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As I sit here and stir thinking about how much I miss them.
I begin to realize.
They have been replacements for the two people I missed and loved the most.
KD and CB.
But it still hurts.
All of this still hurts.
I crave emotions stability
Irene J 21h
I'm no perfect human.
I make flaws.
But my flaws don't define who I am.

But the one thing that makes you can't love me,
is the fact I don't have the perfect body,
or the perfect beautiful face.

Should I love you?
Even that is all the reason why you can't love me?
Even I love you so badly,
it haunts me every day.

But how can I love you,
if I don't care about who I am.
But should I change for you?
I don't deserve you.
I don't deserve a person who can't
accept other flaws.
Then I can't love you.
Even if I can love you more than enough.
A sad goodbye to someone I love. Or to everyone who loves me.
English Jam Jul 17
I need a personal holiday
A break from this foolish body
A few minutes at least, when I can touch my scalp without scraping ounces of dandruff with it
A second or two when I can look in a mirror without tasting disappointment
Now that would be something

I would like a release from this endless buzzing of thoughts against my skull
These insecurities and exaggerations are clouding my head
That's what I need

Just a little holiday from myself
To observe how I speak, act, think
To strip all the protective and self-destructive barriers
A time of leisure and relax

Let's go away for awhile, shall we dear?
Heera 1d
If you are still up there,
Trying to watch out for me
Among millions of sufferers
My prayer, has been altered.
It has become a last wish
Instead of the general cries.

As a believer,
Even As a kid
Was never of wealth, health or materialistic joy..
I knew i could get them with hardwork...
So, I only asked for your togetherness in it all.
But as i grew
There was one more thing my heart desired
the touch of true love
The way it feels true enough
Someone who would put with me
Through it all
But i guess even to ask that
Was too much
In this cursed world,
No one has time for others.

Hence, i threw that wish away.
So, for one time,
If you really exist,
Even for a second...
Listen to me
To every word i say
I have always believed when a theist turns atheist
The universe conspires to make their belief right.
I wonder, just because i was loosing all hope
You played this cruel joke on me?
That i became indifferent,
You started reminding me
It isn't me who holds the ties in hands
My controls are mere illusion?
If this is some sick joke like that
Pardon me,
I'm furious at you.
I know you have a lot of them out there
Worshipping you crazily
Why would you even listen to me?
But i have a reason..
Because  i'm the weirdo
Who took you as a friend
Who didn't ask for much but love
Who was mad at you
And tested you, for a change
I never really lost hope
Even up until now
Now too, this stupid heart believes you would help this tormented soul.
I don't know if you are listening,
If you are
For one and a last time
Heed my plea
Unlike those humans of yours
Please let me be free
For once and all
Let me sleep
Into a peaceful death
I make you swear on my love, rightfulness and friendship, and belief on you, that i have kept for years...
I don't ask for love anymore
Not even my beloved
Just * death.
GulRukh Jun 22
I fall for you
cause my heart needs love to brew
and i am aware
but i started to care
you are heavy fog of the morning
and i am of a kind that blooms in spring
I need you
to love me
cover me in this dew
I can beg you to fall
but i can't hold you at all
you'll wet everyone
but own by none
He loved someone else and I knew it from the start but I don't know why I still want him
Eni 3d
Everytime I lay on the bed on my side
I can't help but imagine you laying right there in front of me
I cant stop thinking about your beautiful face ,your autumn rainy skies eyes and your full red cherry lips.
It’s 18 years later and I’m strolling down O’ Connell Street.
I notice a rough-sleeper in a shop doorway. There is a queue
for the bank machine contouring around his limbs
as he lies face down on the hard ground talking loudly to himself.

I remember how the investigators worked flat out in Kosovo,
almost captive to the corners of fields and the cruelty
of the events they sought to prove, the soil they touched
became a membrane surrounding remote scars.

They lay face down at times in abandoned crops,
measuring tracks, listening for crowded spaces,
recording the gossip of trees.
They reminded me of Indian scouts from the movies,
feeling for the signature of passing armies
in the broken grass beneath their fingers.
They were asking the dead for directions, the way somebody
might search a cemetery, calling on long deceased
relatives to whisper if they are close or not.

Soon the world will discover another war crime and the skeletons
of civilisation will once more bear witness to its own murder.
As the Earth opens recent wounds I imagine the rough-sleepers
as skeletons of society communicating with scouts,
investigators leaning over precipices,
contemplating what goes into the filling of a trench.

Michael J. Whelan
O’ Connell Street = Main Street of Dublin, capital city of Ireland,

Published in Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Magazine, September 2018 Issue

I want to make you


everyone before


You and i

till we

this one is for a special girl
Yenson Sep 12

Some Red setters dogs are eating Jewish people
in England
But why, do call them off, they are british people,
The are hard working, Industrious, Entrepreneurs,
Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Entertainers
Scientists, Writers, eminent Surgeons, Artists, these
are nice Britons....stop the dogs, stop the dogs.....

Woof....woof....woof.....woof.....woof...woof woof

Some Red Setters dogs are eating and biting some
Labour MPs all over the country

But why, do call off the dogs, No! we have a list and this list,  highlighted the behaviour of a number of Left MPs, including Jess Phillips for telling Corbyn’s ally Diane Abbott to “fuck off”, John Woodcock for dismissing the party leader as a “fucking disaster” and Tristram Hunt for describing Labour as “in the shit”
and all the other hard working Moderate MPs who dared protest at Anti-Semitic stance or supported the Jews .


Some Red Setters dogs are devouring some minor
Royal from Africa

But why, do call off the dogs. No that fucker has a big Knob, he's
Charismatic, intelligent, wholesome, has good work ethics, polite,
wise, charming, generous, witty and a bloody good lover and to top it all he's Royal. Now that's fucking GREEDY, how much can a
fucking man have. NO! he's a goner. He is too perfect, he must be hounded and persecuted to death.


Congratula­tions People, we have got rid of them all
we now have real democracy, we have a real society now
Get in the dogs ... And all you useless fucking people shut up!
And report to the Labor Camps 7:30a.m. tomorrow
You're Working Class and now you bloody have to work!
Chuka Umunna says Labour has become an institutionally racist organisation as evident from those MPs and members forced out of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, and he urged the leader to “call off the dogs”.
Edith Leal Sep 13
We started off not knowing what to say besides a simple word: “hi”,
You told me you were fascinated by how much I loved to look at the sky.
To tell you the truth was all I wanted to do, I never wanted to lie.
But I put on a facade when I got in my car and unaffectedly uttered goodbye.

Because I was never one to beg for one to stay,
No matter how much it would hurt to be away.
I hoped that you would see through my act one day,
But my despair and immobility I would not display.

I put on a facade and I knew that you and I would be okay.
I put on a facade to cast away my pain so that you would think I was okay.
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