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wisdom with age is unfathomable
thoughts escape the psyche
words become dull
what's unknown
is what triggers fear
thinking can change everything
cleaning the wounds of yesterday
but with age the jagged day no longer breaks the skin
as cells die and life escapes the lungs
one can rot away happily
forgive the urges of imbalance
thoughts become less bold
they hurt less as the minutes tick
eternal clock nears its last hour
the last breathe is always untroubled
final acts are supposed to break the struggle
Raven Feels Jun 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, exposure is not vulnerability---it's power:]

a choice made once upon a dusk

the crack of dawn made no return a back it rust

deniable liquor down the throat a burn

upon the disgust my stomach ached a churn

hideous is it you stupid arrogant selfish pry

or was it way too much of a pure ecstasy upon their eyes???

things the raven will never feel warmth existing

jealousy always a hunter in the thick air printing

violins or that of cellos or the whatever veins named

pianos that ought to break regret down my spine lonely hailed

Sachiko May 29
I’m sorry.
The two words that I want to hear.
But I want it to be sincere.
For the longest time,
Silence is how we communicate.
We both know feelings are hard to articulate.
When one starts to converse,
It is inevitable not to argue.
You aren’t found of sweet gestures.
I accepted the fact a long time ago.
I just want you to stay with me.
Your existence is all I need.
I appreciate silence that isn’t empty.
As I am patiently waiting,
The time comes but it’s already ticking.
It stings when I’m sorry isn’t an apology.
When it depicts goodbyes,
And probably the last farewell.
sa mata ng ordinaryong nilalang:
sa kalangitan madalas kayong naghahabulan
nagtataguan, ng mga liwanag at ng mga nararamdaman.
sa malawak na daigdaig, kayo ang nagbibigay liwanag;
kayo ang hinahanap, kayo ang kailangan.
ang mga bituin
                                                          ­                ay kumikislap
    patay sindi,                   'di makapirmi
ang mga bituin ay
  madami, 'di nag-iisa,                                    
                                 kun'di nagkalat na 'isa',
                                                                ­          'di isang buo
                                                             ­                     kun'di isang
                                                                ­                          sansinukob ng:
naghalong emosyon,
'di mapiling pagkakakilanlan,
daan daang kasinungalingan
makapagtago lamang;
sa liwanag niya,                                                            ­            
                                              dahil mas importante siya
dahil siya ang iyong tinitingala,
isang malaking bolang mainit,

isa kang masokista,
pinili mo ang mapanakit niyang init.
isa kang arsonista,
pinili **** makipaglaro sa apoy.
'di ka naman nag-iisa
ngunit martyr ako,
at ikaw ang pinili ko.

siya si sol, ikaw si luna,
ako ang mga bituin,

kayo ang naghahabulan,
ako ang kumikislap/
ako ang nagbubugulan.

                                                        ­               bituing matagal nang patay
ito na ang tuldok
Don’t come back.
I know that you can’t understand.
I wanna fight.
I’ll win this time.
You don’t think I can?

Last time
Everything was numb, my heart was cold.
Yet somehow you convinced me I was home.
If I shut my eyes,
When I wake up, you’ll be gone?
Michael Mar 19
Higher than their towers as he stands upon the sea,
in the final hours of all humanity.
With seven crowns of power he's ruling as their king,
and with the False Messiah, they'll try and ruin everything.
A lion known to some, he's roaring mighty loud,
and all the ones who follow him can hear no other sound.
This Dragon often told before will scale the world round,
and gather them together to battle for the crown!

Those who look for signs won't see them,
if they don't believe.
The False Messiah will mislead them,
if they're quick to be deceived.
And the Dragon will be laughing at all he holds in vain,
devouring their souls, 'till nothing else remains!

Over all the water, ruling over all the lands,
over Babylon the Great the mighty Dragon stands!
His seven heads are crowned with the kingship over Man,
with the nations at his feet and the world in his hands.
As a serpent in the garden, he'll trick you to forget
the True Messiah's coming!  There's no reason to repent!
As the Father to the Lie, his only compliment's
a world cursed to die, as that's all he represents!

Those who look for lies will find them
if they don't realize,
the False Messiah, he will guide them
to the desires of their eyes.
And the Dragon will be laughing as they all cry his names,
for their torments everlasting, they'll cast on him their blames!

Over all the lands of a planet called Earth,
over all its waters, over all its dirt.
There stands the Seven Headed Dragon, as foretold in the Word,
that many didn't care for and very little heard.
As a leader into death, he'll lead you to war,
and though you won't understand what you're fighting for.
If we live by the sword, we must be prepared to die by the sword.
For even the Dragon's a pawn, by the hands of the Lord!

Those who look to live as if
they'll be dead in the morn,
they live just for today
because their future's are torn.
And the Dragon, he is laughing as he's breathing his fire
into their hearts, all their burning desires!

One head crowned with authority.  It's name is herald, "LUST!!
Another one with the name, "GLUTTONY!!" is looking down on us.
The third head staring down right at me, I hear the name of "GREED!!"
"COME TO ME ALL YE WHO SLOTH!!" calls the fourth one evilly.

     FOR I AM WRATH!!"

And there are some who run and hide, but still get eaten up
     by the jaws of "PRIDE!!"

Seven sins in all of Babylon, standing proud up until it's gone!

pled the words of the Man that they nailed to the cross.
And the many more martyrs of His Great Name,
died for saying things that He'd preordained.
They died for saying that their Majesty came,
     and that He would return again.
          He will return again.
And though the Dragon will be laughing, he'll know his own time's come,
and he might try to fight, but it won't last too long,
when the Lord of the Lords and the King of the Kings
returns with the Father of Everything!
So as the Dragon, he was laughing, he was only a fool,
     as was everyone,
that gave their soul for a second to roll,
a loaded dice.
     The deal was done...  Their towers' gone.
Ken Pepiton Mar 7
The event, perhaps
advent, first ever any thing,
where nothing had  been, not a thought.

I think.
Then, when nothing was over
and everything we know now
began, light
was not the first thing, the idea was.
Be for
Word one. Hmmmmm or um or am
it may have been, I heard from
a transcribbled  myth or a legend as old as any
meme-level memory mortals have
made-up from remaining
tidbits taught to any next gen thing.
Assume light is as fast as the expansion,
couple of Planksecs,
and it is at the edge of ever,
never before,
never busting beyond the bubble we be in,
the physical middle of ever,
continuous now,
nothing to stop us imagining we,

disagree, now, after all's been said and done,
and things run on, re
de if-ing chaos as the mindless undoing force itself,
ever teaching any mind co-operation
in time… swirling beauty in bands of invisible
galaxies, barely seen, even now, we
see what we are told we see,
and expanded to
original intent, at the scale of precision, which
now requires of those who wish
to know truth in the entirety,
faith in the wits who invented the lenses
we imagine we see through into ever
This day began this way. Everything already,
readable, as it were, once, with us,
before our story folded,
and refolded and bent to allow
mass enlightenment I deal with now
knowledge, knowns known more
than I may think or ask,
available on our distant viewing apparatchik
network of nova sensorium newest of equations
that balance at perfectly predictable
Live and learn, do the math.
Or wait to see somethings never mattered
up to now, and now, you know,
you did, some how. That's good.
___ so, Whatever's next is too late to stop. That's good, too. Using all of Dirac that I can swallow, infinity is a valid answer, that we cannot honestly see beyond, despite the suggestion Buzz Lightyear offers for after Pinocchio.
You're the one standing last
When the world is so doomed
Time is flowing too fast
Filled with hatred
and gloom
You don't hope to survive
But you watch all the same
Don't you give up on life,
Lonely man with no name
apocalyptic something
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