Her eyes opened from the deep sleep,
She panicked...
Her body was wrapped in what felt like clear plastic wrap.
Trying to breathe, but she was Suffocating
How long have I been walking around like this?
She wasn't powerless though.
Wrestling, she managed to tear the cocoon that entangled her.
Gasping... she emerged out and took a deep breath in.
Alive, shes alive.
Stepping out of the cocoon, she smiled.
Knowing she was free.
She knew now she could fly.
She is me and I am her.
Soar my dear, you're alive.
I've been in this fog... trapped in trauma brain. Depressed and moping around. Today I feel I alive. I can't change what happened but I can take steps to create the life I want. I once was a victim, but now I'm a survivor. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Choices... I now have choices. I choose life. I'm alive.
Vyscern Feb 6
Time to start talking about all the dirt
Yknow, the kind of words that can rack up the hurt
The fading heartbeats and the anxious hands as well huh
I'm half the reason y'all be goin' to Hell

You left me out, let me down, and kicked me right in the ribs
Tellin' everybody that it's all just for gigs
Havin' a laugh while i suffer, and so i suffered so
All the light in my eyes gone, showing no hope

Til i met this one girl, as i was parting my ways
Her beauty and her caring kinda left me amazed
Here was a girl that I love and will always hold onto
A keeper, no cheater, I'll love her coz i want to

Can't help but think about her night and day
She's the reason why I'm always up so late
And if anybody dare to try and take her away
You won't see the Sun again, no matter how you pray

But although she's a happy light in my life
She's not the reason all you fucks got me thinking suicide
Not because I'm scared, nor because I'm weak
But because you're all fucked and I'm not allowed to be me

So you see, I'm quite caught up in all the drama
Can't trust my father, can't tell my mama
Speaking to my family is worse than my friends
And some of you friends have a blade in your hands

Ready to stab me in the back if i talk
So while I'm saying these words, I'm also walking the walk
Only three know, and those i keep close
The rest of you would kill me if you ever got to know

And its this pain and this struggle, this secret that i keep
It's like my stomach is a demon and this acid likes to eat
Working at my guts, my heart and my mind
Making me convinced that this world should just die

Let the ground be the kindling and let me be the lighter
An evasive arsonist who is kept from reaching higher
So the only thing going up is everyone in smoke
Hope you're fucking happy now, stand up and fucking gloat

Another one down with some metal for a crown
A headcase for a waste of space always locked into a frown
So I'll keep sitting here and telling you that everything is shit
If you don't like the truth well you can fucking deal with it
swearing, swearing, cuss-words are fun. stuff the censorship, these notes are dumb
It's about time people open their eyes. 
Look around to the tradegy of the epedimic 
of victims walking around among us.
How many more people do we have to lose to suicide before we take more action to stop this.
Not because you have a sister, mother or daughter.
Because she's a person. A human being with worth.
Stop sweeping these things under a rug.
There's no rug big enough to cover the 
damage that is caused by abuse. 
1 in 3 women are survivors of sexual assault.
How are we not outraged by this number?!
We hear of some of the brave ones who
dare to speak the evil that they have endured.
But why do we still so rarely hear of the perpetrators & them taking the responsibility for their actions.
It's like we have this deadly virus sweeping the world and people think they can just keep ignoring it. 
I'm tired of hearing victims being told not to speak the details of the harm done to them because it's just too hard for others to hear. 
Maybe you need to hear the brutal truth and
sit with your discomfort. 
There's way too many of us walking around 
carrying these burdens alone. 
Times up on living in denial.
Because what men fear the most about going 
to prison is what women fear most 
walking down the street alone.
Time needs to stop running out for the victims of sexual assault that have the choice taken away from them. 
Time needs to run out for those that think they can just keep getting away with this.
Yes, we are survivors. 
But when is it going to stop being so damn hard for us to keep surviving.
Dear God,

Can you hear my prayers?
I've been crying out to you for years.
The loneliness I feel is like a black hole.
I feel like I don't belong anywhere,
not even in my own body.
Do you understand my pain?
Please will you hold me tight.
Tell me everything's going to be ok.
I yearn for a father's love that is a
source of comfort not confusion.
A safe love.
Why didn't you protect me?
I know we live in a world of freewill
But how could you sit back and watch a child
get used and abused.
It doesn't make sense to me.
I have so many questions...
I'm really sad.
I feel broken.
My internal world feels branded.
People don't understand me.
I don't understand me.
I'm tired of this fog.
Please lift this veil of shame from my face.
Please do something.
Help me escape this inner hell.
I want to be free.
Myranda Earl Jan 29
I cannot hate you for how you hurt others when you hurt.
I can only hate the feeling of my ribcage every time I move.
I hate that the bruising on my right side is just like a galaxy and excuse me for being cliche but I can still see the stars.
Throughout the day I cradle my ribs like I really am a cage and if I don’t hold my bones together, the door will swing open and I won’t be able to choke down the bloody violets anymore.
It’s been four days and I remind myself that my bony knobbed knees are just making up for the times I was too careful as a kid and should have fallen off my bike but didn’t.
But these skinned knees are reminders that my body is a jungle gym.
Climb me and become entangled, feel your feet slip and your hands sweat as you reach to the top, grab the last bar and declare your manhood.
I use to feel like a landscape, where even unwanted hands and eyes felt more like exploration and less like genocide
Like I am not the native and you are not a colonist
But now the force of which men kiss me with won’t leave my lips.
My mouth is crusted by this winter air and how I can’t fucking tear you off me-
The bruises on my body are like the perfect trail of recklessness and on how to love me but you are not a cartographer and-
I Am a paper back novel that’s been read so many times my spine is starting to disintegrate with pages made of butterfly wings.
I see myself in the mirror
But I cannot stand to see myself in reality.
It’s an undate on an old poem. I felt used for my body, reclaimed my sexuality and then was raped. its a journey.
Prakhar Khare Jan 27
A Girl was pushed into a new World
When she was just seventeen
That new world named her as Slut
Her Body became an Opaline

It was the time when
Recession Smacked the City
She was fired from her Job
Left with no complicity

Soon she became a sensation
Her Business became a calculation
London was again capitalised
But she was Stucked Allied

She lived a two face life
Different during day, Different during night
She wanted to make it all same
But every time her bills made her lame

One Day she accidently visited a Grocery Store
She used to visit with her mom
“Oh I have been here before!!”
She murmured that and fell in lore

She got stumbled
But she recovered soon
Walked out of the store
In a B-RIGHT new boon
“Yes I Love my Job
There is Nothing Wrong about it”
Being Different in the Mob
At least she is not cheating the blob.
I’m crying
But more likely I wish I was dying
Lately I’ve been feeling like shit
And yes I’m willing to let you hit
As we’re having sex I cry
And you fuck me hard and grab my thigh
You eat, I suck
Then we start to fuck
Depressed sex
You eat, I suck
Then we start to fuck
Then I cry when you fuck me up the ass next
Then you start to lick the tears off my skin
As I start to go crazy and wild sucking on your chin
You start slapping me around
Then throw me to the ground
Pushed me ups against the bed
Pulled my hair and forced me to give you head
Then I get up and go into a corner and start to cry
And think sometimes I just want to die
Then you come over and start grabbing and rubbing me
Oh yes keep doing that I plea
I love having sex when I’m depressed
Because you know how to give it me best
You eat, I suck
Then we start to fuck
Depressed sex
You eat, I suck
Then we start to fuck
Then I cry when you fuck me up the ass next
Em Jan 24
You'd grip
my thighs with your fist
and your words

and you'd tell me
I wouldn't be
without you.

I listened
as you reminded me
that I was nothing
but your girl.

And you'd promise me
that you would
save me.

You owned my body
my heart
my future
and my mind.

But today I hope
you curl your fist
and choke on your old words
because now I am
Without you.
It's been a year but this war isn't over.
c Jan 24
Suspended between an inching glance and the constant fluttering of hands,
I shake coolness from my neck and cross my arms against my chest
The room grows small, as does the room in my chair, so that
The only room for solace is in the waking thought of sitting back and
Falling through
The floor
I have long since realized your goal, as you
Fold my comfort into a matchbox and
Slide it into your pocket
To light for later
From early years I’ve been taught to
Tuck my resistant words in the folds of rose petals and
Present them to all in unswerving gratitude, but perhaps
That is not enough to satisfy that
Ache in your crotch
Or your head or
Wherever you bridle
That pesky ego
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