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Anya Jan 12
We-I am so silly clinging
To that little bit of control
When out of place
Out of shape SO annoying
In my face
I HAte it
It has to be RIGHT
or it could be WrOng but I say
It’s right so it’s Right
mint Jan 2018
choppy music consistent in my ears
water boiling in my chest
the steam makes my eyes water
the bubbles pop to the rhythm of a song
a reminder of how much the skin around my neck hurts when i think of you
Nameless Oct 2015
I question myself and reality.
Finding the worst possible outcome, then a hundred more.
When I feel safe, but then startled, I panic.
I go through the list, I made, of good things…
But, I can’t make any of the words out.
Nor can I speak, But I CAN scream.
I can kick, punch, and bite!
…Because I feel threatened!?
Oxygen fills my lungs.
Only to come out in Erratic, Choppy, Panting breaths.
I pull on my skin, to make sure it’s still there.
The others only give me a migraine.
And, I’ve only been here maybe… ten minutes.
But it felt like a LIFETIME.

& then I die, only to be born again…
                                                                                          & again.
Another English 3 assignment
Sierra Nov 2014
I can't drown my demons
They know how to swim

I keep putting myself in these situations
My heart can only be broken so many times

Over & over

This is a **** poem
I shouldn't have written it

My world is crashing down
Lungs are collapsing
Air is scarce


No friends
This is choppy
This is my mind


— The End —