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Michael May 20
I wanted to shut myself off from reality.
To escape from myself most definately.
But be careful you don't end up like me,
or bill collectors will sue you eventually.
SMS Jan 25
Every night I can’t help but lay awake
Replaying your voice and laughter in my mind
Trying to guess the moment
The world assigned you as my soul mate
Trying to piece together what stupid **** you must have done
To be punished with such a foul handful.
Trying to remember if I helped an old woman cross the street or something equally as cheesy to be so blessed
You are my heart my soul
The breath of air that hits my face when I lower the windows .
Something you hate but something I cannot live without.
The outdoor air fuels my lungs the way you ignite my will to live and love.
You,my beautiful moonlighted man,
Are what I long for
For in your arms
I am home.
Habiba Herisha Nov 2020
Oh god,
I’m done.
I can’t be a fighter nor can I be survivor anymore.
I’m tired.
I can no longer fight my own battles.
I’m surrounded by darkness.
I’m a prisoner of my own demons.
Oh god.
I’m done.
I’m sad
Àŧùl Aug 2020
Oh, my heart,
You were lonely.

Oh, my heart,
You were grim.

Oh, my heart,
I finally found her.

Oh, my heart,
No longer grim.

Oh, my heart,
No longer lonely.
My HP Poem #1876
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Sep 2018
Won't you drain all my griefs away?
My HP Poem #1716
©Atul Kaushal
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Child, enjoy now,
Fear not the pain and sorrow
Leave that to adults
Ohhh child things are gonna get easier
Dream Fisher Jan 2020
Cars are flying down the 41
Like everyday, one hits another one.
Pretty soon the cops will come
Delays will stay consistent,
Fatality they say over those radios.
You're running late for work
Thinking these jerks need to move
A blessing you can have those thoughts,
It wasn't your life death did choose
But no, we don't think like that and
Oh, there must be something we are owed.

A man goes to the doctor to get an answer,
Confirmed it was cancer so he's told.
Radiation could save his life,
While he holds his breath to hear the price.
Ten thousand a month, now he knows.
Choosing to survive to not be able to survive.
But no, we don't think like that and
Oh, there must be something we are owed.

There's a child starving out there,
Elderly with no place to go.
People with nothing still wanting to share,
As you read, someone lost their home.
But no, we don't think like that and
Oh, there must be something we are owed.
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