone gave me car
saying ,"you can drive far
and seeing new facts"

i thanked and said," mercy
the driving car is as the herat's woman inddeed
you might see it is easy to read

finally, you found her hard to know
i prefer to go wide, as i had gained
lost my hearts times, for some reasons i tried

to explain and show how it was tied
my heart to the failure down without reason to be explained
my friend was so lame

he brought my pervious lover into it
and argued me to go for a moment
when i saw her in it
i drove it without any late
the herat always keeps love into it. The man's proud tries to cancel it
the fact is the love still control our minds
Kirsten Hunt Jan 1
Alone seems to be my end game. I have lost my lasting hope in what is left of my mind. Yes i’m scared of what is to come next but that shall not stop me. Alone is what happens in the dark when none is looking to find the light. Lost is how i have fallen. Beaten into depression and what I have thought to be happy. Never will I be happy. Finally i am okay with that. I know it’s sad but I never asked for it to be this. It’s been 17 years i’m scared that it’s too late to save myself. My time is near i can’t say it’s death but I can say that I don’t think whatever it is, is going to be good.

No smile has been real for years. People seem to always think im happy, they even try to tell me i’m happy. I guess i’m just a really good actress, not good enough to fool myself.

Welcome to what I call my life. Lonely and alone is my status. What’s yours?
Faith Dec 2018
I’m tired
Tired of the lies
Tired of the pretending
Tired of the acting
And the show that you put on
You try to cover up your darkness
When I already know what’s inside
You tell me of all the good things
And then you turn yourself around
I’m tired of the teasing
Tired of the persona’s
Tired of the hiding
Tired of secrets
I tired of being tired
Ella Mclaughlin Dec 2018
She wanted to be someone
Everyone said she couldn't
She wanted to save lives

Wanting to be important
She studied late at night
Trying to ace every test
Win every fight

She couldn't ace every test
Win every fight

She was the girl that tried to save every life
But could not save her own
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
I'm hopelessly in love
with someone who'd rather
push and shove
I feel so distant yet
they make me feel close
but really they're farther
than they've ever been
and I try to save
but they turn me away like
the tears on an
abandoned child left
on a deserted door step
I feel so very lonely
in this world full of
mixed matched feelings
broken dreams
and shattered hearts
they continue every day
to give me false hope
just enough to fall in love again
and I feel like a wicked candle
lit on fire with burning passion
just to be extinguished
and forgotten about
until they embark on a dimly lit date
with someone other than me
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