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Irene J 6d
just for once,
can you look at me,
and tell me if I really there?

All you can say is,
"You are here."
But I never there.
In your heart.
How can I make him notice me?
Em MacKenzie Oct 3
Playing a game of cat and mouse
but we both lose track of the bird.
My scorched soil I failed to douse,
I’m filled with such fuel; it’s so absurd.
I linger always alone in an empty house,
speaking two thoughts but I left out the last word.
They were meant with love but I turned to grouse,
either way they never seem to be heard.

I wish I was licking stamps
instead of licking my wounds.
My letter to you gifts my fingers cramps,
I hope one day you decipher it soon.
The one thing that I am best at
is always being a bad example,
I can elaborate on how to keep looking back,
but not on the best way things should be handled.
And I hope one day you’ll see your name
woven in each line and all my stanzas.
But I think when you see it that way, I’ll just explain,
not to go buying me green bananas.

When I was 15 I chose to sign up as an ***** donor,
but all are probably damaged, and the vital ones are no longer mine.
I offered them as tribute to a Queen I adore,
she collected them and added to her shrine.

My tongue is tied tight when I try to express
importance and just what it all means to me,
but if you listen closely to my chest
you’ll hear my heart beating steadily.
And when you’re dressed to the nines
I’ll still be in left in my pajamas.
Waving my arms to direct the signs,
just don’t go buying me green bananas.

I accepted your world became my cage
but I was loyal; I didn’t need a lock.
I reasoned it as the final stage,
I didn’t need a chain just for you to mock.

I’m not angry, I’m not sad,
no resentment from me, don’t go feeling bad.
I’d still take this dagger as long as it’s your hand that grips
I wouldn’t escape or try to stagger,
sadly I’m done with my trips.

I concede and admit that I’ve gone mad,
welcomed with hallelujahs and an amen.
I’m having trouble stripping off my plaid,
but I figure it’s finally time to change stripes again.
Erian Sep 26
"Can we start over?"
"So we can just be."
Sunshine Sep 20
do you know that moment when your heart is sitting in your throat

when your stomach is doing backflips and your breath is shallow

because you know he's hiding something and you know it's there
you're scaring me
you're making me
so ******* nervous

Bhill Sep 13
As I neared my predetermined destination
The angst and wonderment took over my exhaustion
The climb was currently a very near memory
A memory, that seconds before, was a very physical and emotional demon
A demon that kept telling me ”You can't do this” ”You lack the discipline to go that route”
”Demon be-GONE” I repeated to myself
I can do this...!

Brian Hill - # 229
And I did
Faizel Farzee Sep 11
Erupted feelings from a volcanic mind, embedded to these pages
ashen soul and broken heart, armed emotions rages

The thoughts i bleed from an open wound, comes from deep within
A place unknown, it's unexplored terrain, it's a stranger to my skin

Flashing words moves lightning quick, disappears within my soul
with a thunderous sound to the speed of light, my innocence it control

Dreams becomes my nightmare, with eerie thoughts i wake
Sleep walking through these ghostly nights, hoping i don't break

The feelings i am touching, it has a sense of wonder
Yet every-time my heads above water, i feel like going under

Drowning in an ocean of thoughts, waves of emotion crashed over me
Sometimes i wish my past could meet my future, together we could flee

How i wish sometimes i can disappear, leave this exit door of strife
get into an elevator,  and elevate my crippled life

These marathon of thoughts, slowly running through my head
Is simply to let my lifeless soul know, that i'm not truly dead.
When your feelings escape you, and you chasing them down,
remember to be breathe, we above water, don't drown
They will soon return, although somewhat numb
it's better than dying, livings more fun.
Cat Lynn Sep 10

What it was you felt when that final day came
Now I can admit that I have experienced the same
No regrets
But now I get it and now I see it
nothing can be promised... and nothing and guaranteed...
Sorry Nicko it took so long
I try to live my life the best that I can without my true love being here hope my tears will eventually dry
truly missing
Two years on since she's
been gone that day the light went out my life a light that once burned so bight never to burn that way
The pain of loss cuts me to bone for she was my life and
I never thought the possilbily of having to live the rest
of my
without her and miss her so
and wish the tears the pain will be no more forever
I miss her my broken
heart will never
Äŧül Aug 24
No poet can aptly verse
How beautiful she is...
Her golden hue mesmerizes
And me it freezes...
The harmonious voice
Now I miss and wanna hear...
She's an expert magician
In psychokinesis she specializes...
So far, yet she moves my heart
It booms inside my chest...
My HP Poem #1762
©Atul Kaushal
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