If only we could visualize

The land mines,
Which cause us to fail each time

That tick
Falling in line
Of the steps I take
Toward — “I’m fine.”

No nothing
Could cause me more joy
Then to know,
Just know
Where my pain will go

Where it will source
Will be
Like scabs —
Bleeding on me,

Picked, infected
And inflamed.
The inner light which guides me
Just a dim piece of shame

Nothing to show
To be
Or to hide

I will once again call to you
To be my ride.
Thru galaxies,
Through tears and fallen wishes
And scars,

Eating away at my beating heart.

But I begin anew
A start
To something a lot deeper
Than land mines,
And Hearts.

Aishah 6d

life is a
roller coaster
I did not
to ride on

If Silence were a song, it would’ve been your favorite.
You’d play it again and again, like notes that beckon,
And you’d always hum along.
You live in this world where everything you see turns into a weapon-
The sun smiles at you and rips out your light with its sharp teeth,
A suicide note with your name on it tears you, cuts you, and reads you, when it should’ve be the other way around.
You are all alone on the streets,
You are all alone in your room,
You wonder if anyone hears your heartbeat,
You wonder if they hear the clocks tick more than they hear your heartbeat,
You wonder when it’ll stop.

If your heartbeat were a song, you’d hate it.
You’d want it to stop playing,
But it’s always the last song you listen to.
They hear theirs everyday, but fail to listen to yours,
They don’t hear how it screams, “Don’t leave, I need your help”,
Your life falls out of your grasp,
And you are left asking yourself what the hell have I done,
You are left with only two choices.

Teach yourself the art of fading.
Slowly, but surely.
Before you fade,
Make sure they at least notice you fading away.
Leave a sign,
Leave it in the bathroom,
And keep the door open.

Teach yourself the art of holding on.
Carve your name on every person’s back so that they won’t ever forget of its importance, or even of its existence.
Then sort out everything in your closet, keep the clothes that don’t fit you anymore as a reminder that you can keep things that you don’t want anymore, but hold fragments of your past.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Play it like the only music that doesn’t seem absurd,
Play it- a violin that always hits the right notes,
Always wounds the strings just a little,
But still manages, to make something beautiful.


This imminent death
browsing me
a scavenger with me
on the tide to the
center of nowhere
I stare into the
heart of fear
and know that
I will be found

You're my dopamine,
Yes, you are.

You're my excitement,
You're my only turn on.

You're my motivation,
You're my one & only love.

You're my encouragement,
Yes, you are my dream girl.

It took me 1 week to post this one.

My HP Poem #1682
©Atul Kaushal
Mark Wanless Dec 7

"Keep On"

Keep on  keep  never stop  breathin
free  no place to flop
Keep breathin   walk walk  step
keep breathin   don't forget

Felt the heartache  keep on breathin
hurts so much  life whats caused it
Breathin breathin   never stop
your not here   if you don't fit

Oh baby   ah oh baby   oh baby
do wah do wah do wah do wah do wah

Under water for five days  breathin
a wonder  i'm amazed   just breathin
Oh Oh baby  breathin   still breathin
till the end of days

       do wah   do wah  do wah

believe it or not this CAME to me after listening to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtuvBE1Ux50
Mehak Dec 6

I am writing to you this last postcard
And a part of me I am leaving inside,
See you just wanted me to depart
I 'm finally fading with the secret night.
The snowstorm is furious my dear
But I assure it heads to your way till sunrise,
I will exist but I won't be near,
Like starlight of the distant sky.
The paperweight could barely stop the pages,
To break the walls of fault
They seek for sea to drown of rage,
And let the chapter to halt.
For once I thought you 'll cling to my back
To say no to goodbye,
The only trait that you ever lacked
Is that you know but you lie.
As I stroll down the untrodden street
Reaching towards its end
The only one I didnot meet
Was my soul left to mend.
In the dingy room with all other letters
The postcard from me you will find,
And you wouldn't make things any better
Until you know it was in it ,I left myself behind.
Sure this will be the last postcard
For all my power to write is gone,
I 've justified always and it has been hard
But my case will remain as late as dawn.
And If you look for me at some place
The distance will I fear,
I wish a new love you will embrace
If it is with you , I find me near.

Maria Etre Dec 6

I used
to use
the use
of you's
your muses
till I abused it

Saving Me From Myself

I pray for this, I pray for that
And wonder why I never get
Or haven’t got
The goals I set.
Suddenly in one great burst
One leap,
Gone is the thirst
And I feel cheap,
See the task before my eyes -
It’s just to bask, not analyze.

I’m getting everything I need,
The rest irrelevant indeed,
And full of greed and ignorance,
Requests of inborn arrogance,
Destructive if un-timed.

Instead I should be thanking It
For waiting until I’ve been primed
For It, and saving me
From everything
Unscheduled my self.

Saving Me From Myself 5.14.2000 Pure Nakedness; To The Child Mystic; Arlene Corwin

Just adding another thought for the day while editing "Pure Nakedness", my next book.
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