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Johnny walker Aug 30
I Haven't always done everything In life quite
right made many
mistakes along the way
to many to mention or
maybe I just don't
Many a dreams turned
Into ashes hopes and
fears lay shattered on the
bedroom floor like fairy
dust that glistened with the
I've had my share of dreams and dissapointments to many to mention but somehow I always seem to recover and  will make It through
to the
bk Jul 24
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
Johnny walker Jul 19
And the world moves on around me as If for me time
has stood still just like I'm
frozen for I no longer move
on with time and seems like
a world away since my sweetheart left for
And this old world It keeps on turning but It seems turn for averyone but me time has stood still frozen like In surspendid animation but the life with Helen now seems like
a  world
But my brain still remains active for memories of happier days they're spinning like a carousel silently In space Images flashing through my brain reminding of my sweetheart who left for Heaven In what now seems like a long time
Seanathon May 14
No mention of stars or sea
Or of sky or song
Or of rivers reaching
Roads winding
Or of trees singing quietly
As we walk along
None of it lasts
Nearly half as long
Or compares to the truth
Within the pursuit of you
As we walk along
How a verse evolves with each line.

I like this one.
I was having a
horrible day


but then
came along.

You made me feel happy,
and strong.
I was having a terrible Thursday.
But it just got better :)
Uh oh, I feel it
It's coming again
One more unwanted visit
From my longtime friend
There's no notice given
As he barges right in
And no length to his stay
Don't know when it will end

He takes over my space
As if it's always been
Just his place and not mine
Who's the one paying rent?
Feel my presence erased
Put on hold and suspend
Don't confront; Do not face
Feel I can not defend

Everyday forced to face
Sadly, what could have been
Feeling lost and disgraced
I'm imprisoned again
In this bottomless pit
Where reality bends
Won't give up; Will not quit
Digging out with a pen

Beg for mercy and pleas
In these notes that I send
Penned emotionally
On my life it depends
Don't just look; Need to see
The real trouble I'm in
My words quietly scream
Fight alone I can't win

Someone please just help me
A spare hand you can lend
Don't need much to be free
Very little you'll spend
But without it I'll bleed
Boxer who can't contend
I'm struck down in defeat
Ref has counted to ten

Not how it has to be
Room is starting to spin
Get me up on my feet
Reset this bowling pin
Knock me flat in the street  
Won't sit still like a hen
Punching bag that you beat
Think I'm yours; That is when

Rising up suddenly
Spirit back on the mend
You're the one looking weak
Everything is pretend
Cleaning house; Need to sweep
From this filth I've been cleansed
Helped in my time of need
Thankfully by my friends

Days ahead bright for me
My life here want to spend
But can't get too comfy
He will strike; Don't know when
Out my eye hole I peep
Could return once again
Promising not to leave
Me and my longtime friend
Written: February 6, 2018

All rights reserved.
George Krokos Mar 19
The depth of space isn't really confined
but along with infinity it is defined.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Johnny walker Feb 28
Spent most my life with
head In the clouds to much spent days wasted days layed around day
Nothing too much trouble  days just didn't know what I was doing nothing was clear my mind a
Anything other than my day dreaming didn't want to know but the dreaming ended the day I met
I used to spend all my days day dreaming most the of things that never would be
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