All I ever did, especially for you, about you, quite simply with effortless thought, was that I anticipated your departure, for the place only for those non-living, you, you of all people to whom are planted in the earth firmly, roused in its warm soil— removed and situated in the past participle. These things are never simple, they are led to be practical, to all those things that were never easy.. but enough, die here with you. After, all this, all I could ever do to commemorate you was say; Bye dear.
You float away. Unseen. Unheard of. Unknown.

For eons to come. only to go.
belated. 3.9

only for the man for who I could never have loved. or perhaps reversed.
I remember one day, we were walking through the woods. You were quiet, with deep streams of thought flowing through your head like they always do. You looked at me and you said, “Love, show me something beautiful.” And in that moment, a flower dancing in the wind caught my eye. Growing next to a stream reflecting the sunlight, it moved gracefully and effortlessly, as lightly as a ballerina on the tips of her toes. It reminded me of you, and then I knew. I took your hand and walked with you to the flower as the stream’s current pulled us closer. When we stopped, I pointed to your reflection. You said, “What is this?” I said, “I could never show you anything as beautiful as you.”
Cana 1d
Spoilt little shits
Demanding this and demanding that.
Take advantage of a situation.
Make the unexpected the norm.
Care the alms, care the hand,
for arms and hands are what you'll lose.
Benevolence and generosity
are treated as weaknesses, flawed characters being nice.
Smiles are kind, faces glowing, eyes, testing.
Be clear of your intent of kindness.
Once off, no expectations.
I'm fucking angry at this horse shit!
Note to self
Sam 1d
Someday you’ll find me, cuz I’m here waiting for you
I shall open your eyes, and you’ll have a different view
I’ll make sense out of the senseless you always knew
You’re trying to find purpose and you have no clue
Maybe it’s why the future seems hazy and why you feel blue
It’s not that complicated, sometimes what’s simple is true
But I believe if we stick together, we can make it through
It’s never too late, whatever damage, we can undo
We’re the masters of our future; nobody’s walking on your shoe
And a future with you is what I’m looking forward to
we are the dreamers
we are the lost people
wanting a light to guide
but unless
we riot and
fight for our rights
we can do nothing
you see
it takes an army
to win a war
but it can only
take one voice to
make an impact
Martin Luther King Jr
did just that
but why is it that in our
today can't stand up for what's ours
when a man
who had so little did so much
we need to take a stand to make what has the gone wrong right and it will be hard but to save what little humanity is left we must do so.
Rats are in the room right now
And we know just who they are
There's one hiding in the corner
There's one under the bed
Waiting for you to spill you secrets
Then words that have been said

What do you do when there's a rat in your home?
Don't know? It's okay the answers in this poem
When there's a rat in your home you trap it and trap it good
Build a trap better than anyone could

Once you're done with all your fun
And the tears have dried
Just let it go
Or at least just try
There is a great love
It surrounds my entire being
and permeates my every cell.
It exists in my thoughts
and lives in my soul.
We are one this great love
and I.
This love speaks in peace.
The silent voice of tranquility.

Lead me love, guide the way. Pull me by the strings of my heart.
Play a melody that my soul sings along with.

This love, 
i am undeservant of.

It is by mercy, it is by grace.

How great is this love,
the love that lives in me.
Brown eyes are soft
They don’t speak too loud
But they catch my attention
Amongst all the noise
They are simple and beautiful
Full of wonder and purity
They are open to you
Drawing you in closer…
Closer for a kiss
Yet they hide many secrets
I can see why they’re dark
And the harder you look
The more you’ll wonder
What hides behind them?
Its easy to get lost
Lost in beauty?
Or lost in despair?
All I can say is…
The longer you stare
The more you’ll know
And the more you’ll wonder
And the deeper you’ll fall
With no escape

I know how angry you must be.
I feel anger, too!
Right now, probably all you see
Is emptiness for you.

It isn’t fair. That’s for sure.
Are you painfully asking why
Of all to choose from, God, why her?
How could He let her die?

Soon, an answer will work for you
And its sense will calm your mind.
It may take a year, or a month or two,
But you’ll know when it’s defined.

After that, you may be surprised
When you look up and see
That the world had not exercised
One pause for sympathy!

It kept right on turning,
And it’s still right here.
And by then you will be learning
That you are, too, my dear.

By Robin Stacks
copyright 2017
To hold her for hours
And hours on end

The desire of he
Who contends with discomfort
And fights for her future
Be it not his own

These are the paths only he knows
Lonely though they may ever be
He walks
Steadily into the night

A light

My sin is my own
You'll know that a man knows how to love, when he thinks of a future that could go beyond him.
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