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Iska 2d
I often smoke to fill my lungs and **** the flowers I once planted there for you. and get high on the freedom I find in my new life without you.
Go to sleep
you broken thing
you tired, tired
sack of tissue
say your prayers tonight
get up tomorrow
and be ready
to be broken all over again
A simple solution
To all the world’s problems-
Have you tried turning it
Off and on again?
Poetic T Aug 31
I gave my hand, leaving it hanging
                   there like a bare branch
of unfulfilled swaying.

You just looked down at
it as if  I were dead wood.
                I was felled by your
ignorance, they say trees
make no noise when they fall.

I'd taken out the hillside of respect
for you when mine fell to my side.

          Offered a branch
and you
       felled it for your ignorance.

Never again shall I offer you an
    extension, you'll fall alone
            in the woods of regret
no branches to lean upon...
Lane O Aug 19
Even when I unravel,
hope still hangs on by a
Jamesb Aug 15
Weeks of wrestling
With the line
And feeling
Your footing
Slip on ever
Less dependable

Feeling not just
The solid power
Upon the line
But that imperterbable strength,
That fearsome yet calm focus

As a fish once caught
Is reeled in not to rod
And not to shore,
But to new self knowledge

Feet now wet
Toes dipped in the waters
Which soon will
Close above as you
Slip delighted
Beneath their waves
This is one of a few poems about that precious journey from innocence or naivete to one's true passion and power. Different aspects inspired by a true friends tale
Kalyx Aug 8
You made me color my world through sparkles.
Seeing your eyes makes me red
Like strawberry on a new harvest.
Eyes will deceive me to love again

An innocent face that I'm worried to not see again.
But will I ever try again with another memory that will scar me?
A scar that reminds me of how much a coward am I.
The scar that I left that will never heal again.
Holding on to something paltry
will drag you down even more
Once you embraced it as something worthy,
when you realized its not anymore
Wailing on that for some days,it's
But don't do that, not anymore!
🌼The short time pain accepting the truth is much better than the longtime pain of believing an illusion!
     If you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option you will miss finding the one who treats you like a priority :D🌼

"If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello!"
                            - Paulo Coelho
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