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Let's be clear,
Compassion is not a kind of currency.
****** favors are not a type of contract.
The pictures he received were not consent.
My outfit is not an open invitation,
And there's no justification for what he did.
In the whole time I experienced you

It all comes down to this main truth

Fourteen-year-old girls

Should not feel the hell

That comes from getting in that car

Driven by that older man

Who knew better than to let it get that far

So then years later,

That girl can hate

Every single man

Who didn’t treat her right

It’s a painful sight

A beautiful woman,

Losing her pride

After accepting that ride

It was the biggest mistake of her life.

Let’s talk about the truth

I meant little if nothing to you

That was back then

But now

To me, you’re just a memory

I barely reminisce

To you, I don’t even exist

Let’s face the facts head on

The only reason that I haven’t

Cut your memory completely off

Is because

Some mistakes are just so huge

And my epic life mistake was you

You’re in a microscopic part of my mind

So I remember. Not. To. Repeat. You.

And to teach my future daughters

As well as women of today

To accept nothing less but kindness and love

As the only way

So if you must open his car door

At least enter guarded

At least enter strong

Wear your pride wherever you stride

And remember you are a woman…

So, you can never be wrong.
say NO to ****** assault.
Laiba Oct 2
He was in my head
He was abusing me in the rain
I focused on the rain and ignored
The pain
The hurt
The exploitiaion
The rain protected me
Triggered today by the rain in London
Laiba Sep 30
I was only nine
When you
Stole away
What was meant to be mine
My body
Make love to
In the mosque after
Friday prayer when
No is around to catch
Us doing it
Start tenderly and slowly
And the hard and fast
Dear Gaddafi
I was hoping to be
One of your female
Body guards
So I can tease you
With my AK
Against my self
Be your play thing
And by day protect
You my sweet
Laiba Sep 28
My heart is crying
My mind is screaming
Daddy let me go
Let me go
He says no
You have to watch this
I say
Daddy  do you love me now
He says no
The triggered memorey
Lilly Smith Sep 26
I live in a world full of prying eyes, these windows have no blinds as I feel their eyes looking at my sleeping body. I hear their whistles, I hear their words.  I awoke when the glass shattered all over my carpet floor. I looked up into those eyes that were like a lion looking at his next ****. He walked closer to my bed and put rosy glasses over my eyes, my thoughts became foggy, my eyes turned to a blur, and all I could think of was him. How he was a nice guy, how I loved him, how he would never use me, how he loved me, and furthermore how no one could change my thoughts of him. Yes, all of those things became a reality, a reality I now wish to change because I was brainwashed. One night I was in an unsafe environment, where I was exposed to you. I said yes thinking you were sixteen but you were an adult, an adult who preyed on young insecure girls like me. After that night you took the rosy glasses of and what I knew was that you hurt me, you killed the part where I could fix myself, but now I'm broken. All I was to you was a porcelain doll that you could play with and once you were done you felt in pieces. You stole the pieces to my puzzle and now I'm unfixable, I'm broken to no point of return. I'm not the person I used to be, you killed me.
Laiba Sep 21
Look around and all i can see
Is the hatred of the world
The anger the pain
They laugh at me
They say
Sket did it once
Do it again...
Sinice I was 9 my dad abused me people get into me and blame me sad life but meh.
Long long ago Indian Sages had predicted
There would be a time
*** would dominate people's mind
Their prophecy is coming true
*** is increasingly prevailing over minds
Younger and old alike
Internet has opened floodgates of *** material
****** floodgates are open round the year
While hydraulic floodgates open during torrential rains
****** jump dissipates
*** energy
Similar fashion hydraulic jump dissipates kinetic energy
Fornication is common
Pre-marital *** a test paper examination
Where both are examiners as well as students
It's becoming a great menace
When it comes to minors
Parents fail to keep check on their children
What's is taboo for them
Children learn to raise their ***** while raising their fingers on the key pad
To curb increasing ****** activities on the internet
Which is becoming a bane for the society
I suggest the Govts. bring a legislation
Imposing '*** Tax' for internet users on data used on *** material
*** Tax be deducted at source by the Internet Service Providers
Filling Govts. coffers for social welfare
Undesirable ****** activities on the internet would be curbed
When their pockets are hurt
Modalities may be worked out by the Tax Experts
I have to make a few suggestions here
Filing of '*** Tax Returns' by the Internet Users should be dispensed with altogether
Penal rate ten times the normal '*** Tax' rate should be imposed
On Legislators who watch **** during business hours
Besides this, the Speaker of the House should be given special powers
Call such Hon'ble Legislators to the well of the House
And give ten pinches on their *****
So, in public interest
It's my advice to the Govts.
Please introduce '*** Tax' for Internet Users
Curbing the menace in the current situation!
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