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Archer Mar 2020
You are a banana
I want to peel off your yellow cover
Taste your soft flesh
Seedless, free of the bitterness
So often found in the center
The hard covered acrid tasting
You have none of that
You are soft on my lips
My tongue presses against you
The sweetness covers my mouth
I close my eyes
I consume you all of you in a single sitting
Your discarded skin tossed on the floor
To be slipped on like a slap stick
1920's silent film
Always make me smile
With your bright yellow temptation
Marri Feb 2020
Will you be my Valentines?

Oh, okay.

You rip my heart out of my chest,
Pink ruffles and all,
And crumble it up.

You swish swish swish it into the trash,
You feel so powerful.

It lays there,
Bottom of the barrel,
Crumpled and beat black and blue.

The pink ruffles are now zig zag bright red.
It wheezes out in desperation.

I scramble to the bin,
Trying to scavenge the leftover pieces.

I pick through the trash,
I look ridiculous,
But I can fix this.

My fingers run over broken glass,
Paper, and even banana peels.

I find it,
The last remnants of my beating heart.

It’s still crumbled up,
But this can work.

I start from image.

I steam press it,
Whisper it sweet nothings,
And kiss it back to life.

It beats.
It beats,
It’s beating.

My heart is alive once more.

Will you be my Valentines?

Yes, heart, I will.
The Dybbuk Jan 2020
Monkey banana,
Climbing trees and smoking canna
bis, it's bliss, over the abyss.
Monkey banana,
No pants, just bandanna,
Screaming "ooh ooh aah aah"
from inside my cabana.
I go to a weekly poetry night, and the theme this week is monkeys.
K Balachandran Jan 2020
On banana flower's *******
Three avaricious bats suckle.
Above, few still circle.
Anya Jul 2019
A perfect day
With clouds gathered high
For the sinners to pray
And the righteous to die

Rain echoes with the tolls
And to the corners end
Running through my beaten soles
As if to make amends

You who seems pure
Do not kiss my feet of fears
Nor be so loving and sure
To wash my filth with tears

I wish to you my friends
With my unbeaten heart of stone
Never bequeath your few amends
For it is I who should atone
Justyn Huang Mar 2019
Casual ***
is like throwing a banana
down a stairwell
which literally means nothing
until the building you're in
starts asking the banana
to climb higher and higher,
now trapped on the rooftop
where bananas get cornered
for spending so long
inside, like
What were you doing there
just renting? Gee
So where do you think the banana's
Gonna go? Yuppp.

It ducking jumped, k? And that's
Why people be slippin'
(Sometimes on banana peels)
Sunshine Mar 2019
Do you know what a banana said to me today?
Before you judge my taste WHY don't you first peel me.
8M Dec 2018
You looked outside the window and smiled
"Can you make some jam for us?"
Obliging, you did so
You didn't know what flavor they wanted

So you did every single one
Blueberry, raspberry, banana
A plethora of colors comes into view
You always wanted to be an artist
To embrace the colors you see
A chance to be happy
But you're stuck making jam for them
Forever and always

At least it tastes good
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