Lylock 17h
I'm high on the anonymity
Twisting and shifting outside my sight
But it's fine
Because I'm drifting
Past lighted windows
And lamped streets
A million people
Have all done this before
I will not be the first
And I will not be the last
How many people
Will I only ever see once?
Lylock 6d
Last night I told her
I wanted strawbeeries
if I
saw Norah
Jones this
time while
they'd freak
out and
lost their
marbles that
never cried
again Saturday
Night when
I thought
never to
get rest
with her
I care
to date
A Norah Jones Story
smc Feb 13
Glorified one-stemmed wonders
delivered in high school
when she waited
hoping for
oh, hands stop sweating!
heart be quiet--
he can hear it pounding through your
tee shirt!
this time...yes, maybe...
he glanced!
looked this way!
she can hear blood pounding
in her ears
her face turns scarlet,
and she tries to hide EvErYtHiNg
she is feeling.
Hope. this time, please.
let it be my turn.

And her heart splashes
into her stomach
hands turn to ice
face melts
as the pretty girls
and flitter...
with their rose nectar.

He did buy a rose,
but not for her...
another February
cold and alone
left to study
and be exactly who
she wants to
escape from.
Twelve months a year
DNW Feb 13
Devastating existence pulls me downward

Gravity forces me down and forces me to live

Rushes of wind pull me forward

The earth says sorry and forces me to forgive

Senseless air drains my lungs

Once again, the earth pulls me down breaking my bones

Words carve and pierce my tongue

When nothings left to break, my body looks like piled stones

Wind and gravity stops as I breathe my last breath

Life flashes and before I know it

I take my last breath

As the world forgets I’d even existed.
My girlfriend wrote this and I just wanted to show it to the world cause I really like it.
maya Feb 9
am i stoic
for not feeling anything when in the presence of death
for not feeling anything when knowing it was his last breath
am i sick
for my heart not enduring pain
for my heart disconnecting with my brain
is it heroic
for my own body not to go through the stages
for my own body to be trapped in its plentiful cages
will it click
that he's actually gone
that i should be drawn
to it?
My grandpa died today.
as sunlight's last rays
sink over the horizon
night's long shadow looms
Karisa Brown Feb 5
My eyes grew dim
That moment
I first saw you

I swear you took my soul
breathed it in
And wrapped around your
Sweet sugar tongue

I watched mesmorized
As you inhaled
My smoke fumes
Watched me dance
around the room
Spinning on such sweet
afternotes of you

I tried to speak
As i watched my feet
Stood backwards
And felt your finger tips
Glide inside of me

I gazed up and down at you
But to no end
You said we could only be
Lovers after dew

Never before
And never again

I spring
Every winter
Waiting for you
We met at crossroads
Heavy with our own loads
It is so wrong
Why'd we need to get this long?

It's not right from the very start
I should've known better
Now I'm letting myself fall apart
Why do you need to be with her?

We met at crossroads
Smooth, rough, like millions of ode
When time came, you chose the smoother
Now I'm on the side letting you be with her

Still, I'm waiting, giving you all my love
But we're on the crossroads my dear
You didn't give me back the love
You swerve, you give it to her though I'm here

Still, we took the journey further
I stayed by your side though it pains me
Seeing you two together
I want to lose my sanity

We reached another road, the one way
I followed you even if it's her you follow
'Cause I'm hoping that one day
You'll see me and the love I show

But we're on a one way
One way only, no another
I just wanna give up and lay
Seeing you better with her

Still, the martyr that I am
I still chase you though it breaks me
Seeing you considering her as the emblem
I wish I lost my memory

Now we reached the two way
Maybe it's time to detach myself
Maybe it's time to go away
For me to get rid of the heartache

You go with her, I go alone and run
It doesn't matter if you're my The one
'Cause you only see her, it doesn't matter to you
It tears me apart but it is true

We go our separate ways
I told you everything before I leave
But all that matters is what she says
How 'bout me, without you, could I live?

We saw the traffic lights
Then I remember all our nights
Then I just got myself hurt again
Realized I'm always your last option cause me pain

We saw the red light up there
Then you told me to stop hurting
Forget all he love and care
And being like her, stop trying

You told me to stop hoping
For you won't love any other girl only her
What about me? It's you I'm loving
Can't love another man who's better

How can you love her and leave me in blue
When I'm the one who loves you
How will I stop? Tell me
How will I forget? Show me

Then the yellow light came
You told me to get ready and wake up too
Is it bad of me to blame
That girl you doesn't even love you like I do

You want me to get ready and leave you
Do you know I'll only be in blue
Why are you being so unfair
Why can't you just love me, not her

Still, you pushed me to get ready
Balancing me, making me steady
I'm steady, still, I'm empty
How can I fill the void inside of me

Then finally, the green light shine
You told me to go and move on
You told me that sooner I'll be fine
Guess I'm really the last option

I go, I let go, I walked away
If that's what you want to say
I you really don't want me to stay
If I only mean nothing to you all our days

How can this hurt so bad
It's like dying over and over again
How can I feel this sad
How can I feel I'm in vain

How can I love you this much
Even if you choose the smooth not rough
Even if I'm willing to be a latch
Why does my love not enough

I'm the one who was with you
But it's only her you cared about
Even if I'm the willing, everything, I'll do
You still chose her without a single doubt

I'm letting go, freeing everything
Accepting we're not meant to be
I'm done, I gave up, the pieces I'm picking
Soon, all our memories I'll bury

Then one day, your friends told me
That you're suffering from missing me
Of course I won't believe that lie
I knew from the moment you said goodbye

But then you are chasing me
Never want me to leave
Realized it's me you need
Now, you want me to believe

You shouted you're such a fool
For being so fucked up
So dense, stupid, so full
And begged me to stop

You don't want me to go
I don't want to go too
But that was before you said so
Now I'm ready to forget you

You chased me then we saw another traffic lights
And all I could remember now is our fights
For all the time you took me for granted
For all the time you told me it's only her you wanted

You told me to stop, stop walking away
Beg me to not leave you ever
Told me to forgive you and stay
Start anew with our forever

Told me I'm the one you love ever since
You just thought you're in love with her
You cry, you beg, you plead, you convince
It's me you need, others don't matter

You just know you can live with her
Now you can't see yourself live without me
When you let go of me, it hurts like hell
Said you need me pleadingly

Still, I get ready and not stop, I won't
How can you be so unfair
Have me when you want and throw me when you don't
You think I'll always be there

Just so you know, I'm tired
I told you I gave up
Wishing I I'll be your bride,
So I didn't stop

I get myself ready
Willing myself to forget
Then you came begging to me
Still I get ready and set

Then I go like the green light
I run away from you 'cause it hurts
Taking the path, this time it's right
Don't wanna hear what you blurt

I go as you said so before
Though it hurts me to the core
I won't believe another lie from your mouth
Though you love me, you shout

I go as the green light show
Still I can't stop the flow
Of my tears streaming down my face
I'm in the worst case

I know you're just confused
'Cause you thought I'll always be there
If I leave and you get used
You'll realize it's always been her

I don't want to get hurt again
I want to take away the anger and disdain
Don't want to be broken over and over
Let's stop hoping we'll have forever

Then I got tired and stopped
Thinking twice if I'll give up
Should I give in and believe
That you're never gonna leave

Then I ready myself
Decision-making is in need to happen
If you'll really be bereft
If I left you hanging

I go and run away
Still I hear you sobs and cries
You thought it is the price you pay
When you ignored all my tries

I reached the U-Turn this time
Still you're shouting you are mine
Will I let you and trust my heart
When it's wrong from the very start

Will I make the U-Turn in my life
Will I turn around and go back
Or is this just another stab of your knife
This time, should I still try my luck

And as I turn around
I hear my heart pound
I remember all my sacrifice
All my efforts, time, cries and tries
But then, I just don't care
About what if's or what's true
Maybe what I'll do is just fair
Found myself running back to you.
Dr zik Feb 4
Be sincere to you and at last
You will be winner
Zik's Poetry
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