I never thought there'd come a day
I could look at a picture of you
And I no longer feel that way
It feels so good too
In fact I am happy to see you're well
And I'm glad she's by your side
After what seemed like hell
Buckets of tears I cried
I can't believe these words that I'm saying
I'm shocked at how this is true
God has listened to me praying
This is the day, I'm over you.

ieyam 4d

It was the grandest of heists
The most elaborate of schemes
You had me under your charm
Every moment like a dream

You have stolen the one thing
I was sworn to protect
Broke off the cage and took it
Then left it for dead

Now lying in the middle of the streets
All bloody and weak
You stand in front of me
A twisted smile between your cheeks

You got me where you wanted me
It was your plan all along
To string me like a melody in your symphony
Of broken-hearted songs

Yabuda 5d

I could say so many things,
Hurt you the way you did me.
I could throw a fit
I could break or burn everything you gave me.
I think I'll just stay calm.

This poem means a lot to me, Please share if it does to you as well.
SPT 6d

Some say if the older Vets knew what some of the younger ones did then...

Hey Saul medrano did you still want to send me to Africa?? Or did you want to explain how you let a man who should have been charged with indecency with a child go free??

I say the older ones can still kick your ass

I always wondered why the guy at the table knew your name when he spoke to Terry.
Middy 6d

That was then
This is now
This is what is happening

You tried to hang yourself
With the rope from the attic
You left it behind
You're ever so brave
You went to school with a smile
And beat those bullies
With a help from bravery

You nearly shot yourself
With the gun from a cuboard
You and your brother have grown
You ratted on your father
But you were strong
You slayed him
With your hidden strength

You tried to stab yourself
With a stolen knife
You nearly took your life
You and your sister
You're both happy as can be
You shielded your sister
From your mother's hateful words
With a hint of kindness

You nearly jumped
Off of the bridge over the river
But you moved on
You carried on
With your family
With the help of happiness

You were almost hit
By an oncoming train
But you got through it
You left them
And came to your friends
With a feeling of justice

You are still young
But you're growing up
I have happy tears as I see
You saying thank you
When I simply said
What would happen next

What will happen after?
No clue
Don't worry though
You'll be fine!
Be yourself
Love yourself
You'll make it through life
No doubt

I don't know what will happen next in life
But stay strong
You can do it
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