mint 4h
the crack running round my heart is far too big to even exist
a tiny stab of you and i am left in pieces

perhaps i’m just too weak for love
why am i still not over her
Every 4 years I post this, hoping that the message, although lighthearted, will come forth.

             The Doped Olympics

Why don’t they simply create a new branch
And call it the Doped Olympics?
By the laws of semantics
It soon would come into the language, legitimized:
Youth forgets past.
Soon the word would have lost its original shame,
While the name of the game
Would be guilt-free and blame-free,
And those who would qualify
Could have drug deliverance, muscles defined, bodies divine.
If they dropped dead at forty
At least they’d have entertained millions,
Fulfilled their ambitions,
Made lots of folk rich
And set records untold.
Let those few or many spend hours in training;
Let chemists develop concoctions so new
That the pole-vaulter flies,
The sprinter’s a jaguar,
The shot put is sent into orbits of space,
The long jumper jumps twenty meters
While men become fierce
And the women grow beards,
Which gives all of the chemists new projects to work on.
A yes to the dopey Doped Games.

The Doped Olympics12.2. 2004 revised 1.27.2016re-revised 7.25.2016  Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Corwin
Especially aimed at those who dope themselves, yet want to compete
Sneha shenoy Nov 2017
Oh !!! My love  -Anne Arthur-
I was ashamed cuz you were blind.
I doubted your chastity.
I abandoned you & hardly did care..
I cheated on you for her,
And she cheated on me for him.
I am damned,from smoke to smother.
Its too late to seek thy absolution...
" Dear John
       I was not born blind like you,
       I could no longer see you crib..
       you yearned to see this world,
      So I decided to fulfill your wish.
      I had visualized a happy us..
     But, you gave me a rude shock,
     After you learned I was blind.
     Anyways,you got her im happy
      None shall stop by me to care,
        my love remember
I wish I read this before you left,
I wish you never jumped off that cliff,
I wish I still had you in my arms.
I was blind at heart & not in eyes.
I shall follow you to eternity,
We shall be glued by the spirit gum,
Off the cliff, hear I come..
I was born with a morose luck.

Awnings of my eyelids contain it,
Meaning to contain the deluge.

Love me not with anything restricting you,
Onto my future, you should move,
Not carrying the baggage of your past,
Genteel breezes of your breath, me they heal,
Into the future you must step with me,
Not worrying about negative things,
Guest you be mine and just accompany me.

Few to wait are more years,
Over the long and lanky,
Rosy and sunny days.

Yes, only your love saves me,
On the days of loneliness,
Under the wicked sky,
Rugged are otherwise my feelings.

Lost in the past is my sweetheart,
Ostensible is my love for you,
Veering away from it you are,
Expecting I am this exclusivity.
I am longing for your love

My HP Poem #1704
©Atul Kaushal
An extreme indifference seizes me
and it multiplies the senselessness that I have and it envelops me
And I forget the desire that less and less involves me.

The sun will extinguish
The galaxies will collide
And all the feeling that today run wild will be lost in infinity to know new creation and destruction.
I guess unconsciously
It would be the most beautiful destruction since in putting my heart in my mouth
I asked you not to leave but it's over.
chewing it up to just vomit it in a thousand directions.

Humanity will be history
This story will be empty
And everything that is being felt today will presumably be nothing fused with everything.
Something like a cosmic joke
Where while we laugh or we cry
Unbelievable and inconceivable laws create a future in which humanity will be dust, finally making its peace with the cosmos.

You will forget the few certainties that
we have and I will forget the poem I’m writing with this small circuit of light that will someday be eternal darkness.

Almost like an insult to the past
Or a "let's repair mistakes" starting from scratch
But there are so many trillions of memories left behind
That I think even God would lose count.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I already know where you'll be
I already know where I'll be
And we will not be together
But for now tell me where are you
And I will forget everything.
Joseph 6d
Dear, You

You helped me see that life has beauty
Because that beauty is you

As well as the good things about me
I can barely accept are true

You undid the knots
That clung me to the past like glue

And you’ve calmed my thoughts
By being in them too

I'd never really known
what it was like to be alone
Until I knew
How hard it is to be apart from you
our life is a story
plot unclear
path winding
so for a moment

would you stop walking by the passageway
and lay with me?
— for it is heaven in your arms, and in this world my soul is dying
Audora Feb 16
We were made for each other
In this reverie
Janery Alban Feb 16
What will I do now that I know where this gaping wound lies?
Do I tongue it like an animal?
Or do you take care of it?
Mend it?
When the Lord asks you to carry on with life, He sure has a funny way of saying so.
In fact, He does not ask.
Sometimes it feels as if I'm being forced on my knees.
Or like some tidal wave I can't outrun.
All I know is that it always brings me back home,
Except, home for many people is safe and warm and although I cannot bear without it, mine was never any of that.
But it was mine.

I am....terrified of what He demands.
Perhaps I am not enough.
But the child inside demands healing and food will no longer satiate it, making this perhaps, the tenth layer of Hell.

I am SUCH a drama queen.
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