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never tell someone they can't
unless you want them to succeed
in that case,
tell someone they can't
they will
they can
because you tried to tell them that they can't
because you tried to tell them that they can't
Giovanna Oct 2020
Nothing's forever
and hardships aren't an exception.
When you are too heavy to fly,
remember all you can do is retry.
What's the problem if people don't believe in you
Make it your reason to break through.
It's okay to be scared of your dream,
atleast you know that it is its extreme.
If you fail on the way,
take a break and mend yourself for the future day.
Never doubt your calibre and go back
cause you didn't come this far to pace back the track.
Keep fightin'
and one day you will find yourself flyin'
I could have
but didn't
I don't know why
I certainly should have
but I didn't even try
I'll get around to that thing
but not today
or tomorrow
perhaps not ever

**** it
I suppose

why not live the lie
and regret it
until the day I die
max Oct 2020
With words so harsh
She's trying to comfort me
telling me I have to think rationally
She can't hear her own voice
But I,
I do
I hear it more clearly than I would like to
My once beloved melody
That now only hurts
Talia Sep 2020
nobody can hear me
no matter how loud I scream
I keep reaching out for help, but
the closer I get to it
the further I am from waking up
Tøast Jun 2020
I miss living my life,
back when smells weren’t polluted, diluted by oceans.
When sparrows dived and swallows would fly.
catching the day on their wing,
a perfect dance across a broken mind.

But how many lives will it take for me to be happy?
how many memories of songs and poems?
of long chats and short walks.
of star kissed nights and sun touched skies.
‪Ever felt so emotionally drained that you just... can’t?‬

‪• can’t cry, ‬
‪•can’t sleep, ‬
‪•can’t think, ‬
‪•can’t focus, ‬
‪•can nothing.‬

‪You simply

of a repeat image he did employ
which was akin to an advertisement
this being the artist's own singular ploy
did he do it for some little amusement
in galleries these very works can be seen
where they will feature an alike object
as if the viewer needed a copy screen
to understand the picture's subject
a dozen or more on the white background
they displayed a famous maker's name
who did blend the tasty liquid's abound
that was captured in a pop artist's frame
on this night I've written about the man
known far and wide for depicting a can
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