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I like myself
When I'm with me.
Most important friend
To be.
A friend indeed
Is a friend in me.
And that's most important too
I am
A better friend
For you.
Betty Jan 27
Paradise is a free flying bird
with feathers to trim a hat
made especially for you
kiran goswami Nov 2020
A colon stands for something;
a semi-colon stands before something.

I think I am the former.
Elin Roberts Nov 2020
I feel like we're drifting apart.
I know you feel it too
We're stuck, helpless in our love, unsure of what to do
Seeking solace in nostalgia, I feel you reaching for my hands, lonely in their despair
Oh, how I miss that summer love, painted bright by sunny days
Those memories of sandy toes, as our excitement choked on salty sea air
Our sun kissed lips stole love in between laughter, made our knees weak in anticipation for more
I wish I could live in my denial
Blame our reality on winter, blame the shorter days, blame the longer nights
Blame anything, anyone
Turn our backs to one another as we struggle to find the words that'll fix us
As we try to read this stranger we once called love
What happened to us vs the world?
We were indestructible, impenetrable
Blind to the fact that we signed off for our own downfall
Perfectly imperfect, our desperateness to make it work
The little lies we'd tell ourselves, strangling the life out of hope
We nod and agree, let anger dwindle into empty solutions
And our hearts quietly weep, screaming for love in all its absence
I wanna say it was a foolish whim
A scapegoat we needed to evade reality
But I refuse to believe that this is all for nothing
You bring out the realest parts of me, knock down my walls with the flick of your finger
Your love engulfs me whole, caresses my broken parts
Gives my soul a place to be, a home I never dreamed I'd call my own
***** living for our summer love
I want you, all of you
The messy fights and silly spats
The goofy snort of laughter saved only for you
The late nights of fun, the mornings of regret
Our pounding heads, hazed by drink and drugs, yet solid and sure in knowing we're loved
My heart is yours beloved, to keep with my blessing
All my love too, cos, without you by my side
Only god knows what I would do
Anonymous M Nov 2020
The promise Paradise
Something not apparent before my eyes
Some place, under tranquil skies
Where, hopefully,
In endless bliss time flies.

In the strong, protecting hands
Of the Father of all lands,
In the heart of lulling mercy
Of the Mother of all who wish, to be free.

Hand in hand with the ones you sought
With an unexplained longing to be with.

Why oh why does this vision elude me,
Am i not one desiring to be free?
Why oh why would i seek paradise on earth?
Where everything ends, and begins
With the play of death and birth!

Why oh why would i seek out the people of my heart?
Only to laugh and cry and,
Eventually, be torn apart?

Why oh why does this vision elude me?
The promise of paradise
Where i'll finally be me.
Willow shade Nov 2020
Tartar (the city beyond the conflict area) bombed by Armenia

Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
Do you ever think its all gotta
How can this continue ?
The madness of it all
Why will we let it continue
How can we be so ignorant
Wheres the fight in us
How did we become weak
We used to fight
We used to care
We gathered for peace
Now we are just ignorant sheep
Think about that for while
Will it change
Will we just let it be
Stand by watch it destroy
Sit there with no thought
Its just madness after all
© Jennifer L DeLong 10/31/2020
Valentine Okolo Oct 2020
My love    
I will not ask you
to be a pigeon or a dove
cooing your pleasures away
in our liquid moments of love.
I will not ask you to be tender
or to be a timid voice,
suspended in song.
If you must be anything, my Eve
please be thunder,
and shake the foundation of our union
with the audacity of your desire.
Unleash a cry from within
with a purity that vibrates glass.
Do not let your touch become ordinary
like words uttered without meaning or intent.
Do not be
a sapphire sky filled with birds in flight.
If you choose to be anything, my love,
let it be lightning.
Yes, be lightning,
and write your name across my chest
in fluorescent text.
Show me what it means
to be electrocuted by your nails.
Deep love messages for her
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