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Äŧül Sep 10
@Atul's Love
J*** and trance music,
Entertainment of all forms,
Not far away but near,
Naturally from within,
You inspire me too.

On the rocks, you are my beer,
Hug you tight, I am your bear.

Jest and fest moods,
Emanate from your name,
Not that I forgot your name,
Nickname you, I did, honey,
Yes, it's sweet and peppy to call you Jenny.

I love you as I love myself.

Miss, you are the one I miss,
I know we shall continue happily,
Soft love of yours landed here,
Softly on my faithful heart.

You reminded me to be carefree,
On the way to perfection, I need to be,
Untouched by real love I used to be.

Honestly, your love is the truest,
Of course, my parents love me,
Not demeaning them, I am,
Efforts of theirs to keep me alive,
You too will be thankful to them.
My HP Poem #1769
©Atul Kaushal
Jules AA Sep 1
When the waterfall reached the basin—
Dripping cataracts of verdant gems—
Mine had already dried with the summer heat.
Unkept too long, diverted elsewhere.
You had no desire to swim—
I waited to drink from the pond.
Her eyes
Me back

To my
Fall I

Am ***
Mud my

Mind my
Oh my
O'Falafel Middle Eastern Cuisine
Johnny walker Aug 13
Helen voice still echo In
my ears even after all these
years distant echo's sounds
of her laughter bouncing of my walls breaking
total silence but perhaps Its Is just Imaginary created In my mind by me to ease the pain of loss felt through each and every  
I am the worm
I can be harm
I can be calm

I am the worm
No matter people like me
No matter people hate me
I am the worm
I can be little
Down, down and brittle
I am the worm
I can be big
Fears any thing
I am the worm

She met a great snake
She said with astonished
That the worst
She ran and escaped
The snake said with the confident

The worm said,”
That is calm
I will have a rest
That is a cave
She entered the opened
Mouth of The fish
The fish said ,”oh! My God
That is the great present
I will swallow it in one amount”
The worm said,”
Oh please, can I be heard,
The fish said,” tell me!”
The worm said,”
I know a place
Where a great worm has
A great meat without bones
You can swallow it
Without any hard”

The fish said,”
Guide me, guide”

The worm said,”
You promise , you will not eat
And let me
The fish said,”
Yes, that is my promise.”
The fish said at himself,’’
I will eat the great worm
After I eat that worm
When she guided me to the road”

When the worm reached
She pointed to the big worm
Who was the big snake
Who ate the fish
And the little worm hided
the life is the greatest danger. to get your life safe, you must have a great mind
It's raining again today
I fall in love
With the rain
But today
Something is off
Something is different
Something is wrong
Something I cannot place
But it is there
And it wants me gone
It's raining in July. Oh boy.
Johnny walker Jul 11
Oh how strange our lives  can be don't think we ever solve all the mysteries of the life that we see and live every day and why life It's self did ever
and to what those reason may be to which I've tried to find  answers throughout my life but at the end of our days when all said
I don't think we will be any the wiser and we won't have all answers to our questions we've been asking throughout our unsure
and to what Is the meaning of life for as sure Hell I don't know for I don't have a clue what Its all about but all of
born to this world the only thing we no for certain Is each day we live we get closer to death and  does anybody out there knows and can tell me what Is the meaning of
I spend nearly every waking moment
Thinking how you would find that thing funny
Or that thing sweet
Or that thing interesting.
Chris Jun 25
Bathing in the sun
Soaking it's nutrients

This blade so sharp
Rub to fast
and you might get cut

But it shines so green
It offers shelter

I trust my food
to keep me safe

So mighty leaf!
Hide me away!
Abstract. Enjoy.
Bryce Jun 18
The rails scream in the darkness
Sparking, lambent bulbs trace starlight behind tinted glass
No words, just motionless exhibition of man
The shrill yapping of a terrified pup
Ears plugged from the disastrous din of metal rubbing against itself

The train flies through an evacuated tube pressed beneath the innumerable water column
And it is deafening.

Behind us the gentle shipyards, ahead the recipient city
Waiting to drink up our wallets and time with her promiscuous streets
As she bends her towering legs to the ironically Chinese
Blowing its baritone warning flutes
As it tugs itself upon her Bays.

I am reading the book, seeing the Brothers through the din, in between the two cities
The two unhappinesses
and the creatures they identify with

It is a giant artifact,
the tube
It protrudes through
The ships
She sunk and constructed
Market, Mission, Pier, a swamp of concrete
Over the dried clump of trees
A thousand bits of Theseus
And the abandoned bones of thirsting men
Running east, towards Pittsburg
Warm Springs
The line is soft between these rusting zones
And the gold
Forgotten for silicone

I am reading a book
About brothers and the curse of stone
Sharing stares with dirogenous hobos
And girl's pupils
feasting on bodies hidden behind periodicals

The rails scream in protest
The railcars are turning up and out
Towards the end of the darkness
And the start of the largeness

The city waits to list her failures to me
To cry herself to sleep with raindrops of fog
And rasping breaths of breeze.
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