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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Live life step by step
Taking care to smell roses
Passed along the way
Don't forget to stop and sniff the flowers as you go by them
-elixir- Jul 2020
Let's walk in the rain,
and get drenched in pain
of our past as we wash
all that old moss.
Let's fly amidst the fire
hidden in us so dire.
The clouds linger above
as I unfear the lost love.
Regina Jun 2020
walk with me, my cherish.....the
shoreline beckons, as our feet
leave hot sand
Aquila Jan 2020
I suspect,
that my essence
was never meant
for such love.
all along,
all alone.

and thus I remain.
Aaron E Oct 2019
With each breath,
the words we left erupt into contingency
clever quips afford an inference sold, stark in it's consistency.

If ever I was taught a thrift aligning threads along a canvas.
Head to toe, snake oil or poison, chalking up life's mysteries
The needle treads along indifferent rhythms
often missed in lieu of lecture
lifted structure, painted fracture
vivid summer, lazy *******

lay the meaning on at will along alliterated thrill
fulfill the seam content to spill
to drill the point in that much faster.

tears of sadness
tears of laughter


Why does it work
to levy silence or flirt
to learn a line of some actress
or divide up the earth
assert a picture infatuated with prying for worth
when it ain't there.
"I don't care,
I ain't tryna get hurt."

Have a word, agg a bird on, classic
who's drinking champagne,
who's getting turned on

Choose a new frame for the tragic.

Are we laying the groove
or are we playing in traffic.
No spoilers.
bk Jul 2019
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
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