Rett 1d
I am watching a movie and suddenly there is a kiss
a kiss turns into a touch
and a touch turns into fucking
I blush
Feelings arise and my chest swells
I walk into school and ask my friends about this feeling
not in a pleasuring way
in an educational way
they stare, and I am left to feel alone
I am ashamed of these feelings

A picture on a website
The feelings come back
My face swells with red
I savor every moment of this feeling
I feel confident and insecure
I feel happy and scared
the mixing of emotions and passions
dancing in my brain
mingling with the intention of love

I hide these feelings
I hide them for fear I will become obsessed
I feel like I need to be punished for them
I cant control it
but I am told it is wrong
the stares when I ask about it
the whispers and the dirty looks
clouding my self-confidence
Arousing my insecurities

Arousing me
This might be too personal to share, but I find it interesting, and this is a safe place right? yeah so.. I've wanted to make a poem on this for a while. I feel like I'm kinda obsessed with the idea of arousal, it's funny to me and interesting to talk about. I don't know if its, because I want to know what it feels like or just because of I,'m curious, but it's not malicious. also, i know its bad, i wanted to post something, but for some reason I'm not able to come up with anything that is descriptive and cool...

Edit: I made it a while ago... so yeah
Joy 4d
And I know one day,
I'll look into her eyes and say,
"I love you"
With body language, with touch,
When the way she laughs becomes too much.

Fingertips like felt rolling over
Stitched feelings of brokenness,
Diamond eyes catch the unraveling
Of confusion into wholesomeness,

I'm mended, I'm alive, and goddamit
I'm swollen with #pride
June, 2018
When I finally welcome my gay ass into some worthy recognition. Too bad it took another boy's broken heart to get here.

Now that I know love is not boring, I want to fall in love.
Unspoken words are dragging me into the pit of hell
Eating away every sanity that's left
Fiery emotions all boiling up inside
No one seems to care

I felt a chill of fear as the wind brushed past me
I stood still as the fear heightened
The crackling sound of the leaves under someone's feet
No one seems to hear

I can feel the cold floor under my naked body
Tears and blood are keeping me warm
Clinking wine glasses in a fur coat
No one seems to notice

I shed a tear as flowers start to bloom
I shy away from the lively greeting of the sun
Everyone is awed by the new life spring brings
No one seems to notice

I slowly walked towards the calm sea
Sky of stars is my only witness
Singing and dancing by the fire
No one came to help
Isabella DLV Jun 13
I can't stop thinking about you
Now don't go and flatter yourself
I don't miss you
I don't miss what we "had"
I don't miss it at all
I can't stop thinking about you because I'm mad
I'm mad at what you did
Now maybe I’m being dramatic
But you messed with my mind
I'm furious at what you did
I never realized how bad it was until it was over
Then all at once it hit me
All the cruel words and bad memories
You told me my body wasn't good enough
I had a flat ass
No boobs
My face was ugly
That I failed every test because I'm just dumb
I’m stupid
I'm bad at life
I have no friends
You made me feel so bad about myself
You made me feel worthless
Like I was lucky to have you
Well fuck that
You were lucky to have me
I didn't realize how fucking bad it was
That it wasn’t normal
You shouldn’t criticize your girlfriend like that
You drove me insane
You sent me to therapy
I never told you that though
I told you it was test anxiety
It was really you
I failed tests because of you
I had panic attacks every night because of you
Looking back all of my problems were because of you
Now I can't stop thinking about you
I hate myself for it
So thanks for telling me to kill myself
And for calling me a bitch
You're secretly a little bitch too
awknight Jun 12
What if
in every black hole,
created by loneliness
and forgotten words,
lies a galaxy
created all its own —
remnants of the implosion
scar the beauty
but will
remain a perfect
of the new creation;
from what was believed
to be nothing emerges

Structured by the hands
of a god,
a perfect tracing of
what is needed --
survival is not an option.

Lose yourself in me.
Hello Brain
Shannon Jun 11
It's a vehement compassion,

The kind where you miss it,

You crave it.

You want it.

You need it,

A fire that awakens a fervid beast inside of you,

That weakens at the sight of you bare.

Your hands holding mine,



Your lips against mine,


And fore bearing.

But your heart is elsewhere,

Your mind is elsewhere.

Your heart is stirring my insides,

Touching me,

Loving me,

Devouring me.

Your mind is thinking about where you want me,

Where you need me,

Where all of me is open to you.

To take.

And we are bound,

Though not bound by love,

That same night;

You broke me.
Val Graz Jun 11
The lights dimmed out in my life long ago,
Yet some still make me fight to live in a world,
Who's soil is soaked with the tears I've cried,
Over people who I thought, cared, but lied,
And yet I walk over the ground,
Soaked to the bone with my blood,
Carrying on as if my feet aren't cracked,
And oozing all the love I lacked,
And craved from some who could fix me,
But there's no hope on the horizon that I see,
So I dream of an existance,
Where I'm not in it,
But wishes don't come true,
You taught me that, didn't you?

In the basement of my mind,
I cower and I hide,
From the memories,
That haunt me,
Please someone help me out,
I can't seem to shout,
For help anymore,
And I'm sorry I didn't try more,

I try to crawl now that my legs have no more strength,
But my hands can't seem to grasp at anything but hate,
Hate for myself, as a demon just like you,
And if only, if only I knew,
That you suffered as I did, day after day,
Then maybe, maybe, I might be okay,
But your life is perfect,
A partner and kids, it's kind of sick,
And twisted in the worst possibly way,
That I'm over here dying to be okay,
And you've got the life of the little girl,
Who's light you snuffed out, without a word,
Just a grunt and moan,
And now, I'm just done,

In the basement of my mind,
I cower and I hide,
From the memories,
That haunt me,
Please someone help me out,
I can't seem to shout,
For help anymore,
And I'm sorry I didn't try more.
The Fantasy
Is a thing.
The person
Is a Complex Whole.
In this extremely materialistic world,
The best we can do
Is try to appreciate people as things.....
Under our current  Fascism,
Is hard to get to know anyone
Very well at all.
Avary Jun 6
its another early AM when salt tears splash my face,
they sting, but they are daisies compared to the swords I have endured with you.
it is almost half a year after you took what was not yours to take,
with your mumbled excuses and your dismissive gestures.
i brace myself, the pain looms again, i shout at it to GO AWAY,
the reminder of what you did, but it is a pain that paracetomal will not subside, because the pain is a memory;
the increasing anxiety, the thought of you inside of me when i did not want you to be there.
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