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Maxim Keyfman Jul 30
I walked along the sea in bold steps
by the sea I walked and did not stop
as if my heart was not beating
as if my heart did not move
and no matter how people do not bother me
I walked along the sea in bold steps

but the days were flying like birds
like trees in spring and autumn in summer
like the snow outside the window like a blizzard
as if every day and every night
but the days of flying flew away
but the dream took root in me

Hum, hum, hum along.
Sing with me (y)our favorite song.
Please listen close, for here, tonight,
You’ll find your comfort in my plight.

Hum, hum, hum along.
Sing if all the words are wrong,
But don’t delay, just hold on tight
And maybe we can sing them right.

Hum, hum, hum along
To every note, both short and long.
Erase your troubles from your sight,
And there it is: your soul’s delight.

As I was writing this, I was reminded of the song “Happy Working Song” from the movie Enchanted, followed by the remembersncs is “Whistle a Happy Tune” from the musical The King and I. I even recalled how the dwarves from Snow White and the Sevem Dwarves would whistle while they would work, as expressed through song. It really just got me thinking about the power of music, whether it be indulged in alone or with others. Even just a simple hum can pass the tedious time or aid in the fond rememberance of memories associated with that song. Whatever the circumstance is, I hope you find a song, your song or a song to share with somebody, and I encourage you to hum... It’s pretty cool!
Gray Jun 5
I walked along side the empty sidewalk,
Alone as I’ve always been.
It didn’t bother me as it might have troubled others.
I was used to it time and time again.

The weather that day was cold and grim
Just like how I’ve been feeling prior.
Since everything seemed to blend,
I didn’t realize until the two of us collided.

You were so polite and quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”
Even though that it was clearly my fault.
I remember nodding timidly, and lowering my hand to help pick you up.
The second you grabbed it was the second my old life melted away.

The next day’s weather was worse,
But it no longer matched how i was feeling.
We walked, not hand in hand, but side by side.
We were both equally as shy and nervous.

How else should have we behaved?
The two of us had only met the day before.
Yet, even i must admit now, I felt like we could have been more.
Perhaps if i said something then we could have been something more.

Soon the sidewalk met the intersection.
Which meant that our paths were to come to an end.
Even though i traveled alone,
I wore a happy grin.
I'm still toying with poems that don't rhyme, and poems that are slightly longer, so oops!
MA Montgomery May 28
my greatest fear is that
you will always see me
as a child

my greatest fear is that
you are too far away to
ever be my peer

my greatest fear is that
i am a burden to you,
nothing more than a
mandatory activity

my greatest fear is that
all you see is my bullshit
like how
i only see your bitchy attitude

my greatest fear is that
the gap will never
be closed

my greatest fear is that

-nine years is too long
please see me. please just be my friend. please don’t make me feel like shit.
Autumn Lewis May 16
Dedication , strength , and  perseverance is what we were told
"To help create productive members of society through the youth we will mold"
They would P.T us and "smoke us" and then after that during the winter they would ask , "Are you still cold?"
I trained and kept quite most of the time
The academy help set for me a paradigm
The seconds felt like days the days then turned to months and by then it was gone
I miss the days from talking to the others or to listening to "outside music" like "Hit the Quan"
The main factor that drove me to the highest rank was proving everyone wrong
It made me ready for the uncertainty and strong
I knew I could do it and I still can I knew this all along
pk tunuri Mar 11
I’m neither glad nor sad
I don’t intend to, make you feel bad

Have you ever thought
What made me wait
To ask you out

I’m neither right nor wrong
That's quite, where my fears belong

Thought of approaching Straight, if you'll stay along
Although it was a dream, made my feelings strong

I thought it'll be me, to whom you belong
But tonight, you made me hum a sad song
Humans acting inhumane
purposely maim
For some higher purpose
serving no purpose
that requires them to purposely
commit these atrocities?


Kids and young adults
mostly dolts
not understanding
Looking to belong
it doesn’t add up
Won’t be long
until they’re not left standing
left underneath the heel
of a consuming lunatic
A blackened heart
no time will heal

Served up as another meal
Just an added wheel
One more cog
Doing for “God”
the most ungodliest of acts
Acting pious
but I’m not buying
Won’t get by us

Get left in the dust
They may be resolute
in this crusade they carry
but cruelty served among the blade
may have worked in the past
But that time has come and past
and like a book past due
so is the rue
that will be served upon you

Tuck those napkins into your shirts
because your time is short
And if there is a God
I’m sure you’ll meet him
and have to answer,
along with those of kindred spirit,
to next of kin
of those who are now spirits
The lives you took

Can’t take any more
Everyday many more
My eyes can’t believe
the ugliness and cruelty they see
So I turn away
I do not look
Don’t want to know
because ignorance is truly bliss
But is it?

Is it bliss for those
who’ll be sacrificed
so some nut job just might
go to an afterlife
with many wives
Are you kidding me?!

Take a hike
go fly a kite
because that’s about where
your ideas and ideals
(to use the term loosely)
come from

I’m in a fit
just thinking of it
This poem is long, I know
but I can not fit onto this page
the total rage
I hold in me for those
who can’t uphold
the simplest of human values
which is the value of human life

Where does one go wrong
in the head
to not see the wrong
no, instead
thinking okay
to take away
the precious breaths
we take each day??

Just go away
If you must kill
please start with yourself
Offer yourself up
to whatever it is that you are dreaming about
But leave others to be as they be
for they do not believe
what you believe

And don’t tell me that it’s not okay
to not think the way
that you think
Why, what’s the harm?
If you hold strength in your values
and beliefs
That whatever you’re chasing
is unwavering
Then how can I,
little ol’ me,
just standing here doing me
How is that somehow an attack
on what you believe?

Just leave
You be you
and I’ll be me

It doesn’t matter what’s between
There’s no need to intervene
Bye bye
Take a hike

I promise not to judge you
even if my beliefs
are comparatively opposite
how it is the things you see

There's only one rule
You fool
As foolish as you are
Yes, a wound that heals
still leaves a scar
But you can't fool me
Nor will I be
Numb to the severity
Of the sickness that you teach

And sickness is the word
To describe the absurd
Of the nonsense that you heard
and accepted as true
because you have no values
Well, maybe to you
You feel you do
But these directives you choose
Need to simmer your stew
They're old; nothing new
Heard it before
On humanity, a sore
Faulty programming taught
For it can not be bought
Don't sell at the store
Not interesting; it's a bore

Young children know well
Yes we guide but don't sell
In each of us it's innate
Most choose love over hate
As a spectator you'd find
The majority of time
Even if no one is watching
People's actions are kind
Without being beaten
Because people want to be treated
With dignity and respect
What you give is what you'll get

So don't act like you've been chosen
That bullshit you're holding
Its noxious scent fills the air
Through my nostrils it tears
But a fresh breeze
has rolled in
Brings with it the Golden
Rule; the same one
The simplest of tools
One of the first things
Taught to us in grade school
A basic design
Yet also eloquent
I think for most people
it's something inherent
The way that you wish
How others would treat you
Apply them to yourself
Make those actions what you do
And if all of us follow
Treating each other this way
The storm clouds would abate
Endless sunny days
Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved
Reuben Aug 2017
On the month when the rain occur
The moment a dark clouds paints over the sky
There’s a sunlight that looks and appear
My house filled with pleasant surprise and joy
A cute little puppy quiet and shy

From the time we meet, I can see a new day
As the time passing by I can perceive his way
Learning to be patient is the only cue you have
To understand and know it more to love
I can only think what tricks he needs to yearn

As each days disappear, I wonder with the things he learn
Teaching to discipline is a critical tool for him to grasp
In step by step one from the other, he gets and picks it up
Being on his side and knowing his fine is a comfort
Home without him and leaving alone it as like as desert.

Playing, giggling and running are fun and like I’m wearing smile
Taking a photo and catching moments are memories to be file
Treating him my best friend is the best I could give
For this poem is dedicate to my loving pet, that still live
And I want to fill up, the blank three times
Pocholo! Pocholo! Pocholo! is the name that rhymes.
Saint Audrey Jul 2017
Resilient as you may be
I hope to find you as good as you were
When we were having the time of our lives

A never ending tale of woe
Bringing out the worst emotion
Erosion as the cancer grows
Over any limb no longer frozen

As if:
The diner is empty
Its nearly quarter to nine
Plenty of time, if you ask me
A new betrayal of the bloodline

Seconds pass:
The music slows
Departure of a soul, lost to Avalon
Are you still among the death throes?
Staring blankly at the wall, as time goes on

I miss you

Hey, wake up

I. Miss. You.

You alright?
AllyRose Jun 2017
How can I fall asleep when I have nothing to look forward to tomorrow?
I'm the walking dead drowning in my own sorrow.
When will this nightmare end? I'm sick of pretending everything's all good.
Maybe when I wished for an interesting life I misunderstood.
  I've been counting my blessings for so long. Nothings changed, I'm growing weary. It's draining me to be strong. This pain in my chest never leaves. I wonder if it,ll ever leave? I used to be happy. Now I'm questioning everything I believe. I fake a smile as I'm close to tears, I'm screaming but nobody hears.

   You've left me stranded in the dark, not knowing where to turn. Thought I could depend on you. The memory of you is now burned. I've been wandering the same road for so long. Searching for rest and a place to call my own. My body's tired from the weight of everything I'm carrying. The sun now slowly rising, mesmerized my eyes are open and that I'm still conscious. Walking on in the bright horizon.
    A new day has just begun and it's time for me to swallow my pride and go on with the show. Even if I'm hurting from head to toe. Been climbing this mountain for so long. Fighting to make it over without falling back down. I haven't truly lived in a while, for as long as I can remember its only been survival. Been trapped in this precipice which felt like forever, until along came September...

   Finally something to hold onto. It felt like eternity since I've had some normalcy like waking in a bed. How I missed the feeling of a place to rest my head. Everything seemed better until your malicious endeavors made it hard to breathe. I would ask myself every night as I cried myself to sleep, when will there finally be peace?
   Trying to move ahead is easier said than done. I end up feeling stuck instead. Your words cut me like a knife. You've made it clear you'll always be number one and I'll always be next to none...
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