People are bound to change.
Friends do tend to leave.
Lovers will come and go.
Family may betray you.
Pain will surely come.
Things will go wrong.
But life goes on.
Life will go on either way. The good, the bad, and the ugliest situations won't last forever.
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Lyn xxx
elinor 14h
I promised myself that was the last poem about you.
I've always been one of those people who
plays the same song on repeat
until it syncs with my heartbeat
and rattles my bones to dust.
or who
re-reads the same books until
the lines become my holy scripture,
the plot become my genesis and
my body becomes a canvas for a script I know by heart.
My head is filled with drafts for poems I've never written,
and hands I've never held.
I should blame it on courage but I blame it on you instead.
Maybe I'm just one of those people who
gives everything to one boy, forever.
Maybe he's just my routine,
like in the military.
Bright and early awake then straight to the battle field.
My body is adorned with marbled bruises
and crimson gunshot wounds
and when I rest for the night,
I'm shackled to a mattress of stone,
stained in the thick wine that pulses through my veins,
until the next morning,
when I must do it again.
The sunrise is my enemy.
She tugs at my eyelids
with raw fingernails each new day,
and I still fall asleep with
you as the only thing on my mind.

They say that you can't quit the army.
The cowards way out of a few wounds.
"Stay and it'll be a lifetime of glory".
And that's what he promises me.
the pages of your book are so re-read that they are battered and worn.
Bryce 1d
And they are attractive little bunches
Holding themselves together with lightshows and
Hanging over stucco ledges
Until they are replaced
In the dead of night with nobody but the janitor's
Wrinkled gaze
Pruning and yanking
their dry roots
To replace with something new.

The Fibbonacci stories spiral downstairs like infinity
And a reflecting pool looks like the domed firmament of some great sistine

I could see for a moment in my upturned gut
The draw towards infinity that lies at the end of that hollowed mosque
And which holds me firm in trust

There are no stairs, oddly enough
Only a polished high speed elevator
With fancy buttons that light up
And bring us down to ground
Floors that once were above

I stared at my face in between
The metal doors and wondered
When the time would come
For me to be something more
When the sun sets a few hours later
When your garden blossoms in sun
That's when you know
The season of loss has finally come

Prolonged by the body's resistance
Sunglasses slide and prove tears
You lost someone during winterfall
Now spring-cleaning throws you out
To newborn raincrumbs

In theory,
spring is but a transition between snow and beach
A deprecated definition without any shade
For us romantics, it was never so vague
But a cool-aired love story
That ended in May

I can't tell you I loved you, or that it was important in my life
I was broken and sentenced to leave before April was done
But two years later, I find myself in a state of certainty
Spring is here
And it's wiped me dry
Thank you for reading.
big mess
big miss
emptiness, emptiness

a big mess grows
all the places emptiness goes
can't always have a garden,
a flower garden
a  dancing kiss upon a fountain

two tiny feet standing on the fountain
two tiny feet, light as air
dancing on the fountain
where kiss on the cheek is a little unfair

i last saw you there
in pictures of what must have felt so weightless

could have been a little more gracious
not just some harmful acquaintance

sure as a black hole to fall through
moment i met you
doing nothing for you

king helpless child
my biggest miss
all the ways to my emptiness
nowhere to go
i've been to the places emptiness goes
in this big mess that grows and grows
Neil Young Lyrics

"Flying On The Ground (Is Wrong)"

Is my world not falling down
I'm in pieces on the ground
And my eyes aren't open
And I'm standing on my knees
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.

Turn me up or turn me down
Turn me off or turn me round
I wish I could have
met you in a place
Where we both belong
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.

Sometimes I feel
like I'm just a helpless child
Sometimes I feel like a king.
But baby, since I have changed
I can't take nothing home.

City lights at a country fair
Never shine but always glare
If I'm bright enough to see you,
You're just too dark to care.
But if crying and holding on
And flying on the ground is wrong
Then I'm sorry to let you down,
But you're from my side of town
And I'll miss you.
Did you know that I would say no?
I only asked for a brief flash
A beacon
A sign
That refusal is acceptance
Now this hatred is mine
The light was bright
An instant of white
I asked for it yesterday
Now it haunts me tonight
Tonight is the night of the monster
I slew him once before
Now he plagues me from outside
External at my door
I smile?
I die?
Maybe both
Death to the reprobate
One last time, say hi
If I’m to truly live
A piece of me must die
My monster lives forever
With me side by side
All these things I’ve seen and done
Shows me now the light has won
But just one question plagues me so
Did you know that I would say no?
Moving on...
nobody Jul 8
if i die, please remember me
and find me in another lifetime
more will be accomplished faster this time
until we learn all that we need to
such stubborn beings
god was once a human
just as stubborn as you and me
what could you have taught god?
were you the harlot who grazed his clothing
with her historic hands
and was god the boy you first fell in love with
and were we then all damned
phoenix rising from the ashes of towns burned to dust
a civilization destroyed
a purification
and did mother earth sob for our transgressions
to be human
to be reborn as a phoenix
with no place to land
mother earth’s tears cleansed the world
and left a mass ocean
and so as birds we flew through the universe
picking constellations to explore
and habitate
life again
7 - 8 - 18
Above the cushion springs
Above the bed sheet floor
They: Bird Lizard, Thing
Talon clasped around my neck
Below the salted rain, I
Bellow and ask for more

Trap these tremulous wrists
Tease these glistening lips
Bombard this sturdy frame
Bomb this body like a shanty town
After the white phosphor mist
Ambulate and bring the towel

Buried in the deep between
Buried in the ejaculate
A post punk coital scene
A sensational ligature
Tried and tested again
Test one more time just to be sure
I feel safe when I'm being choked. Or maybe, I feel like I want to be choked when I'm safe.
Rupert Jul 3
The Wound has Healed but the Scar Remains,
Two Years has Passed and I Thought I'll be Okay.
The Feelings Subsided but a few Retains
Still, I had no Regrets for my Decision that Day.

My Only Wish is for your Happiness,
I'm Thankful for it is a Success.
I'm Happy for the both of you,
Someday, you'll be Happy for me too.
Yan F Jul 1
masaya na akong
ang labi
na ibang tao
ang humahalik.
in english, I'm content with putting a smile on the lips that aren't mine to kiss.
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