It's more
than a shake
when my
The night is pitch black
with bright afterthoughts of stars
you regret the dawn
I always pictured my life looking similar
To those I saw living in old film photos, or polaroid’s
We’d be drinking cheap beer under the stars
Whilst discussing our uncertain but reassuring plans for what is yet to come
But there is no indie music soundtrack
Or outdoor cinema that we’d set up in our garden when the weather got better anymore
There used to be songs -
Conversations with a film we’d half watch on in the background
I threw that all away to try and find myself
However, this is the loneliest I have ever felt
Everyone around me, though far away
Has so much beauty in their blood
Whereas inside of me, anything there was- is rotten
And I hate what I have done
I have no idea who I’ll become
Or maybe me giving up and trying to find solace is just something I am good at
Rather than committing to a lifestyle, even though everything I had
Made me feel so loved, I am too prone to making mistakes
All I can do now is try and accept my faults.
Yusof Asnan Mar 10
Care not of what she did,
She did of what she had to.
More of an eye for an eye;
And the cycle would go on.

Take the pain, of what she did.
Bury it deep and change your view.
Oh and FYI,
You'll learn to move on.

mercy party Mar 9
i cant think of anything that's sadder
than the life of a weekday gambler
i'd catch the bus but i need a train
i'm going where it never rains

i know what it's like to be a loner
run around like a secret smoker
always on the edge of town
i had a shot once got shot down

and i tell you this, it sure hurts to be back
spent all my time trying not to think about that.
then the day comes like it always does
i always figured i'd be back in the trenches.

i dont care about the nights in Belguim
i often wonder what you're going to tell them
when asked about the new title track
hey man where'd you come up with that?

i never minded being left behind
i sort of laughed when i was robbed blind
so it goes so it goes so it goes so
i turn off my radio
watch who

death does

Aishah Mar 9

Hear that water outside your bedroom window?
Dripping from the roof after a storm?

Hear that rustling sound of leaves of the banyan tree?
Dancing coyly around the midnight breeze?

Hear that footsteps from the room next to yours?
The heavy strides that echo through the tiles and send shivers up your spine?

Hear that indistinct roar, circling around you?
You thought it isn't your heart screaming but it was coming from within your ribcage?

Do you hear all that?
Do you hear it?
That's the world moving on without you.
the world is moving on and you need to catch up with it
Genesee Mar 5
I shouldn't write about you again.
It's been forever since everything between us happened.
But if we're being honest
Even though I'm content and at ease
When It's just the silence and me
I think about why the universe was showing me those signs.
And why they were throwing it in my face again
Rubbing salt in the wound (that has since healed)
But because of you
I carry new emotional wounds.
Making me reflect on how I was hurt by you
I still wish you the best in life.
I can't bring myself to wish ill will towards you at all.
loved me but then made me hurt all over again
The thing that still makes me think about you
And all the others before you hurt me to the point
Where if I have someone in my life.
Who I'm able to love and who deserves it
I can't fully love them.
Not with the gestures that I did for you
Everytime I try to think about doing it
I freeze up.
And think what if they leave me.
That's what stops me everytime.
It's been difficult that's for sure.
What still stops me in my tracks mentally
Is how you reached out to me texting me that day
The way you wanted to come back into my life
like all the other's before you
But you didn't appreciate me.
When you had me
So now that I've left you
Suddenly you try to appreciate me.
I guess no one taught you that you don't do that to people
Loving someone then hurting them
But after all these months you might think that it's you
But baby it's not and truthfully it never was
I still think about all that you put me through
When I think back to how I was
You left me more emotionally wounded than from when we first talked to each other.
And I've recovered but there are times where.
I'm afraid to do for you what I want to do for them
Because it's a pattern.
Creating something for someone
Then mysteriously it all falls apart.
It's not even the fact that you were the first person I dated.
I was still left with trust issues.
Afraid of loving someone
In fear they'd hurt me like you did.
But here's the thing you made me a second choice.
Only at the time I didn't realize it.
Because at the time I was in love with you or maybe just the thought of being loved
Who knows.
Only you knew the signs, I didn't.
until much later in life
I realize looking back  I shouldn't have settled for you.
You put me on the back burner.
Only to break me like a promise
Whispering to me the words 'I love you'' and '' I care ''
I think you weren't used to someone loving you.
like I did
So as a result you made me a second choice
When you stopped doing all of the things that you did to win my affection & what made me fall for you in the first place
But the thing that I learned from it all is
Unless I get the same mutual love and support back
Then just don't open myself up too soon and be very cautious.
- lessons you taught me // reflecting on it all after 4 months have passed
It takes a ginormous amount of self-respect to let go of the thing that keeps you from moving on.
Why hold on to something toxic?
R Miller Mar 4
I woke up suddenly at 3am
Disoriented and dizzy
Not sure if from a dream
or nightmare
My eyes scanned the
Trying to reassure myself
of the here and now
My breathing shallow
My body trembling and
covered in a cold sweat
Overcome with the urge to
talk to you like I
use to
A thrumming need to have you
close pulsed beneath
my chilled skin
I sighed and
adjusted for comfort
Tucked NotBob back under my
Closed my eyes and calm
breathed myself back
to sleep
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