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Andrea Diaz May 22
In the unification of all that ends
In the unification of all that begins
    Our fates will be tied
            And thus the fate of all mortals in the Swirled Cosmos
                Shall follow this.
    In death
        A second chance.
    In life
        A new path.
Our love will spell out
    An infinite stream
        Of choices
        Of decisions
        Of chances
And when a mortal soul falls
    And has met the criteria
        I shall send it off to your embrace
            In hopes it shall receive a finer chance
            Under our divine dance.
This is a poem one deity wrote to another
Wilkes Arnold Sep 2021
The writing's on the wall
Though you couldn't always read it
But now that you know
The fate bestowed
Ask, do you truly need it?
plagiarizing/inspired by "A Question" by Robert Frost
Abimael Sep 2021
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, August betrays:|

the mother of three rules heaven's light
the smile of an angel just like yesterday's moon so bright
how close life gets when snatched from upon other's sight
how death presents himself as a fascinating welcome
to dress the black and emerge tears to wear and become
the nights of pure laughter and stories of past kind
the way she endeared her husband and every child
her blood to the prince's kiss faded
the shining eyes of her daughters decayed and
a breath she couldn't make a dawn to a never
laid in her coffin the sleeping beauty of the forevers

                                                      ­                          --------ravenfeels
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
Suddenly out of nothing there was a big bang
And a vacuum gave birth to a planet of flames
She finally cooled down after millions of years
Her rage turned to sorrow and inconsolable tears
She wept so much water covered the land
She nearly drowned herself before life even began
The rest we all know, or have beliefs of our own
How this rock went from nothing, to water, to home
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
A tower of petals is not built to last,
but a Tower of Pizza can

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes just that
Yet she doesn't even have a free hand

The colloseunms were where the masses would go
To watch the most unholy acts unfold just for show

Churches were built to help the poor and the lame
But they were also quite fond of sentencing women to flames

The great Wall of China can still be seen from space
But it couldn't even keep Genghis Khan out of the place!

The Yin Dynasty should be really be red in the face

And so should the whole human race
A bit of fun. It actually took time and creativity.
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
waiting for nectar ...

my eyes ...
drawing you ...
my heart ...
oh heart ...
it's beating ...
madly for you ...
and my lips ...
longs ...
and desires ...
to kiss you ...
it's waits you ...
what you waiting for ...

i'v been wait...
a long waiting ...
with my loneliness ...
just to start the day ...
from it's sun rise ...
just to be with you ...

come on ...
my sweetheart ...
my lady ...
lady of love ...
with a full passion ...
come ...
let's start our love ...
on this wonderful morning ...
while we both ...
sip each other's lips ...
to get the nectar ...
of our love ...

hazem al ...
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
Paris, earlier today. It’s a (vaccinated) summer family reunion and I’m catching up with relatives I haven’t seen for AGES. Like my impeccably dressed (three piece suit on a warm, un-air-conditioned, Saturday) 83 year old great uncle.

We cheek kiss

“STILL searching for love, Uncle Remy?”

“Forget love. My dear, I’m an old, self-absorbed narcissist. What I look for is someone young and frivolous whose most complicated desire is fun - specifically fun that can be bought - that’s an important distinction.”

I gasp and pose.

“You’re looking for MEEEE!,” I squeal.

“Oh, if I needed a spoiled, over-serious, temperamental, unappeasable rich girl - I’d think of you.”

“You GET me!,” *I beam with pride
My French family are SO funny - they are brutal with complements. =]
BlackWhite Jul 2021
Just be open and honest, transparency is a way forward.
Ego, lies, deception, mind games are just a thing of the past.

Carry your heart on your sleeve, one should express all, how they feel. People might hurt in the beginning but as the time goes by you tend to connect with only like minded people, likely with the one with an open mind and crystal clear heart. Someone who wouldn't be scared to reciprocate the honesty, selflessness, love, respect and trust.

This is the way to filter the odd ones out of your life, its a litmus test
Those who are wiling to be by your side through think and thin, the most difficult times until the end regardless of your past, are the only one's who deserves a  fair chance, rest all are just a waste of time.

Remember, if you don't ask you don't get what you need, don't assume others would know what you want, as not many are good at reading minds and hearts.
try it for once, a litmus test
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