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Kai Schultz Feb 9
glass is meant to shatter
while still being pretty
easy on the eyes
so movie stars are made of glass
because even when they break
and their feelings spill to the floor
they are still beautiful
and we forgive their flaws.
So sweet are my memories of that first day when young a girl called Helen passed my
I knew In that brief moment as she passed me by catching a glimpse
of the beauty In her
A beauty that touched my
Soul that had never been touched before eyes so true those eyes of
So I married my Helen with eyes so blue eyes that could see right through to my soul Oh so beautiful
She was to
The time I first caught sight of her beautiful eyes of blue
Ineffable Feb 2
i'm lying in bed,
i'm floating!

everything swirls, curls, stirrs
ah, the earth is rotating

i find next to me
god and satan, dark, **** satan, smoking.
god, gleaming, seems to squint his eyes at me
"Relax", said satan and passed the cigarette to god

drunk, I giggle at god
"you really ****** up life", i note
and then pass out

Let’s talk about my intuition
Talk about a brain that swells
I saw it coming to fruition
Easily for you I fell

Suspicions were a friend to you
Made me your toy; I would not tell
My nightmares and my dreams came true
Sequestered in your prison cell

Do all the ***** things you do
You’re Heaven and my private ****
Just say one thing when I come to
And no more hear the ringing bells

Those words, please tell me, “I love you”
With earnestness, to me you sell
I don’t care if it isn’t true
You are my fix and I’m not well

So “dose” me up; I need to sooth
And fill this lost and empty shell
Drunk on your love; You are my *****
The cost of this I do not dwell

A choice I made yet did not choose
You instantly had cast your spell
Too blind; I did not see the ruse
An easy ‘mark’, no need to sell

Tried for a stew but made a soup
The drifted parts will never gel
No question, for sure I’ve been duped
I clearly hear the banging knell

Forever stuck within this loop
A never-ending carousel
You took my soul with one fell swoop
I said ‘hello’, you said ‘farewell’
Written: January 7, 2019 (started) / January 24, 2019 (finished)

All rights reserved.
[Iambic tetrameter format]
Pete King Jan 20
I'm not quite sure how I got here,
Or why your stare makes fear feel safe.
It's like you can read the aura of me,
But maybe you just read my face.

You cling on tightly to my hand,
And search for secrets in it's embrace.
But, you'll find no truth in reading my palm,
It's all written upon my face.

I'm not courageous, and nor am I bold.
But hey, at least I've got your hand to hold.
Kai Schultz Jan 7
You're getting out of jail
after what you did
as I keep saying
you're never in long
and I'm afraid
because you know
that the brainwashing
and conditioning
you used
is wearing off
because i love someone else now
and not you.
And I don't know
what you plan to do
but I know it's nothing good
and that in itself terrifies me
since i know what you are capable of.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Got a notice
On the freaking
That a piece of embarrassing
Went viral
That I did not
Want to
Is like Ebola
Now everyone
Thinks that I
Madly in love
With the Dalai Lama.
I am a loser.  

Like a freak
I try to stick my
Pretty face
In a hole
And breaks
My **** nose.
Fidget spinner!!!!

Then fumbled
With dinner
And the food
Because of art
Broken nose
Flying at my
Desyrae Dec 2018
head over heels
for merely
a distraction
from my heart
Desyrae Dec 2018
your honey brown eyes
something I was
in love with
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