Lydia 1h
I wonder what we would all do differently if today was our last day
or if this was our last week
our last year
what would we do to make the time worth while?
would I quit my job and see the places I've always dreamed of going to?
or spontaneously marry the man I love?
would I spend every waking second with my son and hold him a little tighter?
tell the people I love just how much they mean to me and tell old friends what a loss they were to my life?
its so easy to think of all the things you would do if you knew your time was up
so why don't we live that way everyday?
as if waking up isn't a gift and life is short and ever changing
we should do all the things that matter and be with the people we cherish and change the things we hate about life and start doing all those things we wish to go do
I'd like to think I'm going to try harder to live like I have no time left
I lost a friend yesterday who was so young. His life had just started. It's so unfair.
Nylee 7d
I wanna read the last chapter
first, fight the last captor
first and live the life dead
Couldn't have been easier
than that after
the heart all spared
well better fared
not from the start, it ends.
Josh 7d
Hold me,
The way you did that night
That we kissed, underneath
The stars, sitting in our car
Love that would never end,
Love that wouldn’t dent,

At least that’s what we thought,
But I guess that was just a lie,
One of many that were told,
By you and I.

Hold me like you did, once more
And don’t let go,
Myrrdin Aug 5
This wasn't the first time
But it will be the last time
I create an identifiable pain
To numb the persisting wounds,
That I let my hollow stomach
Swallow all of my sorrows,
That I go to bed hungry
Struggle to wake up again,
Just to Pace around my kitchen
Afraid to open the refrigerator,
I promise this is the last time,
It's always the last time,
Please let this be the last time..
Somebody, please take me home
Get out of here fast
Somebody, please make me whole
Make me want to last
It’s like living under a street light
At late nights
Too scared to survive
Someone, get me some healing
Get out of here fast

Somebody’s gonna have to love
Get out of here fast
Somebody, please gain my trust
Make me want to last
Somebody’s gonna have to love
Get out of here fast
Whoever did this to me
Pray for forgiveness
I’m not going to last
That feeling when the lonely night takes over and your past becomes your present in your mind.
Yanamari Aug 4
These tracks playing in the back of my mind
Into every sound,
Infusing into my veins,
Gripping my heart
As the surrounding muscle contracts
And takes over

Loosening my body
Muscles stiffen,
Peripheral vision darkened
Pump pump
Throat clump
I missed my chance
I missed my chance
Neck outstretched
Eye lids embracing my eyes
You're losing focus
And this distance,
Lack of reassurance,
Eats me up

And so I hide away
Manny Jul 31
You're so beautiful
When your cheeks are blushing red
When you look directly in my eyes
With an expression that can't be read
And look where all of this has led
You're lying in my bed, just like I always
pictured in my head.
Your body shivers with excitement
Though your tears are screaming "dread"
Maybe its the breeze you feel, the
windy chill, from hiding in this shed
Or is your body breaking down
It's been three whole days since you've been fed
I had to punish you somehow
The other day you almost fled
now I feel misled, you turn down my love
And run instead
You cry all night, you wont eat bread
You shout and fight and hit your head
against the frame of this old bed.
if only you listened to
Every word I said
There'd be less pain
It's better now if this goes my way
So just play dead
Sorry about this messed up poem.  
I had this idea for a while that I wanted to write a twisted love story about a stalker that kidnapped the girl he is infatuated with.
Danial John Jul 31
Kill or be killed
                  Killer be killed

         For they pray
                           For their prey
                                    For they're prey
ph Jul 30
I tasted
the sting of whiskey
on your lips as we
kissed, your body betraying
you one last time, it was saying,
“I couldn’t handle myself sober for this.”
we said our last goodbye, without
ever saying a word.
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